PERSONAL STORIES: How my life has changed since finding the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party®


This section is to give an opportunity to those whose lives have been affected by the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party® to tell their personal story and experiences.

Please feel free to post your story and your contact information so that others may contact you and ask you questions or share their experiences with yours.

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This truly is a marvelous work and a wonder.  It has transformed countless lives.  Please tell others how it has changed yours.

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  1. vanlehnandy

    I just wanted to say thanks for this work. It has done more for me than I could ever put into words. Peace my fellow humans!

    1. vanlehnandy

      I forgot to add my contact info in case anyone wanted to reach out. ✌️

      Andy VanLehn
      (435) 319-0107

  2. My name is Ian Tyrell Adams Im 14. I was introduced to the work by my dad John k Adams in 2012. It has changes my life for the better I have loved this work since I was introduced and I don’t know how anyone can hate chris if they haven’t even met him. And anything bad said about chris is a total and complete lie. I met Christopher marc Nemelka at the symposium on June 16 2012 at liberty Park and he was the kindest most respectfull and caring person i had ever met. I gave him a hug and he mad me feel so happy and warm inside. I love the truth and always will and i wish everyone else could to. I send my best to Chris and everyone else. Feel free to contact me at 575-224-9877. 😊😊😊😊

    Ian Tyrell Adams – info phone number 575-224-9877 mailing address po box 155 Amalia NM 87512 fill free to contact

  3. Blade Yoshio Saiki

    To be clear my MOM and DAD never told me to write my story or forced me to write my story. I out of MY own free will, CHOSE to write this.

    Hi my name is Blade Saiki I am 16 years old my parents and I found the work in 2013 me personally never really listen because I was just too young to understand but when I was 14 I read one of the first copies of “The Dream Of Mortal Life” It was the first book I read. After that my Dad and uncle found a singer-songwriter who was called Rodriguez he came out with 2 albums called “Cold Fact” and “Coming from reality”. After I heard those songs I really like what he sang about so I started to listen to Chris and let me tell you right now I NEVER EVER met a person who made so much sense AND is so nice and respectful. At some point, I got to live with Chris, and every day that I saw him he was nice and respectful and I knew I could trust him. It Is SO CRAZY how people can hate this man even though they never met him face to face. I CAN say all the rumors you hear THEY ARE ALL LIES. If people Just give this man a chance to take 10 minutes to look and listen to him they would live a much better life. And I don’t care what people say I don’t care what the world will say because I will always stand and support Chris.
    -Blade Yoshio Saiki

  4. Cheryl Patton

    I love your story, Glen . . it is so heartfelt!

  5. Marc Bertrand

    In the early 2000, I no longer believed in the Mormon Church, stopped going to church around 2002, but I was still searching for ‘the further light and knowledge’ promised us in Joseph Smith’s temple endowment.
    My quest for the truth finally came to fruition the day I found the well-known Youtube video where our current True Messenger, Christopher Marc Nemelka went on Shawn McCraney’s – Heart of the Matter show.
    I testify that all those who are truly searching for the Real Truth of Who we are? Why we exist? and any other life questions, will find the answers in the Marvelous Work And A Wonder® (MWAW).
    If one reads the books of this MWAW with a sincere heart and real intent, one will come to know the true meaning of the famous phrase, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”(John 8:32)
    I testify that all those who are truly searching for equality for humanity will not find a better plan than what has been presented to the world by The Humanity Party®.
    Marc Bertrand

  6. My name is James Rietdijk. I grew up in Australia, raised by the most strict and staunchly religious Christian parents that I personally know of. I was brainwashed from the time I was old enough to understand English, to believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God and the only way to avoid going to hell after I die was to follow its teachings.

    I always felt these beliefs disadvantaged me, taking away my personal freedom in ways that my non-religious friends never experienced, however at the time I thought the sacrifices I made in order to stay true to Christianity were worthwhile if it meant going to Heaven instead of Hell after I die.

    However, throughout my life, I found many inconsistencies within the Bible’s pages, which led me to start a lifelong journey of truth finding which led me from being Baptist to non-denominational Christian, to LDS Mormon and eventually to the MWAW in December 2013.

    Imagine my surprise, after finding the MWAW, to learn that the purpose of life is not to sacrifice your life in order for a better afterlife, but is actually to live as much as possible in a way that brings you happiness. And to also support other people’s right to do the same. And that religion is actually the enemy of personal freedom!

    In more ways and I can count, my beliefs have done a 180° change. And now I have experienced many things that do actually bring me happiness that I never could have experienced while my mind was chained under the shackles of religious thought and rules.

    And all these things I have experienced without any guilt or fear of a fiery afterlife because the MWAW has provided me with a worldview that is so consistent and makes so much more sense than anything I encountered in the religious world, that I am no longer afraid of the consequences religion promises to the “non-believers”.

    My journey through religion has all been documented on my YouTube channel. Anyone desiring to learn more of the details can do so by watching either of the below videos or any of the others on my channel (just pay attention to the date that they were uploaded).

  7. I was born in Burbank, California. As a kid, I lived in California, New York, Utah, and Taiwan (ages 0-13). I lived in Taiwan while my father served as a Mission President for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (ages 10-13). I was reared in a large LDS/Mormon millionaire family (ages 0-19). According to the standards of the world, I raised hell and caused problems for my parents and others as a rebellious teenager living in Salt Lake City, Utah (ages 13-18). I did not like the way I was being controlled, indoctrinated and conditioned by my parents who were significant members of the community and extremely religious, so I rebelled. Within my sphere of influence, I stirred the pot of LDS/Mormonism vigorously. I did not like my parents’ religion and how it caused them to treat me. I got arrested as a teenager about three times for alcohol consumption by a minor and spent many hours with psychologists/psychiatrists in sessions and taking mental and behavioral evaluation tests. I would manipulate the tests to say anything but the truth about me. I skipped school and intentionally failed classes. Other times, I would attend class but fail to do any of my homework assignments so that when it was time to take the test, I could ace it just to show how stupid I thought forced assignments and tests were. When I took assessment tests like the ACT or SAT, I answered the multiple choice questions with A, B, C, D and then D, C, B, A. I despised tests and how my intelligence was being measured. I spent time in jail and went to two drug rehabs by the age of 18. I got kicked out of my house/family and sent to live with my cousins. I cared deeply about the way my parents and other family members were being negatively affected by my behavior, but my free will and individuality were very important too, so I just kept going down a path of what my family and religion would refer to as a self-destructive path, but I wasn’t self-destructive. I was keen on being an individual and not being brainwashed by anyone, which is what I thought my parents and their religion were doing to me, so I took actions to counter it.

    And then I read the Book of Mormon (age 19). I read it from cover to cover, from the beginning to the end. I had a friend that, at about age 19, I used to play a lot of pick-up basketball games with. We played well together and we could beat most of our opponents, so I naturally grew to respect him. He told me he had just finished reading the Book of Mormon and challenged me to read it too, so I decided to read it. It changed me profoundly. It softened me and made me want to discontinue provoking people around me. It was so powerful it caused within me a strong desire to go on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (ages 19-21), because, in my mind, I figured since the Church was the publisher of the Book, then the Church must be true, so I should go on a mission because the Church wanted me to. I now know that I was mistaken in drawing that conclusion. The Book of Mormon stands alone, regardless of who publishes it. The first time I read the Book of Mormon, I knew that it was impossible that a 20-year-old farm boy with little formal education could have written that book all by himself from his own mind. The Book of Mormon is a literature anomaly. Its potential impact is deep and profound. The Book of Mormon was so influential on me that I read it thirteen times while I was on my mission for two years. When I returned home from my mission, I continued reading and studying it fervently for decades.

    I came home from my mission and naturally I became a committed LDS/Mormon, exactly what I despised as a teenager. I thought I was doing the right thing because of how powerfully the Book of Mormon affected me, so I married an LDS/Mormon girl for sixteen years and had four children (ages 22-37). This is what the LDS/Mormon Church teaches good LDS/Mormons boys to do – they go on missions and come home and get married to start their eternal family. Problems arose almost immediately when my wife started treating me the same way my parents treated me as a child and teenager. Because I truly loved her, I did not know what to do about it, but I knew I did not want to hurt her, so I started lying to her about how I was using drugs to assuage the pain I felt inside of me due to my marriage to her. I know it was a stupid thing to do and I’m embarrassed and feel badly about it, but our marriage had serious problems from the beginning. I continued in the marriage for many years because of the drugs and my belief in eternal families that the LDS/Mormon religion teaches. I felt like the only way I could cope with existing in my LDS/Mormon marriage was to do drugs. However, using drugs without getting a prescription from a doctor, which is how I was obtaining some of my drugs, is obviously not allowed in LDS/Mormonism. Doing that is grounds for church discipline. Nevertheless, I continued to use drugs without my wife, kids, family and church leaders knowing about it. I was trying to be what my wife, parents and religion expected and wanted me to be, but I could not do it because, at the same time, I felt like my religion was taking away my individuality and free will and those things were paramount in my life. I was not trying to hurt my wife or anybody. I was trying to be what they wanted me to be, but my methods were not successful. The drugs took the pain of forced religion away but I had to lie about it as a result. The hypocrisy of it all was killing me… literally.

    About fifteen years into the marriage, I died for two or so minutes from an opioid overdose. A friend revived me with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and then I was life-flighted to the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City where they induced hypothermia for 24 hours to slow down my brain activity and metabolism to increase my chances for survival. I went into a comatose state for 13 days (age 37). When I awoke, I struggled with emotional balance and wellbeing for a long time, but it wasn’t many days after I was released from the hospital that I was called into a disciplinary council and disfellowshipped from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (age 37-38) and my wife divorced me (age 38). It was a bittersweet experience for me. It was bitter because my role as a father and my family life were crushing down on me and it was sweet because it was like a reset button for my life, a chance to live again and start over the way I wanted to.

    I was still impressed with the Book of Mormon and I tied my belief in the Book of Mormon to my commitment to the Church, so after about a year and a half of being disfellowshipped, I earned back my full membership privileges in the Church. Shortly after that, I was ordained to be a High Priest in the Melchizedek Priesthood of the Church (age 40).

    During this time, I became ascetic. I began living as a sort of modern-day American version of St. Francis of Assisi and I also became vegetarian/vegan (age 41). I began living a simple, slow-paced life with very few possessions and very little money. According to American standards, I was poor and I liked it better than the conceited opulence and prosperity from which I came. I sold my car and began riding a bicycle or riding a bus or the light-rail everywhere I needed to go.

    But I was still confused about my religion. On one hand, I wanted to be LDS/Mormon because of the powerful effect the Book of Mormon had on me and the book’s close association with the Church, but on the other hand, there were things I had observed the Church do and things I had read in the Book of Mormon that disagreed with and were opposed to the Church. Be that as it was, I re-enrolled into college at Brigham Young University (the Church’s University) and graduated two years later with a degree in Exercise Science and Wellness (age 42). Needless to say, because of my in-depth studies of human health and wellness, my physical and emotional wellness got better and I currently no longer struggle with addiction or depression, stress, anxiety or panic attacks, things that used to severely afflict me.

    It was during this period of time that I made a serious effort to resolve the cognitive dissonance that had existed in my head since my youth. The Book of Mormon taught me things that were contrary to what the Church was teaching me. Looking back now, I’m sure my cognitive dissonance did not help my marriage at all. I knew that the Old Testament prophet Isaiah as I read his words from the Book of Mormon condemned religion, but I did not know how to share that information with my wife. She was way more committed to the Church than I was. I was committed to the truths I had learned from Joseph Smith Jr. and the Book of Mormon, but she was committed to the things the leaders of the Church taught her. I gave Joseph Smith Jr. and the Book of Mormon more credence than I did the leaders of the Church because the leaders of the Church had not done or taught me anything that was even remotely close to what Joseph Smith Jr. did. Over time, I started to notice and it became obvious to me that the leaders of the Church did not say anything significant during General Conference. They just regurgitated old speeches and subjects and quoted themselves over and over, never revealing anything new, except insignificant things like 18 year old boys can go on missions instead of waiting until they are 19 years old or the Church doesn’t want to be referred to as the LDS/Mormon church anymore (the LDS/Mormon church now prefers to be called by its full name) or sister missionaries can wear pants now. There was nothing that came from my Church leaders that meant anything important, like how to solve worldwide social problems associated with terrorism and poverty. According to my observations, they certainly weren’t explaining anything important or the mysteries of God or the truthfulness of all things. Despite certain doctrinal teachings that I knew the Church was wrong about, the Church’s wickedness became obvious to me when the Church’s leaders decided they would spend over one and a half billion dollars to build a high-end shopping mall in downtown Salt Lake City right next door to the Salt Lake Temple. In my mind, that was a despicable thing to do and testified against the Church. I knew what Moroni had taught in the Book of Mormon about modern LDS members and leaders in Mormon chapter 8 – that the Church had transfigured the holy word of God and cared more about building churches and temples and wearing fine clothing than about caring for the poor and downtrodden and administering relief to the sick and afflicted, and feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, etc. I knew what the Book of Mormon taught about the corruption surrounding events about the founding of the United States of America and how it described the white Christian European immigrants that came to America and slaughtered, raped, stole from and scattered the Native Americans, which in part laid the foundation of America as it is today. I knew that the main purpose of the Book of Mormon was to equalize the Native Americans with the Christian European immigrant white people by teaching that the Native Americans were members of the House of Israel too. The words of the ancient prophet Isaiah and other biblical prophets began to make a lot more sense to me and I knew their words did not endorse the LDS/Mormon religion, or any religion for that matter. Through my personal studies I became convinced that Joseph Smith Jr. did not practice polygamy. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, because, in my mind, I had a deep respect and admiration for Joseph Smith Jr., but the Church would rather smear his name through the mud by perpetuating the lie that he practiced polygamy. I became of the opinion that Brigham Young and most men around him were horny scoundrels who used revelation as a way to manipulate women into marrying them into polygamous marriages. I got to the point in my personal studies that I had had enough with the LDS/Mormon religion and its lies to the people who are blinded by their teachings and doctrines. I could feel my cognitive dissonance fading away, so I knew I was onto something. In my mind, all I had to do at that point was distance myself from the Church and find the Real Truth, so I withdrew my membership from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and increased my personal studies in search of the Real Truth. I did not care about the consequences with my family or friends. I wanted to know the Real Truth, not some bullshit that was made up by religion, science or philosophy. I knew the Church was absolutely corrupt and I could prove it using their own scriptures (age 46).

    By the time I withdrew my membership in the Church, I had read the Book of Mormon over 45 times and was still studying it and other scriptures and other resources every day trying to figure out what the Real Truth was. I knew the Book of Mormon represented “the lesser portion of the word” and that it didn’t even contain “a hundredth part of the things which Jesus did truly teach unto the people” and that the Book of Mormon was given to the LDS/Mormon people to “try their faith, and if it shall so be that they shall believe [the Book of Mormon] then shall the greater things be made manifest unto them,” but the “greater things” had not been “made manifest unto [me],” so I knew I had not found the Real Truth yet. I knew just enough to know the Church was corrupt, but not enough to know what to do about it, so to avoid confrontation I simply withdrew from the Church. Besides that, I didn’t believe any church leader had any authority over me, so I wasn’t willing to submit to another church disciplinary council to excommunicate me this time because I started saying things in Church meetings and to church leaders about the corruption I saw in the Church and that it was verified in their scriptures.

    Then, in the agony of my soul, for I was hurting because I was lost and confused, and had left the Church behind but still didn’t know where to turn for the Real Truth about everything, I remembered in the Book of Mormon a promise about the Sealed Portion that stated someday the Sealed Portion would come forth and in it would be contained all the things that the brother of Jared saw and understood—things that explained the beginning to the end of the world, things that had been hidden since the foundation of the world. I figured that if any book could answer the questions I had about everything, the Sealed Portion could. So after decades of waiting for the Sealed Portion to come forth from the leaders of my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I finally took the initiative on my own to find it, which I did online.

    In December 2015, I finally found the Sealed Portion and the “other books” from the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (age 46). As excited as I was to have found the Sealed Portion, there was another book put forth by the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® that piqued my interest even more and I finished reading it before I finished reading the Sealed Portion. It is a book that completely unfolds what the symbolism of the Book of Revelation in the New Testament is. This was significant to me because the Book of Mormon taught that when the Sealed Portion would come forth so would the correct interpretation of the Book of Revelation (see 1 Nephi 14:19-28 and Ether 4:16). Years before, as a result of reading that promise in the Book of Mormon about the timing of the coming forth of the Sealed Portion and how it would correspond with the timing of the unfolding of the Book of Revelation, I made it a serious study of mine for years to try and understand the Book of Revelation. I could never figure it out… ever. I read commentary after commentary about the Book of Revelation, but none were satisfactory to me, until I finally read 666, the Mark of America – Seat of the Beast. This book is unlike any other interpretation of the Book of Revelation because it is not the interpretation of learned men or ordained Christian ministers. It contains the actual meanings that John the Beloved intended for all the symbols and metaphors contained in it, not just the conjecture of normal mortal men. I have found that this book, 666, the Mark of America – the Seat of the Beast, provides a sure witness of the Sealed Portion. In other words, if you want to know if the Sealed portion is the real Sealed Portion and not a fake, then after you read the Sealed Portion, read 666, the Mark of America – the Seat of the Beast, because there is no way on God’s green earth that any normal mortal man could have written it without the help of the original author of the Book of Revelation. It is absolutely brilliant in its content. No one, and I mean NO ONE, can refute the meaning of what that book says. I challenge anyone to put forth a better and more concise interpretation of the Book of Revelation than Christopher Nemelka. I do not believe it can be done. It, like the Sealed Portion, reveals the beginning of time to the end. I knew the moment I finished reading it that the Book of Revelation had just made complete sense to me. There was no doubt in my mind as to what the proper interpretation of the Book of Revelation was anymore. And, oh boy, will it surprise you!

    Then I finished reading the Sealed Portion. The Sealed Portion is too long and has too many stories for me to summarize what it is exactly, but I can honestly say that the Sealed Portion healed me of many emotional burdens that I had carried with me since my childhood. As profound as the Book of Mormon was to me when I read it for the first time, the Sealed Portion was even more profound. This book changed me more than any other book I have ever read. When I began reading the Sealed Portion, I was familiar enough with the Book of Mormon that I had developed very strict and specific criteria in my mind that I was going to use as a measuring stick to determine the veracity of the Sealed Portion. One criterion was that the Sealed Portion had to duplicate Moroni’s voice, which it did with exactness. Another criterion was that it had to dovetail perfectly with the Book of Mormon stories, which it did with precision. When I made this observation, I was amazed, so I kept reading. With true power and authority, it delves into controversial and misunderstood subjects such as the Fall, Zion or New Jerusalem, baptism, the Law of Moses, the Flood, priesthood, and many other hard-to-understand subjects from Biblical and world history. Even though it is just a story, it gives the actual speech Adam gave to his posterity at Adam-ondi-Ahman in every detail. It tells the tender story of when Adam died. It tells what was said and what happened when Christ visited the American continent and angels surrounded the children with fire and glory. It mentions Zarathustra, Mohamed and Socrates. The Sealed Portion is truly amazing. Even though, because of its subject matter, it can be considered a religious book, no one who reads it with a sincere heart with real intent will be able to stay in his or her religion, especially LDS/Mormonism. It is that convincing and powerful of a story.

    There are “other books” published by the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. I put “other books” in quotation marks because in the Book of Mormon Nephi speaks of “other books” that would come forth at about the same time the Sealed Portion would come forth (see 1 Nephi 13:39). These books are all equally powerful in their own way and I’m not going to turn this into a book report for each one.

    So for now, suffice it to say that the books of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® have changed my life forever. In my experience, the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® has given me insight into the mysteries of life and death unlike any other source of information and has opened my eyes to truths never before understood by humankind. It solves ALL the mysteries of life and death and leaves no question unanswered. It transcends ALL religious, spiritual, philosophical, and scientific views known to humankind. It is the REAL TRUTH that sets one free from religion, guilt, hypocrisy, pride, and hopelessness. I have completely changed my views on race, gender, sexuality, human reality – who we are and why we exist, the Godhead (the Father, Son and Holy Ghost), right-wing versus left-wing politics, the U.S. Constitution, the Founding Fathers, the right to bear arms, religion, socioeconomics, government and a host of other subjects. After reading all of the books of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and studying the political proposals of the Humanity Party®, there is no doubt that I have become a better person today than I have ever been in my whole life. I am less of an ass hole than I was before discovering the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and reading its books. I am happier, softer, kinder, gentler, more confident, more intelligent, more patient, and more tolerant and less judgmental… basically I have become more Christ-like. I have a deeper understanding of the purpose of mortal life, which, in turn, has naturally increased my patience toward other people and certain situations. I no longer try to convince others that I am right and they are wrong over any subject. I stand up for myself better now too, instead of just capitulating my will to conform to others, which used to cause me internal resentments toward others. I am able to do that (to stand up for myself) in a kind, gentle, and non-aggressive way. I am more agreeable and can have conversations with others now in a way that I do not become provoked. I care about others in a more meaningful way now too. Close relationships with others are important to me, but now I consider all of humankind my brothers and sisters in a way that I am more fully aware of our shared equality. Now, I treat others the way I want to be treated; whereas before, I understood that only conceptually. I have given up the belief in a Christian god who exists in heaven and replaced it with the belief that I am God… and so are you a god. We are all equal gods living in a dreamlike state of existence in the mind of our Higher Self in order to bring homeostasis or balance to ourselves. There is no other better explanation of our existence of who we are and why we exist. Giving up religious belief and gaining the belief that I am an equal god with others could be the greatest two things that the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® has done for me.

    I dedicate everything about me for the benefit of the cause of humanity known as the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (age 50).

    Clifford Bret Powelson.

  8. Roger Davis Schow
    1709 So. Von Elm
    Pocatello, Idaho 83201

    I hadn’t really paid attention to the “Personal Stories” section on the MWAW website. In fact, I hadn’t even looked at it once. I guess I just sort of took it for granted that once someone who’s paying attention gets a hold of this information, it’s a no-brainer. Duhhh! Whoomp, there it is! And that’s how all those stories would go. But, since we’ve been “encouraged” to share our stories (I certainly am not interested in the second death), I made my way to the section and started reading some of them.

    And right now I’m saying, “WOW! This is great stuff!” You guys have some incredible tales to tell. Boy, was I missing out. I was clicking on Christopher’s autobiography everyday with anticipation, and what I didn’t realize was that when he wasn’t posting his story, I could have been reading all of y’all’s other stories in the meantime. So, thanks for posting your stories.

    As for my story, this being my first attempt, but not my last (I’m committing to being a more active participant with you all), I will make this shorter than I might otherwise, but hopefully somewhat sweet. As best I can recall, I found this work by searching the word “truth” on the internet (where else are ya gonna find it?), probably after searching for “rhino pooping” first (or worse). Anyway, up pops Ida Smith talking about Christopher and the Sealed Portion. This was sometime in 2014/15.

    I came from a Mormon background, was a “good Mormon,” even happily filling a mission, but by age 26 realized the bunkidity of the Church, and religion in general and gave it up. There were more than a few things that helped me realize this that I won’t go into right now. You can probably guess a few of them if YOU were once a “Latter Day Saint” yourself, or were inculcated (great word I got from Christopher) in/by another religion.

    I had no malice, and knew I was leaving SOME good things behind, but I simply knew that that whole pill was way too big to swallow. So, I tried to hold on to the good things that I had learned, like, “Hey, be NICE to EVERYONE why don’t cha?”, but that was the end of my church-going days.

    Then all of the sudden, 30 years later, there’s Ida Smith on the “tube” talkin’ ’bout the “truth.” And I said, “Hey, I know what she is talking about, and that’s some pretty important SHIT!” And “I will bite and chew on this stuff some more.” And I just kept biting and chewing, and biting and chewing, and I still just keep biting and chewing about as much as I can get. And you all know why, don’t you ……. Because that SHIT tastes GOOD!

    I guess I’ll use that analogy to explain why I wholeheartedly (at least in spirit – I can do better and will) support THUMP and the MWAW. It all tastes so good, and there’s nothing that tastes bad. There’s nothing wrong with it, which makes it just ALL RIGHT with me. It really does make sense. It’s presents the perfect plan to LET LOVE LIVE. Forever. FOREVER! Why anyone doesn’t embrace this work seems almost unfathomable. NO, not almost, it IS UNFATHOMABLE! WTF is wrong with people? GEEEEEZ!

    We’ve heard the word “awesome” a lot over the past years to the point that it has lost a lot of its meaning and power, but I would like to say one last thing using that word in its fullness. To Christopher and the “Brethren,” You “guys” are truly AWESOME! And…THANK YOU for what you have done and continue to do for all of us.
    Gods bless us, everyone,
    Sincerely, your everlovin’ fellow vacationer,

  9. Johnathan Buma

    To all,
    I’ve posted before, but just wanted to be sure I made it clear that I believe the MWAW and THUMP are real and Christopher is the deliverer of information of profound significance. I deny this to nobody and stand with him (applying my name to the Book of Life) in purpose with the primary focus of accomplishing the following:

    “By submitting our names and personal information herein, we HEREBY commit ourselves to the establishment of a ONE World Government and a NEW Constitution and its order of law. This NEW Constitution shall establish law that provides each and every human being living upon our Earth with the basic necessities of life, (i.e., nutritious food and clean water, secure housing, basic clothing, health and mental care, and education), free of any debt or charge, from the moment of our birth to the moment of our death.”

    If anyone wants to talk, here I am: Johnathan Buma, 12 Eucalyptus, Irvine CA., 858-232-9568.

  10. Todd Hull

    I have been thinking about posting my story since this came out, but I didn’t feel that anyone would really want to know about me. I’m not really one to talk a lot about myself. I have never really fit in with those around me. People must have thought I fit in with their values here in Utah, but I just didn’t tell them my true opinion on things. Ever since I was young, whether I was foundationalized this way or it was already inside of me, I couldn’t align myself with the conservative way of thinking. I was very liberal in my views and was never really around anyone that thought like I did. I loved sports, but was never competitive. I never cared if we won or lost. I quit sports because it wasn’t fun anymore and I saw everything evil personified in the coaches. I earned good grades, but was always made fun of in school, so I resorted to humor to survive. It was hard. Over the years and into adulthood, I came to despise the Utah mentality and the conservative views. I didn’t want to be around anyone because they couldn’t quit talking about their political views. It never stopped. Everyone just assumed I thought the same way they did. I would smile and nod and leave. My dad thought like I did and that felt good. He was a Democrat in the Senate throughout my youth and early adulthood and would fight for the poor and the less fortunate and I became strong through watching him. He was kind of my hero. I was always drawn to Joseph Smith and anything I could read about him. I wanted to live back then so that I could be with him and learn straight from his own words. I always recognized him as the only “prophet” in the modern days. I was certainly a very good member of the LDS church but looked at the leaders after Joseph Smith as “presidents” of the church, not prophets. I read everything I could get my hands on. I wanted to know the mysteries and everything that the church wasn’t giving me. Nothing spoke to me and moved me. I just gained a lot of information that I couldn’t talk about in church or with those around me. Once again, I wasn’t comfortable with some teachings or around most people. I served a mission in Germany and worked hard but something inside of me didn’t care at all that I didn’t get a baptism. I came home and married a woman from an ultra-conservative LDS family. Her dad was a past bishop and seminary teacher. The liberal thing didn’t go over well in that family. I even thought abortion should be a choice and those that were gay were the same as us, which was truly satanic. Her family has never gotten over me spreading my liberal views to their daughter, who quickly saw things different when she left her family. I tried to be a seminary teacher because I loved reading into the mysteries and deeper things. I thought this was a means to an end and would be a good thing to do. I taught for two years trying to get on full-time and was let go due to my father-in-law telling the seminary bosses that I wasn’t right and had other interests. He was protecting his own self-worth in the program due to things that I knew he had done in his personal life that might come to light if I were in the program with him. I was upset at the time, but now see it as the best thing that ever happened to me. I had graduated from college and loved science. I wanted the science mysteries answered and yearned after the truth. I saw science and religion as the same. I just wanted the truth and I wanted to know about everything. I would read anything that might give me knowledge about the truth. I was suddenly recruited by the UHP and had certainly never thought about being in law enforcement. I didn’t have the personality. I was happy being a custodian at a high school and truly thought about staying there forever, but it became so hard to deal with the condescending teachers and administrators I worked with. I had worked as a custodian for 8 years of my life and was always treated as something less. It was hard do it anymore. I never cared about money and new that I would never fit in the business world and I knew I could never ever sell anything. I then applied and started working as a law enforcement officer for the UHP. I did my job and excelled at certain things. I did not fit in at all with those around me and had a completely different mindset and set of beliefs. I have never cared about punishments or sentences after arresting anyone. I thought of myself as a Stripling Warrior. I was saving the public from the offenders and that is where it ended for me. I love helping those that are in need on the highway and it was always kind of my thing dealing with the people and their families involved in crashes and critical incidents. I still yearned after anything to read or learn about Joseph Smith. He was “my prophet.” I gave several special Joseph Smith classes at church and couldn’t quit defending his name. In fact, recently a coworker was ripping on the LDS church and then started into Joseph Smith. It ended at Joseph Smith. You can rip on the church and say your opinion, but don’t rip on Joseph Smith. I had developed a bond with him through my studies. I always thought that if I had any wish to live at any time, I would love to have been Hyrum Smith. I always loved Hyrum for his loyalty to his brother and felt that with my own younger brother. We were always extremely close. To get to the point, I never quit thinking about the Sealed Portion of the plates since I was in Jr. High. I thought about it constantly on my mission and hoped I could be a part of it if it were to come in my lifetime. I hoped it would come. I felt it would come from someone like Joseph Smith, not from the leadership of the LDS church. I didn’t think the Lord would work that way. I have always felt that Christ’s way would be through the humble and less fortunate. I began to mentally separate myself from the LDS church because of the values they portrayed that struck me as opposite of that which Christ would teach and do. Their get out of debt deal was a huge deal for me because I had no money to do what they said and they were telling me to save money rather than helping the less fortunate with that extra money. I usually had no extra money and we were really struggling to make it. My wife and I decided to give any extra money we had to the less fortunate around town instead of putting money away to get out of debt. If we had more, we looked for struggling people in the store or around the neighborhood. We felt that we would suffer a bit, but be blessed for this in the next life and at least we could live with ourselves. When the church began their gay policies and they spent millions remodeling the Ogden Temple to persuade more young brides to get married there, I knew it was off the rails. I had previously read through all of the Nemenhah works and loved the idea of living as equals with everyone and having no poor or rich among us. I was willing to go to the Nemenhah Tribe and live with them if they were practicing this. I was again constantly thinking about the Sealed Portion and wanted it to come out so badly. I wanted to know everything it would offer and the real truth about our world. I was working in my garage one day, pondering about the what Christ would do if he were here and wondered about the Sealed Portion again. I put down the thing I was working on and grabbed my phone and googled The Sealed Portion of the Golden Plates to see if anything would come up. I instantly found Christopher’s name and Ida Smith’s name. I watched every YouTube video that had Ida and Christopher in it. I downloaded the Sealed Portion the minute I was done and started to read. I read all night long and the next day. I don’t sleep much, so I just kept reading. I had it read and done in a few days. That’s all it took. I ordered all of the books and devoured them. I read the Joseph Smith biography in about 2 days. Best book I’ve ever read. It cleared up everything for me. After reading all of the books within about a month or less, I was enlightened. It wasn’t only answering all of my questions, but it was all so simple. It’s amazing how easy things come when a True Messenger guides you. The Humanity Party is everything that I ever believed and better. Everything I read gave me comfort that my beliefs all of my life were not so off base. I looked at Christopher as I did Joseph Smith. I wanted to meet him more than anything. However, I was late in finding the MWAW. I found out there was a symposium, not knowing it would be his last, and tried to go. I would have done anything to meet and talk to Christopher, not to put him on a pedestal, but just to meet a True Messenger that seemed to me to be exactly like Joseph Smith was. It didn’t work out to where I was invited to the symposium, but I heard about him speaking on Memorial Day at the cemetery the following year. I am mandated to work on Memorial Day, but I was able to get it off so that I could travel the 3 hours to hear Christopher speak. I loved every minute of it. It broke my heart that he chose not to meet or talk to anyone at that time, but at least I saw him speak in person. It was the best day ever for me. I have been reading everything possible ever since. I cannot get enough and it has become the joy of my day. I wasn’t offended when I wasn’t invited to read his journal entries. I felt left out and missed hearing from Christopher on a regular basis, but I understood that I couldn’t be trusted because those in the MWAW truly didn’t know me. I didn’t get that chance. I am however, here to say, I would do anything I could to assist Our Group. I would defend Christopher to the end and he is a true friend that I’ve never met. He’s given me more than any person has ever given me. He’s honest and tells me exactly how it is. That’s my language. I will do anything for anyone involved in this work or anyone who is in need of help. I’m sorry for the length of this entry, but I wanted to be as open as I could. My brother, who still loves me, and I thought I could tell anything to, doesn’t talk to me much anymore since finding out about me taking hold of the MWAW. The people around me, who apparently were just friends because I went to church, are no longer there. I take comfort, however, that I don’t need that anymore. My soul has never been happier and has never felt more hopeless in this world at the same time. I dream about having the Humanity Party implemented and don’t understand the mentality that Christ will come and save the righteous without the righteous taking part in saving the world. I’m here for the long haul and wish I could have found this work years earlier. Thank you , Todd Hull
    My information is in the Book of Life if anyone needs me.

  11. charles rogers

    Finding this work has been one of the greatest discoveries in my life ! For years I had searched for understanding and something that made sense . Something that could answer all my questions . Something that not only could help me understand the world that we lived in but just as important , help me understand me . I’ve read many books and articles on various subjects , religious , science , paranormal , psuedoscience , ancient alien stuff and talked to various people about their beliefs and attended various churches . Sometimes willingly but most of the time not . Try as I might for the different teachings to make sense to me they never really did . Then one day while doing one of my haphazard internet searches I ran across a book titled 666 The Mark of America Seat of the Beast , The Apostle John’s New Testament Revelation Unfolded . I had read a few books before that supposedly explained revelation but they varied so widely in their explanations and none of them made any real sense so I almost dismissed this book out of hand . I thought it was kinda expensive ( found it on Amazon ) but you could read an excerpt from the book which is what I did .
    What I was reading made so much sense and rang so true with me I did after a few days hit the buy button and order it . Hands down it was the best book I have ever read . Right after I received the book we got hit with a terrible ice storm and we couldn’t get out for nothing . That gave me the opportunity to read my new book from beginning to end over the course of two days . I literally clutched that book and wept when I finished . The author ( Christopher ) had done something that none other had ever done and has never done since . I finally had found something that made sense and of course I had to know more . My journey to discovering REAL TRUTH began with that singular book . There is absolutely nothing more freeing than understanding real truth . The information provided through the Marvelous Work and a Wonder and the Humanity Party Website is absolutely priceless ! The information that can change our world bringing poverty and inequality to an end . No more angst over not knowing , no more empty pointless uninformed searches for me . There is absolutely nothing outside this work that has given me more hope or more peace and just so that there is no misunderstanding , Christopher is our worlds only True Messenger , My True messenger . The only one who can answer any question about our existence and tell us the proper course to take to fix our world and save us from our own bad choices . That course is the one I want to follow ……… Charles Rogers 573-836-6088

  12. Being a young man having just returned from the Vietnam war;  6 months married with a at child on the way was faced with a life of responsibility that seemed exciting and challenging. The greater of  my challenges was reconciling my involvement in a war against humanity and how was I going to raise a family in such a disturbed world knowing I new nothing of God or my real nature.

     Religion was not a part of my life growing up. So I thought…I prayed to know  about this God that would show me the way back and make me feel good about myself. Soon,  an answer to my prayer came with two missionaries who came to my door testifying of their  God and and the True church on the earth. For the first time in my life the Holy Ghost caused a wonderful sensation in my breast and I was told this was a messenger from God and would guide me in my life and bring me much happiness.

    I believed with my whole being that I had received special manifestation as a witness to the things I was hearing and reading came from a greater power from outside of myself. So it was with the testimonies of of the leaders and prophets of this great church…

    I set a baptismal date and announced my intentions to my wife believing she would be excited as well about this new revelation in my life…our life. She was NOT happy with me; packing her things and left me that very afternoon returning to her mother in Washington state with our baby 6 months along. I was devastated…all seemed lost and I to cried my soul for help. Darkness gathered around me and fear caused the hair to stand up on my neck. No words could escape my tongue. It seemed as if all was and I was  doomed. I fell to my knees forcing God from my lips. A wonderful feeling of calm came over me and caused me to cry in gratitude…believing all is well. I fell asleep being awakened by my sweetheart returning home saying “I asked myself why was I leaving and my mind was blank-so I decided to come back home”

    I was baptized and began my religious journey with my wife joining the church some months later. This set the foundation for some incredibly hard times for my family which resulted in divorce with our two children being bounced around like basketballs from one home to the other. I even got to spend some time in jail with my x as the jailer. Weee!

    The Church excommunicated both my x-wife and self …later re-baptizing me in California  where I remarried and promised to be the perfect church member and provider. Years went by serving almost every opportunity in church and running a roofing business. The marriage relationship began to deteriorate as did my comfort with myself.

    My happiness was diminishing as time passed….because I was unfulfilled. I doubled down on my scripture study and tried to understand the meaning of the temple endowments for further knowledge and enlightenment…all the time feeling I was missing the big picture. I would now leave the temple empty and my church meetings empty and my  personal relationships empty. 

    Eight more years of physical and mental disability came by virtue of the Lyme Tick Disease.  Church activity stopped except for a Sunday once in a while. Work was getting impossible forcing a closure of my business. I found my mind plagued with how to get money to ease my burden and the Truth that would set me free. Yeah, I was working against my self with a dysfunctional mind and a body that could not perform.

    Dec 20, 2016 while I was searching the internet to re-read The White Horse Prophecy believing if their was any truth to come out of a second hand story, that was most likely false, (and discouraged ny the church) I should be able to recognize it by virtue of the Holy Ghost. (by now I was beginning to feel the Holy Ghost was available under certain conditions; like when reading the Book of Mormon or another scripture that I believed to be true or counting my blessings or just thinking about myself!) BOOM! On You tube I watched a video about The Sealed Portion. Never got to the white Horse Prophecy:-).

    There were certain things in the BOM that I was always, without doubt, waiting for; on the top of that list was The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. It was promised to come forward with further enlightenment delivered by one like unto the Son of God. I did not believe it would be necessary to come through the church because I understood from the Book of Mormon that we we all corrupt…I just didn’t know how corrupt.

    The same feelings I had searching the Book of Mormon that I recognized as the Holy Ghost manifested itself with such a positive grace and comfort I followed and I drank.

    Three years now and my Life has turned under my control (for the most part) manifesting calmness in my nature and confidence in who I am. My Heroes have changed and are not anybody you would take count of. My gratitude is unceasing but more aware now of how dear I am to myself. I no longer follow any religion but now see clearly why you may need religion. 

    The  BIG thing I have received from the MWAW is that I need nothing outside of my  True Self. I can’t share that but I can live it…and the Marvelous Work and Wonder and The Humanity Party has the where with all to manifest the Truth of all Things to all who follow and have the where with all to drink and live it. 

    So where do I stand today? No more do I wonder…will I fail? Bring on another challenge that I may prevail. Now when I cry no one will know of my tears. Gladness is what you will see. So I would that I loose myself in this work that I might have joy in all humanity as they would drink and know themselves.

    David Aschenbrenner
    31250 Hwy 20
    Fort Bragg, CA 95437

  13. Burke Bluemel

    My name is Burke Bluemel. I just want to say. I love Christopher Marc Mamelka. I know he loves me, as he does all people. Thank you for sacrificing everything in this world, for the sake of this world.

  14. Gregory William Hatch

    I’m not real clear on what’s being asked of me when someone asks me to “tell my story”. No one would believe “my story”, no one ever has, not even Christopher. However, I can respond the question of “How the Marvelous work and a Wonder(MWAW) has changed my life”… with some reluctance. Short answer… Very Little. I wish I could say that my life did a 180 degree turnabout when I found the MWAW, but I don’t think that that has been the case, at all. I wouldn’t fault the MWAW for that, as those choices have been mine. Without Christopher prodding us/me, in his “Back in the saddle” post today, I very well may not have said anything, but I have been thinking about it… like a gnat that keeps pestering me… I have been thinking about it, and about all I can conclude, and safely say, with any sense of confidence, is that I am unequivocally and 100 percent certain that I am less of an asshole than I used to be. And anybody that knew me before February of 2007 can confirm it. However I still reserve the right to be an assshole if I choose to be. So watch your step around me fuckers, and you too Christopher… Nobody tells me what to do… oh yeah, except for this… 🙂 And if you have any inclination to contact me after what I’ve just said, I would very much encourage you to do so. I am the worlds easiest person to find and I’ve always enjoyed a conversation…it is possibly my favorite thing. I do like people, especially the ones that like me. Stop by any time for a visit at 40 S. 100 W. Joseph, Utah 84739. We’re just off I-70 in South Central Utah. We can go swimming in the Canal. Stay the night, if you dare. Call any time day or night for info, help, or out of boredom. 435.612.0431 or 435.527.0957 is the house phone. Email ( although I rarely check it. Send me a friend request on Facebook, I’ll most likely accept it. Peace

  15. arniskalnins

    Hi! My current mortal name is Arnis Kalniņš. I was born in Latvia and have lived in Latvia except 2 years of missionary service in New York. I was searching for the truth since I was about 16-17 years old when was introduced to organized religion by my sister. Later in my life, in the spring of 1999 two missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints talked to me in the trolley-bus and offered to get a free copy of the Book of Mormon. I felt intrigued as I didn’t have any knowledge about that book. To make a long story short: I was baptized in 2 weeks, after a year served a mission, then served in various leadership positions. Some things sometimes have bothered me about the Church but I put those things on “shelves”. In addition, I was busy with my immediate family and job. But then in the autumn of 2012 I was searching the internet about the Church, about the problems of mormonism and found this YouTube video: The part about Christopher Nemelka and the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon (about 31:28) got my attention and I further searched the internet and found the MWAW website, books and other information. On the same day I did order some books. Surprise, surprise: those books were delivered to my door in a few days. It’s difficult to describe my feelings while reading the Sealed Portion and other books of the MWAW but I have felt absorbed in the MWAW since that time. The information contained in these books seemed to be of such importance that I decided even to translate some books into Latvian language so that this information would be available also for Latvian speaking people and they would have no excuses for not having an access to the Real Truth. Well, from the very beginning it seemed to me that the most crucial information is about solving poverty and inequality therefore The Human Reality book did stand out as a book which contains the simple solutions now outlined in the Humanity Party’s plan. Also, this book seemed to be almost non-religious and therefore for more people to be accepted (according to my understanding at that time). Well, all the books of the MWAW are great and serve their specific purpose to get the Real Truth through the filters of the prejudicial minds and hardened hearts. And these additional writings, broadcasts presented through this website … I just marvel and wonder (and try to keep these things to myself 😊).

    How my life has changed since finding the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party®? Well, I feel less judgmental to other people. I understand more about the importance of free will each of us has. I feel to be more open minded, more happy, more patient with myself and others. I feel that we all are equal human beings. The Humanity Party® plan is a perfect to plan to eliminate poverty throughout the world. I feel the need to support this great plan and the Messenger, and I am still learning to do it properly without impeding the free will of others. This work (the MWAW) is the pearl of great price for me and for the world. That’s the only hope for our human race. That’s how I feel and weep by writing this because it seems that there is no hope for this group of humans upon the earth because of too many Stellarians and Lunarians, and too small number of Solarians. I might be one of Stellarians or Lunarians because quite often I like to be served and also serve myself (I cannot figure out my humanity type but maybe it doesn’t matter). The only thing that matters is the MWAW and implementation of the plan of The Humanity Party®.

    Arnis Kalnins
    Augusta Deglava iela 57-52
    Riga, LV-1035, Latvia

  16. John D Lopez

    In 2005, while living in Fresno, California; I heard that The Sealed Portion had been translated, by Christopher Marc Nemelka. I read it on the internet, and began attending several symposiums, in California and Utah.

    I immediately recognized the real truth. My immediate family has not accepted the Sealed Portion and the MWAW. I don’t believe they respect my beliefs as I do theirs.

    “I found all my answers to every social problem that exists in this world from the Humanity Party, and I found all my answers about religion, about God, about Human Reality from the Marvelous Work and A Wonder.”

    I now see everyone as my family, and wish that all enjoy the happiness and real truth of the MWAW.

    I have not ever been disappointed by the message and books Christopher Marc Nemelka has presented.

    I follow the Marvelous Work and Wonder of my own free will.

    End poverty and inequality.

    John D Lopez
    OGDEN, UT 84403-1231
    United States
    Phone number: 5593019296

  17. Rod Vessels

    My name is Rodney Jay Vessels. My email address is My phone number is 612-570-1199. You may contact me, if you wish. I have committed myself to the establishment of a ONE World Government and a NEW Constitution and its order of law. This NEW Constitution would establish a law that would provide every human with the basic necessities of life (i.e., nutritious food and clean water, secure housing, basic clothing, health and mental care, and education), free of any debt or charge, from the moment of birth to the moment of death. I believe in and trust the Board of Directors of the Humanity Party. I believe in and trust the only True Messenger on Earth, Christopher Marc Nemelka, who has taught the tenets of the Humanity Party to me. I know nothing of myself; but I believe. I also remember a few things. Sincerely, Rod.

  18. Jean Baginski

    Jean Baginski (Militello, Sauser, Young, Oliver, whewwww!!)
    Street address used to be 4140 N 4th ST W; but changed (without moving) by the powers that be to:
    4447 N 5th Street West
    Snowflake, AZ 85937

    Raised as Lutheran, though influenced by Catholicism on my dad’s side, I was instilled from as far back as I can remember with the tradition of Christianity. I started questioning what Lutheran’s believed when I turned 13 and began a class to prepare me for my first communion. What I had studied on my own out of the Bible surprisingly did not agree with what my Pastor was teaching….especially on two major points: Original Sin and the Holy Trinity. This discovery started a several year search for a church that taught what I believed the Bible taught about those subjects. In 1974 I investigated the LDS Church, and read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover. According to my understanding concerning prayer at that time, I fasted and prayed about the truthfulness of the BoM. I received a powerful response which convinced me that this book was true. It wasn’t until decades later that I realized my True Self was telling me that the BoM was an approved guide for me to use on my journey to discovering the Real Truth. IOW, the BoM was not the Real Truth—but the book served the purpose my True Self wanted for me.

    In 2008 (if my memory is right) my husband, Frank, introduced me to religious Apologetics while we were dating. I loved it! I happily and energetically defended the LDS religion against Orthodox Christians who believed the LDS Church was a product of Satan. I began an intense research of the history and teachings of not only the LDS Church, but also of Orthodox Christianity and its myriad of denominations. Things that I had been taught by others wasn’t sitting right with my own personal studies–both about Orthodox Christianity, as well as the LDS Church. I started to give up what I had been taught and believed which at first brought me into my “spiritual/mystical” phase of my journey. Later, my searching caused me to also give up my belief in a spiritual/mystical world.

    It was not easy giving up the things I had been taught and which I believed. In fact, giving up some of those beliefs was actually terrifying……if I was wrong in giving up those beliefs, I would be condemned to eternal damnation and hell fire. My knees became worn out from the hours and hours of praying and tears. This part of my journey became filled with epiphany after epiphany….I was constantly looking at the world differently as each epiphany hit. It was during this part of my journey I discovered Christopher Nelmelka and the Marvelous Work and a Wonder (the MWAW)! Of course, as part of my researching which I had learned as part of Apologetics, I would read and study with an open mind. I wanted to hear both sides of arguments. As such, I listened to the negative as well as the positive things which were said about Christopher.

    Now, I already believed that as eternal beings, we are not gendered. I already believed that “Satan” is the “god” of this world, and that the humans in this world equated to being Satan….and that we are all enemies of the “true god”….which meant that all religions were also enemies since they were made up of human mortals. I believed in multiple probations. I recognized that the LDS Church was still under condemnation as revealed by Joseph Smith in D&C 84:55-57. I also believed through my in-depth study of the D&C and other LDS Church documents that Hyrum Smith would be the next “Prophet”….though I didn’t know how this would look since Hyrum died with Joseph. Though I now believed these things, I had no idea what these things really looked like; it was all very much in an “idea and feeling only” stage, I hadn’t yet put it together that Hyrum would be the prophet in a different probation. When I discovered that Christopher’s True Self had had an avatar named Hyrum Smith I was blown away!!! Additionally, I was thrilled that Christopher was able to give so much clarity and understanding about the things I now believed!! And the additional things he has taught….well, Amazing! Freaking Amazing!! And it ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE!!!

    Finding the MWAW and our True Messenger, Christopher, has freed me from all of the traditions I had been taught by the world be they about religion, or Science, or politics, etc. It began to matter less and less what others believed was true. For example, I never believed in evolution; even when it was taught in school–so, I would give my opinion about that to those who do believe it. It has not been easy to not continue to give my opinion… . I had had a lifetime of about 60 years of believing that what people believed mattered; and that it was okay for me to give my opinion whether it was wanted or not. Besides, I had really enjoyed Apologetics….sigh. I’m getting better; but old habits have taken their time to die.

    While I am greatly saddened about what is happening in the world…and most distressing is the suffering…I no longer feel hopeless. I am even doing better emotionally about the myriad of physical health issues with my body which prevent me from participating very much in this world. It has also been easier to let go and forgive the world and myself for what we have caused. I am happy that the Real Truth has been provided so that those who have desired it can find it in keeping with the principle of free will. I love the four brothers and our True Messenger, Christopher (he is a wonderful human being!!), for all that they do for the MWAW and for this world.

  19. Joseph Haws

    My advice to anyone whose life is changed by this information similarly to how mine was, is to keep it to yourself and only share it on open platforms unless directly asked. I wish I’d listened to Christopher when I first heard him say something like that instead of only after I’d bothered people. After all, no one likes a know-it-all.. 🙂

  20. Kurt Smith


    Here’s my story.

    I don’t know how much any other will be able to relate to it.

    Re-reading it, I realized what nerd I am/was. 🙂

    It’s probably too long and boring for many to enjoy, but what can I say.

    “That’s me” 🙂


    I grew up in the Mormon church in a small town in Idaho. The church meant a lot to me as I grew up. Most people that I associated with in my younger years didn’t take the church as serious as I did. I was always found doing what was right according to the things that the church taught. It was my desire to do what was right and that meant living the commandments that the church taught; all the commandments. I went to church every Sunday, made it to every activity, never turned down a church calling to do anything. I never even considered the church may have become corrupt or that it was not true. I believed what I had been told by my parents with no questioning. Joseph was a prophet of God and the Book of Mormon was true and that because of these things, the church was true.

    My first year of seminary we studied the Book of Mormon. During the introduction the teacher made, he said that it was a requirement for everyone to read the Book of Mormon. Up until that time, I had never considered reading the book. I decided to read it and take Moroni’s words to heart. It was a marvelous experience for me and by the time I made it to 3rd Nephi, I knew the book was everything it claimed to be. I also knew because the book was authentic, that the translator and founder of the church was a Prophet of God called of God to do what he did. I had confirmed in my mind with a real experience what I had been taught my whole life. The Book of Mormon was true, therefore Joseph had to be a prophet and the church was the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth.

    I served a stateside mission and was going to do my best to be the best missionary I could be. Between the time I first read the Book of Mormon, I fell in love with the book and had read and studied it all through high school and during the one year of College I was able to attend before my mission. The book spoke to my spirit like no other book I had been introduced to. I associated being a good missionary with filling my time with productive activities. I had decided that the words of the prophet concerning the Book of Mormon had to be true. “The Book of Mormon is the most correct book of any book on earth and a man will get nearer to god by abiding by its precepts than by any other book.” So I decided that any chance possible I had, I would read the Book of Mormon. If I wasn’t teaching, tracting, or traveling to an appointment, I read. I had a copy with me at all times.

    While in the Missionary Training Center, I remember hearing the other elders in my district complaining about how rigorous the schedule was. It seemed to them at least, from what I gathered from what they were saying, that there was no free time, with every hour of the day filled with activities of some sort. I didn’t understand what they where talking about, because after nine days, I had found enough time to finish the Book of Mormon. I immediately started over and about finished it again in the three weeks we had there.

    I continued my program once I made it to my first area. My first companion was lazy. So not knowing exactly what to do, I would read most of the days while he slept and found everything to do he could think of except for missionary work. In the process of my mission, I figured out it only took me about 21 to 24 hours of reading time to finish the book from cover to cover. I lost track of the number of times I read through the book at about 50. I spent a lot of time memorizing the scriptures that were used in the discussions, and after I had passed them off to the mission president, me and one of my companions decided to memorize all the chapter headings of the Book of Mormon. It was amazing at the time, when these things where fresh in my mind, at the recall of scriptures and gospel subjects. If someone could remember a phrase or scripture, I could recall what chapter heading it went to and turn to it. I was a true Mormon missionary nerd. 🙂

    I do recall a time on my mission when I realized that I had never had a specific spiritual experience that let me know Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. I had just accepted the evidence of the Book of Mormon as good enough. My experience came a few weeks later, during a fireside held in Joseph’s honor. I knew Joseph was a Prophet of God and have never looked back.

    I continued my program of reading the Book of Mormon after my mission, just not as intense. I would read a ½ hour or so a day. I truly love the book. I never doubted the church and never had the question of whether or not the church was true, because of my upbringing. After all, if the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith were what they claimed, it followed that the church had to be what it claimed to be. There was no other church started with a true prophet or another church with a second testimony of Christ. Where else could I look? Where else could I go to find truth? The reorganized church was out of the question, because it hadn’t been blessed with the prosperity I thought the Lord would bless His church with. In my mind, truth had to be found in the church.

    This didn’t mean I didn’t have questions. I had a lot of questions that I was waiting for answers to. I started to read books that were published by the church in search for answers. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting more out of my study. When I was on my mission, my focus had been on teaching the gospel to others. So I read with other’s questions and concerns in mind. By doing this and by enjoying the familiarity I had earned with the book, I could answer questions by quoting scriptures, either word for word, or by turning to them without hesitation, which, in my mind, gave a comfortably in teaching others what the lord had in mind for them, as well as a sense of personal accomplishment.

    After my mission, my focus changed to myself. I desired to know what the great prophets knew. I wanted to know the “mysteries of the kingdom of God.” It seemed Nephi, Jacob, King Benjamin, Lehi, Mormon, the list goes on and on, knew everything about the gospel. At least more than I did. So I set out to find out what they knew. As I said, I had a lot of questions. After ten or so more times through the Book of Mormon, I was disappointed I wasn’t continuing to learn new things. My understanding had seemed to flat line somewhat. It was at this time I started to read other books that were published by the church in search for answers that I couldn’t seem to find in reading the Book of Mormon.

    I read a lot of books on various subjects. I got a taste of other’s points of views; none had the answers I was seeking for. I started studying the words of the modern prophets and noticed sometime between Brigham Young and president Hinckley they had stopped revealing new information. I got frustrated with what I had come across. It seemed the heavens had closed to me and there was nothing I could do. I started researching and reading the Dead Sea scrolls, the Naghamdi text, and other ancient translated manuscripts, trying to find any clues I could. I found nothing. I turned to science, space exploration, and experimental research data on various topics. Still nothing. I was frustrated and burned out.

    By this time, I had a growing family and worldly pressures and being frustrated, I allowed them to take my time. I was still very active in the church and church callings. Up to the point that I was introduced to the sealed portion, I can’t remember ever missing a sacrament meeting on Sunday, ever. I just didn’t make time to study like I had always done in the past. This lasted until I was out of school and found myself working in my chosen profession.

    In about 2001, I was unsettled with what little I knew; I wondered why I couldn’t get it. I evaluated my past and realizing this phrase again: “The Book of Mormon is the most correct book of any book on earth and a man will get nearer to god by abiding by its precepts than by any other book” (paraphrasing). I committed to study the Book of Mormon exclusively until I could get close enough to God to get the answers I sought.
    It was also during this time that I realized that I couldn’t get what I needed on my own. Somehow, I wasn’t like Lehi who sat in his tent in the valley of Lemuel reading the brass plates for the first time and was filled with the spirit and began to prophesy. What was my problem? I was left looking forward to General Conference, expecting some new information or revelation that would bring me the answers I sought. The more I relied on the leaders of the church, the more I got frustrated. I wondered why their mouths had been shut. I figured they knew everything that the ancient prophets knew; but for some reason, they weren’t telling it. I remember being so frustrated one day about the whole thing that I prayed and asked the lord why he had shut their mouths. Not getting an answer, I continued: “What is it? Are they scared to speak the truth because of the wickedness of the members of the church?” I remember finishing my prayer: “I’m clueless about real truth. I don’t know what Nephi knew or what Mormon knew and I’m not getting anything from your chosen leaders. If you need someone to be a prophet, I’ll do it! I’d tell the truth if you needed some one to do it. Just let me know the truth. I’ll do anything.” I was dead serious, I still got nothing.

    I set about to find out what we as members of the church were doing that was so wicked. We had to be dong something wrong as a people, or we would be getting some answers from the chosen servants of the lord. It occurred to me shortly thereafter that we were doing exactly what the Book of Mormon warned against in the time of Alma.

    Alma 4:6,8

    And it came to pass in the eighth year of the reign of the judges, that the people of the church began to wax proud, because of their exceeding riches, and their fine silks, and their fine-twined linen, and because of their many flocks and herds, and their gold and their silver, and all manner of precious things, which they had obtained by their industry; and in all these things were they lifted up in the pride of their eyes, for they began to wear very costly apparel…the people of the church began to be lifted up in the pride of their eyes, and to set their hearts upon riches and upon the vain things of the world, that they began to be scornful, one towards another, and they began to persecute those that did not believe according to their own will and pleasure.

    It was clear to me that most, if not all, of the members of the church I knew were more secure with $100,000 in their bank account than they were with a good relationship with God. Money was their motivator, their reason for doing almost everything they did. The reality I saw was the true God had little effect in their lives. Money was their God. Money was their passion, for which they would do about anything for. I then felt for the President of the Church at the time. I had my reason why he wasn’t saying anything. I remember thinking to myself: “Hinckley, you have a problem. You have about twelve million problems.”

    I had noticed that other members of the church didn’t pay as much attention to the Book of Mormon as I did, but this was the first time I realized I was different than any member I knew. If I were to explain the difference I started seeing between me and others, I would explain it like this: I believed the Book of Mormon, they believed in the Book of Mormon.

    I realized I was stuck, I knew what I wanted wasn’t going to come from the pulpit General Conference time. My only hope was to continue to read the Book of Mormon, make God my God, and not Money, and hope for personal revelation.

    A few years later, I was doing some research on the internet, something I didn’t do very often. For some reason, I had the thought: “I wonder if the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon has been translated.” I typed in the words “the sealed portion” into the browser’s search engine, then hit the return key. I about fell off my chair when I saw that it actually bought up some websites. I thought to myself, “No way can this be translated.” However, I was curious enough to open the first site entitled the Oracles of Mahonri. I saw that someone actually claimed to have translated the record. I knew what the Book of Mormon mentioned about the book. I knew the author, the length, and the topic. I figured this should be easy to figure out if it is legitimate. So I turned to the text and began to read. It was vary apparent to me that this couldn’t be the real deal. It wasn’t Moroni; I quickly looked and realized it fit none of the requirements. I didn’t even make it through the first chapter before I set it aside.

    I clicked on the next link and it was commentary on something. Not being interested, I clicked on the third link and started reading. Not only did I see a place to download the sealed portion, but I also saw a place to download the Book of Lehi (116-page lost manuscript). I remember thinking, “The book of Lehi. Of course. Why wouldn’t it be available too?” I had researched the book previously and knew that Mormon was the author. I knew that if I read it, I was familiar enough with Mormon and his writing style that I would be able to recognize it, if it was him. I downloaded the Book of Lehi and began to read. I read the first three verses. It was Mormon alright. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I just couldn’t believe it was translated and nobody told me.

    I quickly finished the Book of Lehi. Mormon broke it to me that the church was just as it was in the time Lehi left Jerusalem, which made a lot of sense. Everything I read made so much sense, I couldn’t not believe. I quickly read The Sealed Portion and found the answers to most of my questions. I had finally come across information and gained an understanding that brought me peace. Finally! I had found the peace I had sought.

    I was 1st counselor in the elder’s quorum at the time and my wife was in the young women’s presidency. We were the model active LDS family. At first, my wife thought I was nuts and that I would loose interest. I knew what I had found and was more interested in it than anything I have ever been interested in. I joined the discussion group and found out that the translator was holding a symposium. I figured I should take the opportunity to meet him. I let my wife know I was planning on attending the symposium to see the translator. She was not happy. When I returned, she wondered what I thought. I remember turning to her and saying: “It is legitimate. The guy knows what he is talking about.” She couldn’t believe I was where I was at. She wanted no part of it, but she trusted me. I think the trust she had in me gave her enough reason to look. She started to read, but soon put the book down. She liked what she read. but the truth was hard for her to take. A few weeks later, she decided that she would read the book. This time, to know for herself if it was what it claimed to be. It was hard for us to realize our whole world had just changed. We had 7 kids and realized the day we introduced them to the truth that we would have to leave the church we had loved our whole lives.

    We decided to talk to our two oldest girls Friday night. I showed them the book and they looked at me with wonder. The oldest asked, “So this is it? This is the sealed portion? It’s translated?” We had family home evening and family scripture study. The only book of scripture we read together, since I was in charge, was the Book of Mormon. We had discussed the coming forth of the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon enough for them to know the significance of what I held. Then the discussion began. My wife was worried how they would take it because of her difficulty. I ended up staying up and talking to them until 6 am, explaining the information and consequences of what it meant. They accepted every word I said. I explained that Sunday would be our last Sunday going to church and that we hadn’t told the little kids because we figured thy might not be able to keep silent in their classes.

    We attended church and afterwords we scheduled a meeting with the bishop. We politely told him we would not be attending church again. This caught him totally by surprise, but we felt we needed to tell him and be honest instead of just going inactive. Later that day, we told the rest of our children.

    It has been a process for us to leave everything we knew as being right and good. We understood what we had to do as we learned the truth about the church and its leaders. We still love the church, but see it now for what it is. As we learned what the lord really expected of us, as we were exposed to the truth of his gospel, it seemed too easy.

    We were used to having home evening Monday night, enrichment Tuesday night, mutual Wednesday night, Thursday was sometimes open, or we would do visits in elder’s quorum; Saturday night seemed to be always filled with meetings and then Sunday, the three hour block with presidency meetings before, and it seemed there was usually something we ended up staying after for, and choir later after lunch, and the occasional Sunday evening fireside. There was cleaning the church Saturdays. (I don’t know why they always called us. I suppose because we would show up if we were asked.) There was home teaching and district numbers that needed turned in every month. Visiting teaching and young woman activities. Temple attendance, genealogy, and family history work that Monica always would work on when she could find the time. Personal journals, personal scripture study, family scripture study, and prayer every time we turned around. There was time spent preparing for lessons and preparing for and attending ward parties. There was also the tithing thing, which we never slid on. Oh ya, and missionary work. All this effort, all this time, all these requirements we did without fail. We were as righteous as we knew how to be, we were expending all sorts of energy; we were expending all sorts of time, in doing what we knew we must (at the time), in order to be righteous.

    The Jews got in trouble for looking beyond the “mark.” It had to be important if it was mentioned in the scriptures that way. If asked what the “mark” was before this work, I would have to have said, “I don’t have a clue.” It wasn’t because I hadn’t asked; I had wondered what the mark was for a long time. I had asked others in the ward; they didn’t know anymore that I did. NO ONE KNEW! All this effort, all this time, and I had no understanding of what the scriptures were even talking about. See why I was frustrated! After all that study, I had nothing but loose ends when it came to the scriptures!

    We went from not having time to think, to wondering what we should do. The truth had set us free. We replaced the yoke of the church with the yoke of Christ, and boy what a difference. Today we do what makes us happy. This is our religion now.

    Because of who we were and what we did, many members of the church, including members of our family, have had a problem understanding how we could just give up the church like we did. From people’s reactions that know us, it seems they are waiting for God to curse us because of what we did. They actually expect any minute to find us in the depths of hell for our actions. What really confuses them is the fact that we seem happier now and more at peace outside the church than we were in the church. This just doesn’t compute to them. To them, we willingly walked away from our eternal marriage, any chance we had at gaining the Celestial kingdom, all the promises and covenants of the temple, the gift of the holy ghost, and our baptism.

    The truth is, we found one pearl of great price, and we went and sold all that we had and bought it. (Matt 13:42) In the transaction, we found the kingdom of heaven (the happiness and peace) we were looking for.


    1. Gilbert Bertrand

      Kurt, I enjoyed your story. It was long but certainly not boring. I experienced similar things before finally finding the Sealed Portion too. I guess that makes me a nerd also. Gilbert ☺

  21. Joseph Haws

    I already sent in my story but I don’t see it on here. Is there a reason it wasnt published?

    1. Please contact Monica Smith.

      1. I posted mine on back on the saddle post is that ok

  22. Hawley Haws

    My whole life I took notes – health notes, scripture notes, psychology notes, political notes. I loved learning and I wanted to know truth no matter the consequences. 5 years ago I read the Sealed Portion of the book of Mormon. It was amazing but as I went through the early chapters, I ran into information that seemed to contradict my LDS understanding. I knew the book of Mormon was important but as I kept studying, my eyes were opened. I learned that my LDS interpretation was the problem. There was so much more truth.

    By the end of this marvelous book, I understood more than I could have dreamed. Everything promised in my Book of Mormon about the sealed portion was fulfilled. My mind and heart were opened. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt total peace and freedom for the first time in my life! Then I had an idea. I decided to read my copious notes from LDS General Conferences past to see if there were any changes after the Sealed Portion was offered and denied by the church leaders in 2004. To my amazement, the pages I used to fill with valuable thoughts and information dwindled to much less notes and nothing of importantance.

    My birthday is April 5th so Conference was always a part of it for me. The notes, the choir, sweet rolls, hot cocoa and oranges. What I never realized before was that there were very few real answers to my questions until the Sealed Portion.

    I have since read five other books that are a part of this “Marvelous Work and A Wonder”. I met the True Messenger who brought this all to the world. He is the kindest, most brilliant and loving person I’ve ever met. I’ve read all six books twice now with copious note-taking. What a feast of knowledge!

    Well, last Friday was my 72nd birthday. I decided to watch all the sessions of LDS conference and again take notes. I wanted to pay attention and really be open to any changes, value, and answers.

    Here is the result of my experiment. A few good things were reinforced for me. Jesus taught us to love and “come unto him”. Everything else was just stories, blah blah blah. Nothing new or truly valuable. About three small pages of notes for all four sessions! For me the music was harder to listen to. Sounded like “for show”, not for spirit – much worse than before.

    Sunday night I listened to Christopher’s BlogTalk radio program, unscripted and brilliant. Two hours of new vital valuable information and spur of the moment answers to important questions.

    Almost daily I can read Christopher’s journal and I’m waiting for the seventh book. All of this can be found online and even the precious books (I like paper to study and notate) only cost for the printing. No tithing, no donations, no hours of valuable time, only freely-offered real valuable truth and questions answered.

    Things I’ve noticed because of the LDS church.

    1. A kind, loving, gentle, gay husband changed. Oh he was still gay when he died but he found value in high-priesthood callings. He became stubborn, mean, judge-mental… pushed people away. Even me.

    2. Every health fact I learned I took to the Word of Wisdom. For 45 years this was my way. Now Mormons teach that the Word of Wisdom is symbolic and not so important, as they invest billions into pharmaceutical companies. What about the warning of “conspiring men”?

    3. The Church keeps changing to be more acceptable in the world. Blacks, gays, health, money…

    4. It is focused on “fine-twined linens”, jewels, mansions, high fashion malls, huge mostly empty meeting houses, and the finest temples money can buy. Very few people benefit because of pride greed pride greed…

    5. There is very little understanding of their own scriptures and history. I’ve learned more in the last five years than in all my life before. And I really tried: studied, prayed, had faith, loved, etc.

    Last observation.
    There is more depression, disease, addiction, and suicide (especially among LDS youth) than ever before.

    The Humanity Party, the Marvelous Work and Wonder, and Christopher himself have the solutions.

  23. Jay Benson

    I first heard of this work in November of 2004 from a friend of Christopher who knew him personally. At first I was a little taken back because I thought, “Oh, here’s another one,” however, I found it always intellectually necessary for me to investigate each claim before discounting it. Expecting to find the usual ambiguity of any kind of sound thinking that I have encountered with others who made claims to be someone special, I was a little taken back that I could not immediately discount the Sealed Portion and other things associated with this Work including Christopher.

    I then made it a point of importance to meet Christopher. I remember standing at the door is he gave a hug to my friend who met me there in San Diego where he was residing (giving me instructions how to get there), and I was shocked that my heart and my being seemed to tell me, “this is who I’ve been looking for.”

    In my LDS upbringing, from as far back is the age of 16, my parents had a way of encouraging me, though firmly entrenched in the faith of the Latter-day Saints, that it was okay to search for truth. In fact, it is always been written in my heart that it was okay to leave no stone unturned in order to know all truth. My delusion was that those were in the hierarchy of the LDS Church had in some way achieved the highest level of human understanding.

    I served an LDS mission and was considered among the best in my mission. When I got home I went to college and attended the LDS Institute of Religion never taking less than 4 to 5 credit hours per quarter. My heavy emphasis was in LDS church history. My early working career caused me to lessen my intensity in religious studies but I never lost my faith. I taught LDS Seminary for a short time but found my work responsibilities were too overpowering to continue. At 30 I began a career in the Navy as a commissioned officer. Following 6 years of active duty I relentlessly pursued something but I didn’t know what it was. I guess I thought it was career, but I realized did I just did not have all the answers in life that I needed to have. Finally in the early nineties I had an influential LDS Bishop who got me involved in Constitutional issues and it was in my involvement in those things that I went to a homeschool conference where I met the oldest son of Ezra Taft Benson, president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Reed Benson knew my Bishop and, pulling the two of us aside, he quietly whispered the following, “my father told me that the Lord told him, citing Mormon 1:16, that he was to say no more to the church.” This was in 1991. I resolved that if this was true then everything he said as president of church could be accumulated into a single document. I proceeded to the LDS Church Historical Library, obtained a copy of the Benson bibliography and put together a book of about 229 pages which contained everything he said as president of the church, and titled it the “Words of President Ezra Taft Benson.” There was intense interest in this and I sold many copies of it. I concluded that all those bretheren who felt it their duty to steady the “ark of the church” as they spoke in LDS General Conference voided their supposed Melchizedek priesthood authority and should have been aware of the silence of the prophet, not speaking over him.

    Throughout the nineties I studied many things about the LDS/Mormon church very intensely, one of the most important of which was the Documentary History of the LDS Church by Joseph Smith. I was also very interested in Isaiah and the Book of Mormon and did a study to find out how many chapters of Isaiah were contained in the Book of Mormon. To my shock, what I considered to be the most important chapter, chapter 1 of Isaiah, was missing from The Book of Mormon. I couldn’t understand this since it gave the basic outline and premise for the Lord’s controversy with Israel or, in other words, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as I perceived it to apply to modern times.

    By 2002, having searched for almost 10 years for this marred servant spoken of in Isaiah, I had all but given up on the hope of finding such a person. When I first laid eyes on Christopher in December of 2004, I could scarcely believe that my heart told me I had found who I was looking for.

    Since then everything that I have seen about the Marvelous Work and a Wonder has never failed to prove itself on its own merits and the weight if common sense and sound judgment.

    I have heard the proposals and conclusions of this work from its spokesman and messenger and read the sound reasoning of it’s mentors and cannot find anything wrong within it. In college I studied geography and economics and also received a secondary education certificate, and found this work more sound than anyting I have ever studied. To my astonishment, this work provided an answer to a burning question: “where is chapter 1 of Isaiah?” My answer was contained in the lost 116 pages of the Book of Mormon known as the Book of Lehi.

    One of the most troubling things I have observed over the years that I have followed this work is that people reject it because they assume that the goals and results are unachievable. I will say this, I don’t care how they may appear, I only care if they will work if every human being would accept them, if they should be initiated in the world and if they will bring equality and Universal happiness to every human being on this Earth. And if the whole world is against me and this Work and those who brought it forth, it doesn’t matter. The things at The Marvelous Work and a Wonder and the Humanity Party have proposed will work, will bring about the universal happiness of all humans, achieving equality, and ending poverty and creating a perfect world.

    This Work has the answer to every question any human being may have which addresses human happiness and the nature of our existence. While I understand that I’m an extremely imperfect example of this work. I know it’s true, it’s messenger is a True Messenger and the Mentors of this Work are who they claim to be. I have no other reason to exist on this Earth than to support it in my small way. As I said in the beginning, I have left no stone unturned to find the Real Truth: I just never anticipated how profound it would be and that it would include no church or other earthly institution.

  24. Pat Ferguson

    As I have been in contact with the work since 2005, and as I have set about experimenting on the word, I have come to realize the only way for me to be truly happy is to have the Humanity Party implemented. Every other bit of happiness I thought I felt because of the work reminds me that capitalism sets me apart from others and it causes me to be a slavemaster to many. That is a transitory happiness at best.

    I’d love to see people grasp the simplicity of how the Humanity Party could work. Until it does, I feel like I’m just marking time in this dream existence of my Advanced Human.

    I love thinking of how it would be if we as humans really practiced our equality.

  25. tanyadevany

    I was born into the LDS (Mormon) faith. When I was seven I decided to read some of my Book of Mormon for the first time. I took it to an empty room, and as I opened the pages, I had the most extraordinary feeling. It was strong – a strong, incredible feeling that what I was doing was good and right. Far stronger than any subsequent feeling I would later come to be taught was from the Holy Ghost. I unfortunately assumed that if the Book of Mormon was good and right, it must mean that this church that used it and told me to read it was good and right too.

    I became very faithful and dedicated to the LDS church. As an adult I tried to “magnify every calling” (go the second mile on every church assignment or commandment we had, as they taught us to to do), and developed a chronic illness from the stress this caused.

    I never doubted the church, although I had many questions because some things didn’t make any sense. It upset me a great deal that we seemed to have so many advantages over others – there were just millions of us LDS, and yet billions of our spiritual brothers and sisters. Yet we were taught that only we could get into the highest part of Heaven, and knew that we were supposed to work hard to get there, and only we had the Gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us there.
    I didn’t like this doctrine.
    The only thing I could think of to make this fair, was to convert everyone! And I obviously couldn’t do that, so this added to my stress. No other members I spoke to seemed concerned about this, which made me feel the responsibility even more.

    I began to have more questions. I did what I was taught to do when we have questions: I searched, pondered, prayed. A few times I asked other LDS members for their thoughts, but they’d look at me like a rebel for questioning things, so I learned not to do that. My husband hated deep thinking and would change the subject whenever I asked him anything, so I rarely asked him either. But for over a year I really hounded the Lord with my questions, fasted and pondered deeply and with much frustration that I wasn’t getting anywhere. I prayed in the Celestial room (considered by the LDS as the most holy part of the temple, where you’re more likely to get answers from the Lord). I prayed (at home) daily with perfect faith, I kept the commandments. And yet I got nothing! I worried I’d wearied the Lord with all my pestering for so long.
    But he promised!
    Several scriptures promised me that if I asked in faith, the Lord would answer.
    So I carried on.

    I went through a period of really homing in on my humanity. I became better at empathising with others’ difficult situations. I fine-tuned myself, and then my stress for the disadvantaged became really awful. How could a loving Heavenly Father allow this world to be like this!

    Then one day, out of the blue, my husband asked if I would like a blessing. He gave it to me, and I was told two notable things. First – I was about to receive a significant improvement in my health. (What my husband didn’t know was that the previous day, I’d discovered something that I knew was going to dramatically improve the autoimmune disease I’d developed as a result of all the stress I’d been through. And yes, by the end of that week – just days after being given this blessing – I was dramatically improving.)
    And the second thing I was told was that the Lord was grateful for my questions (which my husband had no idea about), and that I was about to receive the wisdom I was looking for.

    Within a fortnight I did a Google search to see what Joseph Smith said about past lives. I’m not sure how Christopher’s testimony of seeing Joseph in the Salt Lake Temple came up from this search, but that’s what I found. Of course I’d been well trained by the LDS church not to read anything anti-Mormon, but the way it was written sounded so much like what Joseph Smith wrote in the 1800s, I got straight on my knees and prayed to know if it was ok for me to read this. For the second time in my life, I felt that extraordinary, strong, incredible feeling that something was good and right. Nothing at all like the feelings I was taught were from the Holy Ghost. Without this strong assurance, I would never have read on.

    I read Christopher’s testimony. I was bowled over, but I knew he was right.
    From this I found and read the Sealed Portion, and was further bowled over, many times.
    But it made sense.
    It was kinder and more logical than what I was taught in church. I had to re-train my brain many times, to get rid of my former beliefs and “become as a little child”. It was hard. But it was good.

    After reading the Sealed Portion twice, I realised how incredibly judgmental I’d been as a Mormon. I’d felt like a very righteous person, and yet I had judged so much!
    I also realised how very equal I was to every single other person on this earth. I had thought that I already knew that. But it wasn’t until after reading this book that I truly realised it. I had told myself I viewed everyone as equal, but had still gone around feeling middle class, and blessed above others for keeping commandments.

    Once the Sealed Portion taught me about the three humanity types, I saw people in a completely different way. I’d always viewed my sister as someone who was bad, because she didn’t want to serve others. I now knew this was another way I’d been judging. I realised the way I’d always felt righteous for serving, was simply me doing exactly what my sister was doing – we were both doing what it took for us to be happy. I truly was no better.
    It hurt my ego to realise this, but I loved it!
    It was far kinder and more beautiful than anything I’d ever been taught.
    I stopped looking down on my sister for being who she was.

    I read every other book Christopher had on his site. I read all day long while my children were in school, barely doing anything else. I just couldn’t get enough. It was the most exciting thing I’d ever found. I suppose marvellous, and a wonder.

    Light after light lit for me.
    I stopped stressing about how we were going to afford a bigger house – we didn’t need one.
    I stopped worrying about any worldly successes. Ahh – the sweet relief!
    I finally understood the scripture that says we should take on the yoke of the Lord, for the yoke of the Lord is easy and his burden is light! (Matt 11:29-30, New Testament)
    I stopped wearing clothes that made me look more well off than others. I’d been walking around creating inequality everywhere I went! I’d always avoided extravagant clothes, but once I understood why this was bad, I realised I was still part of the problem.
    I realised that dressing in an even more humble way made less well-off people feel ‘safer’ around me. I was one of them.
    I hope I no longer cause the knee-jerk reactions that people have when they feel inferior.

    I’m teaching my family why it’s a kind idea to do the same. It’s hard to do without contradicting their religious leaders, and while respecting their free agency. But we’ve had some success!

    I became more compassionate, even though I’d thought I always had been. I realised that many of the things I’d done as a religious person to try to convert people and help them, had actually been terribly unkind and controlling. In my efforts to be good, I’d been pretty bad! I’d meant well, but the way I meant it didn’t help the people I’d done it to.

    I no longer accept any teaching on blind faith, including Christopher’s. My “kingdom of God is within”. I “trust not the arm of flesh” ( i.e. the power of man, 2 Nephi 4:34, Book of Mormon).
    Christopher has taught some things I couldn’t get for a while. I did not blindly accept them, but continued to try to understand them.
    When I finally understood them, I realised I loved them.

    I realised what brainwashing was, and stopped doing it to my children. I’d used a lot of manipulative language to get them to accept without questioning what I thought the Lord wanted them to. I now teach them to question everything, including me. Their “kingdom of God is within”, too.
    Unfortunately half of my children will no longer listen to much that I say, as in their view I left the only true church, so must have some kind of spiritual defect.
    It is my fault they won’t listen – I brainwashed them well. It causes much distress to me that I damaged my children this way. Religion damaged my children. It’s like smoking – it’s a wonderful thing to quit, but some damage is already done.

    I finally understand Christ’s gospel, not the one my former religion had replaced it with. The Code of Humanity. I LOVE it.

    1. I love your story. You seem to be very open minded about things now. Unfortunately I haven’t left the church now due to one or two reasons but very soon I will put that behind me and start completely anew. I sit a church sometimes, and then ask myself what the hell I’m I doing here. I’ve been following MWAW for some years now, and it has been interesting even though still have unanswered questions. Thanks.

      1. tanyadevany


  26. Johnathan Buma

    I’ll try to boil this down and make it simple, as there are many other stories better told above:
    – I was born under the covenant (for those with eyes that see) into a LDS family in the heart of the Salt Lake City valley.
    – I was raised in “the church” with some of my first memories being church hymns being sung in the chapel on Sundays while I played on my mother’s lap as a baby. I sung “Jesus Wants Me To Be a Sun Beam” in primary class…
    – In all, I received the complete LDS upraising package, with those lessons sinking deep into my young mind, even as I could care less and completely ignored most of the lessons.
    – I turned away from church teachings, as I was bored to the bone. I equally ignored my public education all the way through high school, completely winging my graduation.
    – For nearly the first half of my life, all I wanted to do was have fun, and I was good at it…notwithstanding my omnipresent burning desire to understand the truth of all things as they REALLY are, outside of all of the BS.
    – There are a few inflection points in a life, where an event happens that disrupts you and completely changes your prospective and trajectory in life – a paradigm shift, if you will.
    – My first paradigm shift occurred when I became a teenage parent. This forced me to think in terms of the needs of someone besides myself. This gave me the motivation to actually apply myself academically. It also forced me to consider what I would teach this innocent child about the meaning of life. In short, I “returned to the fold” and became active in the church again, after reading the Book of Mormon for the first real time at the age of 21 and having the most unimaginable burning sensation in my chest when I asked “God” with sincere intent in prayer whether the Book of Mormon was true. After receiving a full manifestation of the truth from what I believed to be the “Holy Ghost,” I felt I must be active in the church and attend the temple, otherwise, I’d be denying the Holy Ghost and would be damned.
    – When I finally attended the temple at the age of 22, I expected to “feel the spirit” the same way I felt it when I would sing hymns on Sunday and would have all of my hairs raise on my head as I felt the connection to a higher power. I was dumb struck as I received my temple endowment blessing and observed the presentation beginning in the Garden of Eden, progressing through the Telestial, Terrestrial and ending in the Celestial room. I was told I was lucky to be at the main temple in Temple Square, seeing a presentation with real actors, as opposed to a video, which was the case in other temples. It was all confusing, a real let down, and nobody seemed to REALLY understand the meaning of the wrote motions they were going through in the ceremonies.
    – At 26, I completed college and started a career in biological research. 5 years later, I changed my line of work to something completely different, but that’s another story for another time. Suffice it to say, my life and passion, even in work, has always been about pursuing REAL truth.
    – In any case, I stayed just active enough in the church through the years to baptize my two sons.
    – 15 years after I believed the Holy Ghost told me the Book of Mormon was true, in 2014, I had become a critic of the church. I told myself, I can never deny what I felt concerning my question about the Book of Mormon, however, I cannot vouch for the church any longer, given its behavior – treatment of homosexuals, making poor people feel obligated to pay 10% of their income to the already rich church, teaching the concept of blind faith in church leaders, not giving women the priesthood, repeating Brigham Young’s racist views concerning African Americans, etc.
    – I resolved to read the Book of Mormon again all the way through and try to replicate the same strong burning feeling I felt 15 years prior. Upon completing the book again, I went to a private place and prayed to feel the spirit again. I did feel something fleeting, but not as strong as it was 15 years earlier. Something was missing. Something was telling me to keep digging, so I did. Within a week, I stumbled on Youtube video about the 10 problems with Mormonism (or something to that effect). One of the so called problems is that other people have created great literary works, such as J.R. Token’s Lord of the Rings, which described many overlapping cultures living at a different time, with equal or greater complexity to the Book of Mormon. Another example given was the “Christopher Marc Nemelka,” (Christopher) who claimed to have translated/written the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon and produced more than 700 pages of scripture…. It showed a photograph of Christopher that looked just like Jesus Christ with long and a white shirt in all. This peaked my interest, and I did some Googling only to stumble upon a ton of derogatory information being put out there by Christopher’s enemies. I still kept digging though, because I well know there were two sides to every story, and I wanted to feast my eyes on this so-called scripture that he had produced and be a judge for myself. Within 48 hours, I had read the Book of Lehi (lost 116 pages), the first few chapters of the sealed portion and other samples of Christopher’s writings. I know that the information conformed perfectly to what had been prophesied in form, fit and timing. I spent the next 6 months reading all of the books, other writings, videos and shows done by Christopher. The more I learned, the more certain I was that he had access to REAL TRUTH, while still being an imperfect human being at the same time, serving as a smoke screen and a stumbling block for the majority of people who could not focus on the information being provided beyond the stumbling blocks. For instance, many are turned away by the foul language (I actually really like it, since it’s how I personally talk, never could clean up my own mouth). The strange thing was I felt that I remembered the information I was absorbing from Christopher, that I was just being reminded of what I already knew. After studying everything I could for about a year, starting in 2014, my perception had completely changed. This was my second major paradigm shift in my life at the age of 38 – finding what I believe to be REAL TRUTH.
    – My new perception liberated me in many ways, but it has also increased my sorrow for the direction this world is headed. In the beginning, I shared some of the delicious fruit that I was eating on occasion – descriptions of our purpose, how to solve poverty… – but I soon realized ALMOST NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR THE TRUTH and almost nobody gives a flying fuck about really understanding who we are, why we exist, how to solve poverty! People, and that includes my family and friends, just DO NO GIVE A SHIT and are locked away within their own universe, and there nothing wrong with that. So…. I stopped sharing my views and just have been working on being true to myself and finding some semblance of happiness. Sure, when asked, I’ll passionately engage in metaphysical philosophy, but I can count on one hand the number of people willing and able to do that with me.
    – Yes, it’s risky for someone in my line of work to put my real name out here vouching for a guy (well, it’s actually the information behind the guy, which I’m vouching for) who has been to prison and many people think is a bad person. But, I promise, if one really takes the time to study his teachings, one will realize Christopher is just a guy who is trying to help EVERYONE find value in life and trying to solve poverty by presenting a completely new way of thinking. Many of the great scientists have said that without a completely new way of thinking, a global paradigm shift, humanity on its current trajectory is doomed.
    – Since finding what I believe to be the truth, I’m not going to say that everything has been peachy in my pursuit to discover who I REALLY AM and live according to what humanity type I am (I’m still not sure), I have caused pain in my personal relationships in my effort to be ruthlessly truthful… I divorced my wife of 16 years and re-married (this person also does not give a fuck BTW and it bugs me) … My family and friends have seen me go through a “mid-life crisis,” because I have questioned EVERYTHING.
    – Despite the pain of knowing, I must be a masochist, because I lust after the truth of all things and can’t not seek the truth. That’s just how I’m built. So even now, I feast my eyes on EVERYTHING Christopher writes because the information (wherever it may come from) adds prospective in the most unique and transformative way, surpassing any other source I’ve ever encountered. It’s truly marvelous, and I’m proud to associate my name with this work.
    – I get how Christopher must feel – being frustrated that the information he provides is so profound and almost nobody gives a fuck, being frustrated in people’s inability to understand and see through their thick brain washed lenses, being all alone as the only messenger of this type. It’s no wonder that he swears…
    – I must confess, I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this work – being able to explain EVERYTHING about human existence, to include presenting guidance of how to tweak an already existing and broken government so that it will serve ALL the people.
    – I’m happy to discuss with anyone who would like to email me.

    Johnathan Buma

  27. Leslie Gene Lilly

    I’ve always wanted to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have found it and it has set me free to be a better me. Everything I ever needed to know about religion I have found in the marvelous work and a wonder. Everything I ever needed to know about politics, humanity, and science I have found in the Humanity Party. If you want to know more seek it out on your own. You are the master of your own life not any other fucking person. We wake up or the game of life will soon be over for us. I still cling to the hope that we can, but I don’t believe we will. I strive to be at peace, strong and healthy, at 71 years of age I can say in all honesty I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m getting real fed up with all the inhumanity and insanity that is all around us. Our only hope is to implement the proticals of the Humanity Party.
    In the interim, as we seed rapidly to our annihilation. Strive to be good to yourself and to others.

  28. Joshuah Spencer

    The Marvelous Work And A Wonder has helped me find the real Christ, and the true Father. I’m a better person because of my understanding of human nature, and the royal law. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I’m more patient, kind, and understanding. I am not a judgmental jerk like I used to be, and am more forgiving of others. I understand the Book Of Revelation, after years of searching for answers, and confusion.

  29. -David Aschenbrenner
    How profound and Wonderful is this Work… becoming aware of my True Self is a journey that I would not have made if it wasn’t for the MWAW True Message. Hope is so important and seeing others flourishing in truth is Marvelous! Becoming aware of who I am puts the responsibility of who i am square on my shoulder and is defining who I am while defining everybody else as equally wonderful.
    How can I say more…read the ****** books…or not.

  30. Cheryl Patton

    This story was originally displayed about 2010 on a previous MWAW website.
    “Please, just show me the Truth!” I earnestly prayed vocally as I had been taught by my LDS upbringing. This was late 2005 or early 2006, after I had been actively searching for truth in many anti-Mormon books, NDE books (near-death experiences), gnostic gospels and lost books of the Bible and corresponding websites. I seemed to sense what I was looking for, but nothing really fit the bill.
    Finally in May of 2006 I accessed a link at the Greater Things website that took me to Of couse I knew that 2/3 of The Book of Mormon was yet to be translated, but I wasn’t really searching for it. I was searching for Truth! As I started reading The Sealed Portion on that royal blue computer screen, I felt the words resonating with my soul and that I had finally found what I had been searching for! I read it all within 3-4 days, at home or at work–it didn’t matter. And I felt myself shedding tears of joy, unlike the “guilt-tears” I had previously shed at LDS testimony meetings. The only issue I had a little problem with was the homosexual one due to my erroneous LDS teachings, but that was soon cleared up upon further reflection.
    I was raised LDS, with ancestors reaching back into the 1830s, some who knew Joseph Smith. But I lived in New Jersey, where there were very few Church members, and my parents would have been considered liberal, as they rarely talked about religious subjects, although we did attend our meetings.
    There seemed to be some seeds of truth within the Church. The concept of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ speaking to us through the prophet Joseph Smith was intriguing. I came to revere the prophet, especially as I read some of his writings, as in the Lectures on Faith and section 121 of the Doctrine and Covenants.
    The word “truth” is mentioned in both of these.
    I can remember the first time the plan of salvation was introduced to me. Although the Mormons have somewhat of an erroneous concept concerning the whole plan, the general idea made sense. The part that doesn’t make sense (except to the LDS) is trying to cram everyone into the top degree of the Celestial Kingdom, as if the other kingdoms did not exist! But then, how could they justify their claims as guardians of our salvation, if there were no need for temples, endowments, Priesthood or tithing?
    I was pretty much a true-believing Mormon, even when I married outside of the temple at age 20. I had been bitten by the bug after going to BYU, to learn more about my religion. Being in the Honors Program, I had instructors the likes of Hugh Nibley, Truman Madsen and Chauncy Riddle. They really didn’t seem any different from the rest of us. In fact, Hugh Nibley used to lapse into periods of muttering to himself or just staring into space.
    My husband didn’t want a temple marriage because he “didn’t want the Church telling him what to do” and has since admitted that he was afraid that he would have just gotten up and walked away out of the endowment session, if he came upon some promise that he was not willing to make.
    As a young woman, I always felt sandwiched between the Church and my husband, trying to marry the two, but it never worked. So, I took the resulting guilt upon myself, wondering what was wrong with me? I never was nor ever will be “Molly Mormon”, so here is more guilt.
    Something that was not my fault, however, was the Church’s policy of not letting me go to the temple to take out my endowments. My husband even signed an appeal and forwarded to the Church leaders to that effect. Of course I missed my brother’s wedding at the Washington DC temple–the only time I have known my parents to actually go to the temple.
    Finally in 1986 the policy changed, and I went with my Relief Society president. Surely there must be a “feast of truth” inside the temples! That’s why no one will talk about what goes on there, isn’t it? Well, I was pretty confused that first time I went at age 38. And it didn’t get much better after subsequent visits.
    I still didn’t get it that everyone was “play-acting” about the endowment, but into my 40s and 50s the hypocrisy inside the Church became apparent to me. The same people- the insiders–were recycled into all the leadership positions. This definitely left me out, as I had no “Priesthood-worthy” husband to politic for me. My children were confused, especially the boys. My daughter stuck it out for a temple wedding, but the two boys left during adolescence,
    Still, this didn’t bother me as much as the lack of vision I saw in the leadership. Where were the prophets of yesteryear? Did we have anyone speaking as a Nephi? A Moroni? Or a Joseph Smith? The second coming was coming, wasn’t it? Didn’t we believe in continuing revelation? Where was it, other than in the tired-old platitudes of a year’s supply and staying out of debt? And didn’t the prophets of old incur the wrath of the people? Wasn’t part of a prophet’s job to teach the words of Christ? And to be like Christ, whatever the consequences? Seems like our leaders enjoyed the adulation of the members more than they wanted to be examples of Christlike behavior.
    Anyway, these were some of my thoughts when I discovered The Sealed Portion in 2006. I first met Christopher when I attended a symposium in San Diego in November, by then being thoroughly convinced of the truthfulness of the book I had found. I found Christopher to be one of the most instantly likeable humans I had ever met! He exudes caring and concern for all of those around him, so in coming to this seminar I also felt that I had “come home”.
    I have read all of the other MWAW books and have had my name removed from the records of the LDS Church. I am much happier now, as I can accept everything happening here as temporary. My real life is when I have an “aha” moment when something clicks in my essence about truth and reality. The outside world can go on like it always has, but the truth and reality I have found within myself permits me to weather any storm life can throw at me. And so I have accepted this Marvelous Work and a Wonder and The Humanity Party as the truth that Christopher and our advanced selves have provided for us at this time. I am really enjoying reading Christopher’s Autobiography as each chapter comes out. And I’m sure that I will enjoy The Dream of Mortal Life book even more, should I be privileged to be alive when it is published.
    Cheryl Patton, 208-377-4583

  31. Gilbert Bertrand

    I first came to know of The Marvelous Work and a Wonder® on April 22th, 2014 at 10:57 AM after my brother, who knew that I had been searching to find the truth for a long time, called me and told me that he had found a very interesting video on Youtube that he was sending me by email.

    Here is the actual email that I received from my brother Marc:
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Gilbert Bertrand
    Apr 22, 2014 at 10:57 AM

    Here’s something interesting I found and may interest you…

    Marc Bertrand
    Electronic Engineering Technician / Technicien en génie électronique
    Instrumentation Design & Support Section (IDSS) / Section de la Conception & Support d’Instrumentation (SCSI)
    Health Products and Food Branch / Direction Général des Produits de Santé et des Aliments
    Room D406, Sir Frederick G. Banting Research Centre,251 Sir Frederick Banting Driveway, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9 P.L. 2204D
    Telephone: (613) 957-0970 Fax: (613) 234-2099 BlackBerry: (613) 797-3201
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    That same evening, within 5 minutes of looking and listening to Christopher, I knew that he was a prophet just like Joseph Smith and that he had been commanded to bring this work now for the last time in these last days. I recognized this instantly and I made sure that my brother would be aware of this the next day when I called him back. I told him:
    Brother, this is it, this is what I have been searching for!

    I immediately started to read all the books associated with The Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW). After I had finished reading the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon I somehow acquired an unusual desire for native French speakers to find it in their language, if they were looking for it.

    I first met Christopher Marc Nemelka while attending the MWAW Critic’s Symposium on June 16th 2016, in Salt Lake City, Utah, during the introduction of the Humanity Party®. THumP® has a plan that has not been proven wrong by anyone, that will solve poverty and inequality in this world.

    Two days later, I had the privilege to exchange greetings with Christopher and I was impressed with the great kindness and the unusual intelligence that I could feel coming out of his person. It was just a brief moment and one that I will remember as an opportunity to meet the person who is responsible for giving me the knowledge of who I am and why I exist.

    Since that time, my life has completely changed and I have come to realize of the greatness of this work and of the REAL TRUTH in my life. Because of it, I feel a joy and a happiness that would never have been possible before. This truly is a marvelous work and a wonder. It has transformed not only my life but the life of countless others.

    -Gilbert Bertrand

  32. Craig Nichols

    A few moments ago I was discussing with a friend about the MWAW testimonies. I took some time to listen to all of them on my phone, after an hour and a half I was quite pleased from what I had heard. I told my friend:

    “I spent all my time with you and …… and a few others telling it separately. Each time I learned something new. My story is not concrete and evolves each time I tell it. My mind finds more things true about it as I reflect, I learn more from my telling of it and the things I did at the time. Why I was who I was, how I acted as I did, and how I came to the conclusions that I had come to.”

    I enjoy personal reflection (at least I have these last few years) to know who I am and why and how I became what I am. For those reasons I have always enjoyed religion. And at the time, because I had never tested it, the church seemed to make sense and I never questioned it. I have always been a very logical person, in part from the influence of doing PC technical support in the past that affected my mind, and in part from my natural intelligence and embracing of scientific principles and programming on an Atari as a child. That Atari sure was fun! My Atari fulfilled my needs and wants and desires unlike any other device before it or since. Entertainment has always been my saving grace. Without it I could not exist. Star Trek helped me have hope in a better existence. I always felt the church was true because of the Book of Mormon but I never went to church. I interpreted the book as I saw it, which meant I could see more signs and clues of real truth than the average LDS, who read instruction manuals telling him what each verse meant, could see. At the age of 20 I read the book 5 times and never picked up the book again until:

    Until I found this beautiful woman who loved God and so I wanted to know God. Yup, that’s what did it (and that’s when I went back to church for the first time since I was a child and repented of all of my sins). 😉 WINK Truly, I always had a desire to learn and to know; though it was only until I found someone who appreciated me but also needed my help to feel well in this world, that I cared at all about church or priesthood or spiritual blessings or truth beyond casual web surfing. From that time forth in my mid 30’s, I became a new person. Instead of finding ways to feel balanced for myself, something I always needed to pursue because my religious beliefs kept me out of balance my whole life, I instead concentrated on the problems of others. For me, that was quite a relief! During this time and before I met this woman, I had been searching online for various truths the church never bothered to mention! I called it forbidden knowledge. Aliens, ancient civilizations, possession (strange the one truth church had no information on this), fallen angels, Nephalem, different ancient translations of the Bible, apocrypha, and other topics. I was fascinated by the book of Enoch, it having parallels to the Book of Mormon and was another testimony of Jesus Christ, just as the church claimed the Book of Mormon was.

    For the first time in my life I was happy and I felt at peace. But it wasn’t something that would last long. There was trouble for me in the distance. I thought my journey in the church and going through the temple was the most major part of my life and what would reshape me forever. It turned out to only be the beginning!

    My relationship with this woman didn’t go well, and considering I’d been lied to about the very nature of love itself, I don’t wonder why. Truly though, what ended it was unrealistic expectations we each had for the other and our inability to change our personal lives to meet the needs of the other long term. Because I felt strongly our love was eternal, and I felt I had received revelation about it in my patriarchal blessing, it took me years to begin to cope with what had occurred. The fact that we are still friends today and never found fault in the other, made it easier and more difficult at the same time. I was so out of balance that it took all my strength to get out of bed in the morning.

    For the first time in my life I was TOTALLY desperate for balance. During this period I defended the church online and found out all kinds of things from the people I debated with. I only did a very good job of it because I realized, unlike many LDS who did the same online, that I had to rewrite what I said about the church to not appear a deep hypocrite and to be proven inconsistent. As I went about my days I felt this powerful light guiding me and it is what kept my life intact. It gave me balance, and so I continued. I finally gave it up, for a time, because the people were so cruel to me and so mean that even that light couldn’t convince me to continue. During that time I found a few videos about people being excommunicated. I made note of them but didn’t fully research all of them. I think Ida Smith was one of them. I had no real interest in an apostate. I needed my church to strengthen me and going to church helped make my deep internal suffering, that was still going on at this time on occasion, not to fully overwhelm and and leave me in absolute despair. Preparing for the temple and doing priesthood responsibility and making new friends really helped me discover who I was alone, outside of a deep relationship with another.

    That internal peace I felt returning to church was partly enabled from the relationship I had at the time. As the years passed I realized more and more my strength came from within me and my relationship with God (as I saw it at the time) and not from the church. The last few years I served I did it for others in the community through teaching gospel doctrine and elder’s quorum and being a part of the Elder’s Quorum presidency. I couldn’t understand why God gave me so many key positions when I was literally decades behind in learning what others had known all their lives. It made me very humble but it also gave me purpose and personal power and good self esteem. Many in the church were quite attached to me and saw great potential in me. They would enjoy my various testimonies and give me accolades. I’d hear on occasion what I said was exactly what a person needed to hear to feel better about themselves. That really made me feel special and important. With time I realized new converts often were special to other members, so they could affirm what their life purpose and goals were. I was a reminder they had made all the right choices in their lives. What I said made them smile deeply.

    During that period there were sister missionaries who took the time to listen to my story. The older sister missionary was astonished on several occasions of what I said. I was very direct to them, “God told me this…. God told me that….” As if talking to God was some kind of a miracle that they had never experienced before. The last time I saw her, there was fear and astonishment in her eyes. I can’t forget that, because at the time I had no idea why or what I had said that would create this negative response.

    After 6 months of being in the church I assumed it was still true, even over years of a new occurrence, where all my personal revelation didn’t properly match what the church said. If this hadn’t occurred, I’d not have lasted in the church as long as I did. It was normal to me, and it helped me maintain a proper balance and not fall away from God’s church as I understood it at that time. Within a few years reading any pamphlet (like the ones for young adults) or even general conference, as I watched I’d continually translate what they said to what my personal revelation said. I’d always have an excuse as to why the church was true. I couldn’t handle the idea that it may not be. Emotionally I just wasn’t there. At one point I thought shortly before discovering the Sealed Portion, “If I find out the church isn’t true I think I will kill myself.” I felt disappointment inside of me, and for awhile I wondered why that would be! If the church is true, why is God disappointed in my behavior I thought? Shouldn’t my feelings of suicide be one to be cherished from one truly righteous and in the right hand of God?

    While taking BYU starter courses through their Pathway program (church program that gives money off on college and allows admittance to those who wouldn’t normally qualify) I was spending all my free time 4 years ago looking for truth of all kinds. I discovered men who claimed to have seen angels and were guided by angels. I was taught by the Spirit (as I saw it at the time) that these men had equal authority to the general authorities! Instantly my prejudice for other religions the LDS church had installed within me was removed. I wanted to know all the truth these various Christian sects taught including small non-denominational teachings! One particularly stunning vision was about a man thath was about to have the guillotine from his faith in Christ. In the vision he’s in absolute fear as his turn for the guillotine approaches. In that instant Christ appears to him and he feels immediate peace. He’s given communication and his spirit is removed before the chopper takes his life. The point of that story was to not fear as a Christian for knowing the truth, because if you have faith in Christ all things are possible and that fear is not a part of it. Interestingly, if you read Christopher’s biography you will see a similar story concerning Inpendius and when he was killed! I refuse to give sources on these videos to any person because they were very dark subjects that I think could destroy a lot of lives if sought by the wrong people, but it helped me understand this world and more what the truth was meant to be as opposed to what I had been taught my whole life, that I was slowly beginning to feel was a lie.

    Several months after researching this information, I was laying in bed and feeling promptings to go to my computer and look for that excommunication video. I still remembered Ida’s face. I thought, “Why? I have no desire to continue defending the church. It gives me too much pain.” But the message was clear. I continued to feel this way with each thought toward it, and so I followed it as I always had before. I went to the old videos I used to debate with people online. Most of my previous debates were gone but I found a few of them. And there popped up Ida Smith’s video. I immediately took a liking to her! She seemed very intelligent and wise despite her age. It took me several weeks to watch it. But within a week I’d ordered the complete changes to the inspired Bible of the former RLDS church. I was so excited! But then the rest of the video talked about the Sealed Portion. I was pretty baffled, and some harsh things were said about the church. I was fairly neutral about what I felt concerning it and decided to look it up myself. I immediately found it and downloaded it. I began browsing it and realized what I was seeing was real, almost immediately! I was baffled by this. I thought, “Well my church won’t like this but that’s ok.” I was going to get a good nights sleep and investigate in the morning!

    Before I fully started reading the Sealed Portion, I watched the 2011 symposium online. For the first hour of the video I was quite certain this Christopher Nemelka guy was the devil himself. 🙂 hehe. But then I caught myself. I remembered my defense of the church in months/years past. I’m like, he’s using the same tactics I used! If this man is the devil, so am I! I decided immediately I really like this man and found him quite clever. I was sure he was misleading those he spoke to, but nothing dark or misleading had ever stopped me before. I was in my comfort zone still. As I went upstairs to take a break and make a meal, I thought to myself, “I think this man is a prophet.” This startled me because I felt an immediate confirmation. Well that wasn’t something I had expected!

    Now if you’ve been following my story up to this point, you will realize this wasn’t a huge leap for me. The Spirit of God, as I called it, had prepared me well. I’d already confirmed several other prophets of God, one of which had died recently, who had been openly mocked for his previous transgressions and sins. I thought how unfair the people online were to this man who had claimed to have the administering of angels. When I began to find information about Christopher, I realized it was the same ploy by the adversary to stop me from seeing the truth!

    I began to read the Sealed Portion, interrupting myself quite often looking up other scriptures from various LDS sects outside the main Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was baffled to find that each and every church that believed in the Book of Mormon had more revelation since Smith than the LDS church had. I was ASTONISHED, and quite frankly, very upset. 🙂

    I felt as if in heaven as the Sealed Portion described my heavenly parents. I was like, this is it! Hmm well, then came the real message. 😉 WINK

    I had this anger period but I had no reason to doubt what I was reading. Within days I’d convinced my brother and over the next few years taught him the many truths Christopher was teaching me. He had to spend all this time working and providing and I was his only access except occasional spare time to go look himself. He read bits and parts of each book as I read them. Teaching my brother, as I had taught my ex fiance about the LDS church previously, helped me learn the material much better and also gave me continued motivation to learn what a Marvelous Work and a Wonder had to teach me. Remember, I learned knowledge to help others, not always simply for personal reflection or selfish motivation. However, I love the recent article about how all service is selfish and that every person who fulfills their true selves is selfish. But read that article to find out for yourself. I’m no messenger.

    It took a whole year for me to read all those books and somewhere around that time I started reading the journals. At that point I realized the books were great for an introduction, but the journals were the place to read the real truth. I quickly discovered Christopher’s teaching style of one major truth after another not giving it all at once. Each journal I looked for clues and was never disappointed. As the years have progressed he says things plainly he once said in passing only. Realizing the potency of the information he was revealing, I understood immediately why he taught as he did.

    I and many others would have immediately rejected the information, had it been revealed directly without tutoring over a long period. I realize there is only one way to teach humanity the real truth, and that is what Christopher and the brothers have done. They never lied, they only told us according to what we believed; and as we formed greater understanding of what we currently knew, we were shown more things bringing us closer and closer to the real truth! I have grown to have a great deal of respect for the brothers, and made me very excited Christopher was allowed to give rather credible information about them recently. Each and every chapter of his biography, including everything Christopher ever wrote in the past, not once did I regret reading any of it, even when it was harsh and I felt the message was for me. I didn’t want to be like those Christian believers anymore who always pointed fingers and said one passage or another was for someone else and not themselves. I pointed at myself and watched as I formed new opinions about myself and humanity.

    The Sealed Portion removed ALL of my former prejudice. Human Reality opened me to a world that me and my brother had debated as children but didn’t know enough about to come to these amazing conclusions! When I read his rough draft, the Game of Mortal Life: Understanding Human Reality, I was deeply humbled. I had no clue how I could have EVER come up with information even remotely as potent and deep reaching into human reality as the brothers allowed our messenger to go. It was completely not of this world! All my former research was deeply rooted in things of this world, and it was sifting through endless lies for the truth. In fact, I found out early in my journey that NOT ONE video on youtube is true. Not one! It is all lies and only bits of truth here and there. It was completely indecipherable, complete chaos, except that I listened to that light and could tell the difference. The more I discovered the easier it became to find more.

    Through my personal journey I know what was is meant when it says only Lucifer hears your prayers. When we pray we always ask the wrong questions and base them on things of the world. If there is a God, he must be very frustrated with us right now. 😉

    There is a great deal of misleading information out that that points a person away from the real truth. The first time I saw an MWAW video I skipped past it thinking it part of the occult and secret society. There are many testimonies of those who channel and talk to angels and devils and aliens that say similar but never exact things that Christopher teaches. All these people believed these visions but not one was true, not fully. The LDS church has an equal amount of clues and truths in their scripture (if not their doctrine) that Christianity at large things equally repulsive.

    The Sealed Portion is AMAZING. I recently started reading more of it again and got through most of the Adam and Eve stories in the first part of the book. It directly parallels not only what I researched in the past and proving the brothers know everything a truth seeker is looking for, but it also somehow directly parallels real truth they are now revealing almost 15 years later! These are very specific and cannot be random or my vain imagination. I was astonished yet again. Take those stories and relate them to what happened to humanity in the first dispensation in time. If the MWAW was made up and is completely random lies so a desperate guy can sleep with as many women as possible, I would say the probability of that statement is only about 1 trillion to one. But then again, it isn’t for me to convince someone else. It will always be there for others to discover it for themselves. 🙂

    I am always available to talk to anyone on Facebook where I can be easily found. I have registered with the Humanity Party, and my email address is Email me! I’d be glad to respectfully discuss your beliefs and your claims, even if you disagree with my testimony. As I said, I have no prejudice of beliefs or sacred ordinances that help others find value and happiness. I am only interested in the truth, and what you personally believe is true. Because, well, it’s true for you isn’t it?! Likewise, as I’ve said on my FB page, I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me and respect me and my personal search for truth, and also my willingness to stick my neck out for what I believe when I know it will only face rejection. Consider this when you think about how you want to treat me when we meet. You have the advantage, but don’t expect me to lose any sleep over it. 🙂

    Oh did I forget something? How did the MWAW change me life? Well that’s the easiest part. Why didn’t an start with that? Hmmm……

    The Marvelous Work and a Wonder has transformed my life by allowing me to enjoy it instead of spending endless hours to find truth I know is there but I can’t quite find or grasp. I have partaken of the tree of life and drank from the well that cures all thirst for eternity.

    Check out the MWAW website I’ve posted this on. You won’t regret it! That is, if you are genuinely a truth seeker and don’t mind what you find will make your friends and family very unhappy with you. And you might be very unhappy with yourself too unless you are willing to start fresh and have a renewed self esteem, something the MWAW is great at if you are willing and humble and sincerely searching rather than looking to place blame on others to make yourself look good….

  33. ~Damon Cook~

    Contact Information:
    address: 228 W. Garden Park, Orem, UT 84057 phone: 801-636-8511 email:

    I want the world to know my story. I want my family to know my story. I want Stormy and Emma to know my story and to know why your uncle is now allowing you to find out for yourself what you want out of this life.

    I want to take you back to when I was eight years old. One evening, I was with my family and the nightly news came on and told of a story where there was a bombing and lots of people were killed, including children. I watched in horror, wondering what kind of a world we were living in, that little children could be disregarded and disposed of in such a horrific way and wondered whether I was any safer than them. That night, I went to my room, curled up in a ball, sucking my thumb and holding my teddy bear, praying to God that He would fix things and that He would bless all the children in the world. It wasn’t fair that children had to live in such an unsafe world.

    My dad was an LDS Priesthood holder, who had served in the military and went on to San Francisco to become a police officer and then a vice squad officer, hired by the FBI to spy on his own department. He would often come home, complaining about the state of our world. He said that San Francisco was like Sodom and Gomorrah. He was very prejudiced against blacks, gays, transgenders, and transvestites. I heard over and over again that he would love to stand on top of the San Francisco mountains with a blow torch and burn it all down.

    He would often bring home books of mug shots to show the family. He would use these as props in his Family Home Evening lessons to teach us what we should not become like. He once told me that if he did not beat his children, they would turn out just like those people in San Francisco. So, we all feared Dad’s wrath.

    He often fought with my mother, causing her to leave us with babysitters the majority of the time, so she could escape.

    He slept during the day and worked during the evenings so he spent little time with us but the time that he did spend with us, although I do remember some good times, the majority was dealing with his anger.

    Because of my dad’s anger and meanness, and me being a sensitive child, I remember thinking that I did not want to grow up and be anything like my dad. I believed that if I could remain a child, doing childish things, I could avoid becoming a mean adult. This would stay with me throughout the bigger part of my life. It was my coping mechanism.

    When I was twelve, Dad left the police department due to threats to the safety of him and his family. He was retired on a disability retirement. We moved to Utah to be closer to the Mormon church. Dad found a job working at Job Corps as a painter. I remember every morning Dad would put a small, pocket-sized Book of Mormon in his back pocket to read whenever he had a chance. This was the first time that I got interested in the Book of Mormon. I fell in love with it. I read that book over and over.

    Mom and Dad’s marital problems never got better. After high school, during Dad’s studying, he found out about Brigham Young and his polygamy. He tried to convince my mom that she needed to live it with him. She said she wasn’t happy the way things were, what made him think that she could be happy if he involved more women. They decided to get divorced. Dad said he was leaving to go to Mexico. He said he could get a big house from his retirement and hire maids and servants to serve him the rest of his life. Dad told me that if I didn’t go with him, I would never see him again. I knew my mom would forgive me.

    Along the drive, he suggested that we stop at a polygamist ranch (Rockland Ranch). I met Bob Foster, the Priesthood leader. Bob Foster saw that I was a strong, young man who could work hard and offered for me to stay and help them dynamite caves and build into them. He also told me that if God approved, perhaps I could marry a couple of his daughters.

    In time, I became disillusioned by polygamist groups as I came to realize that they all had the same desire for control through Priesthood Authority as the LDS Church that I had left.

    During this time, there was word of a man who had met Jesus and had many experiences on the other side of the veil. His name was David Whitmer. Long story, short. I would meet David Whitmer, move to Saint George and build houses for him for the next six years.

    In 2005, my dad called me, knowing that I loved the Book of Mormon and was waiting for the sealed portion, and told me that there was some crazy guy who claimed to have translated it and would I like a copy? I asked him to get it to me right away. I remember he overnighted it to me and there wasn’t enough time in the day for me to spend reading it. I devoured it every moment I could. In about 2-2 ½ weeks I was completely done. David Whitmer claimed to have read it at the same time. I asked him what he thought of it and he said the guy had made everything up. I was heartbroken. I was angry. I was hurt. I wanted people to stop lying. I remember I threw the book out the window of my truck, while driving down a dirt road. I ignored what that book had done to me … how it helped me understand things more clearly. For now, I was angry and wanted nothing more to do with it.

    Over time, getting to know David Whitmer better, I figured out that he had not met Jesus because of an experience that I had had. I told him, “David, you told me you had met Jesus but it all happened in your head.” He said to me, “Well, is it any less real if it happens in your head?” I was so disappointed. I couldn’t get far enough away from him and this started my search for truth all over again.

    I wanted to know. I had to know. What did God expect of me? I would do ANYTHING to know.

    One night, I was on my hands and knees, completely distraught, begging for answers. The thought popped into my head, “Find out what Christopher Nemelka is doing.”

    I Googled his name and up popped the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. I couldn’t believe all the books that had been written since 2005, when I had read the Sealed Portion. There were two videos on that page called Human Reality, Who We Are and Why We Exist. I watched them over and over and knew, with all certainty, without any doubt, that I had found what I’d been searching for my whole life.

    How has this work changed my life? I have realized I do not need to remain a child, doing childish things. I could have never been like my dad because my heart is that of a child. I love all people and hope the very best for everyone. I realize now that I am in control and in charge of all of my actions. I’ve married a wonderful, beautiful wife who sees the best in me. I really have become a new person. Christopher and the work that he is doing has changed me for the better. It could change the world, if given the chance. I hope anyone wanting to make a drastic change will give the Marvelous Work and a Wonder and The Humanity Party a chance to change them from who they are to who they were always supposed to be.


    My name is Monica Cook and I met Christopher Nemelka for the first time in person on December 22nd, 2013 at an MWAW symposium. At the end of the symposium, Christopher approached us and shook our hands. By that time, I had already read part of his published books and had begun to understand life in ways that I could have never imagined.
    I was born in Peru in a predominantly catholic family. My mother was a devoted catholic and my father was catholic on the books. I am the first of 4 siblings and as children we had so much fun together. I went to a strict nun’s school during all my school years. In our teenage years we struggled with family problems and after a few years we found solace becoming members of the LDS church with the exception of my father. I went on a mission for the church because of my desire to share with others the way to happiness, as I understood it at the time.
    I never had the desire to leave my country for a better land, yet after my sister invited me to reunite with her in the United States, I decided to do it after feeling and seeing that doors were opening for me to be in the USA. I also felt pushed by an unseen hand to get a job after new nursing laws were established for international nurses, the hospital where I was working petitioned for my residency in the country, and I got accepted in a graduate Nursing school.
    When I finished school and was searching for jobs, I met my husband with whom I got married after breaking our engagement once. For some reason we couldn’t let go of each other and now I know why. He was the one who was searching for truth, while I was the molly Mormon very active, good follower and probably the more self-righteous member in my family before and after being married. I was perfectly content with my membership in the LDS church and always had an excuse for whatever negative judgment of the church would come my way and defended it vehemently.
    I was introduced to documentaries about the world’s economy and confirmed what I already suspected about the corruption of the economic system. I had seen poverty and opulence in Peru and the USA. I was serving patients who had to work 60-80 hours/week to meet their needs and whose kids were into drugs or delinquency because of their parents’ absence to guide them when they needed them most. My experiences prepared me to be compassionate with all human beings I became in contact with.
    I first knew about this work in mid-September of 2013 when my husband told me that he had read the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon and had found there many truths that resonated with his inner self. After some questioning, I decided to give it the chance to know if this book was true in the same way I did with the Book of Mormon. As I read with an honest heart and a contrite spirit, I began to strongly feel after the first few chapters that it was true. I continued to read, and at the same time had the desire for native Spanish speakers to find it in their language, if they were looking for it. I became more involved with the work as I learned more of the REAL TRUTH.
    This work has positively and radically affected my life and my family’s and I am thankful for it. Nothing could have caused me to leave the Mormon church, absolutely nothing but this work; not because it asked me to but because of the information (mysteries of God) I found that made sense and satiated my soul. I always wanted to be in the truth. I thought I had the truth as a staunch LDS/ Mormon. My truth was based in the Book of Mormon principles; my reasoning was that if the Book of Mormon was true, the rest, including the church that had it, had to be true. After I found The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon, I initially struggled when faced with the fact that many of my beliefs and attitudes were not correct. But as I continued to learn more, I found a great degree of peace, sense of purpose and understanding; the respect and acceptance I previously had for all around me intensified. My worries about what to teach my then 5-year-old son gradually dissolved as I understood that all I had to teach him was to always be nice in every way. And basically, that is the message from this work: “Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you”. My passion to help others was always truncated by my inability to do more; however, because of this work, I have gained a much more complete understanding about how to truly serve others. Since my eyes were more open to the world’s suffering due to poverty and inequality in a greater scale than just in my immediate surroundings, I found out other ways to help. More than ever I want to do anything that could help eradicate this suffering in a peaceful and respectful way.
    There has been much said about Christopher Nemelka, for good and for worse. When I met Christopher Nemelka, I had previously contacted him through email with many of my questions. He was always very respectful and gave the answers I needed there or in a weekly TV show he was running. In the shows, the words of his message could seem harsh to people’s beliefs, however, in person, he was and is the kindest person one can interact with. I shook his hand for the first time at the end of the December 2013 symposium, and my impression of him then was the same as it is today–that he is a sincere and compassionate fellow human being, who in spite of his role, doesn’t put himself above anyone else.
    Since then, my family have met with him at the MWAW semiannual and now annual symposiums and at some of the MWAW friends’ get-togethers where he sometimes shows up. His personality and behavior have been consistent according to his interactions: as a messenger (where he has to deliver his message no matter how hard it is to hear or how the recipient feels or thinks about it) or as a friend (where he can be who he really is, caring about people’s feelings and perceptions at the time of interaction). My experience with Christopher has been a pleasant one. I am really grateful for the message he has brought and its fruits that are meant to greatly help the entire human race.
    The Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW) and the Humanity Party® (THumP®) provided me with invaluable information that would transform the way I was brought up to think and do things. The MWAW answered all the questions I had about life on this Earth and my role as a fellow human being towards everyone else. THumP® solved all the questions I had about ending poverty and inequality in this world. Most importantly, THumP® has a plan that has not been proven wrong by anyone, that will solve poverty and inequality in a way that makes sense and benefits the poor and the rich, without affecting the economic system that has been in place for hundreds of years. The change that this work is proposing is a voluntary, peaceful, and at the same time unparalleled change that will allow all human beings (if they choose to implement it) to have a fair “playing-field,” in which they would have the opportunities to pursue their own individual happiness. The different wars that have been waged through the years could finally come to an end. Peace and the pursuit of happiness will naturally follow. That is a thought that makes me happy and motivates me to do what I can to spread the word and hope that people see the vision and make the choice to support it as well. Only through the free-willed choice of the majority of human beings can we implement this plan and end the suffering and misery of this world.
    Monica Cook
    If anyone has any question can contact me at or (801)209-2573

  35. Dan Cook

    Hello Everyone,

    I first learned of the existence of Christopher Marc Nemelka on February 2, 2011. Then just six weeks later, I met Christopher for the first time on March 19, 2011.

    During the past 8 years from March 19, 2011 to March 29, 2019, I have carefully observed Christopher interact with many different kinds of people in a broad variety of settings.

    During this past 8 years, I have also carefully studied the large volume of Interesting Information that Christopher has published on the Internet. This Interesting Information is part of The Marvelous Work and a Wonder and The Humanity Party.

    My own perceptions, perspectives, observations, beliefs, opinions, hypotheses, theories, and current conclusions are as follows:

    Christopher Knows Things.

    Christopher is a Real Scientist.

    Christopher has an excellent understanding of all the foundations of every scientific topic related to human beings.

    Science comes from the Latin word Scientia which means Knowledge.

    Christopher is a True Scientist because he Knows the Real Truth about Human Science.

    So Christopher Knows Some Things.

    Christopher Knows Everything worth Knowing.

    Christopher has a Theory of Everything (ToE) that will fully satisfy any open minded scientist.

    Christopher has a Plan to Solve World Poverty. This Intelligent Plan can work well with the particular spectrum of human brain types presently on this mortal planet in 2019.

    Christopher Marc Nemelka is the Most Intelligent Human Being I have ever met.

    The Significant Volumes of Interesting Information that Christopher has already published on the Internet will cause any humble intelligent person to marvel greatly, and wonder within, at the logically-brilliant human kindness of The Humanity Party and The Marvelous Work and a Wonder.

    Who dares to ask Christopher a real sincere question from their very own heart of wonder?

    Who will help Christopher solve world poverty?

    – Dan Cook

  36. John K Adams
    This message by Christopher Marc Nemelka has changed my life for the better!
    I have always loved the book of Mormon, and had always waited for the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon. When I found it, it was at my sister’s place in Salt Lake City, Utah at Christmas. What a life changer! And when the Humanity Party was introduced I was really ready for the right changes to our world! And was born and raised in LDS Church in Utah. Always had many questions about life, but never found them in the LDS church. Ida Smith’s story on YouTube is a awesome life changer! Along with the books out by Christopher M. Nemelka, like Ida said read the damn books they are all free of charge, on line to download. I learn new things everyday about our life on Earth, and my hope is for all of humanity to see the same, and make the changes to our Earth before it’s too, too late! My contact information can be found in the book of Life, please feel free to contact me about my story.

  37. Joe Lemmon

    The information contained in the MWAW has given me a greater sense of equality for all people, which has brought a greater sense of peace to my life. The Humanity Party, which also came from the MWAW values what I find of great worth in my life: promoting and protecting the free will for all people equally, that we might have peace whereby ending poverty and inequality by providing the five basic needs of life. The MWAW means so very much to me, in that my life has changed for the better according to how I treat myself and how I treat others.  The information contained therein has answered all my religious, philosophical, and scientific questions with clarity in so much as to free me from the effects they cause: ignorance, prejudice, and hate. These things are destroying this world. The realization that came from understanding the MWAW was that it brought a personal sense of peace even in a world that struggles to find it. As for the anonymous producers of the MWAW I thank you for working with the messenger. I have the greatest respect for Christopher personally as well as what he has officially published through the MWAW and Humanity Party, in part for the personal sacrifices which he has freely chosen to make for the sake of both, which information, reguardles of its author, has impacted my life for the better.

  38. Adam Lisonbee

    My childhood was trash. I don’t even consider it a childhood or me at all. I don’t want to write about it and I feel like my childhood is completely irrelevant to my life. But I feel to, which thing is very difficult for me so here it goes. So here I am born into a foreign culture with nothing I can relate to. I have an extreme sense of Chinese piety which would come to completely destroy me physically, mentally, and emotionally because I was born into a sociopathic culture of Hardcore religious Fanatics in a LD$ cult. I was always completely involved in the Mormon church. I became an eagle scout and went on a Mormon mission. I always knew that who I am and who the Mormons were were so different that I couldn’t even wrap my mind around it. I left the church while on my mission.
    My friend Jean introduced me to the MWAW YouTube videos. She sent me the 666 book.
    666 book
    Since reading the 666 book I realize that it is possible to put an ethical twist on scripture if your brain is transfigured.

    Sacred Not Secret book
    The sacred not secret book absolutely blew my mind. I was astonished when I went to the temple at how ridiculous it all was except for the small part at the end with the veil when they say health in the navel, marrow in the bones, strength in the Lions Etc. But I still don’t know what that could possibly mean. But the way the endowment is laid out in the sacred not secret book is absolutely awesome. When my boss asked me what goes on in the LDS temple because he was angry that they wouldn’t let him go to his son’s wedding I told him it is so boring that if I told you you would physically die of boredom. The LDS temple rituals are stupid, but the way that the sacred not secret book was able to put such a uplifting and enlightening symbolism behind the original endowment was very enlightening. I was amazed at how well the LD$ Corporation was able to fuck it up so intentionally bad.
    Human Reality
    The human reality book was like pulling teeth for me. My whole foundation of Dogma was being removed and replaced piece by piece. The thought that humans created everything seemed narcissistic and twisted to me egotistical and arrogant but it seems probable to me now. The idea that real understanding can heal a person mentally, emotionally, and physically is so hard for me to understand, but it seems to be doing that for me. But that’s just my opinion.
    The Humanity Party
    In my opinion the humanity party would be the only political party that would actually work for Humanity.
    Christopher Nemelka
    When I saw Chris at the semetary on memorial day 2018 the message I got from his energy was that you should only listen to yourself and do whatever you want (not necessarily what the flesh wants).
    Those are all the books I’ve finished so far. I’m reading the Without disclosing my true identity book now with my girlfriend Jean.
    You can contact me at


  39. Ken Panza

    The Marvelous Work and a Wonder and The Humanity Party have affected and changed my life. Through the Marvelous Work and a Wonder books and posts, all of my questions about life and existence have been answered or are in the process of being answered. Through The Humanity Party, I have learned the plan that can solve all social, political and government issues. My entire perception and perspective have changed in how I view myself and others.

    Ken Panza

  40. Trevor Henderson

    The MWAW gave me courage to do things MY WAY.
    Thanks a million.

    1. Trevor Henderson

      Personal story and further telling of how MWAW changed my life:
      I was born and raised a Mormon in Fairmont, West Virginia. My life was always cushy, with wonderful parents who gave me value and protection. My father, one of the kindest Jack-Mormons you’d ever meet, was an alcoholic and compulsive gambler for a great portion of his life. When I was a little kid I drew and taped on his bedroom door pictures of crossed out bottles of beer and cigarettes. More than often he was sitting on a bar stool. He was a drunk, and a barber by trade. He was self employed and worked three buildings down from the bar. He didn’t stand a chance.
      After discovering the MWAW in 2014, my perspective on life, family, relationships and everything else changed. I looked at my dad with new eyes which saw him for what he REALLY is. I stopped judging him. I accepted him and his self destruction. He survived a stroke in 2017 which left him severely brain damaged. My dad was a good guy. He was always nice to me. What more can you ask of someone?
      The MWAW is my balancing pole for the tight rope walk of mortality. I struggle with fantasies of quick wealth and reward. (I maybe inherited that from my dad!) MWAW gives me the guts and skill to try and subdue this carnal desire so that my way and my experience is not unfair. It’s a challenge. (Some might remember a little device called a GameShark. You’d plug it into the back of a video game system and it allowed the player to cheat the game. My favorite cheat was giving my avatar infinite money!)

      -Trevor Henderson
      Fairmont, WV

  41. Jean Crystal Stephensen

    Jean Crystal Stephensen
    I was born October 1st 1970 I am a mother of 7 children 5 girls and two boys I also am a grandmother to three grandsons
    I come from a very lds background my mom and dad were both Mormons
    I never really liked to read or do school work because it was very hard for me when I would read I would not understand what I read so I never really read the book of Mormon tell later in my life when I was a mom
    I got married young at 18 to a good man to a returned missionary and we were sealed in Salt Lake City Temple we we’re married for 18 years and we have 7 beautiful children
    I think I read the book of Mormon one time in those 18 years I was busy being Mom and taking care of all the needs of our children and being that perfect mom
    going to church going to the temple being a visiting teacher and teaching primary constantly busy in the church doing what I’m supposed to do to be the perfect mom and member of the church it made me very miserable when my first son was born my 6 child Michael I started to read other books and try to look for help in self-help books and life coaching anything to just give me strength to get through the day after my last son Gabriel my seventh child was born I focused on myself more
    I started to see that i was not just going along with what I was told any longer with the church I started to feel more stronger in what I believed and I left the church in 2004
    my husband Todd and I continue to try to make it work between us but I was changing and I didn’t want religion anymore so we Divorced .
    I left the kids with their father I had shared custody with the kids but I wasn’t going to raise them in the way that they had been brought up and I wanted them to have a stable environment
    I left them with their father hoping some day that I would get more established and come to be with them more but that never happened. I did however stay in their lives and see them once or twice a month and spend time with them but never like it was before I wasn’t the same person
    I found myself in a polygamist group for 3 years and I learned how men manipulated women in the name of God
    I left that group and did not believe in God or the devil or any one outside myself I broke that old bottle and I was ready for what came next
    one of my friends from that group told me about the MWAW The Sealed portion and invited me to go to the website and asked me to choose a book and just start to read all the books are free to download and read on the internet I told her no i am not interested in religion or anything to do with the Book of Mormon I gave it all up I wanna nothing to do with it and yet I did go to the website and I did find a book that I was interested in it was the Human Reality Book who we are and why we exist when I read this book I cried and was so happy it all made sense to me when I left the kids when I did the things that I had done to save ME who I am to listen to who I am and to follow what makes me happy this books released me from all the pain that I had created by leaving my children then I read the 666 Book Mark of America seat of the Beast helped me to see that religion was control manipulation and falsehood and freed me from guilt. When I went and visited my friend and she had the Sealed portion I did not want it she asked my boyfriend Rick at that time and he brought it home and started to read it ….so I read it with him and I finished it that year 2010 along with
    The Sealed Not Sacred Book
    wow I never understood the temple endowment all the time I would spend going to the temple month after month i would trying to figure it out reading this book set me free to know the truth that’s it’s all just a dream and we will wake up someday
    In 2012 Christopher finished without disclosing my true identity i did finish that book that same year and I was amazed at the love and appreciation for Joseph Smith and for the work I understood things in Ways I had never and again I was set free just to be me
    every one of these books over and over talk about loving yourself and treating others the way you want to be treated that’s the one thing I kept getting every time I read one of these books I would become freer and freer to be me in every sense of that word

    In 2016 when the humanity party was introduced I was so excited I got on board and tried to tell my friends and family about the humanity party I did share it with some of my kids they want to NO part of it some of my friends they could care less I wish we could establish the humanity party the five basic necessities of life given to all people equally all over the world and free us up to be who we truly are it’s the only thing that made sense to me why cant we give people the
    Five basic necessities of LIFE
    1 food
    2 clothing
    3 shelter
    4 Healthcare
    5 education
    ….thank you for the TRUTH it sets me FREE ..
    I do continue to read all of the posts and I am excited about these last books that will be coming out from the mwaw and our message I look forward to the posts that come out and now with the radio talk show BlogTalkRadio that he will be having every month the 1st of every month I look forward to hearing what are messenger has to say thanks for taking the time to read my experience if you have any questions or would like to contact me here is my information
    love jean

    801-755-5369 or @

  42. editor2mwaw

    I’ll update this when I can. In the meantime, here’s how I felt almost a decade ago:

    By Monica Smith
    Feb 5, 2010

    When my husband Kurt first found The Sealed Portion and read it, I didn’t want to believe it was true. In fact, at first, I just rejected it altogether. “It can’t be right!” I thought. “It can’t be! It didn’t come from the “proper authority” (The LDS church to which I belonged)!” Kurt read the whole thing, much to my chagrin, in just a few days. He tried a couple of times to share parts with me that really touched him—like when Christ was among the Nephites. I fell asleep listening to him read. I chose to stay in my little box, content that he would find something wrong with it.

    I was perfectly happy with my beliefs, my church, my family, and my friends. I was about as Molly Mormon as they come. I was stricter with my kids than most people in the church I knew. For the most part, we had home evening every week, said every meal prayer before eating, had family prayer daily, and held nightly family scripture study, reading through the Book of Mormon about 8 times in 8 years. (While going from 4 to 7 children at the same time.) We had decided to homeschool the kids to keep them from many of the “evils of the world.” On Sundays, we didn’t watch anything but LDS church movies, and didn’t let the kids jump on the trampoline, ride bikes, or play with their friends. We attended every single activity and event that the church put on, and would attend all 3 hours of church whenever we traveled. We studied the Gospel Essentials handbook as a family and sat on the very front row at church—(even up to the week we left for good.) We almost never watched anything “worse” than PG, and didn’t even really watch much TV. We paid our tithing on every penny that came into our house. We were the “golden LDS family.”

    I was happy. I wasn’t seeking for the truth. I wasn’t searching for anything at all—or so I thought.

    Books have always played a big part in my life. I grew up loving the library and reading and books in general. I got in a bad book-buying habit after I’d been married a few years and acquired a library of my own of thousands of books. I had been part of many book discussion groups, and at the time we came upon The Sealed Portion, I was leading a group of about 25 women in bi-monthly discussions. I never imagined one book would change my life so drastically.

    Kurt was convinced The Sealed Portion was true, and had given it to me to read on his Palm Pilot on a road trip to a family baby blessing. I was a captive audience for several hours, and consented to read. My original plan for the trip had been to read the Book of Mormon, to complete (what I thought at the time was) the prophet’s challenge to read it all the way through by the end of the year.

    Instead, I read The Sealed Portion though—all the way there and all the way back on the trip. Per Kurt’s suggestion, I didn’t read the Book of Lehi to start with, but just started on The Sealed Portion chapter one. Sunday morning I read TSP chapter 12:25-35. In these verses, Moroni compares the Zoramites in the Book of Mormon (who stood upon the tower one at a time to speak in their synagogue) to the members of the LDS church. I then went to an LDS ward for the baby blessing and “fast and testimony meeting.” WHEW! Was that ever an eye-opener! There I was, seeing right before my very eyes the truth about the church and the people in it (me being one), and I couldn’t believe it.

    After the family festivities, we drove back home. I had not mentioned anything to anyone in my family—not even to my own kids. I just read and kept it all to myself. Everything in the first chapters had seemed to make a lot of sense to me. I specifically remember learning about the dinosaurs and how they fit in the big picture. It just all made sense.

    On the way home, I was again reading TSP Chapter 12 through the end of the chapter. Moroni talks all about temples:
    36 And I, Moroni, have seen the manner in which the leaders of this church in the latter days present the Holy Endowment unto the people. And after the people have paid their money to the church, and after the church hath taken this money and constructed all manner of fine temples and adorned them with the fine things of the world; yea, even after they have done all these things, they shall prohibit those who are poor and needy, even those who are unable to comply with the requirements of the church, from receiving this endowment.
    37 And they have changed the ordinance of the Lord and have broken his everlasting covenant. They seek not the Lord to establish his righteousness, but every man walketh in his own way, and after the image of his own god, whose image is in the likeness of the world, and whose substance is that of an idol that they do worship, instead of worshiping the Lord and doing the things that he hath commanded them.
    The timing could not have been more “perfect” (or worse for me at the time). We happened to be driving by the string of LDS temples along the Wasatch front. I began to cry my eyes out–in secrecy, right there riding in the suburban with my husband and kids. I then came up against some things that I totally rejected. I literally “spewed” them out of my mouth after reading them. I got to somewhere in chapter 16 and stopped—dead in my tracks. I put the book down and said there was no way it was right. Absolutely no way. I could not reconcile what I read with my beliefs of the time.

    For about 6 weeks, I went back into my cozy little way of life, content with my own truth and reality. In the meantime, Kurt read the Book of Mormon all the way through to see if it matched with what he had read in TSP. Then he began to read The Sealed Portion again. All this while, I was just literally sick to my stomach every time I saw the “blue screen,” or The Sealed Portion website on his computer screen across the living room.

    I was pregnant at the time with my 7th child, and had the hardest time believing that the baby growing inside of me did not have a spirit in it, since it’s heart was beating, and it was constantly moving around. My belief was that if the body moved, surely it already had a spirit. Turned out I was wrong, and the temple endowment (which I didn’t understand) was right. I also struggled with the concept that we (I) had ever had another mortal life, much less many lives.

    I had my baby, and 5 days later, Kurt went to the first SLC symposium in Dec of 2005—through a huge snowstorm. I thought that if Heavenly Father wanted to deter Kurt from being “deceived,” that this surely was NOT the way to do it. Kurt would never change his plans because of a little (or a lot of) snow. Driving in the snow had never bothered him. While he was gone, I had a conversation with someone I highly respected, and had my “testimony” of the truth of the LDS church confirmed. (Or so I thought.)

    I assumed Kurt would come home from the symposium and it would be all over with. Boy, was I ever wrong. He was sure it was true. No one knew we had found The Sealed Portion. No one knew what I was going through. I felt all alone. Thus began my journey though “hell.” All that month, I turned everything over and over in my mind. I shed buckets of tears and wore out Kurt’s ears talking to him. I trusted him though. I knew that he knew the scriptures and the gospel, and I trusted him will all my heart. Day after day, I tried to reconcile the real truth with my “old beliefs.” I just couldn’t do it.

    It has been said, “Those who do not approach this work with a broken heart and a contrite spirit are not those who are truly searching for the truth, for they believe they already have it.”

    This fit me to a tee. My flesh fought, and fought hard, trying to reconcile the “new wine” with the “old.” My heart literally became broken. I felt sorry for my beliefs. I regretted being so deceived my whole life and not even knowing it, and I “repented” for my vain imaginations and the “evil” thoughts in my head. My spirit became contrite. I read the Book of Mormon in the month of December. Then came my moment of “looking at the serpent.”

    I had told myself my whole life that if I had lived in the time of Moses, that I definitely would have “looked.” I would have looked at the staff in order to be healed from the serpent’s bites. “How hard could that be?” I thought.
    8 And the LORD said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live. 9 And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.
    So on December 22, 2005, I began reading The Sealed Portion, with the decision to read the whole thing from front to back this time. “It’s only a book.” I thought. “Only a book—words on a page, and I will know. When I finish, I will know whether it is true or not.” This time I started with the Book of Lehi. The information stunned me.

    Needless to say, I found The Sealed Portion to be true. Reading was like being baptized and born again. As the pages of Moroni’s words unwound the old beliefs in my brain, I slowly began to be “immersed.” I was amazed at what was revealed. Sometimes I was so excited, I just wanted to shout, “The Sealed Portion has been translated! It’s really here!” The atonement of Jesus Christ finally made sense. The meaning of the temple endowment was absolutely incredible. The history of the earth laid out in one fell swoop was remarkable. Christ’s visit among the Nephites brought me to tears.

    Sometimes the truth was hard for me to handle. It was hard for me to swallow that living the gospel could be so easy. “All I have to do is Do Unto Others What I Would Want Them To Do Unto Me?” That seemed way too simplistic, and definitely not hard enough. I remember praying on my knees one day and bawling, wondering, “Who in the heck is answering my prayers? God is far away. Is it Adam in the spirit world?” I found something that helped me through those hard-to-handle times though. We heated our home with wood, and I had a stack of old Church News newspapers that I would start the fires with. As I read Moroni’s words, and compared what he said with the newspapers, the truth stared me back in the face. It was unbelievable. As the papers would go up in flames, I imagined burning all my messed-up old beliefs for good.

    It took me about 2 1/2 weeks to read the whole book between caring for my family and a new baby. Before I was even finished, we decided to leave the church. I could not deny the book. I felt like Joseph Smith: “I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it.” We still had not told anyone, including our children (the oldest being 14 at the time). Everything had happened so fast, that we decided to go ahead and bless our baby in the ward; the same week our oldest daughter received her YW medallion. I was so scared to tell my extended family, and thought that I wouldn’t have to for some time, seeing as how they all lived so far away.

    Leaving the church was a very hard decision for me to make, but I knew that we couldn’t stay. The church had been my whole life. In fact, I didn’t have much of a life outside of the church. Yet, we knew that when we told our kids, they would not keep quiet, and once we began to teach them the truths in the TSP, it just wouldn’t work. (Our kids were quite verbal in their comments, and we didn’t want to infringe on anybody else’s free agency.) We told the oldest 2 girls on a Friday that Sunday would be our last day. We told the younger kids after church. I thought it would be harder for them since it had been so difficult for me. Instead, it was a relief for them, and a big party and a “Wa-hoo!!” for a few. They knew the truth using their common sense.

    As Kurt tells in his story, we did tell the Bishop since we were both in Presidencies in the time, and felt we should for the integrity of our own sakes. We left with a bang. We scared the whole valley. They wanted to hold a church court within a week, but we opted out by writing a letter asking for our names to be removed from the records of the church. We didn’t feel we needed to waste anyone’s time, and also guessed that they wanted to make an example out of us by ex-communication.

    In the meantime, our families found out, and it was quite an eventful first few weeks. Needless to say, they were upset. (That is defiantly an understatement.) No one would read the book though. The phone soon became silent, and pretty much everyone was too scared to even talk to us. A few tried to convince us of our error (I’m sure many thought we were “the very elect being deceived”). We would just smile. It didn’t matter what anyone thought or said. We had read the book and we knew it was true. Every fiber of my being knew it was true.

    I am happy to have found the truth. Happy that I decided to read the book. It is The Sealed Portion, the final testament of Jesus Christ. No man or woman alive can ever convince me otherwise.

    Monica Smith

  43. Tino Saiki

    It Makes Sense.
    Nothing comes close in clearly explaining and in solving our problems that are occurring today.
    I will always support a Plan that reminds us, we are All Equal Human Beings, and that we should love and respect each other as we should ourselves. Our True Messenger is our reminder that we have the power to change and fix our problems, if we decide to. The Marvelous work and a Wonder and the Humanity Party has the answers if we choose to seek them. My perception has forever changed in my perspective.
    I will always be grateful. Thank you.

  44. Jesse Helaman Astuto

    This work has changed my life. I don’t think I will ever be the same lol. It’s all free as well. READ THE BOOKS.

    I am now able to look at every human I see and view them as amazing individuals, who are humans just like me lol. I now think nobody knows anything regarding the Real Truth about human existence, including me. And now I don’t care that I don’t know, and I dont care if you think you know lol. You are right. I don’t feel confused about anything. I don’t know anything lol except we are here (on earth), and we all need the basics to survive. And we (humans) control everything about why we (humans) are suffering, We (humans) can change this. THE HUMANITY PARTY is so simple in a way and so amazing.

    I do think this work makes the most sense, has REAL empirical evidence (alot) to prove it’s truth, and it has definitely helped me be nicer to every single person. I’m still a jerk (more ‘demons to be cast out’ lol) but have never ever felt this ‘love’ for every human I see.
    I love my enemies, I laugh with them at me. Everyone is so funny lol. We all are idiots lolol. I laugh. I weep inside, believing we (humans) can make this world so awesome if we (humans) listened to this message from this work. JUST READ THE BOOKS lol.

    I found this work in Feb 2017 sincerely seeking for the real truth. I was LDS/ Mormon , born in the church, left the church , and converted as an adult after reading The Book of Mormon (The Unsealed Portion). I read The Sealed Portion found here ( for free in 2017. READ THE BOOK LATTER DAY SAINTS (mormons). READ THE SEALED PORTION YOURSELF AND DECIDE = AFTER READING IT.

    I’m on facebook sometimes if anyone wants to ask me my story or whatever. Jesse Helaman Astuto. Dont talk to me about this work, unless you have READ THE BOOKS.

    I read some books. They changed muh life. Its all free. Christopher Nemelka ‘wrote’ these books, or whatever. I don’t think I want to talk to anyone about this work, unless you have read the books yourself. I’d like to play with you though lol 🙂 like little children do.

    We Are All Equal. You and Me. Equal. Or, if you’d prefer …. you are right. You are all right. I have nothing to say, but READ THE BOOKS FIRST.

    or don’t ….whatever …. but be nice, man.

    This work – marvelous work and a wonder – changed my life. I read some books and now I laugh at everything sincerely thinking – ‘ how awesome , you are right, I was so wrong lolol’ … that’s talking to you, anyone reading this. You are right. Christopher is right. Everyone is right. Which makes us all wrong lol. except you-you are right lol.

    Jesse Helaman Astuto – not hiding or hard to find, getting better at not asking mormons to read with me lol
    Colorado and Perth, Western Australia

    read the damn books people then talk to me about it, not before. READ THE BOOKS.

    1. Jesse Helaman Astuto

      It’s also made me realize how lame I am , considering how I was treating others and myself. I also have realized how silly I am thinking the things I asked Christopher lol.

      This work has also alienated me from every relationship I had. Every single relationship has been affected. Mostly negatively because religious beliefs and my big mouth. I hope to be able to listen to Christopher and not tell anyone about it , unless asked, t which I will try and reply – what Christopher has said to reply.
      I lost my religion. I lost my beliefs. I lost my hope . I lost my family, friends and other worldly things.
      I gained myself. I gained a calmness and ability to see others as equal to me. I gained a new belief system in which I believe I dont know anything, and I believe nobody knows anything, but I wont say that to them. I will say ‘ you are right’, because they are (in their own mind).
      This work will fuck you up , one way or another. I like how it has fucked me up. I like truth.
      I am pretty sure I am stellarian , and I will just have to deal with it. I cant believe I actually asked Christopher if I had lived as Inpendius. lol. I sure was wrong about me lol. Ah well , it cuts deep and it feels good. 🙂 I have always hated pictures of myself, and will continue to use smileys on facebook. The real me hates pics. Fuck yourself if you dont like me. I havent liked pics of me ever. I like myself, I dont like pictures.

      This work is powerful.

      1. Jesse Astuto

        Suicides, Sex abuse, Drugs, Religion, Cops – I found this work after the suicide of my niece. This was the 3rd suicide in my immediate family. My brother Seth hung himself in 99 in Australia. Heidi my sister, whom I truly loved, i was the 5th kid she the 6th and last in our family, drove off a cliff in like 2005 or something, who cares about dates. Kelsey my niece did it off the same cliff in 2016 october I think.

        I usually get arrested after suicides or do a bunch of drugs. Or both. There have been many suicides in my life besides my families. This time, in 2016 i went to the basement and read books from mormon people like nibley that we had. Thats when i listened to the still small voice which said ‘google the sealed portion’ after many days in the basement , alone , depressed, reading reading reading. I read. At least , i used to lol. No more books. Only 1. Or 2 . But no more books for me after that lol.

        The mormon church let a guy abuse/molest a bunch of kids , my brother was one. He never got over it. I say they let a guy , as our family told the bishop and others of concerns about the pedo dude but were told my brother was like under satans influence and stuff. We were not listened to. Thats fine I’m just explaining more of my story. The church hides things.

        Suicide, Sex abuse, drugs, God and Satan, lots of religious garbage, People lying all the time, cops being dicks, drugs, alcohol , more drugs. I left those parts out. Since Chris is off to have fun, I thought I wanted to share more of my story and say peace out. I no longer want to commit suicide. I dont care what anyone does. And i dont feel i need to forgive anyone for anything. Most of all, I’m not confused. I dont care that I know nothing.

        If you dont want this included I dont care thats fine. Do with this what you will. I’m a very honest person.
        I hope Chris knows his role, his work ,whatever he sees himself as, helped. Have fun w yer peeps dude and cheers homeboyeeee. 🙂

        Jesse Astuto
        Frisco Colorado

      2. humanityparty420

        what a lone and dreary world. perhaps someones true self wants to try and be in a position within. sacrifice your beliefs for the sake of this work. that belief is this work. what a lone and dreary world. this sucks lol.

  45. Through Christopher, the “brothers” have produced the ONLY peaceful, legal solutions to Poverty and Inequality for EVERY Human on Earth.

    This plan (found @, and the explanations provided by the MWAW® (found @ are the only things that give me “hope” of any kind that my life isn’t totally worthless, and this experience (life) isn’t completely meaningless.

    Until someone (or something) comes along who (that) can provide logical reasoning verifying any of THumP®’s proposed solutions fallible, and provide a better alternative, nothing else matters (to me).

    I’ve tried to do so, and have heard many others try as well, to no avail; THumP®’s plan WILL WORK if only we (humanity) will VOTE to implement it.

    All the religious and political disagreements mean NOTHING (to me) when our fellow humankind are suffering without healthy food to eat, clean water to drink, safe housing, or medical care when they’re sick/hurt; problems that humans created that can be solved by humans.

    I’d be more than happy to share more of my personal experiences with any who are interested; those who want to speak to me personally can find my contact information in THumP®’s Book of Life:


    (P.S. Thanks, again, to all those involved for everything you do for “the work!” Looking forward to the monthly Sunday shows!)

    1. J. Adam Pittman

      (Just in case…) My contact info:
      (205) 218-7746

  46. Jeff Wangsgard

    My Name is Jeff Wangsgard. I found The Work in 2014. I started looking in 2012 because of something my lifelong friend and I had discussed. It is an amazing story to me, but the question is how it has affected my life since finding it. So, let it be it enough to say I found The Work. I first found Ida Smith. When I first heard Ida speak, something resonated with my thinking. I liked what she was saying and the presentation that went along with it. I didn’t even catch on that there was a “Christopher” at first. Then I found Christopher on line. I had to go see for myself, so I went to the June 16, 2014 symposium. I was greeted by some very nice people. They were very friendly and open. I liked them. One of the ladies I met was Sheri 2. So, when I met Christopher halfway up the stairs at the library, Sheri introduced me to him, and I shook his hand. He asked me what I thought about it all, and I think I just said something like…” you have given me a lot of things to think about! “Since then I have done a lot of thinking! The MWAW and Humanity Party have opened my eyes to the possibilities that we could make happen.
    I don’t understand all I know about it” as my mother used to say. I do know for a fact that this life is sort of a dream and that is very cool. And how do I “know”? It was brought into my remembrance somehow. I remember calling into the show a few times and looking back I asked the stupidest questions. What I have learned from that is if you keep looking the answer shows up. For the most part, I have been rejected and mocked in my own hometown…because I did not take our Messengers advice and keep it to myself. I still don’t but only if I am asked. I am no messenger, thank God.

    Christopher had an answer to questions I didn’t know I had. The information that is shared with the world is FREE OF CHARGE…. Who does that? Since finding the work I have lost the world, for the most part. I have sufficient for my needs and not much else. I am happy, and I find humor in almost everything I see. I have very few friends left. My close family consists of my brothers and sisters who have also found this Work. I love all of them. The rest of you…not so much. The rest of you…those who mock and make light of the MWAW…. you guys “know not what you do”. I am very happy to have my name associated with Christopher Nemelka and The MWAW and Humanity Party.

    Jeffrey Quinn Wangsgard
    432 W 100 N
    Morgan, Utah 84050

  47. Jason Lee Natte

    Please share this publicly.. [sorry I forgot to mention for this one to be shared publicly.. if it’s beneficial to the cause]

    I’m not Soo incredibly brilliant with speech, words.. spelling, remembering things.. but here goes nothing,

    My encounter with the MWAW has been fairly simple, I was raised in the Christian reformed church.. [a rather lax, laid back environment to be honest] doubted my faith in God at one point.. I suffered extreme panic attacks at the thought of eternal hopelessness in the grave, I was medicated .. I was sane again.. i became zealous.. my faith became stronger than ever, I was confident enough to kick the meds.. I lived off my faith alone, I sought outside of the [rather lax, laid back environment of the Christian reformed Church].. I encountered the book of Mormon, .. which lead me to its sealed portion & to Christopher Marc Nemelka [the messenger of REAL TRUTH].. whom just happened to be “preaching” according to the scriptures at the time.. “line upon line.. precept upon precept”..[the only way I would have considered ANY OF these things].. his sword of real truth cut me just right.. [according to my desires of happiness].. the MWAW core web site evolved over time.. the purifying fires of real truth.. turned the scriptures inward.. the scriptures started to implode,. [What had originally been Soo incredibly sweet.. reveiled it’s cold bitter side].. The real truth started to cut the living shit out of me [no hard feelings🙂].. to the point where I haven’t been all that certain I can emotionally withstand it any longer.. but nothing else has compared.. so I continue to read these things..

    lastly, I’ve strived to keep an open mind to an alternative perspective/hope/faith.. to my foundationalized christanity alone.

    My involvement [in social media] regarding these things has offended my family, So I’ve kept myself at a distance from sharing things publicly. [Aside from this]

    But with all things considered? The MWAW was essential in molding me into an all around better person, I no longer have prejudiced/biased opinion/thoughts of others.. namingly caused by all those controversial scriptures. I’m more loving, kind & companionate twords others.

    My autistic daughter has been my confirmation to many of these things.
    [she has no prejudiced/biased demeanor]

    The MWAW has been able to explain for me the fullness of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ “in word & in speech”.. better than ANYTHING else I’ve ever encountered.

    The Humanity party [the other portion of this work].. LIVES OUT THESE TEACHINGS.. “in action and in truth”.. or Atleast has the potential to do so..ya.. if only..

    My contact informations in the THumPs book of Life, but I’d rather not discuss any of these things with anyone.. [I’ve shared my thoughts]..but I would encourage everyone.. to study these things for themselves & draw there own conclusions.

    [May I be offended or not] Kindest regards🙂

    1. Jason Lee Natte

      p.s. the environment that I was born into [the first portion of my life] couldn’t have been more “blessed”.. I couldn’t have been given greater parents/grandparents whom have always loved/provided for me/cared for me.. even to this very day.
      [I had a grand portion of free-will]

      Once married with children.. [the second portion of my life] my life got much more challenging.. [ex. my oldest developed autism] but [according to my beliefs] I gladly received the hand of God upon my life.. ex. the “trying and testing” of my faith, the challenging/building up of my character ..the trying & testing of my “servitude spirit”

      Christopher actually fulfilled a grand desire of mine.. [that NO ONE ELSE could have] .. I desired “to be made perfect”.. I desired to be “purified as silver and gold”.. but little did I know.. exactly how HOT the heat was gonna get! .. lol☺️ ..but it’s all good.

      1. Jason Lee Natte

        The three different humanity types [of the MWAW teachings] have truely fascinated me & captured my interest.. I just can’t stop thinking about it.

        • Those who are served—Stellarian
        • Those who serve themselves—Lunarian
        • Those who serve others—Solarian

        I’ve been hesitant to say it, but I’ve been pretty certain that im solarian, other days I second guess my [true] self & say Lunarian.

        But if I truely were Solarian?.. then that’s pretty fucked up!!.. [that I’d been born into such a good situation] when..

        “Most of their lives involve coming into an imperfect world as children who have short lives ended because of the choices of the other humanity types.. Solarian servants made the choice to serve others in the
        capacity of martyrs so that others could learn from the experience”.. [why am I still here!?] See HR 13:18 [human reality book]

        Bottom line, [regardless of what I truely am]

        Since encountering this work I’ve been compelled to live my life in support of the humanity party that other may be [just as] blessed as I have been. [perfect equality]

      2. jason natte

        In summary, The MWAW uses religion to counter religion, because religions what’s destroying our world, [true religion thats pure & undefiled before God the father.. is to care for the orphan and widow in there afflictions] Christopher’s teachings have been more than clear to me, EVERYTHING we’ve been taught since birth.. needs to go;

        “Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved”

        but those who come to know me will notice how I’ve chosen a “middle ground”.. I’ve chosen to retain “the fullness of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ”, [which the MWAW can explain better than anyone else] .. NO ONE I KNOW can refute ANYTHING that Jesus Christ taught us.

        I haven’t lost any family yet.. but here’s been the cost of following this work/Christopher;
        [ex. similar to the cost of following Christ]

        Matthew 10:34-40 [KJV]

        Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

        For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

        And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

        He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

        And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

        He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

        He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.

      3. Jason Lee Natte

        In conclusion, I hearby present my autistic daughter Destinee Natte as living proof of our humanity’s potential. [As it’s been taught through our Messenger, the MWAW & the scriptures alike [as I’ve understood it];

        The message is simple; [don’t be an asshole]

        “the very least among us attend the greatest”
        [In propensity]

        My experience with the Christian reformed Church has been lax, but at some point in time we gave up on tryn to bring my autistic daughter along with us, its just been too much work, so someone would always have to stay behind to watch her. My mother would typically volunteer.. because she had many more years in attendance, so she figured we were more in need of inspiration.

        My daughters 20 now.. yet.. forever as a little child, religion has had ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT upon her.. so she does what any little child does.. she wanders wherever she desires.. which typically would be in search of food, candy & toys. 🤣
        [there’s no question in my mind.. she KNOWS this experience is ALL about her.. hint hint.. she has been my confirmation of MANY OF THESE THING as spoken above]

        She disrupts the service, makes you feel rather uncomfortable & you never end up hearing the message. [So what’s the point?]

        I felt rather critical/harsh twords the church at one point.. for how they received ”the very least among us”.. [although we’re really equal humans according to real truth]

        Here’s the biblical reference of “little children” being our example & potential;

        At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

        And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

        Whosoever therefore shall [toss out everything they’ve been taught since birth &] humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
        [Matthew 18:3-4]

        Here’s how its been presented through the MWAW; [concerning those with “special needs”].. who are clearly forever as a little child in their minds.

        “It is rare, if not impossible, to find a Down syndrome person who judges others, exhibits bigotry, possesses prejudice, or in any other way uses his or her individual free will to affect the free will of another”

        “These abnormal body types are a part of our education and probation upon this earth. They demonstrate the potential of a human being by showing how it is possible to respond to and treat one another”

        [see HR 16:7]

        p.s. there’s other references of those with special needs/autism/autistic in the human reality book as well. [Ive made note of there similarly in my story]

      4. Jason Lee Natte

        Note: I’ve realized after posting theres few “typos”.. throughout my testimony.. but once I’ve searched there meaning [in frustration].. there still somehow fitting.

      5. Jason Lee Natte

        Flaws in my speech?.. or maybe not.. I spent about an hour perplexed tryn to decide.. 🤣

        “I’m more loving, kind & *companionate* [*COMPASSIONATE*] twords other’s”

        “The very least among us *attend* [*ARE*] the greatest.. in propensity”

        attend: be present at/take part in

        propensity: an inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way.

        Well.. if this involves my mother?.. [and according to my story it does].. shes one of the kindest people I know.

      6. Jason Lee Natte

        If the readers able to see past my fleshly nature & feeble way of speaking, it will be clearly understood that everythings aimed to get us all on the same page in support of

        [In fulfillment of matthew 25:34-40]

      7. Jason Lee Natte

        I’ll prove my sincerity & humility in urging others to consider this work;
        [In providing some background information about myself]

        – I’ll destroy me ego. [I have no side motive]

        I was the shy, timid dorky kid in middle/high school with the small/average sized shriveled up pecker, who was too afraid to shower with the jocks during gym class 🤣, I was bullied & no girl gave me the time of day.. till I was much older, but this wasn’t the case when I was behind the wheel of my pimped out sports car, building tree forts, riding motorcycles & playing my videos games where I could be whomever I wanted to be. I never cared to wear name brand clothes & I was quite content with my $20 pair of shoes to free up extra money for yet another video game for my collection.

        We’re all equal humans guys & this work is truely amazing!.. [I’ve extensively reviewed it].. and there’s no question in my mind about it.. it would solve all this worlds problems, Creating a “heaven upon Earth”

      8. Jason Lee Natte
    2. Jason Lee Natte

      Sorry guys, I was sure hoping to keep this brief, but Chris later shared this.. which kinda wraps my story up pretty well.
      [and I’d much rather you hear it from him]

      “These are the smart ones. These “True Selves” take the bodies of a down-syndrome, autistic or savant mortals who have abnormal brains … or do they?  Or are they more perfect in their humanity than the rest of normal mortals?”

      “My sister Bridgette, who is down-syndrome, couldn’t care less about sex or drugs.  Bridgett’s emotional state has not changed since the time she was a little child. Bridgette is the epitome of an aged little child. But she does care about what she sees, what she hears, what she smells, what she touches, and especially what she eats.”

  48. Kevin Martin

    About 7 years ago I began a serious search for something more “christlike” in my life. I was brought up staunch LDS and in my mid to late 20’s started to see the inequality that was created within the LDS church. I could no longer internally justify many of the things that religion expected of me and the things that it did to the world. For 2 years I looked all over for what I would be able to know is the REAL TRUTH from the REAL God. I came to understand that I had no idea who the REAL God is. There were just too many unanswered questions being a member of the LDS faith. I never stopped going to church while searching and never really told anyone what I was experiencing as I searched.

    At some point my wife and kids left to visit family for a week while I stayed home to work. I decided to use this free time as a time where I could search and really dig for the truths I was looking for. I happened to come across a you tube video where Ida Smith speaks about her personal experience with the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. Something inside me made me continue looking into how such a prestigious mormon woman would leave everything behind to follow something else. It resonated with me. I understood exactly how she felt prior to finding the MWAW.

    I continued my search by looking for anything related to this new Marvelous Work and a Wonder. I found the books. I started reading the Sealed Portion first. I wanted to see if it helped me understand things more clearly about life and God. Immediately I was amazed at how the book began to open my mind to new understandings. Each time I had any doubt about the work or books, or Christopher, I felt a strong feeling to continue forward only judging the work by its fruits without judging where or from whom the work came. The fruits were good. They made my mind and heart swell and open up to new and profound understanding. Exactly what I had been searching for for so long. My questions were being answered. But, more like I was remembering the answers to all my questions. As soon as I would read some truth it felt like somewhere deep within me, I had already known that.

    From that point on I never looked back. The good fruits of the work immediately changed my life both temporally and spiritually. I learned how to take absolute accountability for everything that does happen, will happen, and has happened in my life. Through this new knowledge I worked to change how I viewed the world around me which then allowed me to emotionally accept and be at peace with my situation in life as well as change anything that I couldn’t be at peace with. I immediately stopped attending church and changed many of the people I spent my time with. I could feel the fruit of the tree of life beginning to fill me. Happiness! Peace! Previous to this time in my life happiness and peace always seemed like they could only be achieved through hard work, vast accomplishments, and worldly success. But now, despite me being a nobody, I felt happy.

    The Humanity Party and its plan to change the world is what really proved to me that this work is the work of the TRUE GOD. It was the plan and answer I had been searching for since before I remember. I knew the moment that I read its plans that if there was a Christ on this Earth, that Christ would be trying to end poverty and inequality by enabling all humans to fulfill their purposes to their own hearts content without ever allowing a single person to be acted upon without their consent and desire. It sounded like heaven to me. It gave me immense hope. Nobody who has been in power in this world seemed to ever care about ALL humans on this planet.

    I know who the TRUE GOD is now. We are. I am. I know why we are all here. I know how we got here and how we can fulfill the purpose to our existence. I know what this universe is and what this Earth is. I know where we go when we die. I know that each of us is the most important entity in existence. I know we as humans are all different, but each perfect and infinite and valuable. These are the fruits of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder.

    1. Kevin Martin

      Kevin Martin
      Box 1176 Magrath, AB
      T0K 1J0

    2. jaycee57

      Wonderful story as well, Kevin. Funny how all our stories are all so completely different yet we all ended in the same place, all feeling & experiencing the same thing 😀.

  49. Tony Saiki

    I would like to publicly share for the first time the last email and “Personal Testimony” that I have sent to my sweet Mother Evanir Johnson on June 6th 2013. Keep in Mind this is before I have even met Christopher and had him as a guest on our Radio/TV Show Best Deals Utah on KTKK KTALK radio.

    NO ONE else in my so called ETERNAL FAMILY or Closest FRIENDS outside of my Father Antonio Saiki who passed away Easter 2011, and Laura Saiki Laura Saiki Blade Yoshio Saiki has ever cared to ask or know. Even my own Brother Tino Saiki at the time had NO IDEA as he found it on his own later..

    But I KNEW…

    What was first Dedicated to my Mother is now Dedicated to the world and all the future generations of my REAL FAMILY…

    From: Tony Saiki Subject: Hi Mom
    Date: June 6, 2013 at 11:22 AM
    To: Evanir @ Al Johnson

    Hi Mom I just wanted to give you a link to some really good books to read if you have time.

    These books are all free there is no charge to read them. However you must read them with an open mind. You have the spirit and you have the free agency to read or not to read it either. In any case it is your choice and your choice alone. You know me there are a lot of questions I have that I just felt cannot be answered and probably shouldn’t be answered at this time. I want to let you know I have a strong testimony of the church but just like in the Book Of Mormon the stories get boring because in every instance the people are righteous and they go bad.

    In my life I have always been taught that if we knew all that Joseph Smith knew we would rise up and KILL him like we did Jesus. That has always bothered me because I know the nature of men, Olive Cowdrey, Martin Harris all the people in the early church left it and called Joseph Smith a false prophet because they were to ignorant to listen or understand.

    The concept of a baby accepting milk before the meat. If you choose not to read them I understand I’m not asking you to do it for me as I’m just as excited like Lehi was when he partook of a fruit and desired his family to try it also.

    You have the gift of the holy ghost in this life we are here to seek truth. Man has always destroyed truth especially the plain and simple parts.

    In my patriarchal blessing it says to gain a solid testimony of Joseph Smith well I do and now I truly understand his mission on earth.
    No one in the church has ever been able to explain the temple, ceremony and symbolism as I have learned reading Sacred not Secret Joseph Smiths true meaning of the ceremony. I cannot deny that the spirit leads me to truth its something I seek continually.

    I’ve had questions if we are the only true church on the earth how is it that there will still be many religions and churches during the time of the Millenium, No one can answer its taught that way.

    Why were the Blacks “Cursed” now I know why and why I had a problem with a section called Status of A Negro printed in Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith which was compiled by Joseph Fielding Smith page 277

    Throughout my life like Ida Smith we know that there is a sealed portion of the book of mormon and before going and discrediting everything on how and why it came out and who remember we have the spirit that teaches all truth. If you have a testimony of what the spirit is teaching you unless you become like a child again you will not understand why.

    Sometimes we think that the sealed portion will come through the prophet or general authority. That was my thinking however we must remember Joseph Smith 14 year old boy. Go back and really look at his original account of the first vision which was only spoked of for the first time 18 years later that it happened and remember he was told things he was commanded not to tell….. WHY? because we being human beings would not believe,

    Just like the people when they had the Savior in front of their face not believe and killed him. Now I can finally understand what the atonement was it never made sense that he suffered for everyone so we wouldn’t have to suffer I see that is wrong that was not his message or mission.

    His work was finished before he was crucified everyone forgets to read it in John 17 verse 4 why would he say “I HAVE FINISHED THE WORK WHICH THOU GAVEST ME TO DO”? You probably forgot about that one or your shocked to realize it now.

    In any case like the book of mormon and the people of Zoram who became snotty rich all part of the church was mislead and thought they were more special than anyone had armor and everything then comes a Lamanite called Samuel that told them to repent let this be a sign to what is happening today here in our time a reminder a story we love to tell however we are living in this exact same time.

    I hope you take some time to read the sealed portion if not read the temple and tell me it does not make sense to you. Why did the temple ceremony change so much from the time of Joseph Smith. To be honest I have been very offended that things have been changed when I have been taught that Real Truth never changes….. NO ONE IN THE CHURCH understands the ceremony as clearly as I have learned what it means reading and praying about it in the Sacred not Secret book it makes sense 100% you will be shocked yourself if you allow yourself not to feel guilt and read it with an open mind.

    I don’t tell this to Tammy or Tino or anyone else as they are not ready to even attempt to read these things like Lehi i have a desire for my family to be exposed to this and make it up for themselves. I know I am even stretching out because truth is you probably will not read it.
    It’s ironic isn’t that what Aubrey is trying to do on her mission is just get people to read and pray for themself?

    Why did Joseph Smith say

    “I rejoice in hearing the testimony of my aged friends. You don’t know me; you never knew my heart. No man knows my history.” (DHC, 6:317.)

    “‘Brethren, if I were to tell you all I know of the kingdom of God, I do know that you would rise up and kill me.’ Brother Brigham arose and said, ‘Don’t tell me anything that I can’t bear, for I don’t want to apostatize.’” (As recalled by Parley P. Pratt inMillennial Star 55 [Sept. 4 1893]: 585.)

    “If I revealed all that has been made known to me, scarcely a man on this stand would stay with me.” “The Prophet Joseph said to me [Brigham Young], about sixteen years ago [at Kirtland], ‘If I was to show the Latter-day Saints all the revelations that the Lord has shown unto me, there is scarce a man that would stay with me, they could not bear it.’”
    (Millennial Star 17 [Sept. 1, 1851]: 258.)

    “Would to God, brethren, I could tell you WHO I am! Would to God I could tell you WHAT I know! But you would call it blasphemy and…want to take my life!” (Orson F. Whitney, Life of Heber C. Kimball [Salt Lake City: Kimball Family, 1888] 332–3.)

    Mom I love you and I have never born my testimony in public but here it is for you..

    I believe we are gods from the beginning created by our loving heavenly father at some point in time we had to leave his presence to be tested to show what we would do or become when given the opportunity to be away from him. This earth is a test a game to show ourselves that when we do things our way we fail, when we do not take care of the poor, homeless and begin to think that we are better we fail.

    The world is in a mess because righteous people think they have a good way through government or good ideals but we fail.

    We are the only one that can change ourself. Christ did not come here to suffer for our sins we have to learn and suffer our self. Christ’s main mission was to teach us that we must love one another as we do ourselfs that is it nothing more nothing less. If we did that this test would be over like the city of enoch we cannot change anyone else but ourself. We cannot influence anyone else but ourself.

    The people killed Christ and Christ let it happen because of our free agency to show us in the future that we are ignorant to what we are. Every knee shall bow because we will realize we were completely wrong in what man taught us to believe in every aspect of life. I have never been so happy to have things answered clearly for me I will go through my life learning more and more I’m greatfull that I have had great parents to teach me not to be closed minded but to be accepting of everyone.

    It was a solid blue print to follow throughout my life now I will take that basic blue print and give it to my only son Blade. He alone must make his own decisions. This testimony is something I cannot fully share in church because people will not understand I know that but I have to you because I love you.

    You are my only mom who created me and I appreciate this and love you for it and always will. It doesn’t matter if you read any of these books only if you want more truth to be revealed unto you.

    Only the spirit will lead you to more truth and light.

    Love your son forever Tony

  50. Lynnette Cook

    ~Lynnette Cook~

    Contact Information:
    address: 228 W. Garden Park, Orem, UT 84057 phone: 435-919-8240 email:

    I really don’t know if anyone even looks at the things I post anymore, other than my closest friends, but I’m going to write this in the off chance that someone might.

    I have been through a lot of hard things in my life. Here are just a few of the hardest:

    – I buried my first baby when she was only 7 weeks old.
    – I left my first marriage, driving two states away with eight children ranging from the ages of 5-16, not knowing what was going to happen to us, with no job, no education, virtually no job experience, and only a temporary place to stay (for a month or so).
    – I started my own business in an effort to support my family with no experience and struggled through managing things while the market crashed.
    – I managed to pay off ALL of my business debts, incurred due to the market crashing, after being counseled by many people to file bankruptcy because of the magnitude of them and was able to keep my credit intact and my integrity in place.
    – I’ve been divorced twice, having to start my life all over again.

    These are just a few of the experiences that I’ve had in my life. I’m not saying these things to bemoan my existence nor am I saying them to aggrandize myself. I’m just saying that my life has not been easy, just like everyone else’s. We all struggle. We all have our challenges.

    With all of that said, I have to say that the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done happened just over 4 ½ years ago, when I read some books that completely changed my perspective and perception of life and I left the religion that I’d been brought up in all of my life and that I had dearly loved and believed with all of my heart that it was true.

    This was the hardest thing for me because at that time I lost EVERYTHING that was important to me, on top of realizing that everything that I had believed up to that point (for 49 years) was not true. That is a very humbling situation to be in.

    I wrote a blog post at that time sharing my experience with anyone who was interested in reading it. I have included it below.

    My life now is no longer anything like the life I once had. I have completely different friends and very little to no association with my family. This is not because I no longer love them or that I don’t want them to be in my life. This is because my perception and perspective of life has changed so drastically that we have very little in common anymore.

    The amazing thing to me has been that no one, not one member of my family nor any one of my numerous friends that I once had, cares enough about me to want to understand what happened to me or why I changed so much. Sure, a few asked me to try to explain to them very briefly what had happened but nobody is willing to seriously look into anything that I have read to find out what would make such an enormous change in my life, and so quickly.

    For any who care, I want to say that every difficult experience that I’ve had has turned out to be a positive thing in my life – something that has changed my experience and my character for the better, something that has made me who I am today. The hardest thing I experienced was the most rewarding, the most beneficial, and the best thing that has ever happened to me. I would do it again and again and again, despite the difficulty and the loss of relationships that I experienced. Here are some of the amazing things that have happened to me since discovering what I did: The Marvelous Work and a Wonder and The Humanity Party.

    – For the first time in my life that I can remember, I truly love myself.
    – I am more confident and can more easily make decisions and handle the challenges that I face in life.
    – My love for others has multiplied to a level that I didn’t know was possible.
    – I no longer judge others and I know that we are all equal human beings, no one better than the next, no matter what anyone believes, looks like, even acts like.
    – I never have to forgive anyone anymore because I know that if I take offense at something, it is my problem. I rarely take offense at anything anymore and if I do it is very, very brief before it’s gone.
    – I have found that it is impossible for me to be depressed for any length of time. Of course, I have times of sadness or discouragement, but they leave me very, very quickly with little to no effort on my part because I better understand what this life is about.
    – I no longer worry about things at all.
    – The majority of my life is spent in peace.

    These are just a few of the things that I have experienced. To sum it all up, I am happier than I have ever been in all of my life and I give 100% credit to the amazing things I have learned from the Marvelous Work and a Wonder ( and The Humanity Party (

    If anyone is interested and wants to read what I wrote originally about my experience 4 ½ years ago and why I did what I did, here it is:

    On course corrections and integrity…

    Sunday, August 31, 2014

    On course corrections and integrity…
    In the last month my life has taken a complete turnaround. I have chosen to have my name removed from the records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This has been the hardest thing that I have ever done or experienced in my life, bar none. I am not attempting to persuade anyone to follow me and do what I have done. I am not trying to convince anyone to change their ways. I’m not going to criticize the church in any way, nor the people in it. I have been hesitant to write anything in my blog ever again as I realize how little I really know about this life, but I have decided to write this in an attempt to answer some of the many questions that I have received regarding my decision and perhaps to dispel any rumors that may be spreading and finally to ask for input from anyone who thinks they can help me to see where I “messed up” and how I got “deceived”. So here goes:

    All of my life I have tried to do what is right. I was raised up in a strong LDS family and as I obeyed my parents and lived the principles of that church, I saw blessings come into my life which strengthened my conviction of the truthfulness of it. It became my rock. It steadied me through my life as I went through various challenges. I loved the church with all of my heart.

    Because I felt it was the greatest gift my parents ever gave me, it was my greatest desire to give that gift to my children so every effort I made was to that end, to teach them the principles I had learned through the church so that it would strengthen and bless them throughout their lives, as it had done to me in mine.

    For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to know the truth of all things. As I would read in the scriptures of Lehi’s dream and how Nephi prayed and he received the dream also, I believed that I could receive those things too, if only I was righteous enough and had enough faith. There are other stories too. The brother of Jared saw all things, as did Abraham, Moses, and Joseph Smith. Through the years, I would pray for more knowledge of all things.

    As I have grown, I have learned the value of studying the scriptures. I was taught as a child that that was important. I went to seminary when I was a teenager and institute in college. The church teaches us to study. When I was younger, I didn’t study as diligently as I wish now I had, but I started the habit and established the desire. As a young mother, I struggled to find the time to give the scriptures the attention that they needed. I remember keeping my scriptures on the back of the toilet so that I could read every time I sat down. When I got divorced, I struggled with finding time for personal study as well, but I continued to strive to have that time. It has always been a priority for me in my adult life, as the scriptures have always brought me great peace and given me many insights into how I should live my life.

    I have never been what people would call a great scriptorian. I do not remember everyone’s names or the details of all the stories. I don’t remember where I read what. I have never gotten hung up on the details of words and what each one meant. I have always used the scriptures kind of as my personal urim and thummin. They have given me practical guidance through my life. They have been how I have felt the Lord has spoken to me. As I read them, the stories come alive with eternal truths and practical guidelines that have helped me to maneuver through this life. The more I study, the more the words become a part of me and as I go through the struggles of the day, I remember words, feelings, and impressions that I experienced in my scripture studies.

    I began reading the scriptures to my children when they were babies. I remember reading to my oldest as an infant in my arms and I tried hard to make it a daily occurrence in our family, no matter what the challenges. It was important to me to be able to share this gift with my children. I felt that as we studied the scriptures together as a family that it would strengthen us as a family.

    After getting married the second time, to a wonderful man who loves the scriptures as much as I do, I found that I had much more time to study the scriptures that I have always loved so much. Not only has that been our favorite thing to do as a married couple, but I also am able to be home now without the constant demands of little ones keeping me on my toes and without having to go out and make a living supporting a family, so, although I have plenty of things to keep me busy every day, I also have a little more time that I can set aside for my personal scripture study. This has been a great blessing to me and a time I have cherished. I have been able to study the Sunday School lessons like I never have before. I have been able to pour over them, reading all the additional readings, as well as the basic outline. I have been able to compare and cross reference. Also, having my husband alongside me, I have been encouraged to tackle some of the more difficult scriptures, like Isaiah, and really search for more understanding and meaning.

    I have not had a lot of interest in reading the words of other men or women, outside of the scriptures, although I have been open to it and have occasionally found a book that felt quite inspiring to me. I have also never been afraid to look at other ideas and religions as I have always felt that the truth should stand up for itself and be able to withstand whatever scrutinies and comparisons are available. I have never found anything that has seriously challenged my belief in the LDS church.

    I have had a couple of minor roadblocks in my understanding, such as polygamy and some of the earlier doctrines in the church that I’ve run across, but I always have trusted that someday I would understand and that I just needed to have faith. I also was completely convinced that the prophet would never lead us astray because that is what I had been taught and heard all my life so I felt great safety in just following everything he taught, no matter who the prophet was.

    As I study the scriptures, I find time and again the counsel to seek for the truth of all things and that if I humble myself and pray with sincere intent, these things can be made known unto me. Not once, in the scriptures does it say not to seek too much or look too deeply. I have heard, though, in the church, that counsel on occasion. I have never understood that as it seems a great contradiction to me. I have never been dissatisfied with the church or looking for something more than it has to offer, I just have been looking for personal revelation that has been promised to me, through the church, through reading the scriptures, which I had always been encouraged to read.

    In my more recent studies, I began to notice that there was a lot of talk of corruption in the church in the latter-days and there was talk of a man bringing forth these scriptures and many not accepting it. (A few references to these things include Mormon 8, D&C 85:7, and 3 Nephi 21.) I began to be open to the possibility that things might come to us through another way than I had always expected. I still did not see corruption in the church as a whole, although I knew that on an individual basis I had seen much.

    When I heard there was a man who claimed to have received and translated the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, I was shocked. How had I not heard about this sooner? What did this all mean? My mind searched through my memory box of scriptures I had read and patterns I had seen as I’d studied the scriptures. True to my nature, though, I was open to all possibilities and willing to take the test to read it myself and see if there was any truth to it.

    I began with great skepticism. Although I was curious, I have to admit I was doubtful. I knew there were people claiming all kinds of things and this seemed too amazing to be true, but I thought of how the Jews had watched for Jesus but when He came they didn’t recognize Him because He wasn’t what they had expected and I thought of how many times the Lord had called prophets from obscure, strange circumstances, and how He is no respecter of persons and I prayed for an open heart and mind and the ability to be able to discern truth from err.

    I knew that I had done all that I could to be obedient and put on the whole armor of God. I knew that I had striven to have the Holy Ghost with me and that the Lord had promised us that we could not be tempted more than we could handle. I took courage in these things. I do not believe in a Satan who is more powerful than me and certainly not in one who is more powerful than my Father and I was doing ALL I knew to do to be following Him and therefore was worthy to receive His help and protection.

    As I read the story of Christopher and his experience, I was amazed at how it paralleled the story of Joseph Smith in so many ways. I knew this could be either an indication of its truthfulness or an indication of deceipt as it would be easy to mimic something that had already occurred. I still read with skepticism, but with sincere desire to know.

    I knew that Joseph Smith had translated 116 pages from the gold plates that had been lost. When Christopher received the plates from Joseph Smith he retranslated that and that’s what I read next. It was an eye opener, but still not enough to completely convince me. It wasn’t until I read the Sealed Portion that I began to truly have my eyes opened. As I was reading, I felt something deep within me stir. I began to see many things that I had not realized or understood. I became like unto King Lamoni where as I learned the truth I began to have a total and complete change of heart.

    The whole experience has been both terrifying and beautiful. As I read the book I thought of how many people I know and love who would cherish the words that I was reading if only they would read them themselves, and yet I knew I could never ask anyone to read it because I was very aware of the sacrifice that would be required at their hands if they were to take on the challenge.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been a huge part of who I am, of my identity. It has been a blessing I have cherished throughout my life. As I read, I began to see that I had been wrong in many ways and that this church was not what I believed it to have been. The question then became, what is MOST important to me – the church or the truth? If I am to be a true follower of God, if I am to live with integrity, if I believe the scriptures, even the ones I have studied all my life, which truly testify of the coming forth of the Sealed Portion, and concur with its words, am I willing to give up all things, even a part of who I am? Am I willing to sacrifice the respect of my family and friends? Am I willing to leave the safety net of the church I have embraced all of my life? Am I prepared to deal with the confusion and lack of trust that comes from “changing my mind” about the church?

    The situation was more complicated than just that. I have made bad mistakes before. I married badly the first time. I began a business that led to much hurt and trials to our family when I was single. I planned to move to Texas, only to change my mind again when my new husband entered my life. My family, especially my children had been disillusioned by me and my decisions time and time again and the church had been the one strong anchor that had helped us through so many trials in this life. Now, I was going to leave it?

    I was in deep turmoil. I knew that this could destroy my family. I knew the possibility of even permanently losing people who have been very important to me in my life. I knew the surety of destroying the confidence of my children in me and in the things I have taught them all of their lives.

    Still, truth is truth. The only choice I could see was to live with the integrity of my heart or not. The bottom line really is, do I have to courage to stand by my convictions through hell and high water or not?

    I have felt like the rich man who asked Christ what he could do to inherit the kingdom of God and was told to obey the commandments. He replied that he had all of his life. Jesus then told him to sell everything he had, give to the poor and come and follow Him. The rich man turned away sorrowing because he had very much. Was I going to be that rich man?

    Things were further complicated as I began to learn more about Christopher. There is a lot on the internet to defame him in every way. Even he, himself, was very hard for me to swallow. He is not smooth-talking with words that are flattering and easy to hear. He is strong, determined and tells the truth. He cuts to the core and doesn’t hold back on anything. He is fearless and he, too, is no respecter of persons. Could he indeed be the chosen one to bring us the truth?

    The proof for me, lies in the fruits. I have read the Sealed Portion and continue to read his other books and listen to what he has to say. I believe the message that he has brought to us is true. I feel it in the very core of me. No matter how much I have not wanted to believe some of the things he has said or brought forth, I cannot deny the ring of truth that abides in it.

    This work is not about the messenger. If God wanted us to turn to Him and not blindly follow another man, this man would be a perfect choice because he’s not easy to blindly follow. He challenges and pushes and sometimes confuses me, which turns me to within, to search my God, to know for myself, which brings me answers in ways that I never could have dreamed of or imagined.

    The story that is told and the message that was presented to me through the Sealed Portion is very different in many ways than I have believed in the past but when I finished the book and looked at what my past beliefs were and what this book has presented to me, I cannot deny that I believe the message held therein is closer to what I believe the plan originally was in heaven, the one I thought I had fought for. I think perhaps I was not one of the valiant as I had wanted to believe my whole life, but that I was one that wanted more security and could not understand the plan as my Father had intended and that’s why I’ve had this life experience. This feels my chance to learn the real truth and rethink my previous choices.

    I have been accused of being selfish and not caring about my children and the trials this would cause for them. In this accusation I think others have erred. There is nothing that has pained me more than that. I have cried more tears in the past month than I can remember crying in my life over anything because of that very thing. I have considered the hurt that this will cause and I have considered often, and much the possibility of just pretending it never happened and going back to life as I once knew it but I know that I would never be the same because I would have denied the integrity that has always been so precious to me. How could I ever again, with any degree of integrity, share my feelings or beliefs on anything? I would have to become as a silent observer, unwilling and unable to share my feelings on anything again, as I had denied the truth of what I really know. What kind of mother would I be then?

    I have been accused of searching for mysteries that I should have left alone. What? Do we believe in the scriptures or not? Do they not tell us over and over again that we should seek for all the mysteries of the Father? Do they not tell us that we can know the truth of all things? Do they not give us examples of people who have learned the truth, even in this lifetime?

    I have been told that I’ve been deceived, that Christopher is a wicked man. If that is true, then the “armor of God” must not be a real thing. If that is true, then what I have learned about Satan, that he could bruise my heel, but I could crush his head, must not be true. If that is true, then I would have to believe that Satan is indeed more powerful than God because he would have been able to tempt me more than I was able to endure and no amount of protection that had been promised from God would be real or true, at least not in my case. I had not broken any commandments that I was aware of. I was not searching in forbidden paths. I was following the words of OUR scriptures, the scriptures that the church had sanctioned and encouraged me to read all of my life. I was reading the Sealed Portion that was prophesied would come forth. I was testing its fruits for myself to know what was right and wrong.

    I cannot find one example of a true messenger of God, bringing forth truth and calling repentance to His people, coming from the leadership of ANY church, even the most “chosen” church of God. I have not found an example of a true messenger that was not hated and scorned and criticized. If the truth were soft and easy and palatable, why have so many people throughout the history of the world, denied it all?

    So, those who are convinced I am deceived or misled or crazy, please tell me where I am wrong. Please tell me what I have done to get on this path that I shouldn’t have done. Please tell me how I could live with myself and still not create all the havoc that has now been created in my life.

    My life felt nearly perfect two months ago. I was happy in the church, I was married to a wonderful man, my family had forgiven me and was trusting me again. We were all healing. WHY would I want to go and ruin all of that?
    Every morning I wake up to new struggles. Every day I have more hurt and pain. This has NOT been the easy road. This has not been a slow pathway to apostasy that happened through lack of diligence or sloppiness on my part. This has been a COMPLETE change of heart and reformation of who I really am
    A few months ago I began really praying for the Lord to help me know what I needed to repent of in my life. I was living every principal of “the gospel” that I knew and understood, and very diligently at that, yet I knew that I was not perfect. I knew that there were many things that I didn’t know or understand that I wanted to and I couldn’t understand why I was not receiving more revelations on those things. I sensed that there was more and that I needed to change something somewhere but did not know what.

    The Sealed Portion taught me what I needed to change. Although this has been the most difficult thing I have EVER done in my life, it is my answer to prayer. Should I, after FINALLY receiving my answer, say, “Never mind. I don’t really want to know. That’s not comfortable. That’s not what I want to hear. I’ll just go back to the way everything was. I’ll just go back to my perfect life.”? You tell me. I’m open to your thoughts.

    I am not trying to push anyone to accept or believe anything that I now embrace, even my children. I have told them that I will continue to support them in their activity in the church in every way. I am not changing all of my standards of living to be a negative influence on them or anyone else. I will not try to preach my new beliefs or even share them with others. I simply ask, can people still love me for who I am and what I believe, even if it doesn’t agree with you?

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