If the mortal experience is involuntary, automatic, and perfunctory, how can it be a product of individual free will?


Because the mortal experience seems so real, it is hard for a mortal person to understand, first, how mortal life is a dream-like sequence of experience automatically playing out in the mind of one’s higher Self (True Self); and second, how individual free will plays into the experience, if mortal life is involuntary, automatic, and perfunctory.

The proper answer can be found in an honest reflection of one’s dreams.

When you dream, you do not, cannot, control the outcome or the sequence of events.  You are the one dreaming and having the experience.  However, the experience is occurring unaffected or uncontrolled by your free will.

The above Real Truth should explain how an individual, free-willed person can have an experience that their real Self does not control, where, in this sense, your real Self is your mortal Self, and the dream experience is what you experience when you are unconscious (asleep).

Some have wondered how we can tell that the experience that we are currently having is an actual, first time occurrence, or if we are simply remembering the experience and replaying it from a memory of the event stored in our advanced brain (True Self‘s brain).

Christopher has been asked this question before and we have counseled him not to answer it specifically.  We counseled that he retain this information until we decided to reveal the totality of Real Truth.  The reason is because it involves suicide (ending one’s existence), which we do not condone nor suggest as a solution to one’s emotional problems.

The answer of how one can tell if the experience that one is currently having is an actual, first time occurrence rather than a memory is simple and clear:

If you can consciously end the experience with your free will, then it is a first time occurrence.  If you are living a stored memory, you will not be able to end the experience, unless the experience you are remembering is when you actually ended your life experience.

If you are sitting in a room with a gun to your head considering suicide, you can pull the trigger and end your life, only if the event is a first time occurrence.  If you cannot pull the trigger, then it is a memory of a time when you were sitting in a room considering suicide but decided not to end the experience.

We counseled Christopher not to give this information in the past so that one wouldn’t test the experience, pull the trigger, and find out that instead of the event being a memory of an event that didn’t take place, the event becomes a first time occurrence.

The Real Truth about who we are, why we exist, and how we exist was not intended to be a part of our mortal experience.  Because the mortal experience is such an important part of our TRUE SELF’s emotional balance, (which can be properly referred to as eternal joy and peace), it is of the utmost importance for us to work towards a solution to our mortal problems rather than give up and end the experience prematurely.

Although suicide is a viable option to end an unbearable situation that does not seem to have any solution, if we all ended our experience, none would be left to experience.

Our life experience (in this case, our mortal life) has much more importance and value to our mind, if we only know and recognize a singular consciousness (life) as who our Self is.

If we can only perceive our Self as a mortal, then our mortal life has more value and purpose for the experience, regardless of the extremity of the suffering (physical) or misery (emotional).  For this purpose, the normal mortal brain cannot fully comprehend one’s true Self, nor can it understand the Real Truth that a mortal was not intended to comprehend.

In order to fully comprehend the Real Truth, a mortal’s physical brain must be altered.  We have referred to this alteration as a transfiguration.

In regards to a True Messenger’s mortal brain, the alteration was required in order for the mortal to be able to fully comprehend the Real Truth not meant for mortal understanding, and then, to be able to explain it to others.

Unless a mortal’s brain has been properly altered, it is impossible for a mortal to find the Real Truth, and more importantly, comprehend it.  For this reason, Christopher is invaluable to our work in revealing the Real Truth to other mortals.

Christopher’s mortal brain’s alteration did not change his pre-calling mortal emotional characteristics, aptitudes, and propensities.  Christopher’s ability to relate to other mortals and have other mortals relate to him depends on the degree by which his inherited and learned behaviors were retained and unaltered after an alteration (i.e., transfiguration).  Christopher’s humor, charisma, jovial expressions, characteristics, as well as his profanity, are vital to his ability to relate to others and allow others to relate to him.

(As Christopher’s life is explored [through his autobiography], it will become very apparent that the events leading up to his calling as our True Messenger shaped the characteristics, aptitudes, and propensities that make him a unique and invaluable choice.  The number of schools he attended, the number of times he was moved from one place to another when the rest of his family did not move, how his father taught him, the loss of his mother, the treatment of his step-mother, his rebellious years after his brain was altered, and many other significant events should give empirical credence to how the “power of God”* was used by the advanced humans responsible for his life as they interceded to help him develop properly.*)

*From yesterday’s posting: “This power is ONLY used and permitted when it serves the interests of OUR entire GROUP assigned to this planet.  There is no individual inspiration, revelation, or connection with one’s True Self unless OUR entire GROUP benefits.”

There are only three individuals on the earth presently who have experienced an alteration of their mortal brain: Christopher, “Mathoni,” and “Mathonihah”.

Two of us did not have our brains altered, as we have lived since the beginning of time.  Christopher will age and die one day.  The four of us (his mentors) will not.

This claim of mortal immortality might seem hard for a rational mind to comprehend, with reason.  The only empirical evidence we can offer is our understanding of Real Truth and the purpose for our work, Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

We know things, as we have claimed, and of which Christopher has challenged, that no other mortal could possibly know.  The presentation of the things that we know will stand as evidence of what appear to be impossible claims.

As you consider the impossibility of these claims, do not reject their probability.

The “sign and token” we have of our position of service to OUR GROUP is our giving to the world a complete understanding of Real Truth.  As we present the Real Truth through our True Messenger, nothing the world has heard or considered will be more profound and make more sense.  For this purpose, we gave the following clue:

“Therefore, I will proceed to do a marvelous work among this people, yea, a marvelous work and a wonder, for the wisdom of their wise and learned shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent shall be hid.”  (BOM, 2 Nephi 27:26)

To reiterate the importance of the Real Truth, and to present the idea that children can understand the Real Truth if it is presented to them properly, we incorporated the following clue in our Book of Mormon:

“And it came to pass that he did teach and minister unto the children of the multitude of whom hath been spoken, and he did loose their tongues, and they did speak unto their fathers great and marvelous things, even greater than he had revealed unto the people; and he loosed their tongues that they could utter.”  (BOM, 3 Nephi 26:14)

The Real Truth is more easily understood by a person whose mind has not yet learned the knowledge and things taught in this world.  As a child grows and learns from ignorant parents, who themselves only know what they have been taught, the aged child’s mind becomes hardened and impenetrable.

For this reason, we offered this clue:

“And again I say unto you, ye must repent, and become as a little child, and be baptized in my name, or ye can in nowise receive these things.”  (BOM, 3 Nephi 11:37)

May we offer another clue,

And again I say unto you, ye must repent of all that you have been taught since your were a little child, and become again as a little child, and be immersed in the works of Christopher (i.e., baptized in his name), or you can in nowise receive these things.

If presented properly, a child can understand how the mortal experience is involuntary, automatic, and perfunctory, and still be a product of individual free will.

Your brain serves YOU.

Your brain is made up of specialized cells that do special things that make your brain what it is and do what it does.

Each specialized cell is a conscious entity that acts on its own as it was created to act.  We can refer to these specialized cells as little people working in their own little cellular universe.

You are not aware of what these little cellular people are doing, nor are you aware of the world in which they exist and do what they do every day.  But YOU benefit from their existence, because their existence benefits your brain and keeps your brain what you need it to be.

These little cellular people do what they do so that YOU can exist.  If they didn’t exist, then neither would your brain.  And if your brain didn’t exist, then neither would you.

Think of your body’s immune system as a tiny universe of little cellular people who are trained at war.  They attack and kill other little cellular people whom they do not like.  If another foreign cellular person invades their country uninvited, these little cellular immune people attack and kill the invader.  You don’t know they exist.  You do not know their world.  You do not perceive them as living in the same reality and world in which you exist.  But they do!

If you could make yourself small enough to travel to the world where these little cellular people live and work (doing what they do), you would see that they do not pay much attention to you as they go about their daily activities fighting other little cellular invaders.  You would find that these little cellular immune people see themselves as the only people that exist in their world, doing what they do, performing the things that bring them value and purpose in their life.

You will find that they do not know that any other universe exists outside of their own.  If you try to explain to them that they are just a small part of a highly advanced and complex compendium of other universes of little cellular people doing other things in their own unique universe, they will not understand what you are saying.  They cannot.  Their tiny brains do not have the capability of understanding anything more than what their tiny brains were created to understand.

They have free will.  Test them.  Try to stop them from doing what they are doing in their little world, according to their free will.  They will use their free will to kill you for trying to stop them from doing what they know, what brings them value, worth, and a meaning to their existence.  If they didn’t have a choice (free will), then they wouldn’t choose to kill you because they choose to see you as a tiny foreign invader in their world.


The brain, on all levels, exists to support the free will of its owner/host: our TRUE SELF.

“Free will” is the choice that our brain cells make to ensure that our TRUE SELF is properly supported and fulfilled.

Our brain does not exist to do what another person’s brain wants our brain to do.  Our brain exists for each of our individual TRUE SELVES.

If there were no “free will,” then our brain could be easily manipulated by another person’s brain, not for our benefit, but for theirs.

TRUE SELF = Our only eternal existence as the greatest individual life form that exists.

True Self = Specialized brain cells of our TRUE SELF’s eternal brain that do what they do to make sure our TRUE SELF’s brain remains as it has always been: perfectly balanced and disease free.

Mortal Self = Specialized brain cells of our True Self‘s brain that do what they do to make sure our True Self can do what it does for our TRUE SELF.  These specialized brain cells can become diseased and begin to malfunction.  As they do, there will be wars and rumors of wars among them and they will begin to destroy each other until there is no longer any disease and the brain starts to function properly for the sake of our True Self, which is for the sake of our TRUE SELF.

Mortal Dream Self = Specialized brain cells that function to keep our mortal brain in balance the best it can be.  These cells can be diseased (nightmares) or beneficial (good dreams) to our mortal Self.

True Messengers = Antibodies that are injected into our brain to fight the disease and restore it to its natural and proper function.

Religion = Malignant brain tumors that cause our immune system to produce warring factions of white blood cells that seek to destroy each other through war, bloodshed, and horror.

Real Truth = Radiation meant to kill the tumor.

As our mortal brains become more and more diseased and tumors grow and spread within them, our True Self begins to realize the futility of the antibodies that were meant to fight the diseases of the brain.

Our last resort is radiation.

We will administer this radiation in our final book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race.

The above is the Real Truth … for eyes that see and ears that hear … for brains that are healing.


  1. Mawunyo

    So profound a message! Its simplicity is penetrative enough. We appreciate the efforts by the Bros and Chris to hit the truth home! A child can definitely understand this concept of truth.

  2. Joseph Michael Goddard

    **Hurry and be the first to try the NEMELKA ANTIVIRUS, for all your brain’s needs!!** Find it now at the Google Play Store.

  3. ramiro estrada

    Common sense says pull the trigger and your a vegetable or your body dies! There is no other way about it. It’s better to live and enjoy life to the fullest. We as individuals cannot change anything to better this world. In theory if the USA were to do what the mentors want which means get rid of our nuclear weapons, and all defense of our nation and provide free food, money, medical,etc…will a God help the USA conquer invading armies? There is no God so what becomes of USA? The Bible and Book of Mormon were wholly and or partially made by the mentors? We will get conquered by other nations like it has been for thousands of years. I’m talking in theory of course but nations have been conquering other nations.

    1. jesse astuto

      Hey Ramiro gday mate …. this comment here has me a bit confused – “In theory if the USA were to do what the mentors want which means get rid of our nuclear weapons, and all defense of our nation and provide free food, money, medical,etc…”
      – i was of the understanding that The Humanity Party knows that a country needs to have a strong military to protect the people at least in the beginning,, and that’s why USA is the only country that could implement the Humanity Party’s proposals peacefully, with the backing of the military being a strong deterrent at the very least.

      I’ve never heard/seen The Humanity Party say they wanted to ‘get rid of our nuclear weapons and all defense of our nation’ – as you stated.

      Turn those swords into plowshares ,(use the military to get the basics to the world safely and in order) yes, but not completely abandon any way to defend itself. That would be silly. The USA military plays a vital role i thought.

      Ah well i was just a bit thrown off with that comment, correct me if I am wrong please. Peace out muh fellow human tryna make it through this craphole of a world lol not the earth itself mind you (being a craphole)

      1. ramiro estrada

        Thanks, I read of Christopher saying that people should not have guns that we don’t need them. Christopher has said that Truman did wrong by using nuclear weapons on Japan. In the 1940s many nations were in war against Germany and Japan and Russia. To my understanding these 3 plus nations were killing millions of people! A WW2 veteran a bombardier for the USA had told me if Germany would have waited 5 more years to develop their weapons of war, Germany would have conquered the whole world. Germany was very advanced in tanks and many other types of weapons. To me, President Truman did the right thing. Japanese soldiers were throwing babies into the air and they would bayonet them and rape and kill. I have photographs of that. I follow Christopher because I feel he is right on certain things but the other things I don’t know. I was never transfigured to know. USA needs to be military strong because other so called poor nations want to conquer other nations. I have been following Christopher several years now. I don’t go to the Mormon Church anymore. I believe we are dreaming this life. Ramiro

      2. jesse astuto

        “In theory if the USA were to do what the mentors want which means get rid of our nuclear weapons, and all defense of our nation and provide free food, money, medical,etc…” <<— this was the comment from you that threw me off a bit, as I think that The Humanity Party nor MWAW has ever said that but has said the military is important, or at least was when there was more than a glimmer of hope for The Humanity Party …

        like I thought the point of the USA being the mega-ness was to be able to peacefully, with a mega strong military carrying a big schtick , through technology and stuff, implement the Humanity Party … that's why Australia, England, India or whatever nation you can think of cant do it, as well as the laws and stuff..

        I do wonder how The Real Truth is being presented to the Muslim world, and others, if it is at all, according to their beliefs.

        i think this shit, and hope it's ok to uh say this stuff , if it's not just delete it , unless it's a ploy to let me hang myself and look super tarded, in that case uh have fun lol i will do my part

        like have fun newtons i guess june 16 is some kinda date people care about lol

        Ramiro it wouldnt be nice of me to go back to church. I tried. It sucked ass.

        I enjoy talking to someone about this stuff. Yeah man Christopher is the dude. This is the Real Truth. And its cool i reckon. I believe it. But I also believed a whole lot of other garbage in muh life lol. This ain't garbage.

        Screw books 🙂

        sorry dudes and non-dudes/dudettes runnin this shizzle just delete it all if you dont like it. you have the power

    2. Keith Stinson

      If the only way to test to see if I am in a memory – or not – is to self destruct, I don’t think I’ll test it. Unless they give me a 15 second “Rewind Button”. (Oh…and it has to be a “one time use Button”. There’s always going to be some d*ickhead who thinks it would be funny to shock their friend’s by offing themselves in front of them and instantly coming back over and over again. ☺)

      After making those comments about guns, Christopher wrote several posts later that we can’t expect people to put down their guns until the threats are gone. So, yes, a strong military would be necessary to keep the peace. When the violence stops, poverty is no more and wars cease, we’ll all want to bury the guns and weapons of war.

      Of course, if we all did that, we wouldn’t need the above “Reset Button”. (But there’s always going to be some d*ickhead who thinks it would be funny to off himself with a rock.)

      I sure hope Christopher decides to do some standup comedy. With his knowledge and experiences, I bet he could keep us rolling in the aisles!

      [Hey Jesse Astuto…I love the Australian’s way of seeing the world. I hope they don’t remove your comments. Something would be missing. gday mate]

      1. Keith Stinson

        Sorry I made those comments and attempted to quote Christopher.
        Even if I quoted him correctly, it’s not my place to help others understand Real Truth

  4. Dean Fowler

    These words have allowed a feeling of infinite hope, even that I need no hope for that (truth) which is forever perfect. I feel as though my patience and humility have expanded because of it being made known.
    Truely Grateful!! Dino. dinofowlerzz@gmail.com

  5. Thank you, Best explanation yet. It makes so much more sense.

  6. Leslie Gene Lilly

    The best description of our Mortal, True self, and our real TRUE SELF given up to this point. I can really begin to understand the truth and logic that makes it so incredible to know. I feel so grateful to be rid of all the hoodo, voodo and coodo , of all the religious, scientific and political bullshit that has made our world what it has become. Thank you dear mentors and are incredible messinger Christopher for all your efforts to save sour, sorry asses from ending the game of mortal life that our True Selfs need to balance our perfect brains and to keep from getting bored with our immortal lives.
    Hopefully the real truth will shake us up and we will come together and make this world the Eden it was and is suppose to be for all of us to enjoy living here according to our individual desire of happiness.
    Thank you all for the hope you still give us to make this world right once again.

  7. Bruna Poli

    this post is clear, simple and at the same time profound. The metaphor of the immune system is perfect. thank you for confirming the same principles every time in many ways. So our brains even though they were not programmed to understand, they gradually get used to it. And every day that passes the real Truth becomes logical and irreplaceable. Thanks Cristopher

  8. Jason Lee Natte

    wow, that Sure hits home.. my wife had a pineal gland brain tumor that was treated with radiation, now she’s supposedly in remission, although she STILL suffers from chronic head pain on most days & can’t sleep.

    It’s been a never ending battle for us.

    p.s. is it possible for our true selves to re-live only 5 minutes of mortal incarnate dream experience?

    I’ve often times found myself wishing I could re-live just 5 minutes of the life I once had.. [when things were perfect] with my grandparents.. why re-live it all & re-live the bad shit?.. lol

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