Confounding more bullcrap and noise. Confounding and explaining my (Christopher’s) YouTube comments about me writing The Sealed Portion. A hypothetical trial.


First … this is Christopher.

Dios Mio,

I hate having to continually get on a few reader’s cases all the time for all the “noise” they write when allowed to post comments.


Because when someone is searching for answers … and we claim to have the answers … and the searcher encounters all the “noise” … and they encounter all the useless, empty comments and commentary that some make about the posts … a searcher might consider the insanity and illogical thinking of those making the comments and make an immediate judgement that this work isn’t worth their time nor consideration.

And this is why they “hired” me.  I have no problem confronting my “friends” and “supporters”!

My mentors are the kindest, most amicable, compassionate humans on Earth.  They do not confront anyone.  They can’t.  It’s not in their nature.  They couldn’t even if they tried.

Two of them are perfect mortals, having existed since the First Dispensation of Human Time when the earth was doing what it was supposed to do.  There is no way these two could act in any way contrary to their actual True Self … they simply don’t have the mortal body or brain that would allow it.

The other two are just perfect men!

By choice, they’re kinda stuck in the dream of mortal life, not waking up as their True Self, so that they can properly serve others … we’ll get to this “properly serving others” thing tomorrow,  because none of you who think you are servers, or who are, but don’t know that you are, have a clue how to properly serve others.

If some of you followers of this work think that giving your length commentary on posts serves a good purpose, other than providing you with a cathartic emotional experience, you’d be wrong.

And those of you who carry on personal conversations with others … por el amor de Dios … STOP!

Yeah, yeah, it’s my role to say what needs to be said to keep things rolling along how the Real Truth is supposed to be rolling along … a stone cut out of a mountain without hands, crushing the toes and feet of the image that supports humankind on this earth … feet and toes that mortals need to walk along through life placing value on things that are valueless and useless to their True Self … the ONLY God that exists.

That’s right … we … in another place and past time, as other people … well, just me as another person … wrote much of the Old Testament prophecy (Daniel) to counter the contemporary ideas in which people believed at the time … such was the dream interpreted by Daniel in the Bible.

You didn’t see the clues about this … that the same authors of the story of Daniel authored the Book of Mormon … did you?

No, you did not.  Because you’re blind and only see what serves your immediate needs and wants.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego … who were they really, if they actually existed?

Why were there only three?

How many Nephites in the Book of Mormon story were there who were “cast into a furnace and received no harm, and twice were they cast into a den of wild beasts; and behold they did play with the beasts as a child with a suckling lamb, and received no harm” … just like the Bible says happened to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego?  (See BOM, 3 Nephi 28:21-22.)



Three mortals who cannot be destroyed or hurt?


The Bible believers believe that this is possible when it comes to servants of God, but when a long-haired, arrogant person, such as myself comes, along and says,

Hey hypocrites!  I know a few people who cannot be destroyed or hurt.  Throw ’em a furnace and they won’t be burned.  Throw ’em in with lions and they’ll play with them like the lions were Chihuahuas.  They mentor me and teach me things.

I am mocked and called a liar, a fool, a deceiver????

I didn’t write the Bible story about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego.

They did.

I didn’t write the Book of Mormon story about the Three Nephites … that parallels the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, exactly.

They did.

Or maybe I did write it?

What if I did … in another life … as another person.

What if I wrote The Sealed Portion?

Yeah, that’s what’s on the Internet on YouTube … so it must be true!

I told people that I wrote The Sealed Portion to show how easily people are deceived by scripture that is written.

Why would I say that?


Of course … go figure … what I said was part of a two hour presentation that was taken out of context, and the only (very short) part presented was what critics want people to think and know about the entire presentation.

Watch this video.  It’s me, about 1996-7 (can’t remember the exact date).

Yeah I said it and have never denied it, even before this video showed up:

“I did something that proved to me without a shadow of doubt what religion can do to people.”

“I wrote The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon and presented it to Mormons who are more fanatical than you, and they took it hook, line, and sinker.”

I have never once … not once … hidden the fact that I wrote a few pages of what I could remember from my brief possession of the real sealed portion that I had perused in 1991, when my mentors first asked me to work for them … and do what?

What did my mentors ask me to do in 1991?


They asked me to help them perpetuate a lie to counter a lie.

Read my autobiography and you’ll learn why I agreed to help them at first, and then why I refused.

I refused because I didn’t think people were that stupid.

I thought if one could present things to people in the proper way, according to the Real Truth, people were smart enough to get it.


So, I had to prove to myself “without a shadow of doubt” what religion could do to people.  I had to prove that people were just stupid and would believe anything.

To prove this, as I have always explained and never hidden, I wrote some of what I could remember reading of the very first part of the sealed portion from the gold plates, that which my mentors gave to me at first to get me excited and motivated to help them to …


I wrote just a very few, a few short passages of what I could remember, and presented it to a group of Fundamentalist Mormons … that’s why I say in the video that “I presented it to Mormons who are more fanatical than you.”  I was speaking to regular, orthodox LDS/Mormons who were the majority in the audience.

I’ve always said this.

Never hid it from anyone.

I even told the women whom I pulled out of polygamy and away from those who “took it hook, line, and sinker,” exactly what I had done.

And what was my explanation to the women for doing it?


Now here’s the kicker.

Here’s where my enemies and critics have no leg to stand on when using this video to discredit me.

Why would I need to prove to myself without a shadow of doubt what religion can do to people?

Why had I rejected my mentors proposal to do it their way … which was to create another lie to counter a worse lie and open people’s minds and hearts to a new way of thinking?

Again, at the time, I had more faith in people and their logic and intellect.

I wrote a series of posts I called Reality Quest during this same time to prove my point … at least to prove to myself that if I presented the Real Truth about some things, people would get it.

So, I set out to prove to myself that people weren’t dumb.

But guess what I actually proved?

PEOPLE ARE VERY DUMB!  Especially religious people.

I failed.

I wasn’t able to convince ONE LDS/Mormon … not even one … that the Book of Mormon was an invented story and that it was all a lie to counter a lie.

But look how many of you dummies know this now.

Look how many of you can accept and understand this perfectly.

Look how much sense it makes.

My way of trying to tell the Real Truth about things when people’s minds weren’t ready to hear it failed miserably.

Their way of lying and deceiving people … the exact same way that people had been lied to and deceived into believing the way that people do …


It worked marvelously … and is truly a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

Now, let’s put the matter about what I was recorded as saying finally to rest.

Enemies and critics, here’s your chance, and also your downfall.

If I had written The Sealed Portion in 1997, where is it?  Where was it?

Do you have the very small part that I wrote from memory and presented to the Mormon Fundamentalist group that I met with and presented it to … those “who are more fanatical than you”?

Do you have this part?

Yes, you do!

It’s just a few passages.  Right?

Is it like the true The Sealed Portion that was published in 2004 under the direction and with the consent of my mentors?

Yes, it’s similar, but it’s far from the same.  … My memory wasn’t as good as I thought it was then.

When I was giving this presentation (above on YouTube) … where I was tying to prove that if you use logic you can open the minds of people to the Real Truth … if I had only said one small word, it would have been more correct and completely destroyed the premise of which my enemies are attempting to use to prove that I admitted that I wrote The Sealed Portion:


If I had just said … what is actually the Real Truth that I have NEVER denied:

“I wrote part of The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon and presented it to Mormons who are more fanatical than you, and they took it hook, line, and sinker.”

My enemies cannot find anything pre-2004, except for the small part that I wrote from memory and presented at a meeting with a Mormon Fundamentalist group organized by Ogden Kraut, and attended by Gary Batchelor, as I have reported in my autobiography.

Doing what I did accomplished something that was very necessary in preparing me for my eventual role as a True Messenger:

I learned that there was no way that anyone was going to open their minds and hearts to the Real Truth by hearing the Real Truth.  They learned what the believed to be true from a lie.  Their hearts and minds were closed because of these lies.  Therefore, they could only be taught “according to the heed and diligence which they give unto him” … meaning “unto God.”

I needed to learn that the clue my mentors gave in their Book of Mormon was true:

“It is given unto many to know the mysteries of God; nevertheless they are laid under a strict command that they shall not impart only according to the portion of his word which he doth grant unto the children of men, according to the heed and diligence which they give unto him.”  (BOM, Alma 12:9)

How do you teach people that the God in whom they believe, in whom they gain personal value and worth, who hears and answers their personal prayers and watches over them throughout their lives, is actually, completely, in their own brain?

If the people are giving “heed and diligence” to God, then only according to this same manner, can the Real Truth (i.e., the mysteries of God in full) be imparted to them.

My rebellious years of 1992 to the end of 2003 proved this to me “without a shadow of doubt.”

So, enemies and critics,

Find the pre-2004 The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ (in its entirety) to prove that I wrote it, which I did, but from the texts and transcripts that I received from Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego  … and a gay guy … who everyone thinks is gay … but he actually doesn’t have any sex parts … named John the Beloved.

All you’ll ever find is a “part” (a small part) that I wrote from memory to present to a group of fanatical Mormon Fundamentalists … the part to which I was referring in your lame proof that I admitted that I wrote The Sealed Portion.

Had I gone to trial in the Idaho Dschaak defamation case, he surely would have presented the video as proof of my alleged fraud and deception … to which I would have countered with the Real Truth about what actually happened.

Here’s how it might have gone in trial had Dschaak presented the video.

On cross examination:

Christopher:  Here is Plaintiff’s Exhibit 10, the published The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon (2004).  Mr. Dschaak, (giving Exhibit 10 to Dschaak) Mr. Dschaak, is it your testimony that The Sealed Portion that I was referring to in the YouTube video is what you’re holding in your hand?

Dschaak is not stupid … I think.  He already has the “small part” of what I wrote in 1992, as many others do, which I presented to the Fundamentalist group.  If he hadn’t already presented it as one of his Exhibits, I would have, if had he answered:

Dschaak:  Yes.

Christopher: Here is Plaintiff’s Exhibit 11, which is also the Defendant’s Exhibit 6, (the small part I wrote from memory in 1992).  Mr. Dschaak, you presented this as evidence that I wrote The Sealed Portion as early as 1992.  Is that your testimony?

Now, if Dschaak denies that this small part is what I wrote in 1992, or what he is trying to present as evidence that I admitted that I wrote entire (2004) The Sealed Portion, then I would have asked him what evidence he had that I wrote The Sealed Portion before 2004.

Christopher: Do you have any evidence, of any kind, of any means, that proves that The Sealed Portion that was published in 2004 (Plaintiff’s Exhibit 10) was actually written prior to 2004?

He has none because there is none.

There is only the small part I wrote from memory in 1992 and presented to the Fundamentalist group, which many people have.

I would have then called one of my witnesses, Damon Cook, to the stand.

Christopher:  (Handing the witness Exhibit 11, the small part presented to the Fundamentalist Group.) Mr. Cook, do you recognize this document?

Cook: Yes.

Christopher: Can you tell the Court what it is according to your perception and testimony?

Damon Cook would have told the Court that it was what was passed around among various Mormon Fundamentalists groups when he was associated with them.  I would have asked Cook a variety of questions about his past that showed how intimately he was once associated with Ogden Kraut and Gary Batchelor, and especially how the “small part” affected people who had it.

Christopher:  Mr. Cook is it your testimony that not only you, but the Mormon Fundamentalists with whom you were once involved, took this document and believed in it “hook, line, and sinker”?

Cook:  Absolutely.

Christopher:  Mr. Cook, while you were involved in the LDS/Mormon religion, fundamentalist or orthodox, did you know or realize what this religion was doing to people, especially to you personally, as you cannot actually comment about what it was doing to others, but from your perception, was the religion in which you were involved good?

Cook:  Absolutely.

Christopher:  Mr. Cook, (holding up Exhibit 10, the 2004 The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon) after reading this book, what do you think now about your former religion?

Cook: IT’S A JOKE!  … Damon wouldn’t have said this, but he would have said something like:

I never realized how deceived I was about religion and the terrible things that it was doing to not only me but everyone else, until I read The Sealed Portion.

Christopher: (Holding up the small part written from memory in 1992.)  Is it your testimony that after reading this, you still believed in religion and that no one on Earth, at that time, could have convinced you that the Book of Mormon was not true and the word of God?

Cook:  Yes.

Christopher:  So you took it hook, line, and sinker.  Correct?

Cook:  Yes.

Christopher: Mr. Cook, (holding up the 2004 TSP) before you read this, is there any way that I could have convinced you that the Mormon faith was corrupt, bad for people, and that the Book of Mormon was a lie?

Cook:  No way.

Christopher:  Is it your testimony, then, that this book opened your mind enough so that you could eventually come to understand how bad religion really is?

Cook:  Absolutely.

Christopher:  Did it prove to you without a shadow of doubt what religion can do to people?

Cook:  Yes.  Absolutely.

Christopher:  Mr. Cook, how do you know that I didn’t write the 2004 TSP like I did the small part I wrote from memory in 1992?

Cook:  I don’t.

Christopher:  Could I have written it?

Cook:  Sure, I guess.  You seem smart enough.

Christopher:  Would it change your view of religion and scripture if you found out that I was the one who wrote the 2004 TSP?  Would you repent and go back to church?

Cook:  Absolutely not!

Christopher:  So, is it your testimony that you wouldn’t care if I made up the whole thing and wrote it myself, and that there were no “Three Nephites” and “John the Beloved” that helped me, that there were no actual gold plates, no Urim and Thummim, nothing more than just my own brain from which came the 2004 TSP?

Cook:  I wouldn’t care.  My new outlook on life and religion will never change back into what it used to be.  Impossible.

Christopher:  Even if I was lying to you about everything?

Cook:  I don’t care where it came from or who made it up, it has changed my life for the better and opened my eyes to the harm that religion is doing to this world.

Christopher:  Have I EVER asked you for money or for any type of donation, such as working for free for me or my mentors or for the MWAW?

Cook:  No.

Christopher:  Have you ever done any work for me?

Cook:  Yes.

Christopher:  Did you do it for free?

Cook:  No.  You paid me more than fairly.

Christopher:  Would you give me all of your money and work for me for free for the rest of your life?

Cook:  Yes.

Christopher:  Even if I admitted that it was all just a lie, a story that was necessary to open your mind and getting you thinking straight?

Cook:  Yes.

(End of Court hypothetical.)

I could present a hundred witnesses that would have said the exact same thing and given similar testimony to what Damon Cook would have given.  Now, I don’t know exactly how Damon would have answered these questions, but since speaking with him and knowing him as I do, I’m pretty sure he would have answered similar to what I wrote above.

So would have everyone else whose life has been affected by this work whom I would have presented at trial as a witness.

Well did I state:

“I did something that proved to me without a shadow of doubt what religion can do to people.”

“I wrote The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon and presented it to Mormons who are more fanatical than you, and they took it hook, line, and sinker.”

If I wrote The Sealed Portion, then obviously the young Joseph Smith, Jr. wrote the Book of Mormon.

If Joseph Smith had actually written the Book of Mormon … then he did something that created the LDS/Mormon faith, both fundamentalist and orthodox, and added to this messed up world … which I put on my own shoulders to fix … that caused me to lose all of my family, friends, relationships, and worldly honor and glory that I might have had had I focused my incredible intelligence and obvious genius on something that would make me a rich!  Yeah, Baby!

If you believe that Joseph and I made up and wrote the Book of Mormon (1830) and The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon (2004) … then …

We thank you for the confidence in our personal genius.  Wow, we’re two of the most intelligent men on Earth.  We must be.

Because there’s not another person on Earth who could have convinced the likes of Damon Cook (and many others like) him to leave religion and see it for what religion really is:  EVIL!

NOW GIVE ME ALL YOU’RE MONEY, DAMON COOK!  I WANT YOUR WIFE TOO … God says that you must control your lust and jealousy and only let His chosen servant sleep with your wife!  YOU COME TO WORK FOR ME FOR FREE!  I KNOW YOU CAN BUILD ME A HOUSE!  BUILD THE HOUSE FOR FREE!  WHILE YOU’RE WORKING ON MY HOUSE, HAVE YOUR WIFE WORK AND GIVE MOST OF HER MONEY TO ME … you guys can keep just enough to live … BUT JUST ENOUGH!

But alas,

I am the worst Cult Leader ever.

I would never take advantage of Damon Cook or anyone else.

And I certainly never took advantage of Dschaak.

I would have destroyed Dschaak in court and caused him so much anxiety that the guy would have shook and trembled in a way that he had never experienced.  I would have put him on the witness stand and manipulated him by asking questions so that the true Harry Dschaak would show himself to the Court … a hateful, deceitful, angry, vindictive man … who is a liar.

Dschaak believed in the Book of Mormon before he read The Sealed Portion.  If he had not believed in the Book of Mormon, he surely wouldn’t have taken it …

Hook, line, and sinker.

But anyways …

I gotta go take a piss … drank too much coffee.  I’ll give my mentor’s answer to the question posed yesterday tomorrow.

Those who are making all the “noise,” please watch the video above again.  Pay particular attention to the guy in the audience who keeps drawing attention to himself to create value and a specialness, throwing of concentration on what I am trying to say …


Annoying, right?

But anyways …


  1. There is a difference between the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Mormon fundamentalists who are a break away group of people. Joseph Smith didn’t just write the Book of Mormon, he translated the book from the gold pages given to him by the angel Moroni, to translate through the Spirit of God, using the Urim and Thummin. I wonder why you feel you would need to hypothetically claim you wrote the “sealed portion” of the Book of Mormon. I can understand why you presented it to Mormon Fundamentalists.

  2. Craig Nichols

    I am crazy and insane, please listen to the true messenger.
    PS, he’s the only sane one here. The rest of us need to learn from him. (LOVE)

  3. ramiroestrada12

    Yesterday, I was going through YouTube videos and Daniel’s video came out. I saw 2 versions of it. Hmmm then Christopher mentions them. Wow what a coincidence!!! As I already know The Book of Mormon is not real and the Seal Portion is not real either. To me I don’t care about those books because they are not real. There is Real Truth in Christopher. There is no God in thrones. We are all equal. What confuses me are the 3-4 levels of existence but I’m pretty sure I’ll get it later.
    I wanted to point out if this Earth will end because some idiot wants to discover fusion(power of the sun) and our solar system will get 2 suns. Does it really matter if even if this solar system or even this universe gets destroyed?, it’s all a dream!!! Don’t we have other universes/ different frequencies to exist? Don’t we live in another universe? I ask these questions because I don’t know all real truth.

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