Please call in with some good challenges. Challenge this work.


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Before today’s MWAW BlogTalkRadio Show, think of some of the hardest challenges that you have thought of or that you have heard from others about this work.

Anything you have learned from us, challenge it.  Come up with a reasonable, logical challenge that you might have, or that someone that you know might have about this work.

Keep in mind the greatest evidence about this work …

Not one time, ever, has anyone presented a counter idea or explanation that confounds any part of this work … and there only needs to be just one … just one … to prove that this work is not what it claims to be.

Borrowing from a relevant Bible story … of course, fictitious, but entertaining and makes the point we are making about challenging this work.

(Compare to story of Elijah and the priests of Baal.)

And Christopher came unto all the people, and said, “How long have you been struggling between two opinions?”  If what you know is the Real Truth, then follow it.  But if you’re not sure,  then follow whatever you think is going to give you the Real Truth.  And the people answered him not a word.

Then said Christopher unto the people, I, even I only, remain the only True Messenger on earth who knows the Real Truth; but there are not a few scholars, priests, prophets, scientists, educated ones with numerous PhD’s and all kinds of learning.

To know the difference between us, give us two questions to answer; and let them choose whichever of the two questions they want.  Have them answer the one that they have chosen and I will answer the other.

Let them call on their learning.  Let them refer to their books, to their research.  Let them rely on whatever they want, and I will call on the Real Truth.  And the one that makes the most sense, let that one be the one you accept.

And all the people answered and said, It is well spoken.

And Christopher said unto the many learned ones, choose your question, you surely should be able to answer it; for ye are many; and can call on your learning and study.

And they took the question which was given them, which they chose, and they did everything within their power, according to all their learning and experience combined, which cumulatively, was far greater than anything Christopher had.  And they did everything that they could to answer the question they had chosen.

And it came to pass at noon, that Christopher mocked them, and said, keep on trying, Ye Fucks!  Cry aloud to your god, those of you who claim you speak for god for the people.

Oh my!  God’s not giving you any answer is he?  Your god is the true God.  Right?  Maybe your god is talking to someone else and can’t hear you, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked.

And they cried aloud, and did everything they could think of to answer the question.

And it came to pass, when midday was past, and they still hadn’t answered the people’s question, the one of the two that they had chosen, leaving Christopher with what they supposed was the hardest question.

And Christopher said unto all the people, Come near unto me.  And all the people came near unto him.  Not only did Christopher answer his question clearly and logically, but he answered their’s too.  And the fire of their embarrassment and hate for Christopher burned within them … it burned them alive.

And no man was able to answer Christopher a word, neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions.

But anyways …

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  1. Temporarily unhappy camper here. Was listening to BlogTalk Radio program on Sunday the 2nd, ignored a phone call twenty minutes into the show from a family member in order to continue to listen uninterrupted and said family member knocked on front door just before the second hour of the program began, so out of consideration for said family member, I hung up and missed being able to call in. Oh, well,… I suppose. 🥴

  2. editor2mwaw


    Challenge from Brad:

    I have looked into your proposal of the Humanity Party. There are many things I do not like about it.
    One being the Five Basic Necessities of Life. On the surface it appears to be a simple solution. With the creation of the FACE initiative, that would regulate production of foods, you now have introduced government control of the production of goods and government control of who can produce and where. Not to mention abridging the liberty of people to plan for their own welfare.
    With the housing aspect you are now authorizing government to dictate where and how you can live, how much energy you are permitted to use, and diminish the desire of people to want to participate in the free-market to purchase their own home. Why do that when can receive government assistance for housing suitable to your needs?
    These are just a few items. Yes they advertise that you can utilize the free-market in lieu of these enhancements but why would you when everyone is entitled to these credits. According to their own constitution everyone one of this new republic’s responsibilities is “to promote the general welfare of each person according to each person’s individual needs.” Who decides what those needs are and how much? My needs are different then yours.
    This is what happens in Communist countries. How well does this system work for your northern neighbors? A major difference between the Communism and a Free-market society is who has responsibility for the individual welfare of those living under that society. Communism holds that the State is responsible for the general welfare of the people, and to discharge that responsibility must take control of the aspects of their lives, providing; food, clothing, housing, and medical care. The same things that are provided for those in jail. A free market philosophy holds that the individual has the responsibility to provide for those needs. Government’s job is to ensure that all have equal OPPORTUNITY to provide for those things. Communism deprives man of the moral agency that God gave to him. The agency that enables man to choose for himself how he will better his situation, temporally and spiritually. Under Communism we are robbed of that ability. The free market allows for mankind to pursue that which is of interest to him, for whatever reason be it selfish or selfless.
    Based on the system of government control that The Humanity Party’s proposed constitution advocates, is title “The Constitution of The United People of the Republic of America”, could easily be rewritten as “The Constitution of the People’s Republic of United America.”

  3. This is not a challenge by any means. But I do have a question if the following is possible?:

    Is it possible that we arent really here physically on earth? But are inside the spiritual womb of our Heavenly Mothers, being individualized under her guidance, and intelligence?
    Do we develop from the the thoughts of our parents? How does our Mother know what personality, traits, characteristics, to give us?
    Or is it us inside the womb or (other means of development), that create who we are? In other words is it our essences consciousness, that produces the dream experience? (Going through our estates and dreaming during our development? (Trying to make it understandable here) While growing inside our heavenly mothers womb (or vessel) do we experience the dream of mortal life, and see the different levels of glories, and decide our humanity type before being spiritually born? So when we are developed, and are born into our mothers world (or wake up from the dream) we know our humanity type and are individualized and ready to join the kingdom we chose according to our desires of happiness?
    How is it that we have heavenly parents, if we are without beginning or end?
    Is the sun, the moon, and planets simply the conscious formation of our ( or the parents) energy and consciousness?
    In the most simplistic words possible: (its difficult and almost impossible to take my thoughts and write them so others understand what my brain sees)

    In other words Postive energy (The Father) Negative energy (The Mother) Dark Matter (the spiritual element/consciousness) form as intelligence and thought? Which take form as a spirit. The consciousness of that spirit, the collective formation of thought, and energy fusing together, to create a mortal dream experience?

    Simply put: Energy and matter form into consciousness, which then forms a brain, which commands element to form a vessel (Avatar)? Psychologically.

    Or in other words: It started as one, split into two (Energy), then turned into matter, which turned into consciousness? So now that that has happened, all of the above descriptions together as one formation, the brain?

    How is the consciousness formed into a spiritual body? And Brain?

    How did thought, matter, and energy combine to create a mother and father?

    Are the sun, moon, and planets just a projection of our (positive, negative, neutral) energy and consciousness takimg physical form?

    In child level terminology.
    Im inside my mothers womb (or creative capsule) energy and element forming into a baby. A body. A soul, brain. Havent been born yet. The mortal experience im having is happening inside my developing brain? So when im born finally (mortal death/the end of the dream) I have decided who and what i am previous to my entrance into ‘the spirit world? Where i recive my perfect body (TRUE SELF?). Then finally, like a star that collapses on itself, and dies, goes supernova (defragmentating of the body and consciousness) start the eternal cycle or process over again? Worlds without end? Eternal embodiments with no begging or end? The fluctuation of energy flow becoming unbalanced, then balanced?

    I would continue but I know that most of these questions are irrelevant, and not important. I realize that what matters is. Im a God, equal with every other God, and my purpose is to be happy and experience joy, have balance, to treat others as i want to be treated, and eliminate poverty, inequality, prostitution, and religion.

    Final question? What is Lucifer? (Ego) where does Lucifer come from?
    Why is there male and female (sex)? Why not just create matter with thought?
    Why not use our mind to experience the ultimate sensory experience?

    To the brothers and the messenger, thank you for everything. Thank you TRUE SELFS, for all the work and effort to heal the world, and fix our problems in the world. Thank you for a plan to provide a way for people to have and express free agency. For a government plan that would work and benefit those who it serves. For a plan that would eliminate child prostitution and the abuse of sexual powers. Thank you for being truthful and honest. Thank you for all the sacrifice and effort to create peace, joy, balance.

    P.S. I cannot call in to the talkshow because I have no service on my phone. I wont be able to call in to ask my question. Also not all but some of the content of the questions are symbolic. In honesty I just need to understand my own self. I understand if the question is irrelevant. Perhaps its not meant for me to understand. But if any of these things are answered it would bring me some comfort and peace of mind. Honestly everything ive learned and know from the work weighs heavy on my spirit, mind, and body. I have begun to lose my faith in our group. Sometimes I wonder if anything matters anymore. Or what the purpose of being a conscious being is even for. I just hope i can be true to myself, and after life here ill finally know i accomplished something and that it wasn’t in vain

  4. Jason Lee Natte

    I do have a challenge for Chris & the bros.. but it’s not the kinda challenge that comes from a critic & enemy, it’s the kind of challenge that comes from a staunch &
    rather obsessed supporter.. [who fully acknowledges he’s a comple ideot.. lol]

    I’ve been hesitant to say it [and I will never call in to any of these blog talk shows because I’m to shy/timid & I’m always surrounded by those who don’t support this work] because #1 I KNOW Chris & the bros are more intelligent then I am & they’ve probably already thought of every possible way imaginable to move this work forward.. & #2 im not wanting to infringe upon the happiness someone who has become rather famous & has not [as of yet] encountered this work to LOSE everything thats ever brought their life value, worth & purpose.

    From listening to work over the past few years, I KNOW a few famous people have been approached & taught these things & then challenged to get behind it.

    So my challenge is for Chris & the bros.. to approach Lecrae with a correct teaching & understanding of the fullness of the ever lasting gospel of Jesus Christ. Then for them to challenge Lecrae regarding one of his song imperticular.

    The challenge is for the bros to examine these lyrics.. and then call out Lecrae to embrace & abide by them by getting behind the humanity party, or to be deemed a hypocrite who lies & made false claims.
    Lecrae came to Grand rapids Michigan recently & I seen him preform live.. he has a POWERFUL impact upon his listeners.


    The song: “Go hard” by Lecrae


    Go hard or go home
    Lord use me up

    Lord kill me if I don’t preach the gospel

    I’m still in my 20’s- but I’ll die if I got to

    Already dead- so forget my flesh

    I done been crossed over see the full court press

    I’m a full court mess if the lord don’t use me

    Running from my trials thinkin everythangs groovy If the cross don’t move me then I don’t wanna breath no mo

    If I ain’t seeing christ potna I don’t wanna see no mo

    Rep every day withouth worrying about bruising I been to china mayne I seen some real persecution

    If u didn’t know em would ya life look the same

    Can they tell you value jesus by the way you rep his name?

    Man what’s the point of living if I’m living for myself

    Lord empty out my life before I put you on the shelf

    so for God I got hard I don’t’ wanna die tonight

    It’s too many people living who ain’t heard about my christ

    Go hard or go home
    Lord use me up

    Went to asia had to duck and hide-for sharin my faith

    They tell me water it downwhen I get back to states

    They say tone the music down you might sell a lot a records

    But it’s people out here dying and none of em heard the message

    Took my wifey on mission trip central america
    Shared her testimony 40 people stood and stared at her

    When she said jesus shoulda seen it was insane cause 40 out of 40 never heard of jesus name

    Aw mayne we ain’t focused on the war we just kickin it

    Worried bout our image and our space up on the internet

    Take me out the game coach I don’t wanna play no mo

    If can’t give it all I got and leave it out there on the court

    Thank you for the grace for the will and the desire

    Got me Living for your glory stead of living to retire

    But I pray I’ll never tire of going hard for messiah

    I don’t need no motivation you the reason I’m inspired

    Go hard
    Go home, go hard
    Go home

    That’s what that is baby
    That what that mean
    That what that mean

    That what that is baby
    That what that mean
    That what that mean

    Wha-what that mean?

    That mean that we, should be out up in ok streets

    Not just in houses with our bible’s summrizing what we read

    Man this ain’t deep (man this ain’t deep)
    Why we ain’t doing what we read

    It’s like we sleep (it’s like we sleep)

    But sinners sleepwalk when they sleep

    So why can’t we (so why can’t we)
    The redeemed of the lord

    Act out, what he said
    And make a scene for the lord

    Action-cut, say what, like we was the director

    But you better get a grip like movie sets, and get to stepping

    I know you done it
    Da-done it, da-done-and heard it all
    You was going hard for the lord before you heard this song

    But don’t play yourself to save ya self
    And walk in fear

    Scripture’s like a mirror
    The truth is closer than it appears

    1. Jason Lee Natte

      Some of Lecrae’s newer music has some interesting lyrics.. for some reason this song captures my interest.

      [ok.. ok.. I’ll go back to my day job now..🤣]

      “fear” by Lecrae

      My nightmares are having nightmares
      I’m quite scared of what’s right and fair

      How I fear an eternity

      Will I hear well done when he’s turning me?

      Will I hear you care too much about all this stuff that really don’t matter?

      You chase the wind and you don’t want it

      Got to the top of a 2 foot ladder

      What’s after I can capture all this mess my heart was after?

      Will I end up empty-handed when I stand before my master?

      Did I master the mathematics of a passive disaster? Add in my selfish ambition
      All the while, subtracting what matters

      I don’t know

      “And it just so happen, I’m wrestling with my status I’m trying to see me like He do, not focusing on this madness”

      1. Jason Lee Natte

        Lyric correction.. or maybe not? .. I seen all 3 of these in different places.. not that it really matters, [as Chris said in his blog talk show] Lecrae would never consider this work anyways.

        “How I fear an eternity”
        “How I fare an eternity”
        “How I fare in eternity”

        don’t mind me.. I’m just bored.

        ..I’m sure glad Chris & the bros don’t fumble around sooo much with our words & speech like we do. 🤣

      2. Jason Lee Natte

        more discrepancies.. ugh..

        “You chase the wind and you don’t want it”
        You chased the wind and you won it”

        Indeed.. you did Lecrae.. 😥

      3. Jason Lee Natte

        still bored.. so don’t mind me.. [gosh.. it’s been like over 3 days since Chris & the bros posted anything.. ugh! .. lol☺️].. so I’ve been observing Lecrae’s social media in my boredom .. & hes had some interesting tweets lately..

        the bro would be this perfect mentor.. in teaching Lecrae.. how to become this “cultural leader” that he desires to become. [read below]

        p.s. what’s a challenge.. if I gave up so easily? 🤣

        Virtuous: Disadvantaging yourself for the advantage of others.

        Wickedness: Disadvantaging others for the advantage of yourself


        I’ve never had anyone in the entertainment industry or business world mentor me or show me the ropes. I had to figure it out the hard way and read lots of books.

        I hate that I had to learn that way. We need more leaders and mentors. And we need more managers, agents, attorneys, and accountants. Everybody can’t be the artist.


        Replying to @lecrae

        What books? And what was the biggest thing you learned now over your years

        Too many books to name. I’ll try to tweet a list. One lesson is that most of Christians are taught to be pastors and not cultural leaders. I read a lot on spiritual growth early on but skipped on sociology, management, business, and leadership. I had to catch up.

  5. editor2mwaw

    Editor’s NOTE: This comment was submitted by someone who wants to remain anonymous:


    I propose that TPTB and the Messengers on Earth failed to propose a program to end world poverty and child prostitution that would be acceptable to the batch of humans assigned to this earth and that they knew, from the beginning, that their proposals would fail, because of the constitution of our batch, including percentages of each humanity type.

    I propose that a better plan, that would have been more likely to be acceptable to our batch of humans would have been:


    Every religion and every philosophy of men, whether or not mingled with scripture, believes in and supports the concept to treating others as others would want to be treated, at least theoretically. In addition, every religion and philosophy of men accepts the concept that the how we treat others in the “kingdom of heaven” should be how we treat others in the “kingdom of Earth.”

    The Golden Rule Plan would reinforce these universal concepts in a way that would be acceptable to Stellarians and Lunarians, in a way that the Humanity Party has not been able to accomplish.

    The End

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