Those in “outer darkness” (who denied their True Self) versus those who “stand on the sea of glass.” (To be continued … Christopher confronts the noise given in the comments.)


Is there any hope for OUR GROUP?  No.

Is there any hope for any in OUR GROUP?  Yes.

In a religious context, conceding first, however, that all religion is false and provides incorrect concepts and ideas diametrically opposed to the Real Truth …

Those who no longer can have the mortal experience are those who have “denied the Holy Ghost.”

This means that they have not been true to the desires of their True Self.

These are those who are “cast out into outer darkness,” which is basically the absence of light which allows them to have new experience.  It is the end of their existence.  It is the end of their experience as their True Self, the end of which wipes out all memories of who they once were and with whom they once associated.

Although these return to their conscious TRUE SELF in our First Estate of Eternal Consciousness and Existence—where there is no creation, therefore there can be no destruction, entropy, nor end—who they were as their True Self and with whom they associated and made bonds will no longer exist in their TRUE SELF’s eternal reality, i.e., memory.

These will “choose another GROUP” as their eternal unchanging brain continues to keep itself balanced and perfect as it has always been.

(More on these details and concepts will be given in The Dream of Mortal Life book.)

We have explained that after many attempts OUR GROUP has failed to initiate and support a mortal experience on Earth where everyone can have the experience in equal fashion, according to each person’s free-willed desires that do not impede nor impair the free-willed desires of another.

We have explained that after this solar system is destroyed by the accidental creation of a new sun through fusion experimentation, OUR GROUP will no longer be able to have a mortal experience.

We have explained that the mortal experience is necessary to bring balance to our eternal, perfect brain; and that without it, our brain would not be able to create the experiences necessary to keep itself in a perfect equilibrium.  When a person is not able to exercise unconditional free will, the person’s brain cannot be in a state of equilibrium because their brain is not doing what it needs, but is forced to do what another’s brain might need.

We have explained that this neurological “perfect equilibrium” causes a person to physically feel good, peaceful, joyful, and content.  It is the basis for the concept of eternal happiness.

Since humans exist to have joy, this equilibrium can also be referred to as one’s salvation—where ‘salvation’ is the preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss.  This equilibrium preserves or delivers one from the harm, ruin, or loss that misery, unhappiness, and discontent cause when one’s free will is compromised.

We have explained that there are those of OUR GROUP who chose the humanity type that serves others and other’s needs; that this service to others is the experience that their True Self‘s brain requires to maintain its equilibrium.

We have mentioned that these particular humanity types, although no better or worse than any other type, do not need OUR GROUP nor the experiences of mortal life to keep their True Self‘s brain balanced.

We did not explain how this occurs.

If the mortal experience is what a person’s True Self needs in order to maintain their brain’s equilibrium, and this maintenance occurs involuntarily, subconsciously, automatically, and perfunctory, and everyone’s brain is equal in every way to everyone else’s brain …

How is it possible that a person who serves others can maintain this equilibrium in spite of never experiencing the dream of mortal life again?*

(This is Christopher now.  They’ve asked me to explain it with my words and passion.)

The answer is so fucking simple that a child could understand it.

Yet, none of you cabrónes would ever figure it out well enough to be able to explain it without this work.

I say this because I’m tired of reading any of your words and comments where one of you cabrónes is trying to teach another or make yourself look smart.

So, if you think you’re that smart and have the proper connection to your True Self so that you can figure things out on your own, then explain how* in the comments section.

You can’t!  So shut the fuck up and be humble and faithful to this work so that those who actually know can teach what they know without all the noise.  (The truth is, we allow comments so that others can see just how far off and noisy people can be who think they know the Real Truth, or have an idea about it, but don’t have fucking clue.)

Hey, Rod Maxwell, WTF Dude?  What kind of comment is this:

“Why do you say Joseph Smith was the first to relate the first and second estate in the temple endowment (at the end by waking up) when the Masons had the same play in their Masonic Temple (handshakes, apron)..!  The Masons had the play back in the 1600-1700’s long before Joseph Smith came out with it. The anti Mormons have known for almost two hundred years Joseph copied the Masonic play… and the big G is for geometry and the markings on the temple garments are the square, the compass (triangle), the plumb bob string (line), the god of Geometry… what joseph and Christopher have revealed is well known to the masons long before. Explain that if you may.”


Are you on drugs?

Joseph was the VERY first mortal to explain that we live in a dream experience on different levels and how this occurs … although he did it symbolically.

The Masons didn’t have “the same play in their Masonic Temple.”  Joseph used some masonic terms, signs, tokens, handshakes, mainly to mock their lack of understanding the Real Truth because they thought they were smart.  Masons are some of the stupidest mortals, when compared to a little child.


Jesus F. Christ, Dude!  You’ve been following this work for as long as anyone, and you’re still dumb as fuck!

Rod, stay off drugs.  Stop making ridiculous comments, and stop calling in to our radio show with ridiculous religious comments or questions, or I’ll bring out my sharp sickle, which I have sheathed for a time, and cut you apart!


Before I answer the question so that a child could understand, I’m going to give all you cabrónes following this work who like to chatter a lot so that others can see your wisdom and folly, a chance to show your intelligence.

And after you have shown how foolish you really are, I’ll do my job and explain …

How is it possible that a person who serves others can maintain this equilibrium in spite of never experiencing the dream of mortal life again?

Then I’ll let the Bros continue to explain how “servers” stand on the sea of glass mingled with fire, and how the brain can work to maintain its perfect balance without creating any mortal experience.

So, in the comments section below, answer the question and make it make sense to a child.

If you can’t …


Pero de todos modos … Suspiro …


  1. Joseph Michael Goddard

    God damn (me damn?), I can’t believe I’m doing this. Is the answer in HR 7:10? Okay, bye.

  2. Jason Lee Natte

    I told myself I wasn’t gonna respond to any of these postings in the future.. to prevent any further “confusion & noise” coming from those who can’t remember things well enough to recite them, but after reading some of these responses, the answer became obvious to me.. to answer any such question we’re gonna have to find where Chris actually spoke of it [if he did] & give the link.. for the reader to see & confirm the information for themselves [not that I desire to become any form of “teacher”]
    Soo.. How is it possible that a person who serves others can maintain this equilibrium in spite of never experiencing the dream of mortal life again?

    [Here’s the answer – in part.. until Chris further embellishes upon this topic in full]

    OUR GROUP cannot get along.  We have tried.  We have failed.  This earth is the ONLY PLACE in the universe where our advanced selves can have a mortal experience.

    Therefore, once Earth is destroyed, OUR GROUP no longer can participate in a mortal experience in order to have sex and experience the ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses.  They won’t even be able to do it artificially with drugs created on Earth.

    But this is NOT so for the servers among us.  These do not need a mortal experience to have the ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses.

    Because they are “servers,” they will get a gendered body that is not one of flesh, bone, and blood (as we have in mortality), but one of flesh, bone, and nerves (as we have in our real world).  They will have a body that can experience sex forever.  This is their ‘REWARD’ for being servers.

    So we’ve all been wondering about this “sea of glass mingled with fire” ?

    we’re curious right? ..and some of us might recignize this as a religious term, so chances are the term can easily be found in one of the mwaw books designed to speak to the religious.

    so I downloaded the free PDF files and starting searching a few of the books.. and here’s what I found.. [by clicking on the magnifying glass near the top of the e-book]

    15:2 And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire, and upon it stood those seven servants who had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name;
    and as they played their harps they sang the song of God.

    John uses the figurative expression “sea of glass” to describe the ability of having an eternal perspective of all things (see the commentary of Revelation 4:6). Having an eternal perspective “mingled” with knowledge of real truth (“fire”) gives a person “victory over” the cares and worries of the world.

    Those thus victorious, have no desire to live the “American Dream” and isolate themselves from others by surrounding themselves with a white picket fence that encloses their self-contained family. These have won the battle with their human nature by slaying the “dragon/beast” inside, and have no desire to earn more than another (“number”), own more than another (“mark”), or be more than another (“image”). They live (“sing”) the gospel of doing unto others, forgive-ness, and loving their enemies (“the song of God”), which creates the peaceful and soothing music as does a “harp.”

    [Page 338]
    p.s. I’m still a complete ideot who knows nothing.. so I’m gonna strive to be silent from now on & allow Chris to teach us himself. [well.. wish me good luck with that at least.. damn mortal incarnate Luciferian self… absolutely LOVES COMMENT BUTTONS.. & I really wish Chris & the bros would REMOVE THEM all together🤣]

  3. James Rietdijk

    I don’t normally comment on these posts, but since it was asked for, I will take a stab at this:

    I believe the reason is that humans who prove to themselves through their actions in the third estate that they are of the celestial humanity type earn the right to have gendered bodies and raise children in the second state. And since they will be able to continue to serve others in the second estate through parenting, they will continue to be able to fulfill the measure of their creation as a celestial “fulfilled by serving others” human. Thus maintaining the balance inside the brain of their True Self.

    Am I close?

  4. Im going to write what I understand about the subject. Because I feel that I dont grasp the concept, so I hope that I can read the proper presentation of this truth.

    Servers (Solarians) have cast Lucifer (Ego) out of the Garden Of Eden. Through their righteous works they have crushed the head of the serpent, and overcome the world. Servers are seen and known as they are, and live the law of consecration. All things are equal in the reality of servers, all things remain the same yesterday, today, and forever. Free will is upheld and respected. Solarians have a body that can experience the ultimate sensory stimulation. Solarians have proven themselves Worthy to have the power of creating worlds without end, and life. Because Solarians exist to provide happiness and life eternal for others, they in return are living for the mesure of their creation, they recieve joy from serving others. Through all these endeavors, Servers recive new experience and purpose. Their perfect eternal brain remains balanced because the energy spent to create life and serve, is replaced with joy they receive from creating happiness for other life forms. Thus physically and emotionally Solarians are perfectly balanced in their natural state of Consciousness? They are redeemed through the Atonement of Christ (one with their TRUE SELF? Because a perfect knowledge and understanding of all things?
    Im confused with what the sea of glass is mingled with fire. Also how can one have their calling and election made sure?

    Are all four levels of consciousness balanced, meaning their is no purpose to experience “the fall” or “a dream” because servers have established unity with the father, and perfected their brain energy output and sensory stimulation adaptation forever?

    I look forward to the book The Dream Of Mortal Life-Understanding Human Reality
    A Final Warning To The Human Race.

    I hope my understanding of these concepts will be finally understood as far as my mortal brain can understand.

    If the brothers have time perhaps could we have a post explaining these concepts so they can be understood in a way a mortal Avatar can comprehend it?

    Much Love and thank you to Christopher and the Brothers for their unconditional love and compassion as well as for their courage, and service to this world.

    I know that by the fruits these beings produce, they are true messengers sent by the father, to give further light and knowledge promised.

  5. Mawunyo

    Anyone who has followed this work for sometime, and applied his or herself to it, will naturally be humbled to seek further light and truth from Christopher as he (Christopher) deems fit. I don’t even understand why anyone would try to answer another on this platform when we have a messanger here whose understanding of truth far surpasses our own. It is as if we have not been following this work at all. I have a lot to share as well as questions to ask but i don’t think it is appropriate at this time trusting that all will be answered little by little as Chris posts new information progressively. I will not even attempt to answer the question which has been posted because if I were the messenger the Bros would have fallen on me for this work. Please brothers and sisters lets be reminded to be little children so that this work can purge us of our ego, and be prepared for the book( dream of mortal life).

    1. Scott Davis

      Perfect… Thank you, Mawunyo… I believe you answered my question. I will return to silence and just follow the Work and continue to study all phases and information and like you…. trusting that all will be answered little by little as Chris posts new information progressively. I thought that was, and I’m certain now, that that is the appropriate approach. Thank you for that confirmation. And boy oh boy… each new Post by Christopher is timely and exactly what I need to Redeem me. THIS IS JUST BECOMING TO DAMN EASY. Well I be dog… guess it’s true what is written.. the burden is light. …So…. SIGNING OFF FOR GOOD UNLESS INSTRUCTED OTHERWISE.

      1. Mawunyo

        I’m glad. let’s do our best.

  6. Scott Davis

    This is why I need Christopher. I can hardly explain something when I have already had it explained to me so that a child can understand it… Then if I try to explain what I think I have learned… I’m left waiting to be corrected where I may or may not have error. But I’m alright with that correction knowing it might make me closer to being able to understand even more perfectly.. My main hope is that when I do make a error…great or small… If that which has intelligence far surpassing mine (like unto Christopher and the Brothers) does see it… I just hope they will correct me and correct me openly if I have spoken/written openly lest my error influence another. This is good news that there is that able to make understanding easier for me. Real Truth good news. Correction I can trust because it makes sense to me and I have that which is far more intelligent than me to confirm it….wherein I have made error. So I might have to give the understanding I think I have learned despite the risk of being corrected and in fact for the hopes that I will be corrected so that I will have that confirmation which confirmation will give me rest in the matter or awaken me to quit saying what I thought I learned because those that have proven to me that they know better have said I have it in error and that’s as simple as that. I’m not going to be able to teach my teacher. I hope my teacher is there to teach me and there to correct me if I’ve got it wrong after I’ve been taught… will I get it right. I’ll let Christopher teach and correct me anytime he deems it necessary and I pray he does. The Brothers Help/Teach Christopher and Christopher in turn then Help’s/Teaches us. That is the ORDER and I trust it. I’d be a fool not to. Could I have written the Sealed Portion…. not a chance. If I don’t realize that…then I am one proud fool. Can i write the things that Christopher has given me better than he has given it unto me..FUCK NO. And I would be a fool to think I can. At best… I can only try to and then hope to be corrected to see where I might yet need improvement. I have to speak so that Christopher can know what I need which will be obvious to him by my errors. Even what I’m writing now might have error. If so.. if Christopher deems it good for me.. I trust he will correct me. I may be wrong..he might not have the time to do that. If that is the case. I hope he tells me and then I will write nothing. ONE THING HAS BEEN PROVEN FOR SURE… Christopher and the Brothers know far…far.. far.. far.. more than any of us on the whole of the earth. Ya… Christopher is probably very very busy. Maybe I should write nothing in order to not burden him. I think I will quit writing maybe. I do not want to burden him. Guess I am confused in this dilemma. I WANT CORRECTION BUT THEN AGAIN… WHO AM I TO EXPECT IT OF HIM as if all he’s got to do is cater to me. After more than a year and a half of studying this work… I finally wrote. After careful and intent study.. the only reason right now I see for me to say something is to be corrected or confirmed in that which I think I understand …whatever the case may be. Maybe I am wrong to do that. One thing is certain…If our chosen Messenger says I am wrong to do so… then I am wrong to do so… and I better quit doing it; .. lest I become a stumbling block unto this Great Work. I certainly don’t want to be a stumbling block.

  7. Flem Earl (Buddy) McMillan

    OK, sorry Chris but I had to have another go at it. This is the height of my dumb lubricityitness.

    When they serve others a self-generating, energy loop is created to equalize the brain being able to sustain itself thereby needing no mortal experience. And no I don’t normally talk this way.

  8. Because Server types continue to serve other groups in their second estate preparing for the third estate.

  9. Flem Earl (Buddy) McMillan

    I’m willing to show that I am a dumb lubricityite.

    ¿They have the right type of body?

  10. Jaron Bytheway

    I don’t have a fucking clue, but I’m guessing it’s because server types are allowed to have the type of body that can have orgasms and they are able to balance their brain through orgasms causing involuntary movements of their bodies from the energy being released or taken in. I’m assuming this would balance the brain.

  11. Rodney Maxwell

    Thanks Christopher, for shedding light on why the Mason/Mormon similarity. I have not been through the Masonic Temple nor have I been through the Mormon Temple.
    That’s why I asked. I’m clear.
    Oh, and no, I’m drug free.
    Make it a great day !

  12. Flem Earl (Buddy) McMillan


  13. Flem Earl (Buddy) McMillan

    All my life I have tried to live my life unimpeded. Just do what I wanted to do and be want I wanted to be. It has always bugged me why I feels this way and had to struggle with this and why it was so hard to accomplish this until I came across this Work. Thank you all.

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