Clarifying a few things. The answer.

Before I answer …

How is it possible that a person who serves others can maintain this equilibrium in spite of never experiencing the dream of mortal life again?

I want to clarify a comment I made at the end of my post yesterday that read like this:

(Referring to the enemy I sued for defamation in an Idaho court, only to have a prejudiced Idaho judge turn the case around on me and rule fraud, albeit the judge was forced by default rule primarily because I refused to go to trial or attend further proceedings in the case.) 

Dschaak believed in the Book of Mormon before he read The Sealed Portion.  If he had not believed in the Book of Mormon, he surely wouldn’t have taken it …

Hook, line, and sinker.

Dschaak told the Court that he suffered emotionally from his involvement with me, of which the Court (again, which is only one prejudiced and partial, Christian judge that didn’t like me) ruled in his favor.  Dschaak was right.  I told him and many others that one of two things was going to happen to them when they became involved with me and the MWAW— it was “either [going to convince] them unto peace and life eternal, or [deliver] them to the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds unto their being brought down into captivity, and also into destruction, both temporally and spiritually, according to the captivity of [their ego of which I have spoken]”.

Dschaak has become a hateful and vengeful enemy of this work.  He hates me more than anyone he has ever hated at any time … and Harry Dschaak has hated some people during his life.  He thinks often about me and ways to end my life, if given the chance.  He won’t have the chance.  We won’t give it to him.

Why such hate and emotional (spiritual) destruction?

Dschaak now believes that Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon is a fraud too.  He didn’t believe this before reading and accepting The Sealed Portion.  He believed in the Book of Mormon with all of his heart.  He didn’t believe in the LDS/Mormon Church, because he actually read the BOM and believed it, and nothing about the LDS/Mormon Church and religion is consistent with or comparable to what is written in the Book of Mormon.  Dschaak was smart enough to see the contradiction between the religion and the book on which the religion was founded.

There were few as madly entrenched in the MWAW and as one of my followers than Dschaak … very few.  He had taken it “hook, line, and sinker.”  He would have never taken it like he did if Dschaak didn’t have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon.

At the time, Dschaak’s entire life, everything that made sense to him, everything that he valued and believed was tied to the MWAW, including a group of close friends that he never had before.  The people with whom Dschaak associated were not typical people.  They were good people.  Honest people.  Kind people … especially L. Kurt and Monica Smith who had become Dschaak’s best friends.

Dschaak lost all that meant anything to him when I publicly denounced him and told everyone that Dschaak didn’t have a clue about the things that he would often discuss with others.  Dschaak loved and greatly valued the attention he receives from others.  For this reason he supported and eventually owned the website.  Dschaak became the website’s most prolific contributor.

As I have revealed about him, one of his True Self‘s most recent mortal incarnates was John C. Bennett.  Bennett did the exact same thing to Joseph Smith that Dschaak is doing to me.  The relationship between Bennett and Joseph is uncanny  and eerily similar to the relationship between Dschaak and me.

Here’s Wikipedia‘s take on Bennett, which proves the similarity:

In late 1842, Bennett published History of the Saints: Or, An Exposé of Joe Smith and Mormonism[6], accusing Smith and his church of crimes including treason, conspiracy to commit murder, prostitution, and adultery, with a preface that begins: “I have been induced to prepare and publish the following work by a desire to expose the enormous iniquities which have perpetrated by one of the grosses and most infamous impostors that ever appeared upon the face of the earth, and by many of his minions, under the name and garb of Religion, and professedly by the direct will and command of Almighty God.”[7] Through his newspaper writings and book, Bennett appeared to encourage Missouri’s June 1843 attempt to extradite Smith to stand trial for treason.

As I said, had I gone to trial in front of a fair and impartial judge, who only looked at the law and remained impartial to the fact that my entire existence was about confronting and condemning the judge’s religion (Christianity), I would have destroyed Dschaak more emotionally (spiritually) than he has ever felt.  I would have made him look like the  hateful, deceitful, angry, vindictive man that he his.

Keep in mind who really runs the MWAW and gives me good counsel in my life … counsel that if I heeded, always keeps me safe and alive.

My mentors know what I can do to a person’s ego.  Not that it’s just me doing it, but the Real Truth doing it.  They know the power of the Real Truth.  They know that no one can confound the Real Truth.  They knew that had I gone to trial with Dschaak, and made him look like the man who he is, Dschaak’s hate, anger, and vengeance would have increased a hundred fold from what it was before.  Dschaak would not have rest until I was dead, causing more anxiety on my life.

Dschaak still will not rest until I am dead.  He has no other value or purpose in life than to do whatever he can to confront the MWAW.  He will continue to do all within his power to try to convince some other court or law enforcement agency that I must be arrested.  He has no choice.  His mind and heart won’t allow him peace, because this peace has been withdrawn because of the choice this work affords a person.

One of the last things I would have asked Dschaak on the witness stand would have been:

Christopher:  I am certain that the Court, as well as all of your former friends and supporters sitting in this courtroom today would like you to answer this question: Why didn’t you must move on with your life?  Why are you obsessed with me and the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®?  Even after your obsession, hate, your website, everything you have done brings more people to me and the MWAW than repels them, why don’t you move on with your life and do something substantial and beneficial for yourself, your family, your children and grandchildren?  Why leave a legacy of being a  hateful, deceitful, angry, vindictive man?

Just as Bennett thought, Dschaak believes in his heart that he is serving other people by opening their eyes so that they will not be deceived, defrauded and misled by me.  So, his answer might have been along these lines:

Dschaak:  You need to be stopped.  You destroy people’s lives.

Christopher:  But again, what you have done has caused more people to become interested in me and brought them to the work than repelled them.  The majority of people who visit your website and read your malicious diatribes are LDS/Mormons who want to prove to one of their loved ones that I am a fraud in order to keep their loved one from reading the MWAW books and listening to me.  The LDS/Mormons love what you’re doing.  Every witness in the courtroom today (the courtroom would have been filled with my witnesses, Dschaak would have had few, if any) has been confronted by one of their loved ones with your information about me in hand.  Not one of them … listen closely Mr. Dschaak … NOT ONE OF THEM … has ever doubted or left me and the work that I do in spite of having their loved ones show them all the “evidence,” “documentation,” and the other so-called “smoking gun” that you have presented to the Court throughout this trial.  Why are you and your wife and children one of the very, very, very few, who were once very staunch believers, to turn against me and fought this work?  What good do you actually think you are doing?

I would have let Dschaak speak his final words before I rested my case and defense.  I believe that he would have started to shake and tremble, filled with uncontrollable anger as he delivered what I can only imagine would have finally revealed his true nature to the Court on record.

Yet, I have revealed that Dschaak’s True Self is a “server” and lives on the same planet in our real universe that I do.  Here is the confusion for some.  What is Dschaak doing that actually serves people?  The answer is simple:

There has been so much said and written (most of it false) about what happened to Joseph Smith, why his close friends turned on him and eventually conspired and killed him.  The current world has no recordings of what happened back then.  History repeats itself.  Dschaak is providing proof and evidence of the kinds of things that happened to Joseph Smith.

None of Joseph Smith’s critics or enemies would ever take him on in a public debate.  They would have lost terribly.  Joseph won every court battle (over 100) because the judge in the case could not find any actual evidence to substantiate the claims made against him.  I could have proven that the evidence that Dschaak had against me could not be substantiated nor proven correct.

Harry Dschaak has provided this work with perfect evidence, not about what I have done, but what Joseph’s enemies and critics did.  It’s hard to imagine how a person can be so negatively affected by something that it destroys their life and takes away their peace.  Dschaak has provided empirical evidence that this “great and a marvelous work among the children of men” is doing exactly what it was meant to do:

For the time cometh, saith the Lamb of God, that I will work a great and a marvelous work among the children of men; a work which shall be everlasting, either on the one hand or on the other—either to the convincing of them unto peace and life eternal, or unto the deliverance of them to the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds unto their being brought down into captivity, and also into destruction, both temporally and spiritually, according to the captivity of the devil, of which I have spoken.”

We couldn’t thank him enough.

But anyways …

Let’s answer the question …

How is it possible that a person who serves others can maintain this equilibrium in spite of never experiencing the dream of mortal life again?

Here’s how you answer it for a child:

When you do something good for someone else that makes them happy, how does what you did for them make YOU feel inside?


How does it make you feel inside when someone does something for you that makes you happy?


So, let’s say that you’re not happy because of something.  What makes you sad?

When I see something that I want and I can’t have it.  That makes me sad.

So, you see something that you want and you’re sad because you can’t get it for yourself, by yourself.  Right?


When someone gets it for you, how does that make you feel inside?


How do you think it makes them feel inside when they give you what you want?


When are you the most happy?  When you get something that you want or when you give someone what they want?

If the child hasn’t been taught to lie to be loved and say things just to be valued, the child will answer honestly.  Honest children will say that they are happiest when they get something that they want.  If a child says that he or she feels more happy when they give someone else what the other person wants, the child is lying because the child has been taught that giving to others is good and taking from others is bad.  If the child has not been taught what is good or bad about giving and receiving, the child will respond honestly that what they receive makes them happier than what they give to another.

Feeling happy by making another person happy is a human trait.

There is no other animal that exist that feels happy by making another animal happy.  No other animal smiles or physically demonstrates happiness like humans do.  Although animals can appear peaceful and content, no animal feels the emotion of happiness, nor does any other animal have a sense of humor … or rather, can sense what is funny and what is happiness.

If humans and animals were of the same, they would feel the same.

Again, let’s give the evolutionists their value and say that all life evolved from a lower life form to a higher one.  Whereas all life started out with a Big Bang and eventually evolved until it became human, the human form of life must be the end of evolution, because there is no evidence anywhere in the Universe of any life more evolved than humans.

I love the lyrics of one of the most popular U.S. comedies on television, The Big Bang Theory:

Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started, wait
The earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool
Neanderthals developed tools
We built a wall (we built the pyramids)
Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries
That all started with the big bang! Hey!

Since the dawn of man is really not that long
As every galaxy was formed in less time than it takes to sing this song
A fraction of a second and the elements were made
The bipeds stood up straight, the dinosaurs all met their fate
They tried to leap but they were late
And they all died (they froze their asses off)
The oceans and Pangea, see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya
Set in motion by the same big bang!
It all started with the big bang!

 So our ancient ancestors were autotrophs: an an organism that is able to form nutritional organic substances from simple inorganic substances such as carbon dioxide.  So that a child can understand …

The Big Bang’s exhaust was eaten by something and started to grow until … voilá … it turned into us!

That shit makes sense!

Regardless of whether it makes sense or not, humans exist.  It really doesn’t matter how they exist, but it certainly matters why they exist.

We exist to be happy.

ALL OF US are happy when we get what we want … when our free will is unconditionally supported and allowed.

SOME OF US are happy when there are others giving us what we want.

SOME OF US are happy when we get what we want by ourselves.

SOME OF US are happy when we give others what they want.

Again, and again, and again …

ALL OF US are happy when we get what we want … when our free will is unconditionally supported and allowed.

NONE OF US is happy when we are around another ONE OF US who is not happy.  We like to be around happy people.

So, how did us advanced autotrophs develop into different humanity types?

Well, it certainly didn’t happen by eating all that Big Bang exhaust!  If it happened by eating all that exhaust, then the same thing … the same development … would have happened to other animals because we all ate the same exhaust.  Right?

Here’s how it all happened in our Second State of Consciousness.

Here’s how our True Self became our True Self.

We all started out the same.

We all started out as a new human child who had unconditional free will that was supported by the person who created the child’s body and the world (i.e. our Second State of Consciousness) in which the child’s body was created.

We all started out being served by others.  We all started out as Stellarians … stellar … stars … as innumerable as the stars in heaven.

As this child, we were immediately exposed to two humanity type examples:

(1) We had the example of our creator (no parents, no males, just one advanced female) who was Solarian … solar … sun … gives light and energy to all life forms.

(2) We had the example of our new Stellarian True Self.

Then we started growing and experiencing all kinds of things in our new world.  We experienced these things through our senses, through what we saw with our new eyes, what we heard with our new ears, what we smelled with our new nose, what we tasted with our new mouth, and what we felt through our new skin.

These senses became our personal experiences as thoughts.

Thinking is simply the process by which a human brain receives energy through the body’s five senses and organizes the stimulation, first into new experience, and then into memories.

This is important …

WE ARE ALL STELLARIAN … in the sense that we are always “served by others.”  We started out Stellarian and will always be Stellarian … human.

A Solarian needs other Stellarians in order to serve.  Therefore, the mere existence of a Stellarian actually provides service for the Solarian.  The Solarian is actually being served by the Stellarian, making the Solarian a Stellarian who needs to be served by others.

Make sense?

In essence … the Real Truth is … there is really only ONE HUMANITY TYPE: Stellarian.

We were born Stellarian and we will always be Stellarian.  We are happiest and content when we are being served by others.  This is why when we do something good for another that makes the other person happy, we are happy.  We serve them so that we are served up a dish of happiness for ourselves.

Humans need to be served by others regardless of whether the person has someone serving them, is serving their self, or is serving another.

Let’s now leave our Second Estate and return to our original, eternal First Estate where we are our TRUE SELVES.

Our TRUE SELF is always the same.  It has always been the same.  Our TRUE SELF in our First Estate, not to be confused with our True Self in our Second Estate, does not need to serve or be served.  Our TRUE SELF serves its Self.

Now it might become a bit clearer where the idea of the three different humanity types come from.

  1. Solarians serve others in our Second Estate by creating a body that our TRUE SELF (in the First Estate) can connect to in order to have a new experience.  When our TRUE SELF connects to this newly created body, we become our True Self (existing in our Second Estate).
  2. Stellarians, which all of us start out as … and in reality, all of us actually are … is what our True Self is in our Second Estate.
  3. Lunarian is what our TRUE SELF is in our First Estate: a self-server who needs no other to serve them nor do they serve anyone else.

These concepts can get pretty confusing without starting from the beginning.  This is why The Dream of Mortal Life book is so important.  It will map out everything from the beginning … and since there is no actual beginning, our explanation will start out explaining our TRUE SELF.

Our TRUE SELF’s body (and brain in this body’s head) exists in a reality where there are countless other TRUE SELVES (human people) all existing, as they always have, eternally the same.

We share the same environment.  Therefore, we share the same energy that this environment (First Estate) provides.

Our eternal brains work to take care of themselves and always maintain the same equilibrium that they have always had.

Again, WE SHARE THE ENERGY OF THE ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH WE EXIST WITH OTHERS … who have brains that take in energy from the environment and release energy into the environment in order to maintain the brain’s perfect equilibrium and balance.


If we didn’t share the same energy as others, we would exist alone and not have any new experiences, as the energy that our TRUE SELF’s brain takes in and expels would be isolated to our own use the same yesterday, today, and forever.

How your TRUE SELF uses energy and how my TRUE SELF uses energy is different.  And since we share the same energy source, what you need it for and what I need it for, although it’s the same energy, acts differently on our individual brain.

If your brain expels excess energy from your TRUE SELF’s brain and my TRUE SELF’s brain sucks your “used” energy into my brain … we have an experience together.  We create a bond between us.

If I take in some of your used energy it creates an imbalance in my brain with which my brain will automatically do something.

But if I don’t take in any of your used energy into my brain, then my brain doesn’t need to do anything.

I’m happy when my brain is balanced.

You’re happy when your brain is balanced.

Let’s go back to the joules of energy for our continued explanation.

Both of our brains are eternally balanced at 10 joules.

(Folks, all these concepts are hypothetical.  All I have is the English language and words to use to explain these things.  So, don’t take things too literally … take them mostly figuratively.)

I feel that your brain just took in 3 joules of energy from the environment.  Now you have 13 joules of energy in your brain.  I felt this, because in the same room where we both are, there are only 20 joules of energy for us to share, and you took 3.  Now there’s only 17 for us to share.  But you’re going to have to release 3 joules from your own brain in order to be happy.

The room in which we are present is also a perfectly balanced environment that needs 20 joules of energy to maintain its perfect state.

I’m a server.  I sense that you took 3 joules and I know you’re going to have to expel 3 from your brain to maintain your equilibrium and to bring balance back into our shared environment.  Anticipating this, I release three joules from my own brain, which brings the environment back into balance, which allows me to take in the 3 joules of energy that you release.



There are two people in the same room.  Each person has 10 joules of energy and the room has 20 joules of energy to be shared by the two.  One of the persons decides not to take in from the room or expel any energy into the room so that the other person can use the room as the other person wants.

The “server” simply makes sure that the energy in the room is always balanced for the use of the other.  If the other takes 3 joules from the room, the “server” will act to release 3 joules from their brain to balance the room and be ready to receive the 3 joules that the other person’s brain must expel to maintain equilibrium … to be happy.

If the other person takes in 3 joules of energy from the 20 that are in the room, and doesn’t release any, which will make the person unhappy … not to worry … the server releases 3 joules of her energy into the room purposefully to balance the room.  Now needing 3 joules of energy in order for her to be happy, she “serves” the other person by teaching them and helping the other learn how to release their excess 3 joules … not back into the room … but back into her brain.

The room is always balanced.

The server has a different body than the other person in the room.  Depleted of 3 joules of energy and waiting upon the other person to release their excess DIRECTLY INTO THE SERVER’S BRAIN … not into the room, because the server already released enough joules to keep the room balanced … but DIRECTLY INTO THE SERVER’S BRAIN.

As the other person releases the excess energy directly into the server’s brain … guess what is felt and physically experienced by the server … because the server has the body parts?


An orgasm.

Let’s clarify further:

The room is the environment of our Second Estate.

A newly created body is the other person in the room with the Solarian (the server), who has a female body with “sex” parts that allow an orgasm.

To create new experience, the newly created person takes in and expels energy not into the room, but directly into the advanced woman’s brain.

How do we create new experience as a True Self existing in the “room”?

We take in the energy from the room and create a mortal experience in our brain.

The room provides the energy in order to have a mortal experience upon earth.

The woman creator doesn’t need the mortal experience in order to maintain her balance.

The woman doesn’t need the mortal experience upon earth in order to be eternally happy.

The woman only needs to serve the needs of the other person in the room, who actually needs the mortal experience.

Here’s what my mentors shared:

We have explained that this neurological “perfect equilibrium” causes a person to physically feel good, peaceful, joyful, and content.  It is the basis for the concept of eternal happiness.”

Since humans exist to have joy, this equilibrium can also be referred to as one’s salvation—where ‘salvation’ is the preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss.  This equilibrium preserves or delivers one from the harm, ruin, or loss that misery, unhappiness, and discontent cause when one’s free will is compromised.

We have explained that there are those of OUR GROUP who chose the humanity type that serves others and other’s needs; that this service to others is the experience that their True Self‘s brain requires to maintain its equilibrium.”

We have mentioned that these particular humanity types, although no better or worse than any other type, do not need OUR GROUP nor the experiences of mortal life to keep their True Self‘s brain balanced.”

We did not explain how this occurs.”

Yeah, they didn’t explain to you, because it would go far over your heads, because you don’t have a brain that can handle the explanation.

I have a brain that can handle it.

My brain just did the best that it could answering the question …

How is it possible that a person who serves others can maintain this equilibrium in spite of never experiencing the dream of mortal life again?


If you don’t have the right kind of brain that can answer these questions …

Do you see why “Elohim and Jehovah” sent me to you?

But anyways … Sigh …


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