Don’t get scammed!


One of the most intelligent women I know, Monica Smith, got scammed.

Someone using my name sent her an email and asked for money in the form of Amazon Gift cards.

Monica got scammed.

I do NOT ask for money.

I will NEVER contact anyone and ask for money … EVER!

IF you ever get a personal email from me … you’re being scammed.

I don’t converse with anyone personally outside of this official website … no one … unless upon so doing the person is aware of the intent of the communication, which ALWAYS is about this work and can be verified through my own vocal cords.

Jesus H. Christ, Folks!

Don’t be so gullible.

If anyone asks you for money, or anything else, call the person on the phone and verify it with their own voice.  If you don’t hear it from their own voice …


Hey Monica!  Pretty humbling to know that you’re not scam-proof, huh?

I love Monica more than most other mortals.  I depend on her more than most other mortals.  And this I say to her …

You’re a fucking idiot!  Jesus H. Christ!

And that there, Folks, is how equal I treat all people.






  1. Jesse Astuto

    Who are these people attacking Monica all of a sudden on here? Any enemies of critics of this work should be looking at people like me.

    It’s people like me you need to worry about. Christopher, Monica, whoever you know personally is not your problem now. It’s people like me who will never stop telling the world about this. I’ll be in the streets with the poor. Or in jail. Come find me. And the people after me who havent found it yet.

    You will never stop this message from reaching people. Whether Christopher, The mentors, some random jerks like you Hunya Bord and Ubutu Linuxu, Harry Dschaak , whoever it is wants people like me to shutup , it’s not gonna happen.

    The message is out . Nothing you can do to stop it. not Christopher, not Harry, not me, not you – nothing can or will ever stop this message. Focus your anger and hate on me. Christopher and others have done what they’ve done.

    You should worry about people like me who have just found it. We will always be here for you. From now til the end. Alone. Some here and some there.

    1. jesse astuto 4twen

      well now the comments that I was referring to about people attacking Monica are gone lol. ah well people can think what they want I was responding to some other comments that have been deleted lol.
      And if anyone finds me, they can expect me to offer to smoke some weed and chill lol. so bring it on 🙂

  2. Monica S.

    Pretty humbling, indeed! 😉

  3. Ayahuasca Hiawatha

    Monica, he means that, you know. “You’re an idiot.”

    He thinks all of you are idiot, pets.

    Are you?

  4. ramiroestrada12

    Please treat Monica with respect. I believe she is a kind person who wanted to help. She is not you who has all knowledge and wisdom as a GOD!!! YES ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. I am nobody just words

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