“In this way … it has been made simple for us.” (Scott Davis 918.327.0331) … There has not been written, by any follower of our work, words quite like these.

We would like to thank our enemies and critics for bringing this type of person to our work.

The following was taken, word for word, from the Personal Stories: How my life has changed since finding the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party.



There is a quote by Herbert Spencer in the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book which I believe is fitting as wisdom for ALL ON EARTH to take note of concerning investigating this Great Marvelous Work and a Wonder which thru Christopher and the Brothers is being brought forth even now and made available for free unto ALL via the internet.

The quote is…

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—– that principle is contempt prior to investigation. ”

How terribly sad it is that many will remain in everlasting ignorance as long as they are of the character; for whatever reason, that they will not investigate this MWAW because of theirs or others …”contempt prior to investigation”.

I didn’t discover this Work until the Websites concerning it were flooded with all kinds of confusion designed to falter those who could be tricked into developing “contempt prior to investigation”.  Christopher was being slandered from nearly every direction.

O the shame upon those who have slandered this GREAT WORK and the blood of many is upon their hands.  I’m certain many were turned away from honest investigation due to those who have made it their Work to work against this Work.

I hope such will repent and return to that which they once believed to be true but due to pride were unwilling to accept proper and true correction.  NO ONE IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO ACCEPT THIS WORK WITHOUT ACCEPTING THE TRUTH THAT WE ALL HAD AND LIKELY STILL HAVE ERROR IN OUR BELIEFS…. we are all going to face correction and it is necessary to receive that correction in order to move forward as we ought to.  Christopher and the Brothers are able and prepared to correct us but we must be humble as a child and receive it.

I am facing certain correction in the writings that are freely given.  Though tough on the ego… I NEED TRUE CORRECTION AND I WOULD BE WISE TO BE THANKFUL TO RECEIVE IT.

We should be relieved knowing how easily the Real Truth is Now Being Made Known Unto Us.  O the tears I’ve cried by reading the Books and realizing certain errors I’ve made and feeling sorrowful for it.  But I don’t have to remain in error.

Having realized Christopher was being slandered by all the noise I found surrounding him… I decided… I’m not reading none of it anymore.  I will test this Work out for myself and without “contempt prior to investigation”.  I will do as Ida Smith said….”READ THE DAMN BOOKS”.

I encourage ALL to do the same steering clear from contempt prior to investigation.  I Am confident…any who seek this Great Marvelous Work and Wonder with a pure heart and with pure intent will be enlightened beyond their imagination and will be left to rightfully declare…. THIS WORK IS REAL TRUTH. This is that which many of us have been searching for and NOW we’ve found it….or did it find us….At any rate…THE REAL TRUTH IS NOW BEING MADE AVAILABLE AND AS CONCERNING MONEY….IT’S PROPERLY BEEN MADE AVAILABLE FOR FREE.

Nevertheless, now we ought be willing to lay down all else; when necessary, in order to support this MWAW and Humanity Party.  He who wishes to continue in the vanities of this world will gain nothing…but he who is willing to lay down all when called…such as these are chosen and .proven and will not be ashamed if such continue until the end.

I hope to be called.

I hope to be tested and chosen.

I hope to receive the blessing to be required to give all.

I will give more of my story some day… but for now… I JUST WANT TO DECLARE THE TRUTH OF THIS GREAT WORK AND TO WARN THE MANY….. do not approach this work with contempt prior to investigation or you will not receive, and benefit from, and continue in, the Truth of it….WE MUST HUMBLE OURSELVES AS A LITTLE CHILD. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

Julie Taggert (I think that is her name) warned me of that when I first discovered this Work and contacted her.  I knew she was right…the scripture says the same.  We must become as a little child.  I must be honest and say though…..I didn’t realize just how little of a child we must become.  We must become nearly as a baby.

She (Julie I think) handled me wisely.  I thank her for it. Like Ida Smith..she said…read the books. I said I would. I did.  I have no regrets for doing so. I have been greatly blessed by the Word and Correction already….and I see this as a new beginning.

That which I have suffered for and sought for; for many, many years, has now been given freely unto me. Truly….. a new beginning: and that made available without error. ALSO…. ANYONE WHO READS THE SEALED PORTION WITH PURE INTENT AND DOESN’T REALIZE THAT THE BOOK OF MORMON IS AUTHORED BY THE SAME….ISN’T BEING HONEST… ONLY THE WISEST ON EARTH COULD WRITE SUCH WONDERFUL BOOKS.

I’ve never joined any church.  I’ve investigated many…including the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints.  I didn’t discover the Book of Mormon until somewhere in my forties….I’m 59 now.  I couldn’t hardly put the book down.  Read it in three days; if I remember right.  Absorbed it.  Loved it.  Thought I had finally found the True Church.

But instead, I never made it to the baptism stage before plainly seeing the hypocrisy existing therein, and that existed since Brigham Young, and even before. SO I WAS GREATLY DISAPPOINTED.

But I kept plugging on knowing the promises of God.  That plugging on eventually led me to this MWAW.

Like Lynnette Cook..I knew my desire was good and that eventually I would receive that which I was looking for… even as promised in the written Word.  I had left all to seek God.  Even though I had a house paid for…I left it and pitched tent at first and spent 15 years or so in the wilderness without electric and water to consecrate unto Spirit as best I could, but certainly not perfectly.

But I knew my desire was good.


It’s up to us all to receive it and do whatever Work we are called unto and instructed unto and chosen unto no matter what the cost.  For the sake of all…I hope that many of us will do it.

Did I say, Christopher Our Redeemer. yap… I did.

Aren’t we redeemed by knowledge of Real Truth according to that which is written. yap… we are.

Is Christopher Our Messenger of Real Truth that gives us knowledge that redeems us? yap….Christopher is.

Therefore in logical conclusion. Christopher is both a Messenger and a Redeemer.

I Am not boasting in Christopher’s flesh to say this.  Christopher is chosen before sent.  Free Agency surrendered.  Predestined before sent to receive as he has received.

Christopher knows what he has received is a gift.  He knows he didn’t cause his own instant brain enlightenment though he had humbled himself and had real intent and a pure heart.  And He doesn’t want the focus to be on him, but rather to be on the Message.  But he also knows he is here to deliver a message and he is no longer required to cater to any but can now speak with boldness despite how his Word will be received.

A DAY OF DECISION IS SURELY AT HAND. A DAY OF PROVING IS AT HAND. ONLY THE PURE OF HEART MIGHT STAND. THIS IS A DAY OF REPENTANCE. the time is short…. much needs be done. we must offer ourselves as a sacrifice. faith without works is dead.

I pray I’m called and chosen to lay down all for the sake of this Great Work.  I realize I have only received a fraction of what is to come.  I must look toward and obey whom we have chosen to receive the Word from.  Our True Messenger who is Helped by the Brothers.

In this way…it has been made simple for us.

That which can instruct and correct us is here with us even if only via internet.

But there is a Work of suffering required at hand.  WE MUST BE PROVEN.  That which is able to prove us is here.

Our intent is to establish the environment necessary on earth for all to have a unmolested opportunity to discover the desires of their own heart that will lead them unto their greatest joy…to serve.. to be served.. to neither serve nor be served…. whichever the case proves out to be.  But this neutral unmolested environment must be established in order to accomplish the goal at hand.

The Humanity Party is of great importance to achieve this environment.  This isn’t just about the MWAW or just about the Humanity Party.  It’s about both.

I wish I could be like Mary and sit at the feet of Christopher and be taught.  In a sense… via the internet… I am.

I so dearly long to be joined together with those like-minded.  I would happily give all to do so….. The way I see it….. If I follow Christophers instruction..then I will have done all that I can do.

As for now… I intend to read the Books again.  It would be great to have them on voice to listen to also. I practically have a recording studio.  I’m not a professional recording engineer though.  I’m a drummer.

I’m out of the woods now and back in my house with electric,water, and all of that.  But my interest is this Great Work at hand.

O how i desire to be gathered with those like-minded to focus on the Work at hand wholeheartedly.  I would give all that I have…. That’s what it is going to take.  I done it before as best I could with imperfections.  I’d do it again all the more gladly…especially now having a True Messenger to guide and correct me and to prove all things unto me.

In other words…….to redeem me with knowledge of Real Truth……. Scott Davis (918) 327-0331


  1. Rodney Maxwell

    Hooray hooray for AA… The Big Book says no Human Power can relieve the addict or alcoholic of their suffering from their defect of character (a fallen state)… and the solution is a spiritual one..!
    The fallen man’s solution to poverty and inequity (iniquity) is illegal, drugs, Rx and alcohol… addiction.
    may you come to a knowledge of real truth… the Spiritual solution is to surrender your will to (Real Truth) the God of your own Understanding… not the gods of religion.
    “Spirituality is a belief in your own concept of God.” …within…
    “Religion is a belief in someone else’s concept of God.”
    Fact: the Book of Mormon was created to create equality between the white man and the American Indian
    Fact: Brigham Young spent $1.5 million tithes, 21 years, 151 attacks slaughtering upwards of 70,000 Timpanogas Tribe Indians of men women and children and then stole their land in the salt lake valley.
    Fact: Christopher solved the Sealed Portion mystery.
    Fact: Christopher solved the Book of Revelation mystery.
    Fact: Christopher solved the world poverty and inequality mystery.
    Fact: Christopher solved the Marvelous Work and A Wonder mystery.
    Fact: the Marvelous Work and A Wonder has the solution to world poverty and inequality (iniquity), racism.
    Fact: Christopher provided the Humanity Party solution for
    One world
    One people
    One solution in
    One day !
    Fact: solution: provide basic food shelter clothing education healthcare to every man woman and child born.
    Fact: we need to implement the solution,
    Fact: an educated healthy workforce creates more happiness than an uneducated unhealthy unemployed workforce.
    Fact: Christopher has solved many mysteries, and can solve “world poverty” (via humanity party) if you’ll let him.
    Fact: His spiritual advisors have a Spiritual Solution… so let them solve it…
    Fact: because if we don’t support them to solve world poverty, in a biblical sense, were left unto ourselves… and in Christopher’s prose, “We’re Fu*ked.”
    That’s what I have learned from knowing Christopher since 2004. It’s been frustrating I’m sure… and I do appreciate his willingness to pursue this impossible dream.
    Thanks Christopher.
    I love you,
    may I call you brother…

  2. Mawunyo

    I read this earlier, and I couldn’t agree more. No member of the LDS church can read the sealed portion with real intent and not accept that the author also authored the book of Mormon…in fact the book of Mormon is a child’s play compared to the sealed portion. I can’t deny the experience I had , that’s why I wake up everyday looking forward to new knowledge from mwaw.

  3. Thank you, Scott 😊

  4. Jason Lee Natte

    “There has not been written, by any follower of our work, words quite like these”

    This must be an effort to “spur” us on.. to strive even harder? .. lol, because it beads inequality & I now have a NEW standard to live up to [emotionally].. lol

    I will be honest, this quite frankly.. FUCKS WITH MY EGO.. HARD CORE!.. lol, my ego has been “spurred”.. lol, but it’s all good.. seem that ego thing is something that we all struggle with. 🙂.. [and I know it’s NOT a competition.. that we’re all equal humans.. and we all strive to contribute to this cause as a joint effort] .. damn that ego of mine!🤣

    I will be honest.. each story that ive read.. has shown me how much mine has been lacking.. [Ive strived twords simplicity].. but with simplicity comes laking details, I’ve enjoyed reading the stories of those who gave it greater effort than i, they seems to fill in gaps for me [I’ve connected with a few of them emotionally].. that “like minded” thing rocks! & I’m sure glad for those egos [much like mine] that are “spurred on” twords even greater supporting this work🙂

    1. Jason Lee Natte

      “I am facing certain correction in the writings that are freely given. Though tough on the ego… I NEED TRUE CORRECTION AND I WOULD BE WISE TO BE THANKFUL TO RECEIVE IT”

      AMEN!.. Scott Davis

  5. Craig Nichols

    @Scott Davis: I enjoyed that, thank you.
    Oh the beauty of text to voice! You can convert a PDF, just using a phone, and listen to all the books if you like. And you can get a naturally sounding voice as well, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Phone/PC text readers are great and is the only reason I can keep up with this Marvelous Work! And oh how prolific the brothers and their messenger is for sure…..

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