Getting back to my autobiography. Another rant against the, like, Millennials because of their, like, visceral, like, disregard of this, like, marvelous, like, work and, like, wonder.


I have to get back to my autobiography.  Its intent is to silence all the wolves howling at the moon out there by presenting the Real Truth about my past and the things that I have done preparing for the important role of representing this marvelous work … which is a wonder, beyond anything this world has ever encountered.

Just think about it for a minute.

This work can explain human consciousness perfectly, even scientifically.  There is no information found anywhere else in the world, at any other time period in this world, where this explanation is given like we are going to give it.

This is the final attempt that “God” (your True Self) is making to save this world and the ability to have the mortal experience, an important and necessary process for a person to experience joy and contentment for as long as the person wishes.

You see, that’s really what eternity actually means: a time frame that is as long as a free willed person wishes it to be … as long as a person wishes to exist.  Any human can exist forever in a perfect environment, as long as the person chooses to stay in the environment in which the person is conscious, thus alive.  But when this environment can be shared by other free willed people, if it is not a perfect environment, no one is going to want to stay connected to others there.

The earth was supposed to be an eternal environment where a human could have the needed mortal experience to keep their True Self‘s brain balanced.  We can refer to an imbalance of the eternal brain as boredom, the opposite of joy and contentment.  If your life isn’t threatened by anything, then you’re either bored with your life or content with it … one or the other.  If you’re content with life, you’re going to want to continue it forever.

The problem with this world is that your life is constantly threatened, not only by other humans, but by the earth’s environment.  Your life is threatened if you do not succumb to the will of others in order to have your basic needs met.

Your life is threatened in so many other ways too.

You cannot live forever on this earth, if you choose with your free will, because there are things that can take your life.  Because of this (that human life is not eternal here), this earth is a fallen environment, far from the perfect mortal environment it used to be long ago in the beginning of time … in the beginning of its (Earth’s) eternal nature.

The earth was meant to be eternal, and would have continued to be had humans not messed it up and changed things.  What humans do not realize is that we can change it back into what it used to be.  We can do things, even now with our limited technology, that can make it so that no human on Earth dies, unless they commit suicide, which is a free-willed choice to not exist.

Our bioengineers are on the brink of discovering the sequence in our fallen DNA that causes us to age.  When they do, bodies will be created that grow to their prime and then do not age again.  (Well, as long as religion doesn’t get in the way and stop the technology, because God is threatened.)

We can eliminate all manners of sickness and disease that kill us.  We can eliminate any plant, animal, virus, or bacterium that can kill us.  We can learn again how to control the earth’s environment so that nothing in it can kill us.

But isn’t it reasonable that we first have to start with eliminating the struggle for the basic necessities of life so that no human needs to worry about enough good food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, a secure home, and free medical care for any ailment that in any way incapacitates a person’s body and ability to exercise free will?

Once these basic needs are provided, a person will be free to pursue an education and explore whatever the person wants.

Hidden in the minds and intellectual potential of millions of people is the ability and knowledge to solve all of the world’s problems.  There are people in this world who, if they didn’t have to struggle for their daily needs, would become the greatest doctors, the greatest scientists, the greatest engineers, physicists, philosophers, entertainers, far greater than the ones we have now.  These things are part of the human potential, a potential reserve that is hardly tapped, that is hardly used because it can’t be.  People are too consumed and worried about having their basic needs met.

Solving poverty would solve so many things.

But first, inequality must be solved.  Humans must be convinced that not only are humans the greatest life form possible, in any given environment where life can exist, but that each human is just as important as every other; that there are no special ones, no one who knows more than any other … and thus, the conundrum of this work.

There are five of us (as far as this mortal world is concerned) that do know more than any other.  But we are anonymous … well, except for me, the stooge.  We do not want accolade.  We do not want your money.  We do not want honor or glory.  Did you ever stop and think why my mentors allowed me to create the past that I did?  Do ya think that the world is going to honor and give accolade to a guy like me?  Not!

Do you think with my past, although I hardly, intentionally, hurt another … except by ending my relationship with them, which caused them to become my victims.  Yeah,  Really!  In each situation in my past where I made a personal enemy, it was because I chose to no longer have anything to do with the individual and their form of exercising their free will … in every case!  Had I stayed loyal to them and allowed them to stay with me, had I given them what they wanted from me—personal worth and value—they would have never become my enemies.  After my 1987 enlightenment, none left me before I left them.

When I cut them out of my life, I threatened the very essence of their eternal souls, that which makes us all eternally equal.  They are the ones who saw me as someone special.  Seeing me as someone special, they thought of themselves special because I chose them to share my life.  So it was, that they were involved with someone whom they thought was very special, which made them special and fulfilled their personal need of self-worth and purpose … the natural balance of their eternal brain.  And then I rejected them, taking away the specialness that they felt.  Once I did, their natural response was to do everything in their power … in their minds … to show that I wasn’t special.  Because if I remained special after discarding them from my life, then they could not be special.  Thus I became the monster … and according to a U.S. court, a fraudster, racketeer, and a few other legal civil terms that a judge determined I was without trial.  Yep.  There ya have it!  Actual documentation!

But anyways …

But if knowing the Real Truth about who we are and why we exist makes me special, then I am special.  Right?

If knowing the proper solution to each and every social problem that exists on this planet makes me special, then I am special.  Right?

If sitting in a room full of the world’s greatest scientists, philosophers, statesmen, religious leaders, and the most learned of the learned, and explaining things that make them all look like fools makes me special, then I am special.  Right?

If my ability to give science the missing pieces it is looking for in its battle against aging, disease, and all manner of physical afflictions that threaten the human body, makes me special, then I am special.  Right?

So, I make the claim.

So, we offer anyone $100,000 cash if he or she can prove logically that our economic plan to end worldwide poverty can’t work.

So, we explain that we have the knowledge that science is missing that can start healing this earth.

That makes us special.  Right?

It should make us special.  Right?


If we are special as I have explained above, then that means that all the people who think they are special, are not really that special.  And since the people who think that they are special have all the power, honor, and control in this world, do you really believe that they are going to act contrary to their eternal nature and come to us for advice and solutions, and in so doing admit that they are not as special as us?

If we are right, then they are wrong.  If they are right, then we are wrong.

Or maybe …

Everyone is right.  Which makes everyone wrong.®

And thus the wolves will howl at the moon.

I’ve wanted to keep writing more about what my mentors have done (and are doing) in the past (and present) to try to make a difference and open mortals’ minds to the change that would be necessary to renew the earth and make it an eternal place where our True Selves can have the mortal experience: the energy transference platform that will allow our eternal brain to never get bored and experience eternal joy.

They want me to work on my autobiography.

Except for their final work, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race, they have completed their “marvelous work among the children of men,” as they described it in ‘one of their attempts’* to change the mindset of the white-skinned European-Americans, who eventually became the greatest and most powerful nation on earth.

*Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi 14:7.

“For the time cometh, saith the Lamb of God, that I will work a great and a marvelous work among the children of men; a work which shall be everlasting, either on the one hand or on the other …”

“Everlasting, either on the one hand or on the other.”

Their work is everlasting.  What it accomplishes will be everlasting … eternal.

Their work will …

—either convince the ‘children of men’ on this earth that peace and eternal mortal life is possible, or deliver mortals to the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds, until all people on earth are in captivity in the chains of their egos, which will also eventually lead to their destruction, both temporally and emotionally.  (See the rest of 1 Nephi 14:7.)

The world has already started this “emotional” (spiritual) captivity.

Everyone … and I know but a few … is acting in support of their own ego …

… And for FUCK SAKES, those of you who carry on individual conversations with each other in the comment sections of the MWAW posts … YOU’RE SUPPORTING YOUR OWN EGOS!  Stop communicating with each other personally, thinking that others are going to see your comments and think you’re smart, wise, funny, or clever.  You’re not.  Quit being “in captivity” to your own ego.

(When I read one of these comments, I’m going to start trashing it.  FOR GOD’S SAKE, HAVEN’T YOU LEARNED A THING FROM THIS WORK?  JESUS H. CHRIST ALMIGHTY! … But anyways.)

I wrote about the Millennials.

They seek wisdom from each other, praising each other’s egos for their empty intelligence.  They are in captivity to each other.  They need their friends, liberal ones, who they can rely on to feed their own egos.  They think that their liberality and new age thinking is good.  No.  It’s captivity.  They are being chained by their egos.  Everything about what they do is egocentric.

“Oh, like, I love, like, watching you, like, play your guitar.  It’s, like, so inspiring to me, it’s, like, my soul transcends, like, the entire essence of my own body, like existence, when I am, like, listening to you.”

If you hear someone use “like” more than once or twice in a sentence or a paragraphical concept, then you’re listening to an egocentric person.

When a person uses “like” as they speak, the person’s brain is automatically pausing … just for a microsecond.  During this pause, the person’s brain is seeking for the right words to say in order to be accepted, valued, and cared for by the person to whom the Millennial is speaking.  That’s it!  That’s all it is.  It’s a mental pause that a person’s egocentric brain uses to be valued by others.

Listen closely to how the people of this world are starting to speak to each other.

Look at what people are wearing.  Look at their “selfies.”  Look at their Facebook®, Snapchat®, Twitter®, and Instagram® postings.

All of this is evidence that the ‘children of men’ are being held in captivity by their ego.

Where are all the Millennials that once followed this work?

Where are your personal stories?

I’ve read a few … very few.  I like the way that the few have confronted their own ego and admitted that they once were in captivity to it.

But what about the rest of you?

Where ya at?

Are you afraid of me?

You shouldn’t be afraid of me.

But your fucking ego should!  It’s my role to cast it out!

No problem …

I’ve already delivered you to the hardness of your heart and the blindness of your minds.

I want nothing else to, like, do with you, because you, like, cause me a lot of sorrow to, like, see your generation that, like, we thought we could, like, depend upon to, like, help push this, like marvelous work and a wonder, like, forward.

But you, like the “Peters” in my life … and that’s how you properly use the word “like” … have done nothing more than proven that all people on Earth are equally doomed to the next part of my mentors’ clue: eventual physical destruction … that’s coming in 2145, unless, you, like, get totally, like, behind this work.

If we can’t get you to stay loyal to this work and talk to your friends about nothing else …

Like …

We’re all, like, fucked.

But, like, anyways …

(I’m going to take a few more days off, fix a fence or two, and do some other sundry things that need fix’n … then I’ll get back to my autobiography.)


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  1. Joseph Michael Goddard

    Like, thank you for, like, finally fucking, like, saying it “like” it is, Chris. Well, about the millenials, at least. I call them the opera singer generation–its all about 🎵me, me, me🎶. I mean, I’m no saint but, for fucks sake, they are the spearhead of this rapid de-evolution you speak of. I tried talking with a lot of them in prison, mostly to no avail. But anyways…just ranting. Later.

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