Radio Show review: music explained, confounding the “Kimberly Wallises” of the world. A True Messenger’s ego.


Here is a link to yesterday’s MWAW Radio Show.  (Click here.)

This was my very first attempt at trying to explain why music exists and is so emotionally significant to our mortal Self.  I stumbled a bit … cautiously wanting to clearly define music and how it came to be … but it was good practice for me.

As I mentioned, everything that I am doing right now is practice for my role in the MWAW’s last book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race.  I am the dumbing-down editor of the things into the English language.

Through the book, we want to make sure that human existence—who we are, and why and how we exist—makes perfect sense to the reader.  It doesn’t matter if the reader believes us or accepts our message; what matters the most is that the reader understands our message—a message that is either going to save this world or deliver it to its own eminent destruction, both emotionally and physically.

We had a couple of calls, none with any challenge to this work, but all the same, good calls that elicited some discussion on various topics.

Then, Kimberly Wallis called in … Oh my … Sigh …

There is nothing more I can try to do to help Kimberly see that what she is doing in her life is no different than what every religious, spiritual, or self-help guru does: try to help people by calling attention to themselves and their teachings and ideas.

After my brief call with Kimberly, I could see that she is beyond help; that she is as hardhearted and close-minded as any other religious leader that the Real Truth confronts.  She passive-aggressively, barely audibly, pleads her love and support for me and this work … bullshit!

How many times have I proclaimed that I … just me … little ol’ me … sexier than Jesus (depending on what picture of Jesus or me you look at) … just me …

Listen carefully, “Kimberlys” of the world …

I am this planet’s ONLY True Messenger.  There is no one else on Earth … listen closely “Kimberlys” … NO ONE … especially not you … has been chosen to deliver the proper message to the people of this world – a message that can save it.

On the radio show, Kimberly argued with the idea of me being the ONLY True Messenger, as she touted her importance and tried to justify the purpose of “her work.”

Let me tell you something, Kimberly … the last thing I will address to you, because I want nothing further to do with you, nor with anyone associated with you and your fucking nonsense …

Get a real job.

Get a job at Arctic Circle, McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, drive for Uber, deliver food for Grubhub … whatever you must do … like millions of equal mortal Selves to you are forced to do … to take care of your mortal Self and your daughter.   Stop taking people’s donations in time and money for your cause—a deceptive cause of “love one another” that so many people have used in the past to benefit themselves.

You mislead people.  You are …

My enemy.

You and what you do are an enemy of this work.

Regardless of the way you spin it in your own mind to your own benefit and value, nothing you do is of any real good to anyone, except to yourself.

You bring value to your mortal Self by having lonely, dejected men love you and care for you.

(A note to these men … don’t come around me.  Don’t try and pretend that you’re not lukewarm.  You come around me, and I’ll “spue thee out of my mouth” … That’s another way of saying “Puke your bullshit back on you by confounding what you do with the Real Truth.”)

Two of my mentors worked for the better part of two years at an Arctic Circle fast food restaurant in Utah to support me while I did their work before I was hired by the Thiedes.  Two of the most intelligent men who live upon Earth worked at a “slave” job that millions … no billions … are forced to accept.  And Kimberly Wallis keeps finding lonely, dejected men to support her so that she doesn’t have to work for the likes of an Arctic Circle.

Kimberly, in reality, that’s called prostitution … and Yes, many women are forced to resort to doing whatever they have to do to be supported by men … but a woman who knows she is a prostitute wandering the streets looking for lonely, dejected men is much more honest than you.  You are no different in your justification for taking a man’s money and time to benefit YOU.

Speaking of my mentors … you spit in their faces and in mine by lying to people that you have your own mentors, implying that you are someone special with a special message to give to people and that you are mentored by someone other than your own ego.

Why am I so hard on Kimberly?

Because the person whom she calls her “Father” is one of my closest advanced friends in our real world.  This advanced friend of mine is completely disconnected from this person’s mortal Self (who is known on this earth as Kimberly Wallis).

Being disconnected is a good thing for this work.  Why?  Because Kimberly provides empirical evidence of just how deceived a person can become in their own mind in order to create the religious and spiritual movements that have been started on this earth.

These movements start with good intentions, usually with a soft-spoken, passive-aggressive, humble type.  Then, once this person gains followers, their ego starts growing and gets huge.  Then, the fake appearance of humility and specialness increases exponentially to the size of the ego, and a new self-help movement begins that doesn’t do OUR GROUP of equal mortals any good.  Just another self-help movement … maybe another book that says a lot of nothing that will change this world.  There are thousands of these books … literally thousands.

So, how do you stop someone from starting a movement and having the person’s ego take over?

Simple … very, very simple …


Call a guy whose brain was manipulated so that it knows and understands all Real Truth.

When my mentors tried recruiting me in 1991, my ego couldn’t have been any bigger.  There was no room for my ego to increase.  Because of the impossibility that my ego could increase, nothing anyone could say or do, no amount of support (materially or emotionally) could affect an ego that was already as big as it possibly could be.

So … in fin …

The more the “Kimberlys” of the world affect people’s lives (as they perceive it), the bigger their ego gets.  The more attention they get, the bigger their ego gets.

I can get all the fucking attention and accolade in the world …

… And it wouldn’t do a thing to my ego.

My ego is as big as it will always be … as it always has been … worlds without end.

But anyways …


  1. Joshuah Spencer

    I apologize for my comment with the poem. It wasnt nice of me. I will be more loving in the future. Not so judgmental on the religious mindset. Im still learning to love properly i suppose. My flesh and human nature get in the way of the spirit sometimes. I dont know why. I wish this didnt happen. From now on ill remember all of us are divine, and equal with one another. Shit i hope I will open my eyes and ears someday and quit being so prideful and vain and foolish. Plz someone explain overcoming the natural man. I wont lie, i need some serious guidance, and healthy advice in my life. I have a lot of pain, and hurt inside. Pent up anger and emotional distraught towards the religious infrastructure, how do I forgive myself and others and not impede another’s free will? I feel like im clinging to the rod of iron, making my way through the mist of darkness, but the journey feels endless. When will the darkness dissipate? Sometimes the judgments, criticizing words and actions of others cause me to stumble and almost lose my grip on the rod of iron.

    How does one receive eyes that see through the mist, and ears that hear the guidance of truth. Helping one to persevere, through the heart ace and emotional burden, allowing sincere travellers to arrive at the tree of life. And taste the sweet life giving fruit which brings salvation and life eternal.

    How to endure the pain of watching many loose grip of the iron rod, or even cast the fruit away from them, and sacrifice their soul to cross the spacious field, to enter the building full of people pointing their finger laughing, and mocking those wearing white eating the fruit?

  2. Val Johnson

    The baseline always comes back to ending poverty and everyone being relieved of the need to worry about food and comfortable shelter. We should never leave the frame of mind we had if we were fortunate enough to be raised by parents that provided these things and allowed our free agency at the same time. Doesn’t the allowance of cheap, ubiquitous and or even free energy (electricity) allow this? A garden, proper fertilizer and rudimentary items like rice, beans, corn, potatoes and grains along with a couple of hundred square feet of a home and anyone would have their base needs taken care of. Again with cheap or almost free energy fertilizers are very inexpensive, seeds are cheap and properly designed and built house couldn’t cost more than about $6K to construct. Using our imagination isn’t even required to see this possibility. Your mentors have the ability to free up the technology so that electricity was viewed as we view water. I can’t see the downside to this happening and it would move us a long way to the goal of ending poverty.

  3. Todd Henry

    For it is the nature of men that they seek for glory and honor among themselves. Therefore, when there is one who hath been set up as a leader of the people, or as the standard of truth to whom the people look for guidance, this man or woman, beginneth to exercise unrighteous dominion and teacheth the people that they should look to him or her for the word of God, and not to the Father who would freely give His word unto any of His children who would ask of Him.

  4. Todd Henry


  5. Scott Davis

    Had Christopher not had a “awakening”, “transformation of the mind to understand Real Truth” as he has called it……then he would likely still be a member of the most corrupt church on earth…just like many others. I was not surprised to hear that the Brother’s had great influence in scripture. Counteracting scripture with scripture as Christopher would say… OR … proving scripture with I see it: and I believe he would agree also. I never met any “religious one” who lived their religion as their scripture taught them. Quite the contrary. I would attend the Pentecostal Church; by force, with my mom and step-father and watch the spirits fly. I knew it wasn’t of God even as a child. But I still believed in the teachings of Christ and none could steal that away from me. Whether Christ is a myth or not doesn’t matter to me…THE SPIRIT OF THE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST IS ETERNAL AND TRUE. Simply… Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. that is what matters. I have suffered at the hands of the religious ones as much as most any. Both parents would beat me and my siblings with bleeding whelps and stripes on how ever many occasions. They (parents) took me to court on entirely false accusations and convinced/deceived my Aunt Cora and Uncle J.T. to join in. My brother and sister and step- brother joined in also. Trapping themselves in their own deceptions..they fell apart in their testimonies without me saying a word. One by one they were kicked off the witness stand by the Judge who caught on to their act quite easily as it was easy for all to see. Both parents said they would kill me. And why… because they would force me to expose the hypocrisy of their church (which my great-grandfather started) with scripture making me defend why I would not attend after leaving home at the end of my Junior year in High School. I was the only senior in high school that lived on my own…working full time and finishing out my last year. Eventually they would say…”I don’t want to go to the Bible” and the Mormon missionaries denied their scripture also. But their scripture is what kept me from being deceived of them and not joining with any of them. I think of christians as some of the most evil people on earth as far as my personal experiences have been. But so what. The Book of Mormon said it would be that way. MYTH OR NOT… I NEEDED SCRIPTURE TO NOT FALL PREY TO THESE BLANKETY BLANK BLANKS. Perhaps the scripture has now served it’s purpose for me and it’s time to move on to even greater things. But I will not accuse the scripture that is good and kept me prepared for the evils I would face. HERE IS HOW WISE THE BROTHERS ARE…again, myth or not… They know the nature of us all; so well, that they can predict mankind’s actions despite what the condition. With scripture…they built me up and prepared me and with scripture they deceived me in order to properly humble me as well, in this the “latter days”…whether myth or not…I could care less… I WANT TO BE A MAN OF PRINCIPLE. THE GOSPEL IS PURE PRINCIPLE. I love the King James Bible.. I love the Book of Mormon way more…the Sealed Portion I love more yet also; as well as all the writings of Christopher and the Brother”s. I accuse none. I need all. I do not hate my enemies… I hate their way. I trust they are deceived and not being who they truly are. It’s tough out there. Many can’t handle it. I feel for them. I’ve suffered sexual abuse as well. Yet I still love my enemies as best I can. I KNOW IF A SOCIETY WAS ESTABLISHED THAT PROTECTED ALL FROM ANY FORM OF MOLESTATION..BEING ADVANTAGED ONE OF THE OTHER…THEN IN THAT NEUTRAL ENVIRONMENT… ALL MIGHT FLOURISH WITH EQUITY. That is my prayer. And yes…only the Brother’s have the intelligence to accomplish the Marvelous Work and Wonder. Christopher has done well…Imagine the task he has had to face. He’s weak like unto the rest of us. But he has not ran from his duty. BETTER IS THE END OF A THING THAN THE BEGINNING THEREOF. We must help him when he asks of us. I pray to be ready to give all that I Am. The Brother’s know mankind so intently…their able to prophesy of what we will do before we do it. They wisely let us believe certain things written only to humble us therewith in due season. This is due season. Teach me with scripture..that is fine with me. Teach me with words of the world..that is fine with me. Cuss or don’t cuss…who cares… TRUTH WILL PROVE ITSELF AND NONE CAN RESIST UNTO CHANGING IT. TRUTH IS ETERNAL. I undoubtedly have much to learn…more correction I am sure… But correction proves itself. I just needs remain honest as best as I can. And when called to act..and if chosen to act…then I ought act. If I do that…I will not be ashamed and will have done my part for the whole. Others might need to hate the scripture… so what… what is that to me. But as for me…I was not surprised to hear the Brother’s had much to do with it. Some truly wise and intelligent human beings they are…non moreso. No wonder they can write prophesy…THEY KNOW US BETTER THAN WE KNOW OURSELVES. i THANK THEM FOR THEIR GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, SACRIFICES….AND CHRISTOPHER’S LIKEWISE. I lied..I was going to not write… I lied. Spank me if you please.

  6. This song describes the power of MWAW perfectly.

  7. Just some humor. A poem about Religious brainwashing and American society.

    Alright. Cool. By the way the reason those people said I have “a bad spirit” “dark energy” or whatever is because their religious and bias mind set. They see people as what they fear the most, or as they see the world. Make sense.

    Theirs no fucking spirit attached to this body but mine. They can crawl back to that poisonous Spirit eating black hole they emerged from.

    They can Get sucked up like a vacuum for all I care, theres nothing left, theyre hallow, empty inside-drones who do what their false prophets and Governmental succubus tell them to do.
    When they are told to shit up and believe they fucking conform like a piece of dough, cut with a cookie cutter.

    What they see is my fuckin feelings, and emotions. Reality. The product of years of heart break, and perseverance. Disappointments, missed opportunities, loss of friends family. Heart ace, because my eyes are open girl, not just the two in front, u feel?

    I see the world for what it really is. I see and know what happens in the world, im not skipping to grandmas house, to watch her sing church hymns and stir the the shizzle mc cookie doe.

    No, its depression, and sorrow for the world, and my brothers and sisters.

    Yeah, my armor is cracked. So, what about it? Im not mr fuckin shiney mc dazzle.
    I devour demons for breakfast, wash em down with some OJ, the fresh fresh, and dont blink twice.

    I be spittin fire, that consumes the bullshit and lies, and leaves a sculpture of Refined pure glass. A beautiful sight to behold.

    I Disintegrate The gouls, and purify the soul, pick a a fuckin flower n show so called kings my Poetic sting, yeah its mean, i shatter the scene,
    And light up a smoke like it was a joke
    I tell these stupid wizards to run with scissors.

    I turn off the faucet, before I tell em lost it, they ask me if they can Slam their own koolaid,

    My style is vial they even cant dial the mother fuckin 50,

    Cops pull themselves over to tell me their sober, not before i flash em To the station where theyre flakin

    They say there was a mistake and can smell a piece of bacon

    I guess at the end of the day what can I say? I dont want to waste my time anyway

    Fly like a bird and soar

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