Come on … The MWAW’s message is simple and clear. The War in Heaven. Multi-Level Marketing.


LDS/Mormons have this idea … not from reality but from some random things Joseph Smith said, most of which were misquotes by the men who took notes … that there was this “war in heaven” between Jesus and the devil.

Yeah … a war.

God is omnipotent, but God can’t win a war that starts in His house … WTF, Right?

But anyways …

The basis of the war was free agency.

Jesus wanted to allow all people their free agency and not punish anyone for being who they really are (i.e., not denying their Holy Ghost).  The devil wanted to force people to be good by restricting what they do and applying punishments to their “bad” deeds.

(Now go with me on the religious symbolism and connotations here … )

Jesus argued,

In my Father’s house there are many mansions, not just one, not just two, but many, according to the desires of happiness of the individual.  In my Father’s house, which is heaven, there are three separate degrees of glory, the Celestial, the Terrestrial, and the Telestial.  These are all degrees of the glory of God, and everyone in any one of these kingdoms is saved and will enjoy eternal peace and happiness, according to their desires for happiness.  To make sure they’re happy, the Father will oversee those in the Celestial glory, I will oversee those in the Terrestrial glory, and the Holy Ghost will oversee those in the Telestial glory.  While people are on Earth as mortals, they will be forgiven of every sin, regardless of what it is, as long as they are true to their individual desires for happiness (i.e., do not deny the Holy Ghost).

The devil argued,

I want everyone to live with Heavenly Father, so I am going to set up a religion that makes people feel like shit for doing things that will keep them out of the Celestial kingdom.  I will threaten them … that they cannot be together with their family forever … and other things like that to force them to want to only go to the Celestial kingdom.  My religion will only concentrate on getting people into the Father’s mansion—the Celestial kingdom.  I will not let the general authorities of my religion and church talk about or say that it is okay to be a Terrestrial or Telestial person … because I don’t want anyone to live with Jesus or the Holy Ghost.  I will save all people on Earth.  And if I can’t save them while they’re alive, I’ll have my church save them after they’re dead through temple work and baptism for the dead, forcing everyone to be saved, dead or alive.  If I miss saving them while they’re alive, I’ll friggin save them when they’re dead and can’t stop me from saving them!

So … it came to pass … that the people in heaven … before the world was … chose sides.

Some of them were smart.  Some said,

Wait a minute here.  We know who the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are, but who is this Lucifer dude arguing with the Son?  However, he wants to make sure all of us live in our Father’s house, in the Celestial kingdom.  That sounds pretty good.  I want to live with the Father and be assured that my “calling and election” in the Father’s kingdom is secure.  But that guy over there … that’s friggin Jesus!  I just can’t make up my mind.

And it came to pass that these who couldn’t make up their mind became the dark-skinned people living on Earth during mortality.

But about 15 million of the people in heaven said,

I want to go ONLY to the Celestial Kingdom and be with the Father.  I want to be with my family forever.  I want to be helped to get to the Celestial Kingdom any way that I can, and I will do anything, follow any rule I have to, in order to get there.

The other 7.985 billion (with a “b” not a “m” like the 15 m) people in heaven said,

I’ll follow Jesus and be with him or the Holy Ghost in the Terrestrial and Telestial kingdoms, respectively.

And it came to pass that when the 15 million people, who were once in heaven, then were born on Earth, but couldn’t remember the “war in heaven” … started praying to God with the “words of their mouth,”  Lucifer was true to his promise and answered their prayers

What is it you want?

The 15 million Celestial-bound people responded,

Who are you?

Lucifer responded,

The God of this world.  What do you want?

The 15 million said,

We want to make it back to live with our Father in heaven in the Celestial Kingdom.

The god of this world (who is the ONLY god on Earth that hears and answers vocalized prayers on Earth) replied,

Oh, you want religion, do you?  Okay … here is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Abiding by this religion and listening to my general authorities, I will make sure you get back to the Celestial Kingdom so that you can live with the Father.

True Messenger:

Hey 7.985 billion people!  I’ll show you how to get to the Terrestrial and Telestial kingdoms and we will … PARTY WITH JESUS AND THE HOLY GHOST!  Yeah!


Anyone with a brain and some common sense can see how utterly ridiculous the LDS/Mormon idea of a war in heaven and everyone going to the Celestial kingdom is.  They have no clue that their God is actually the “god of this world.”  But remember, their own original prophet, Joseph Smith, made this perfectly clear in his temple endowment presentation.


Although the concept of Terrestrial and Telestial KINGDOMS OF GLORY is part of their doctrine and beliefs, they do not teach that it is okay or acceptable to be anything but Celestial.  Yeah, Really!

Those of you who have read The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon and have been de-converted from Lucifer’s church, now see how silly your beliefs once were.  But always remember, you once believed this way!  There was no way that most of you would have left Lucifer‘s religion without reading the MWAW books.

And you better be fucking friggin grateful that you read those books!

BECAUSE WE’RE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FRIGGIN FUN IN THE TERRESTRIAL AND TELESTIAL KINGDOMS!  While the LDS/Mormons are worshipping at the Father’s feet and doing temple work, having lots of kids to increase their personal kingdoms, and other Celestial shit like that, those of us in the Terrestrial Kingdom will be dancing and partying with Jesus  … and we’ll invite you Telestial types from the Holy Ghost’s kingdom to our party.

I just had to keep it going … 🙂

But anyways …

If you want to dumb down the purpose of the MWAW it would be this:

Free agency.

The mortal experience (the “Adam experience’) is happening in our advanced human brain (the “Michael experience”)  If “Adam” can’t do what “Michael” wants him to do, because “Adam” is too distracted by and being forced to do what some other “Adam” or “Eve” wants him to do, the god, “Michael’s” free will is impeded and useless, thus negating the very reason why “Michael” wanted to have an “Adam experience” (mortal experience) in the first place.   Okay … even simpler …

A child cannot become an independent, free-willed child unless the child is allowed to be.  A child starts out this way in mortal life.  But the child needs food to eat, clothes to wear, a safe house in which to live, and medical treatment if the child is sick or has an accident.  While receiving all these things from the child’s parent[s], the child is able to be curious, independent, and use free agency to enjoy the mortal experience.

But then the parent kicks the child out into the world and makes the aged child fend for themselves … amen to their free agency.  Now the aged child (i.e., adult) has to find food to eat, clothes to wear, a safe house in which to live, and medical treatment if they get sick or have an accident.  And they need money to buy these things.  And they can’t get any money unless they go to work.  And they can’t go to work unless they give up their free agency and do what their employer tells them to do.  They have to dress, act, speak, and do anything else that their employer expects of them, even if they don’t want to … AND THERE IT IS!!!

“Even if they don’t want to.”

Oh, a person has free agency … all of us do, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond … to work or not to work … that’s pretty much the extent of a mortal’s free will on this earth.

And then there are those who mooch off of others because you value your free agency over the other person’s from whom you mooch ….


Yeah … it’s easy to see that I cannot stand to be around “moochers.”  As I have reported, two of my mentors worked at Arctic Circle for almost two years (2008-2010) so that they could help me do their work … FUCKING ARCTIC CIRCLE … so

If you are a mooch and “couch surf” or live off of anyone else’s dime, eat anyone else’s food, or get any money (of any amount) from any other person …

… And you don’t work for Arctic Circle (or the likes) …

You’re a fucking mooch and evil!

When two of the most intelligent men in this world work at Arctic Circle … and you think you’re too good to … then you’re too good for me and the rest of us going to the Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms.

There’s a place reserved in the Celestial Kingdom for all those who depend on their Heavenly Father to lead them, guide them, walk beside them, help them find the way, feed them, clothe them, house them, nurse them …

Oh, I forgot …

It was your Heavenly Father who led you to the kind person who allows you to sleep on their couch, eat their food, wear their clothes, and get money from them from time to time.

Heavenly Father takes advantage of the Terrestrial and Telestial people for the sake of the 15 million Celestial Folks, right? …

Oh yeah, that’s called Multi-Level Marketing.

Get people to work for you so that you don’t have to work any longer.

Celestial people deserve full free agency to do what they want without being forced to work or slave at Arctic Circle … that’s why they recruit dumbasses from the Terrestrial and Telestial kingdoms to sell shit in their “downline” so that they get rich and can enjoy their free agency.  And there you have it …

This is EXACTLY why the LDS/Mormon people love Multi-Level Marketing schemes.

Go ahead, Google it.

Google: What is the multi-level marketing capital of the world?

FUCKING FRIGGIN UTAH … the capital of Mormonism … Lucifer’s kingdom on Earth!

The Celestial Kingdom is the top of the eternal multi-level kingdom of God.  There’s no where else to go up from there.

The Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms are the LDS/Mormons’ ….


In summary,

Ending poverty is all about restoring free agency to the mortal experience.

Free agency is the key to the mortal experience.

Jesus (the Real Truth) fought for this and Lucifer (the world’s way) fought against it during the war in heaven.

I sat on the sidelines saying,


Since I was on the sidelines of the war, I have to go lay in the sun so that my skin turns darker … Yes … a sexier than Jesus tan!


This Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and its Humanity Party® is all about restoring free agency so that the earth works the way it was intended.

If we’re successful, we save the planet.

If we’re not, we destroy it.

Pretty simple.


  1. Cheryl Patton

    Lot of laughs in this one . . .rereading a bunch of these today! 🙂

  2. Jason Lee Natte

    “A child cannot become an independent, free-willed child unless the child is allowed to be. A child starts out this way in mortal life. But the child needs food to eat, clothes to wear, a safe house in which to live, and medical treatment if the child is sick or has an accident. While receiving all these things from the child’s parent[s], the child is able to be curious, independent, and use free agency to enjoy the mortal experience.

    But then the parent kicks the child out into the world and makes the aged child fend for themselves”

    I got my first job working at Burger King when I was 14 [by my own free willed choice] .. when all my basic necessities were already provided [by my parents], I had the “implimented humanity party experience” for many years.. or what would be.. if only the people of this world would consider it.. my initiative was simply “I desired to purchase play toys”, my parents never charged me anything to live with them.. so I had the unabated freewill to spend every cent I made on whatever my heart desired, this was the very best times of my life.. that I can remember.

    My parents would’ve allowed me to stay living with them [like this] for however long I desired.
    [Well.. Atleast I got that impression]

    I left home by my own free-willed choice.. simply because i desired to live with a girl, so I lied to them.. and said I was moving in with a friend.. 🤣

    I’ve been working ever since, changed my employment 3 times over the years, I went from Burger King to working with semi tires.. to my current job.. a custodian of a college.

    Needless to say.. [I no longer work for play toys] ..& I no longer find my employment enjoyable, but overall I really can’t complain.. I transisioned a few times from within the college.. [I moved from working 3rd shift to 1st].. and Im now working in the college library .. “the most blessed of all enslaved positions”.. I keep telling myself.. 🤣
    [The work is minimal.. in comparison to others]

    Anyways, I would give anything for the humanity party to be implemented.. so that I could have back once again.. what I once did when I was 14.
    [was the absolute happiness time of my life]

    1. Jason Lee Natte

      p.s. ..I haven’t been able to find any of these books [mwaw] on there shelves.. you think the college would incorporate them.. if I asked? .. 🤣

  3. Christopher, is there anything you can say about military service in terms of having to work and make a living in this world? Is it better or worse (for yourself/humanity) than any other type of job? It seems you’re selling your life to the govt. and they basically own you at that point. Would you be better off working an Arctic Circle job? Does it matter?

    I have been an evil mooch for parts of my life and spent the last five years doing restaurant work and odd jobs. My mom recently offered to let me live with her and is helping me go back to school. I’m applying for part time jobs now, but I don’t want to be a drain on her and am wondering if it might be better for me to enlist and get myself set for the future. Any thoughts?

  4. Scott Davis

    If I choose to serve the MWAW and the Humanity Party.. I will be serving myself; and, by happenstance,.. be serving others. I will be serving myself by serving that which I believe in; whether it be Fair Equitable Government and establishment of Unmolestable Law, or Principle, or anything that I believe is for the good of all mankind, as well as myself. And for many…what sacrifice?… the use of their voting power in agreement with the Humanity Party and it’s Representatives/Politicians. Or at best..their involvement in the Humanity Party; personally, beyond their voting power. ALL MANKIND ought “Do unto others as they would have others do unto themselves”.. whether it be those desiring to serve, not serve, or to serve themselves only. So for many…. WHAT SACRIFICE? A simple vote? A show of support for a Political Party? A show of support for the MWAW and the undoing of “religion” and all of it’s misconceptions, usury/slavery, hypocrisy, and hateful judgements upon others: as well as those INTELLIGENT understandings necessary to bring forth a more perfect society for all of the people of the earth. RESTORING FREE AGENCY TO ALL..IS TO THE BEST INTEREST OF ALL… NO MATTER WHAT HUMANITY TYPE and any “work” toward that is therefore…selfish…yet by implication of Right Law and Intelligence…unto the service of all others as well. Very little minimal service required for such a great reward to come. EVEN THAT WHICH ONLY DESIRES TO BE SERVED are required to wipe their own ass. We all ought support the Humanity Party and the MWAW and to do so is only to wipe our own asses. No excuses…despite what humanity type. Will certain be called and chosen unto a more perfect sacrifice…a wholehearted sacrifice… a Circle of Prayer…. a Marvelous Work and Wonder…. YES… certain will and already have. But not all. All are called…but all are not chosen. But ALL are called and chosen to have a minimal “wipe your own ass” role to play and all are without excuse not to do it. Who can’t show a voice of support for the MWAW and the Humanity Party? Who can’t be prepared to and eventually use their power to vote? Until we gather together a united majority of voting power aimed at establishing the goals of the Humanity Party …Thy Kingdom Come.. Thy Will Be Done… will not happen. Until we as a majority voting power establish Law to protect ALL from any form of inequality whatsoever that violates the free agency of another…THE MANY WILL CONTINUE TO SUFFER AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REALIZE THEIR TRUE SELVES AND THEIR CHOICE OF HUMANITY TYPE AND ENVIRONMENT THAT WILL LEAD THEM UNTO THEIR MAXIMUM DESIRED HAPPINESS OF JOY.

  5. Craig Nichols

    This doesn’t happen often, but I found a video (watched it a month ago) that confirms most of what our good messenger has said in this article, to quote the video that is a BBC documentary, “In contrast, an accountant in Utah, who files tax returns for over 1000 clients in MLM’s (Multi Level Marketing), said around 90% didn’t even make an income.”

    It becomes clear that these companies exploit people with empty promises and leave them dry. It is the same as living with others and “mooching” off of them so you can have an easier life. The difference is, these people are getting rich from doing it…..

  6. J. Adam Pittman

    Doesn’t sacrificing our free will in service of another (get a job) defeat the purpose for which our True Selves (“2nd estate”) decided to have this mortal (“3rd estate”) experience?

    Is it possible to still get the experience we (in the “2nd estate”) want in this mortal life (“3rd estate”) if we lose our free will (inequality) to work for someone else?

    Even if one is a “server,” doesn’t being forced to work for someone else prevent them from ENJOYING their choice of “humanity type?”

    I understand that your “mentors” have had to do so in order to financially support you/this work, but doesn’t being “connected” (fully understanding REAL TRUTH) allow them to do so without suffering? Without losing the purpose for which THEY are here? Without feeling as though they HAVE to (they want/chose to)?

    Help me/us understand even if in doing so means taking away some value I have.

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