PERSONAL STORIES: How my life has changed since finding the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party®


This section is to give an opportunity to those whose lives have been affected by the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party® to tell their personal story and experiences.

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This truly is a marvelous work and a wonder.  It has transformed countless lives.  Please tell others how it has changed yours.

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  1. Michael Budge

    Michael Budge’s Personal Story

    Finding the Marvelous Work and a Wonder has brought me more peace and understanding than anything else I have ever found on Earth.

    I grew up in a devout LDS/Mormon family in Salt Lake City and from an early age was drawn in by what I was taught in my family’s religion. By the time I was in high school I had gained a testimony that the Book of Mormon (as I understood it at least) was true and became deeply involved in the LDS Church. I was sent to on a mission to the American Midwest and spent time in Nauvoo, Illinois, where a lot of early church history took place. I felt a strong spiritual connection to the scriptures I read, to the temple endowment ceremony, and to early Mormon leaders. I felt a connection particularly to Joseph and Hyrum Smith while there. I didn’t understand all of what I was feeling but I loved the Church and was so excited to spend my life supporting it.

    But during that whole experience I knew inside that I was gay and the church taught it was a horrible sin. I was taught that God would condemn you if you acted on it, which is why I tried so hard to please the Mormon god and follow the rules the LDS leaders had set out. I was in hardcore denial and tried to overcome these “temptations”.

    By the time I came back home and it came time to find a girl to marry, I couldn’t deny my attraction to men anymore. I went though a lot of personal anguish trying to reconcile these feelings that just felt right with what the Mormons believed about homosexuality. Eventually though what I felt like was a revelation from God I accepted that being gay was not sinful at all and began to come out of the closet. It made me so happy to finally embrace it and be myself!

    Coming out of the closet was freeing but in the process I lost a lot of my LDS/Mormon friends and family, even getting some nasty condemnations from the leaders. But I knew in my heart those leaders were wrong and that led me to question everything else about the church, which led me to realize there was a lot wrong with it. So I left the Mormons and tried to figure out what to believe. I questioned the existence of God and of anything I couldn’t see with my own eyes. To be honest, I felt lost and had no idea what was true anymore. I just knew I was searching for the real truth, wherever it was.

    I sought for value in money, career, and the world but it only left me feeling empty. In all this I couldn’t shake my faith in Joseph Smith and in the Jesus Christ character from the Bible and Book of Mormon. So it was in the midst of this that I met Rob, an ex-Catholic gay man who I immediately felt a connection with. We began seeing each other long-distance regularly and he read the Book of Mormon despite my warnings about the homophobic church I had belonged to. On one of our visits together we ended up meeting Damon Cook at a party. He told us both about the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon and I immediately was blown away that I hadn’t already heard of it. I had been waiting for it for my whole life and was so disappointed when I found the LDS/Mormon Church didn’t have it.

    So while on my way back to Texas where I had moved after college, I followed the link to the MWAW website and started reading. I was very skeptical of religion because of my experience with it thus far and especially skeptical of men claiming to have some sort of revelation. However, the something told me that I had to read it without any research into who wrote it and that I had to judge its worth based solely on the words of the book. I was surprised and excited to have immediately found that the Sealed Portion was everything I could have hoped for and more. I cried while reading the first few chapters on that late night flight home.

    I kept reading it over the following months and it rocked my whole world. I realized that following my heart about religion and about being gay lead me down the right path after all. It didn’t take long for me to accept that this was the truth and I had to find out more! Rob was also reading it and coming to the same conclusions. Damon helped me read more books and connect to the MWAW online. I read them all within a year. The Humanity Party made a big impression on me because I liked the fact that it provided real viable solutions to solve the world’s problems. IN ADDITION to answering my questions about religion, Joseph Smith’s history, the endowment, and the book of Revelation, there was also this amazing solution to our political situation.

    I quickly realized that the value I was seeking in the world was no longer what I wanted and that all the people I had surrounded myself with were not bringing me happiness. I was so excited to have found the truth I had been looking for my whole life! But I was realizing that very few others believed it and it made me feel isolated from those around me.

    My whole life began to fall apart. I soon found myself unemployed and felt in my heart that I needed to be back in Utah to be closer to this work. So I moved home and soon met Christopher and was glad to get to hear him speak in person. I met a lot of MWAW supporters who have now become some of my best friends. I have had the opportunity to be directly involved with the Humanity Party leadership and although I often feel inadequate in that role, I am grateful for the chance to support it in what ways I can.

    Living my life knowing the real truth has opened my eyes in ways I would have not thought possible before finding it. I’ve been able to fully accept my self while accepting others around me for who they are. I no longer judge and condemn others like I did while in religion. Rob and I moved in together last year and he has been an incredible support for me as we have continued to learn the Real Truth. We have been able to support each other and learn together. We both enjoy finding incredible confirmations of the truths we have learned though art and music.

    I had always wanted to find the truth when it was younger and wondered how it would feel to know. Now that I know the truth, It feels wonderful! But it can also be tough since there are so few who also believe. It is hard to watch the world reject it.

    However, the Real Truth has helped me make sense of almost everything int the world around me. It’s helped me understand who human beings are and has allowed me to see the divinity in each of us (myself included!). It has given me the perspective to know that while our situation on Earth looks dark at times, there is hope, goodness, order, love, and happiness in the universe. That is enough to give me the strength to deal with mortal life. The Truth really will set you free!

  2. Robert Mansfield

    I have been pondering what MWAW has done for me.

    Let me start by saying that I have never been an LDS Mormon. I was baptized Episcopalian because my Presbeterian father and Catholic mother were not permitted to be married in either of those churches. As a child I was exposed to both religions and my parents let me choose my “religious” direction.

    I chose the Catholic path. As a young teen I rose thru the catholic church. I was an alter boy, then I was the primary server to the bishop in my diocese (same as a Stake) in Ohio. I went to the seminary after high school for a few months in anticipation of entering the priesthood. It was determined after I climbed out of my dorm window a few times to go into “town” for fun that the priesthood was “not my calling”. You have no idea what it was like to climb out the second story window was like in a cassock. (A cassock was that whole catholic priest outfit with the collar and robes to the floor, many hot layers of misery). I went back home much to my Irish catholic mothers chagrin. Mom: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph you got kicked out?” My grandmother smiled and poured me a whiskey.

    I went back to the cathedral at home and worked with our bishop and became a deacon of the catholic church. I could administer the rights of the church, communion, baptism, scriptural readings and teachings, last rites and participate funeral masses and weddings.

    I started thinking about things, discrepancies in the church and religion in general. Things just didn’t make sense. Wait a second a virgin gave a magical birth to the messiah! Really?

    I wondered about many things and went to the bishop, who was by then a Cardinal and asked what to do. He told me to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. When I really looked at the teachings of Jesus I got even more confused. Jesus talked about love and acceptance. I didn’t feel that in my church. What about Jews? What about Muslims? What about Hindu’s and Buddhists?

    What about gay people like me? What about the poor? What about women? What about people who were a different race? I started looking at other Christian faiths and wondered what God wanted from me and I found that most were the same. In all religions some straight dudes created a religion to meet their needs and benefits at the exclusion of others. Basically, if you didn’t follow our rules you don’t belong and you are going to hell.

    I was discouraged most of it made no sense to me, how can anyone be excluded from the grace of God. Then I realized I was gay and came out. My mom ran to the cathedral and and looked for the Cardinal. He told my mother that I would not go to hell for being gay, if I didn’t follow my urges. But then they stripped me of my deaconate rights. I was allowed to be a member of the church if I followed the guidelines. I could no longer perform the rites of the church. I walked away and left the church behind.

    It was a sad time for me, I was searching for the truth about what God wanted for me and could not find it. I fumbled around for many years. I tried Unitarianism, Presbyterianism, Lutheranism, Buddhism, Episcopalianism. Nothing answered my questions. They were all the same. So, I pray on my own and went thru the motions. For many years I did not attend a church although I believed in God. I searched for years.

    Then I met Michael.

    He was out of the LDS church by then. We were staying in a hotel for a weekend and I discovered the BOM in the nightstand of the hotel. I began reading and could not put it down. He answered a lot of questions for me and was incredible. I felt at the time that it was the most enlightening religious books I had read. I read every bit of the Book of Mormon. Several months later we were at event with a mutual friend who said “have you read the sealed portion”. We had no idea that it had been published. We found it and went on the journey.

    The Sealed Portion made my eyes fly open! I could not believe what I was reading. It all made so much sense. It was an emotional time for sure, I cried a lot. I found what I was looking for finally! I read all of the MWAW books. I read nothing else for almost 2 yrs. I couldn’t get enough.

    I went to my first symposium in 2016 when the Humanity Party was launched and many of my questions were answered by Christopher. The following year I was privileged to be involved in the symposium for the “The Dream of Mortal Life”. The Real Truth really changed my life and I was able to put all religion behind me. I AM A GOD!

    What has MWAW done for me?
    I look at the world differently. I am more tolerable of people and their differences. Everyone is here in this dream to find their own way thru this mortal life. I am much less judgmental and frankly more open to exploring things I would not have in the past. I have met an incredible group of people who have the same knowledge, and it is amazing to be with this group.

    I feel incredible love. I am so at peace with who I am and the world around me. I am so very happy!

    Rob Mansfield

  3. Hello Christopher & the Bros.,

    Early on in my childhood I remember thinking that this religion stuff was weird and couldn’t really relate to any of the concepts that were being presented by the leaders and my own family. Growing up in Utah there was not a lot of diversity, however there was one kid in the neighborhood of “cursed” descent. We had become friends in the sixth grade and we spent quite a bit of time together being kids. Not long after I learned about the “curse”, I really had a hard time with the idea that African American people were cursed with dark skin for not following Jesus in the pre-existence. Anyway, for this and a few other reasons I didn’t really believe that the LDS/Mormon church had much truth that was being taught. With this mind set I never went on a mission and never consistently went to church after moving out of my parents’ house when I was seventeen. Although I still believed that the BoM had some merit and did include the fullness of Christ’s everlasting gospel.

    Around 2012 there was a lot of attention being given to the Mayan calendar and that it ended on December 21st 2012 and that the world was going to end on that day. This sparked my interest into the age old question of “Who are we? And why do we exist?”. The interweb was readily available so I started to go down the alien rabbit hole and found that there wasn’t much truth contained anywhere within the many theories. Next came the conspiracy theory rabbit hole where I had pretty much come to the conclusion that the American government was being run by the devil himself.

    After searching the interweb for a year or so and finding not much of worth or value to answer the question above. My neighbor (elder’s quorum president) called me and invited me to the priesthood session of conference in the fall of 2013, with an open mind I agreed and went to the session. Talk about one of the most negative experiences that i have had in regards to feeling the “spirit” through the Mormon mindset. This sent me on a journey to find out as much as possible about Joseph Smith and why my wife and I’s families believed in this religion. I began reading everything I could find on Joseph Smith and the Mormon religion, both sides of the coin so I could make an informed decision. There is tons of information out there which still leaves you with questions, after my research I had concluded that Joe Smith was a pedophile and a deceiver who set-up a religion to get money and power.

    Late one night I couldn’t sleep and was perusing the interweb, one thing led to another and there I was at 2am jerking off to pornographic videos when a pop-up locked my screen and images of children (that I will never get out of my head) were shown on the screen. I almost fell over in my chair completely horrified from the pictures on the computer screen, I shut the computer off immediately and got down on my knees and prayed to know the truth of all things (mainly if I was a bad person and if I was going to hell for pounding my pud…haha). A calm feeling came over me and I fell asleep without thinking about those images again.

    The next day I “stumbled” upon a video of Ida Smith talking about the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so I immediately went to the website and downloaded the lost 116 pages and read it immediately. Then I read the Sealed Portion, then the Joseph Smith biography, then the 666 book and then the temple book. And I had finally found the answers that I was looking for, nowhere else was I able to find anything that even closely answered those questions like the books of the MWAW.

    After reading all of the books my outlook on everything about this life has changed completely 180° from where I was before, I am a kinder person because of the things that I have learned. Thanks to Christopher and the Bros for making this information available and I will continue to support the Humanity Party by writing it in every time that I visit the polls!!!

    Brett Gerfen

  4. Mawunyo

    Shortly after my father became a member of the church, he invited all of his children to be part of it. So at the age of nine I became a member of the LDS church. The church became our life, and everything because we believed strongly that we had found the truth. We wouldn’t miss any opportunity to be at church and to engage in any activity with other members. After a few years, we relocated to a new place and struggled quite a bit to adapt. I was very active in primary throughout to youth. Then came the time for me to receive the Melchizedek priesthood, but I was very hesitant to accept because after reading the oaths and covenants of the priesthood I became convinced that I needed to strive harder in order to be worthy of it. However after much persuasion from my father and church leaders, I accepted it. After sometime, my dad discovered inconsistencies in church policy as well as doctrines particularly with the declaration by president Wilford Woodruff to discontinue plural marriage. He would bring up such topics once in awhile for discussion but I would vehemently take a defensive stance each time. Because I was very much involved in missionary work with the fulltime missionaries trekking several distances. However, the analysis my dad made concerning these impressed heavily on my mind, and resonated with me. I decided I needed to understand my religion instead of taking information from others and adding to my own to build faith. I began reading all the standard works from cover to cover to discover things for myself. The church would often say its organisation was the same as the church of Christ two millennia ago, but would compare and realize it was not true even though there were certain similarities. It was also envident to me that Wilford Woodruff’s declaration in the D/C was no revelation from God but a way of avoiding persecution from the United States at the time. Moreover, the Melchizedek priesthood didnt make sense cause we could not even healed the sick and many other things the church claimed the priesthood could do.These and other concerns weighed heavily on my mind since that time forth, but I wasn’t going to leave the church without confirmation that it wasn’t true. I could percieve there was more to Joseph Smith than had been printed in books. I advanced my search to the internet to find out more about him. Often reading stories by sincere ex-mormons, church history as researched by others. I came to the conclusion that we had been lied to about the facts in church history. As my search intensified, I came across Ida Smith’s ex-communication story , and her testimony of the revealed sealed portion by Christopher. A member friend who had been on this search with me downloaded it, and it became available for my use. I read it for hours nonstop because it made sense more than any religious text I had ever read. For me in West Africa, this is how my journey with MWAW began. My spirit left the church by the time I was done reading. For me, the sealed portion was what I needed to confirm the deviation of the church .

    Favorite Color: Rainbow
    Favorite Song “Yo Gabba Gabba’s All my friends are different”


    I am just a human living on this planet we call Earth. I am someone who has always looked for answers to questions, question that most all humans have had but not answered.

    I am a typical person who was a typical member of the LDS (Mormon) religion. I attended Sunday school, passed the sacrament, used the power of the priesthood, went on a mission, attended the temple, married in the temple, etc. Did all the things that were expected of me as a priesthood-holder, and yet I still had questions that had not been answered.
    My questions were not extraordinary, to say the least. They were simple questions I thought should have been answered long ago in primary class as a young boy. Or at least come to a more reasonable explanation in the temple. And yet it took another 35 years of searching to find what I have been looking for.

    The answers to all my questions, the answers to all the questions that any of the human beings on this planet have yearned to know, can be answered through the books of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder. Plain and simple, there is no other source. There is no other source, which can explain in such simple ways the meaning for well, LIFE.

    If you have questions to seemingly impossible answers, take a look at what the Marvelous Work and a Wonder has to offer. Start reading the books that have been produced by this Marvelous Work and a Wonder. And if read with an open mind I believe that a person can come to a better knowledge of what this LIFE is all about.

    I have never been one to take anything at face value, especially something important to my “salvation” as contained in the gospel of which I had been raised in. As far back as I could remember I was always “looking” for answers to questions that would inevitably arise as a result of much study.

    As I can recall, as a pre-teen I would find myself gravitating toward thoughts of the future and what would be the outcome of this life. Almost any book about future events such as the Apocalypse, the Millennium would grab hold of me like no other. While my friends had no concerns about such things, I would pour over books like Prophecy, Key to the Future by Duane S. Crowther.

    As I became a teenager and attended high school and all that high school would entail, I forgot about my interest in future events of the world. I guess my lack of interest was my inability to find answers that satisfied my curiosity. I thought in my innocence of youth, that someone had the answers, for HEAVEN’S SAKE I WAS PART OF THE ONLY “LIVING AND TRUE CHURCH” ON THE EARTH, you would have thought that someone in that blasted religion had the answers to the most important aspects of human existence.

    Not finding any clear and precise answers, for I did find many opinions from many authors, some even contradicting one another, I did not find really what I was looking for. So I left the muddy waters of opinion and contradiction and turned my head to “clear” learning such as science and architecture class in high school.

    Never really doing much in the way of LDS life, other than to attend social and, sporting events I gave up looking for answers to my questions. I instead turned to what most teenagers did. I focused not so much on the classroom, but athletics. I was involved in Wrestling, and church softball, and to round out my intellect I was also involved in the chess club since my best friend’s dad was the math teacher and chess club coach.

    My best friend’s family would become my surrogate family. I would stay at their house for most of my teenage life until my mission. I loved to talk to David’s (my best friend) Dad and talk to him about “churchy church” stuff. I leaned towards people much older than myself; I had no interest in talking to kids my age. All they talked about was gossip and did you score with that chick at mutual dance, GOD WHAT A BUNCH OF DRIBBLE, I could not be around them for very long.

    My senior year came around and I never really thought about going on a mission, never was interested. But, we had a diligent Bishop who actually did his bishop thing. He made sure things were done right, helped us focus our efforts on getting ready to go on a mission. I do miss him he sure cared about his flock (even though they were flocked up).
    So, I was preparing for my mission, returning my focus to the “good news”, and reading the Book of Mormon for the first time (I can’t believe it took me so long to read it the first time). The BOM is the only scripture that I read from cover to cover, the Bible, forget about it. I only read in the New Testament about Jesus. I tried to read the Book of Revelations that was like trying to milk a cow with my toes wasn’t going to happen. The other modern scriptures, I really never touch, don’t know why never really interested me except the pearl of great price.

    Well, as you could see I was well prepared. I can’t believe the church would create a program that would empower such wet-behind-the-ears, snot-nosed brats to disseminate what the church thought of as being so highly valued. I never understood, and never will.

    I will not go into my mission, I gained many valuable lessons about human behavior and thought.
    So back from my mission, I thought I had gained knowledge about the gospel, and the plan of salvation. I thought: “Now, I really am starting to get the whole gospel and scripture thing down, real intelligence”. Hmmm.

    So with a firm grip on the gospel, so I thought, I would turn once again to search out some of my questions that still have not been answered. I thought I know have a good foundation of knowledge, and where to go for more knowledge.
    I would turn to reading books about my favorite subject, the end time events. I would read authors such as Cleon Skousen, for many people on my mission talked so highly of him. Also would read other works by popular LDS authors. Once again I was disappointed, could not come to a clear understanding of last day events.

    Why was it so hard to find clear answers? Why could not the only church sanctioned by GOD himself explain these mysteries? I guess I was either not trying hard enough, or was not worthy of such things, because it sure in the hell could not be the church’s fault, right? Right?

    So with this new sense of thought of either, it was me, or the church that was at fault, cause I new I was not the best LDS out there I had my many, many faults. I tried even harder to find these many answers that have been lingering around since my childhood. I started to look within myself to find out why I was not receiving the personal revelations that I knew others where receiving.

    I read as many self-help books within and without of the church had to offer. I bought many cassette tapes on the subject of the atonement, prayer, remission of our sins, etc. Well, let’s just say I was a little disappointed. What a bunch of dung. Self-help, more like self-obliteration. No wonder people are not happy listening to these people, to me, it was all fluff and no stuff nothing but dribble.

    “Now for the rest of the story”. Thank you, Paul Harvey, what a great guy. So, for the rest of the story. It has been several years since returning from my mission, I moved from Atwater California to St. George Utah. A friend of mine, his family moved there and said how they liked the college. Found my wife there and got married in the temple. At this time I pretty much left my questions behind and said to myself, “If the answers come, they will come”. Started to just become content with my daily routine of going to work, and attending churchy church. Until one day…

    One of my coworkers was discussing some stuff about the church and how it has gone into apostasy and lost its way. Well that was like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey, didn’t think of myself very highly at that time (see what happens when you read self-help books, you don’t think of yourself very highly). I got to be very close to this person, I would drive to his house we would discuss the things that he read. One of the subjects was the “Dream Mine” and Bishop Koyle. Got involved with the Dream Mine/ Relief Mine. Took a trip with the group and helped to clean up the mine. I thought I found what I was looking for, cause the group talked about the end of time stuff I was so interested in.

    Some of the things I learned were things like The Cardston Temple Vision – World War III, The White Horse Prophecy, A Temporary Gathering in Texas, Turn Your Dollars Into Silver Coins, The Dollar Will Get “Utterly Destroyed”, EMP 101 A Basic Primer & Suggestions, Postal Service Might Not Make Payroll in October. These things were like fuel to the fire, that just added to my interest in the end time prophecies.

    As I dove head long into these topics, such as governmental conspiracy and the New World Order, and the Illuminati. I started to implement some of the things I learned to prepare for the end time events. I got food storage (tastes like crap), and things like that. I was off in the deep end without a life preserver, and not turning back.

    At this time 2004, my family had moved to the thriving metropolis of Mesquite Nevada. My wife accepted a job at the new regional hospital. My wife and I were going to school as well, she for nursing, and I for Graphic Design at the Art Institute in Las Vegas. Damn, I hate the heat. Anyways, I was still involved in preparing for the end of the world (kind of funny looking back, I was going to school while preparing for the end of the world).

    I had not really been involved with the dream mine group lately because of school, but it was sort of in the back of my mind. While attending school, I don’t know if something was telling me in my head to get back with the Dream Mine group, or I was just missing the group itself, the people, I reignited the Dream Mine flame. I would visit their website, and read once again the materials they had.

    One night I went onto the Dream Mine website to read more exciting end time event articles when I noticed an ad on the right side of the page. It read something like “The Sealed Portion Revealed”. “Hmm, the Sealed Portion, I interested in things like that”. I could not pass up another Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon, the other two were so strange, but I had to see what this was all about.

    So I clicked on the link and was brought to the old website of Christopher’s (end 2006), I can’t remember the name. I found the link to the Sealed Portion as well as many other links. You see when I find things that interest me I would download all the things that we website would have to offer before I delve into the details.

    So I copied and pasted the old group forum entries, and read all I could. I remember the first book I read, The Sealed Portion, and found it a bit skeptical at first. I had read other Sealed Portions and you could tell right off that they were smoke and mirrors. So I was not easily impressed when it comes to prophecy, scripture, and end time events. I have pretty much read it all, seen a lot of it, and it usually comes down to people behind the scenes trying to gain value for themselves through their followers.

    I remember reading in the Sealed Portion where it talks about families being one of the main sources of war the other was religion. WTF. Ha ha, I found another bogus Sealed Portion, to bad cause this was much more interesting and viable than the others. I kept reading though, I kept reading cause it got me like heartburn to a sausage-eating fiend that I am. I could not stop reading. I read into the wee hours of the morning, I would read at school, I would skip class and go to the library to be alone, cause I knew nobody would be in the library.

    I started to love the Sealed Portion I started to have knowledge of the power of conversion contained in the book. I READ AND FOUND SOME OF THE ANSWERS THAT NO RELIGIONS OF MINE COULD HAVE ANSWERED. You have to remember that I really never read any scripture but the Book of Mormon. I find it rather hard to read any scripture, but the Sealed Portion read like the Book of Mormon, go figure.

    I got to about the middle of that book where it talks about Jesus the Christ, and some of the mysteries of his childhood. I ate it up I could not get enough of it. I continued to the end, which did not take too long. I was dumb founded some of the most joyous scripture I had ever read, yea the most joyous to my soul was contained in the book of scripture. This book, The Sealed Portion answered so many questions that I had had what else did this Christopher guy have up his sleeve.
    Well, the Dream Mine was gone the allure of the mine with gold in the bottom was now just a “fig newton” of my imagination, and so was all the other stuff, so powerful that book had on my life. I threw away all of my papers from all the websites I had downloaded (about 2000 pages) into the trash. I even threw away my Patriarchal blessing that I loved so dearly.

    I started to read the “666 book America the mark of the beast” I read that book by John from cover to cover while sitting on the John. I love this book, answered so many questions and eliminated all the rest. While reading this book, I attended the gathering at the Murray Park in Sandy Utah in June of 2008. Christopher was going to be speaking at the pavilion, I had to go, and I had to see for myself what this guy was all about. So I drove from Mesquite Nevada to Sandy Utah. By this time I was totally convinced of the books that I had read where true and had contained the words that I needed to hear.

    I brought my oldest son with me we arrived at the park at noon. My oldest was read to get out of the car he saw other kids playing in the park and had no interest in sitting and listening to some talk for five hours. So I let him play in the park. As I was walking to the Pavilion I wondered to myself which one was Christopher?

    I saw a couple of guys I thought might be him, but no, not him. I sat down and was just talking to a couple of guys, the first was Bob Newton the other was a “desert rat” (affectionately named) sort of fella named Dennis Richmond. While talking to them for a little while a man with long hair and sandals, (with painted toe nails nonetheless) came over. We said hi I could tell the other guys knew him. He introduced himself as Christopher I was surprised that this was Christopher, but the feeling gave way to a peaceful happy feeling. We sat down on one of the benches he asked me where I was in my reading. I told him that I was reading the “666” book.

    Christopher begins to explain the book to me and about how he came to know the person we would know as John the beloved. Christopher also explained to me about the creation of a book called the Bible. And how all scriptures were just made up, not real. This was so fun for me to listen to Christopher explain in simple terms some of the mysteries that have been since the foundation of the world, I had a blast.

    Christopher then tells me he is going to give me a book. Christopher walks over to the front of the pavilion where he has a couple of books, walks back to me and gives me the book called “Sacred not Secret”.

    Christopher announces that it is time to eat, so we eat. After lunch, we settled into our places to listen to what Christopher has to say. For the next several hours we listen to Christopher explain to us about where we came from, what the real reason why we are here, and what to expect in the future.

    This is my story.

    Mike Allen
    435. 229. 5578

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  6. The full story;
    My name is Joshua Nathaniel Smith Spencer. I was introduced to the work during a difficult time in my life.
    During this time I had fallen away from religion all together. I had no family, no friends, no stable living situation, and many emotional traumas, as well as problems getting along with others.

    I guess you can say my start on the path to the MWAW started in 2007-2008, when i picked up the Book Of Revelation for the first time, as well as the Book Of Mormon.
    And through peer pressure from the family i was preparing for a mission in Brazil, for the LDS church which I was forced into as a child. Before moving to Utah at the age of 10, I had no religion I didnt even understand the concept of these religions…Growing up I always knew religion was poison for our soul but never said anything for fear of punishment.

    Although for some reason i always excepted the Book of mormon, and Christ.

    I rebelled in my teenage years and fell away from the church, but always kept my relationship with God. After high school i agreed to serve a mission. And this is when i picked up the BOM and Revelation and began to Read the books.

    I had a testimony in the BOM and Christ and believed Joseph Smith Was a prophet, and had gotten endowed in the temple. But at the end of the day, i didnt know who i was, or what the books i was reading were about. So, i put my faith in Christ and went with that.

    2008 was the time on my mission that changed my life. I found myself living in a third world country trying to convert people to a church i didnt belive in…but i wanted to share the Book Of Mormon with the people, because i knew it contained the gospel. As i served my mission i became severally depressed and suicidal…what i saw around me made me sick and sad very distraught… I saw the poverty, and sickness and inequalities, as well as the welth of the church, compared to the rest of the ghettos or favelas around me. I saw extravagant temples, decorated with many fine things, massive churches, and church centers, it reminded me of the description of the nephites just prior to the coming of Jesus to the land bountiful… I couldn’t take it anylonger and had to return home.

    Upon my return home i began to abuse pills, drink, smoke, and do anything to forget how much i felt as though i failed my brothers and sisters in the south american continent. I quit going to the temple, and no longer attended church.

    My family disowned me and i found myself homeless and with nothing…After some time i finally enrolled myself in job corps.

    During this time of my life i began to learn just how much i had become conditioned to fear everything and my eyes were opened to how judgemental i was. I tried to shove my belief down others throat…but deep down i had a desire to repent and come to christ no matter what. So i once again picked up the Book of Revelation and began to study and learn the symbolism. I knew of the pride and ego of America, the spirit of Antichrist, and money being the mark of the beast. But the symbolism plagued me.

    It was now 2012 and i had finished school. Four years had passed and i had become what i disdained… A prejudice bias mormon who judged any who were against mormonism or any who were homosexuals were going to be punished, and many more ignorant judgments towards humanity.

    I was in denial of the church and the deceptions within, something didnt add up…i knew joseph smith was a prophet and the book of mormon was true, but knew in my heart something with the church and my inner being was not right.

    I became frustrated and hateful of myself and others. Angry with America, and the world, and friends and family…

    In 2013 i began searching every philosophy and spiritual book, teaching i could find and learn, i meditated, i read books, listened to talks, everything possible to find answers and cure the way i had become and learn the truth about reality.

    Finally in the beginning of 2014 i started looking on youtube for videos about truth and reality. I came accross Human reality part one…i began to listen but couldnt understand the concepts so i turned it off.

    Late 2014 i lost my job, and fell once again away from church. I picked up Isaiah chapter one and began to study it…i broke down mentally and realised that the enemy was me, that our fallen nature was lucifer. I thought i had lost my mind.

    I packed up and moved out to California where things got worse, and i had a complete psychotic break, i decided all had failed and was going to walk home to Utah from California. As i traveled i was reminded of Lehis Dream, i saw the pride of the world, and saw human nature with new eyes, i had to run from all of it…including myself.

    Finally i came to my senses and asked my brother to buy me a bus ticket to utah to start over. Something in California changed me and i no longer hated myself or others, and began to see purpose in life. I was becoming a new person.

    After returning home to utah. I had went to McDonald’s to use the bathroom and get a drink, i ran across a man reading a book. 666 Mark of America seat of the beast, revelation unfolded. After years of searching for answers from the Book of revelation, i was interested and asked about the book. I talked to this man and we went for a drive in his car where he shared the MWAW. I began to read the book and knew instantly that it was the truth and revelation had finally been unfolded for my understanding. I was then introduced to the sealed portion of the book of mormon aswell.

    Shortly after meeting Burke. I was invited to a symposium where Christopher would be talking. I tested Christophers knowledge and what he said spoke to my spirit, and i couldnt deny it. I shook Christopher’s hand, he handed me the book without disclosing my true identity and told me it would help me understand the history of joseph smith.

    The second time I met Christopher he hugged me, i feared him because I knew he knew me and knew he was a powerful person. But he was so kind and friendly.

    The third time i met Christopher i had changed tremendously. I began to judge less, i had love and patience for others, began to love myself, and had forgiveness in my heart. By this time i had read the sealed portion and remembered human reality from youtube.

    I hugged Christopher and told him he did a good job. That was the last time i saw him.

    After meeting Christopher three times i can say he is a good man, with a wonderful message to share. Christopher is kind, and wise. And may it be known: Christopher has done nothing wrong.

    As ive studied the books of this work and sought for answers. Ive come to understand myself and others, love myself and others. I understand what i spent years searching for in confusion, i understand the true Christ, the true father, the truth.

    Thank u to everyone and to the messenger for helping me heal my mind, heart, and soul. And for helping me gain the further light and knowledge i was seeking from the father.

  7. Mike Allen

    Favorite Color: Rainbow
    Favorite Song “Yo Gabba Gabba’s All my friends are different”

    By Mike Allen
    I am just a human living on this planet we call Earth. I am someone who has always looked for answers to questions, the question that most all humans have had but not answered.

    I am a typical person who was a typical member of the LDS (Mormon) religion. I attended Sunday school, passed the sacrament, used the power of the priesthood, went on a mission, attended the temple, married in the temple, etc. Did all the things that were expected of me as a priesthood-holder, and yet I still had questions that had not been answered.
    My questions were not extra-ordinary, to say the least. They were simple questions I thought should have been answered long ago in primary class as a young boy. Or at least come to a more reasonable explanation in the temple. And yet it took another 35 years of searching to find what I have been looking for.

    The answers to all my questions, the answers to all the questions that any of the human beings on this planet have yearned to know, can be answered through the books of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder. Plain and simple, there is no other source. There is no other source, which can explain in such simple ways the meaning for well, LIFE.
    If you have questions to seemingly imposable answers, take a look at what the Marvelous Work and a Wonder has to offer. Start reading the books that have been produced by this Marvelous Work and a Wonder. And if read with an open mind I believe that a person can come to a better knowledge of what this LIFE is all about.

    I have never been one to take anything at face value, especially something important to my “salvation” as contained in the gospel of which I had been raised in. As far back as I could remember I was always “looking” for answers to questions that would inevitably arise as a result of much studying.

    As I can recall, as a pre-teen I would find myself gravitating toward thoughts of the future and what would be the outcome of this life. Almost any book about future events such as the Apocalypse, the Millennium would grab hold of me like no other. While my friends had no concerns about such things, I would pour over books like Prophecy, Key to the Future by Duane S. Crowther.

    As I became a teenager and attended high school and all that high school would entail, I forgot about my interest in future events of the world. I guess my lack of interest was my inability to find answers that satisfied my curiosity. I thought in my innocence of youth, that someone had the answers, for HEAVENS SAKE I WAS PART OF THE ONLY “LIVING AND TRUE CHURCH” ON THE EARTH, you would have thought that someone in that blasted religion had the answers to the most important aspects of human existence.

    Not finding any clear and precise answers, for I did find many opinions from many authors, some even contradicting one another, I did not find really what I was looking for. So I left the muddy waters of opinion and contradiction and turned my head to “clear” learning such as science and architecture class in high school.

    Never really doing much in the way of LDS life, other than to attend social and, sporting events I gave up looking for answers to my questions. I instead turned to what most teenagers did. I focused not so much on the classroom, but athletics. I was involved in Wrestling, and church softball, and to round out my intellect I was also involved in the chess club since my best friend’s dad was the math teacher and chess club coach.

    My best friend’s family would become my surrogate family. I would stay at their house for most of my teenage life until my mission. I loved to talk to David’s (my best friend) Dad and talk to him about “churchy church” stuff. I leaned towards people much older than myself; I had no interest in talking to kids my age. All they talked about was gossip and did you score with that chick at mutual dance, GOD WHAT A BUNCH OF DRIBBLE, I could not be around them for very long.
    My senior year came around and I never really thought about going on a mission, never was interested. But, we had a diligent Bishop who actually did his bishop thing. He made sure things were done right, helped us focus our efforts on getting ready to go on a mission. I do miss him he sure cared about his flock (even thou they were flocked up).

    So, I was preparing for my mission, returning my focus to the “good news”, and reading the Book of Mormon for the first time (I can’t believe it took me so long to read it the first time). The BOM is the only scripture that I read from cover to cover, the Bible, forget about it. I only read in the New Testament about Jesus. I tried to read the Book of Revelations that was like trying to milk a cow with my toes wasn’t going to happen. The other modern scriptures, I really never touch, don’t know why never really interested me except the pearl of great price.

    Well, as you could see I was well prepared. I can’t believe the church would create a program that would empower such wet-behind-the-ears, snot-nosed brats to disseminate what the church thought of as being so highly valued. I never understood, and never will.

    I will not go into my mission, I gained many valuable lessons about human behavior and thought.

    So back from my mission, I thought I had gained knowledge about the gospel, and the plan of salvation. I thought: “Now, I really am starting to get the whole gospel and scripture thing down, real intelligence”. Hmmm.

    So with a firm grip on the gospel, so I thought, I would turn once again to search out some of my questions that still have not been answered. I thought I know have a good foundation of knowledge, and where to go for more knowledge.
    I would turn to reading books about my favorite subject, the end time events. I would read authors such as Cleon Skousen, for many people on my mission talked so highly of him. Also would read other works by popular LDS authors. Once again I was disappointed, could not come to a clear understanding of last day events.

    Why was it so hard to find clear answers? Why could not the only church sanctioned by GOD himself explain these mysteries? I guess I was either not trying hard enough, or was not worthy of such things, because it sure in the hell could not be the church’s fault, right? Right?

    So with this new sense of thought of either, it was me, or the church that was at fault, cause I knew I was not the best LDS out there I had my many, many faults. I tried even harder to find these many answers that have been lingering around since my childhood. I started to look within myself to find out why I was not receiving the personal revelations that I knew others where receiving.

    I read as many self-help books within and without of the church had to offer. I bought many cassette tapes on the subject of the atonement, prayer, remission of our sins, etc. Well, let’s just say I was a little disappointed. What a bunch of dung. Self-help, more like self-obliteration. No wonder people are not happy listening to these people, to me, it was all fluff and no stuff nothing but dribble.


    “Now for the rest of the story”. Thank you, Paul Harvey, what a great guy. So, for the rest of the story. It has been several years since returning from my mission, I moved from Atwater California to St. George Utah. A friend of mine, his family moved there and said how they liked the college. Found my wife there and got married in the temple. At this time I pretty much left my questions behind and said to myself, “If the answers come, they will come”. Started to just become content with my daily routine of going to work, and attending churchy church. Until one day…

    One of my coworkers was discussing some stuff about the church and how it has gone into apostasy and lost its way. Well, that was like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey, didn’t think of myself very highly at that time (see what happens when you read self-help books, you don’t think of yourself very highly). I got to be very close to this person, I would drive to his house we would discuss the things that he read. One of the subjects was the “Dream Mine” and Bishop Koyle. Got involved with the Dream Mine/ Relief Mine. Took a trip with the group and helped to clean up the mine. I thought I found what I was looking for, cause the group talked about the end of time stuff I was so interested in.

    Some of the things I learned were things like The Cardston Temple Vision – World War III, The White Horse Prophecy, A Temporary Gathering in Texas, Turn Your Dollars Into Silver Coins, The Dollar Will Get “Utterly Destroyed”, EMP 101 A Basic Primer & Suggestions, Postal Service Might Not Make Payroll in October. These things where like fuel to the fire, that just added to my interest in the end time prophecies.

    As I dove headlong into these topics, I also became heavily involved in the governmental conspiracy and the New World Order, and the Aluminate. I started to implement some of the things I learned to prepare for the end time events. I got food storage (tastes like crap), and things like that. I was off in the deep end without a life preserver, and not turning back.
    At this time 2004, my family had moved to the thriving metropolis of Mesquite Nevada. My wife accepted a job at the new regional hospital. My wife and I were going to school as well, she for nursing, and I for Graphic Design at the Art Institute in Las Vegas. Damn, I hate the heat. Anyways, I was still involved in preparing for the end of the world (kind of funny looking back, I was going to school while preparing for the end of the world).

    I had not really been involved with the dream mine group lately because of school, but it was sort of in the back of my mind. While attending school, I don’t know if something was telling me in my head to get back with the Dream Mine group, or I was just missing the group itself, the people, I reignited the Dream Mine flame. I would visit their website, and read once again the materials they had.

    One night I went onto the Dream Mine website to read more exciting end time event articles when I noticed an ad on the right side of the page. It read something like “The Sealed Portion Revealed”. “Hmm, the Sealed Portion, I interested in things like that”. I could not pass up another Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon, the other two were so strange, but I had to see what this was all about.

    So I clicked on the link and was brought to the old website of Christopher’s (end 2006), I can’t remember the name. I found the link to the Sealed Portion as well as many other links. You see when I find things that interest me I would download all the things that we website would have to offer before I delve into the details.

    So I copied and pasted the old group forum entries, and read all I could. I remember the first book I read, The Sealed Portion, and found it a bit skeptical at first. I had read other Sealed Portions and you could tell right off that they were smoke and mirrors. So I was not easily impressed when it comes to prophecy, scripture, and end time events. I have pretty much read it all, seen a lot of it, and it usually comes down to people behind the scenes trying to gain value for themselves through their followers.

    I remember reading in the Sealed Portion where it talks about families being one of the main sources of war the other was religion. WTF. Ha ha I found another bogus Sealed Portion, to bad cause this was much more interesting and viable than the others. I kept reading though, I kept reading cause it got me like heartburn to a sausage-eating fiend that I am. I could not stop reading. I read into the wee hours of the morning, I would read at school, I would skip class to go to the library to be alone, cause I knew nobody would be in the library?

    I started to love the Sealed Portion I started to have knowledge of the power of conversion contained in the book. I READ AND FOUND SOME OF THE ANSWERS THAT NO RELIGION OF MINE COULD HAVE ANSWERED. You have to remember that I really never read any scripture but the Book of Mormon. I find it rather hard to read any scripture, but the Sealed Portion read like the Book of Mormon, go figure.

    I got to about the middle of that book where it talks about Jesus the Christ, and some of the mysteries of his childhood. I ate it up I could not get enough of it. I continued to the end, which did not take too long. I was dumbfounded some of the most joyous scripture I had ever read, yea the most joyous to my soul was contained in the book of scripture. This book, The Sealed Portion answered so many questions that I had had what else did this Christopher guy have up his sleeve.
    Well, the Dream Mine was gone the allure of a mine with gold in the bottom was now just a “fig newton” of my imagination, and so was all the other stuff, so powerful that book had on my life. I threw away all of my papers from all the websites I had downloaded (about 2000 pages) into the trash. I even threw away my Patriarchal blessing that I loved so dearly.

    I started to read the “666 book America the mark of the beast” I read that book by John from cover to cover while sitting on the John. I love this book, answered so many questions and eliminated all the rest. While reading this book, I attended the gathering at the Murray Park in Sandy Utah in June of 2008. Christopher was going to be speaking at the pavilion, I had to go, and I had to see for myself what this guy was all about. So I drove from Mesquite Nevada to Sandy Utah. By this time I was totally convinced of the books that I had read where true and had contained the words that I needed to hear.
    I brought my oldest son with me we arrived at the park at noon. My oldest was read to get out of the car he saw other kids playing in the park and had no interest in sitting and listening to some talk for five hours. So I let him play in the park. As I was walking to the Pavilion I wondered to myself which one was Christopher?

    I saw a couple of guys I thought might be him, but no, not him. I sat down and was just talking to a couple of guys, the first was Bob Newton the other was a “desert rat” (affectionately named) sort of fella named Dennis Richmond. While talking to them for a little while a man with long hair and sandals, (with painted toenails nonetheless) came over. We said hi I could tell the other guys knew him. He introduced himself as Christopher I was surprised that this was Christopher, but the feeling gave way to a peaceful happy feeling. We sat down on one of the benches he asked me where I was in my reading. I told him that I was reading the “666” book.

    Christopher begins to explain the book to me and about how he came to know the person we would know as John the beloved. Christopher also explained to me about the creation of a book called the Bible. And how all scriptures were just made up, not real. This was so fun for me to listen to Christopher explain in simple terms some of the mysteries that have been since the foundation of the world, I had a blast.

    Christopher then tells me he is going to give me a book. Christopher walks over to the front of the pavilion where he has a couple of books, walks back to me and gives me the book called “Sacred not Secrete”.

    Christopher announces that it is time to eat, so we eat. After lunch, we settle in our places to listen to what Christopher has to say. For the next several hours we listen to Christopher explain to us about where we came from, what the real reason why we hear, and what to expect in the future.

    This is my story.

    Mike Allen
    435. 229. 5578

    1. For the record …

      Mike Allen designed the graphics for the most important video ever yet produced during this Sixth and LAST dispensation of human time: The Humanity Party®’s Plan To Eliminate Worldwide Poverty Explained! The Saikis produced it.

      1. editor2mwaw
      2. Mawunyo

        Great work, Mike ! For the graphics…and the Saikis for producing it. So easy to understand. I enjoyed every bit of the video, so profound.

  8. My name is Lenore (Noni) Benson, I grew up a member of the LDS (Mormon) church. Having read and studied the Book of Mormon, I was looking forward to the Sealed Portion, as it is mentioned several times in the smaller portion (Book of Mormon), and hoping that it would be translated for the world in my lifetime. If only we were righteous enough to receive it.
    On October 22nd, 2004 while at an LDS singles dance, I met and danced with a man named Jay Benson. We both felt an incredible connection that night, and began dating. About two weeks into our new relationship, I cooked and brought dinner for him at his home, where he was recuperating from a recent surgery. While I was cleaning up after dinner, I noticed him pacing and reading something that was affecting him greatly! I stopped him and asked what he was reading. He put it down, and said it was just a new book he had heard about. He didn’t want to tell me at this time, because I was still active in the church. Well every time we were together there after, he was reading this book, and seemed obsessed with it! I asked him again, what he was reading. He said, well you might want to sit down. So I sat down on the couch, and he said, “It’s the Sealed Portion”, and I said oh my goodness, when did they announce it, (the LDS leaders) how did I miss the announcement…
    There is so much more to this story, but I needed to just start somewhere. I am so very grateful for learning all that I have through this Marvelous Work and a Wonder! And the incredible Humanity Party! I have so much hope for our world, if only we have the courage and will power to make the changes necessary for it to become a reality for all! I think often of a sentence learned in my typing class. ‘Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.’
    I am very grateful for the many others I have met with the same mindset, and love and hope for this also.
    Lovingly, Noni
    My contact info.
    Lenore Benson
    1659 W 1750 N
    Layton, Utah 84041
    (801) 792-8340

  9. Jared David Peterson

    My name is Jared David Peterson, and this is the first time that I have posted my whole story. Sorry it’s so long!
    Let it be known to all my friends, family, and all of humanity, that I support the Marvelous Work and A Wonder (MWAW) and The Humanity Party with all that I am, and will for the rest of my mortal life. There is no greater purpose than this work upon this earth. It was created for YOU, me, and all of humanity, to help us realize who we are, why we are here, and why we exist. It is not a religion; it is simply the solution to solve the world’s problems and help those that are caught up in their beliefs and religions to see things clearly and set aside these beliefs for a greater purpose.

    Through this work, a plan has been proposed that has the means to end poverty and create equality for all human beings equally. If we can all accept this plan, we can then repair the earth back to its original state, allowing us as mortals to be able to live here in peace, forever if we choose. We can then be allowed to have the technology that could completely eliminate all diseases, protect the free will and rights of every human being equally, and provide the basic essentials of life for everyone free of charge. With this technology, we could prevent the aging process and live for as long as we so desired, and so much more.

    I am not here to judge you, nor will I; for you will judge yourself based upon your own actions. We all know deep down inside that we’re all the cause of the way things are in this world today; and I personally accept that I was once part of the problem. If we do not personally do something about it soon, we will inevitably end up destroying this world and everyone it. If we don’t change how we treat others by ending poverty and creating equality for everyone equally, then we won’t even have a planet or platform in which we can experience mortal life. It will be game over folks!
    I have chosen to support this work and its plan to make the world a better place for all. I will not be part of the problem any longer, nor can I stand idly by and do nothing to change it. A plan exists that will change things for the better. It’s up to us to accept and support this plan.

    My comments and the personal things I am about to share and reveal about my life may upset or even offend many that are and have been a part of my life. For those of you that know me personally, you know that I have always been of sound mind and I still am. I will only speak the truth of what I have personally seen and experienced, even if it is harsh or hard to accept. I will not and cannot support the lies of religion or those that have chosen to live their lives within these secret combinations that place one over another. I will not tell you how to live your life, for I do not have the right to do so. You must choose for yourself. All I can do is share with you that there is a solution to fix the problems in the world and make it a better place.

    The polygamist group and the LDS church that allowed me at one time to be a part of their organizations and belief systems that taught me their secret combinations, will no longer be exempt from the exposure of their lies. Therefore, when I speak about my experiences and of what I personally had to endure while being a part of these organizations and living these lies that lead me astray for so many years, it is because I now see them for what they really are. I will tell my story and what I have seen and experienced, even if it exposes these secret combinations for others to know. If you are someone that still participates in these secret societies and combinations or beliefs (Religions) then you may not like that I may be exposing some of your secrets and beliefs to the world as well. I will not use names out of respect for those that I have had close relationships with. I do not write these things to hurt people; I write them because it’s not about just one person, it’s about all of humanity.

    My story:
    I am the oldest of 7 children. I was born and raised in Bountiful Utah, right in the heart of one of the largest LDS communities. Within this LDS community also thrived a Polygamist organization that continues to function in secret. It was first established by a few individuals that had left the LDS church in 1935 to pursue their personal desires. They believed they were directed by god to live Plural Marriage. In 1940, they had officially become a (secret combination) church (The United Order) of their own that still thrives to this day. The people in this group are some of the most staunch believers in LDS (Mormon) doctrine and its culture. The majority of these members in this society believe that they were divinely chosen and elect above all others, even surpassing the LDS church with their arrogance and self-righteous mentality. From a very young age, they ingrained the ideas of elitism into their children and members. This form of mental brainwashing only gets more sophisticated as time goes on, causing their members to live in fear of eternal damnation if they do not do what is directed of them by those leading this group, or according to what they believe is god’s will.

    Growing up within this society was not always very pleasant, with both the Polygamists and LDS people believing they were god’s chosen people and that all other people that are not a part of their faith or belief were all considered beneath them. If you were not of their same faith, you would not be allowed to gain the highest level of glory and eternal life. This always bothered me, because I knew there were other good and amazing people in the world that, in many cases, were even better than the many of those in these organizations. Being raised in this group and a part of their belief system, I was taught to believe those same principals at a very young age. Fortunately, due to a falling out that my father had with the leader of this polygamist group, when I was 7 years old, he took us away from this group for nine years. By doing so, it allowed me for a time to see and associate with others outside of their beliefs. I soon realized that there were good people everywhere that were not a part of this polygamist society or the LDS church.

    One of the things I would constantly see happen was the majority of the LDS Church members and Polygamists in my community would teach their children to shun and not associate with others that were not of their same faith and belief. As a child, this affected me sometimes in a very negative way. I could not understand why most of the children in my neighborhood and schools did not want to play or associate with me or my siblings. I was very shy as a child and kept to myself most of the time. I was constantly picked on by the other children and was forced to defend myself often. I tried to stand my ground the best that I could, but many times I would come home crying because of all the teasing, bullying, and rude remarks that these other children would say about me or my siblings. It was my siblings that became my closest friends growing up. I was never a mean or violent person to anyone. In fact, I always felt horrible inside when I would end up fighting or having to defend myself. I knew this was not right for any child to be subjected to this kind of treatment from others. I always hated how so many of the members of these religious organizations were so judgmental and self-righteous.
    Surprisingly, I turned out just fine (at least in my opinion) and was able to set aside the cruel treatment that I experienced in my youth. I tell you these things not for sympathy, but to show how religion has caused so much pain, suffering, and segregation, even among children.

    When I was 16 years old, my father brought my family back into this polygamist group, believing it was the safest place for his family to grow up. A week later, he passed away. Before he passed, being the oldest of his children, some of his last words to me were that I was now the man of the house and that it was now my responsibility to look after my family and help my mother. I felt obligated to do as my father asked; and knowing that he wanted his family to be a part of this Polygamist group once again, I did as he instructed, and I drank the cool-aid!

    My entire life growing up I was taught that I had to be a part of this chosen belief and religion in order to be saved from eternal damnation. I always felt that there was more than what was being revealed about real truth, but I just didn’t know what it was or where to find it. The inner struggles that I had going on inside me with religion and how I was raised always had me conflicted.
    For a time, I played the part and did what I was asked to do, mostly out of fear of not pleasing those above me as well as what the lord (God) wanted me to do, even when I didn’t want to do it. I was now a young man that was quite skilled with my hand and a hard worker that could naturally do whatever I set my mind to. I had good common sense and a sharp mind, so they utilized me as much as they possibly could in many different jobs. I was required to work long hours in conditions that, at times, were not safe, and under circumstances that were sometimes unbearable, all for wages that were at or below minimum wage. To them, I was a servant and a worker bee, meant to serve them and their empire. It was also expected of me to sacrifice my time and happiness in ways that only served those that had power over me, all through fear of losing my eternal salvation if I did not. I wasn’t allowed to exercise my free will the way that I wanted; and if I ever did, they would cause me to have an immense amount of guilt for not following or serving the ones above me. The many years of brainwashing and guilt they put upon me would cause me to suffer through things I absolutely despised doing. They would tell me over and over that my blessings will be in heaven and that there I would receive my reward for all of my services, while these men leading this group would live a more lavish lifestyle in positions that didn’t require them to get their hands dirty. They always had their worldly needs met and provided for them, while others and I worked our fingers to the bone to provide them with what they wanted, supporting and validating their belief systems. This was all so I could be considered worthy in their eyes and in the eyes of god. It was hell most of the time and I hated being forced through guilt to do it.

    They would tell their members that if they wanted to be considered worthy, they would have to consecrate all that they have, are, or ever expect to be, to this group (The Order). This was their way of gaining the ultimate control over their members. They would number their men that were considered worthy as being part of the 144,000 that would inherit the earth, according to their belief. This belief they created came from references to 144,000 that is referred to in the book of Revelation. These men would only issue a number to those that were obedient to their every demand. It was the proverbial carrot being dangled in front of their nose, the ultimate reward of every man living in this society. I watched men like my grandfather work his entire life for them, doing whatever they asked of him to do, even under the worst of circumstances; and yet, because he didn’t have the noble bloodline that these elites believed they had, he was never given one of these numbers. Yet I saw the young elite members that had this so-called noble bloodline, according to their family name, that would be given a number without the required sacrifice, according to this group’s standards. This status of being numbered meant that you were considered a high priest within this society, and given power over others as well as their families. These men were regarded with highest of esteem by all others in their society.

    Because I was now a young man and had the desire to marry and have a family, they saw me as a threat. They did what they could to prevent me from having any kind of relationship with a woman within their congregation. Their desire to keep all the single women in their group to themselves became more evident as time went on. I would start to show interest in one of the young women within this group that also had mutual interest in me as well, and, as soon as her parents would find out about it, within a couple of weeks, she would be secretly forced to marry one of these elite men in the group, who already had multiple wives. This happened to me five different times throughout the years I was a member of this society. In almost every situation, this was forced upon these women by their parents, to marry a man they didn’t even want to marry. They never had the intention of letting someone like me, that did not have their so-called noble bloodline, have a wife out of their community. This upset me greatly; and for a long time, I didn’t understand why, until I was told that it was because my blood was not pure or noble enough. This elite family that headed this secret society had fabricated a complete lie and history about their lineage, saying it was traced all the way back to Christ, believing that they are direct descendants of Christ. They have used this lie to manipulate their members since they first established their hierarchy. After this happened to me multiple times, I could no longer follow them blindly, as I once did. After years of disappointment, I struggled to live according to their standards, and I began to question many things. At the age of 24, after giving this group all that I had for 10+ years of my life, I was excommunicated and was told that the lord (God) was very disappointed in me.

    This was all I had known for most of my life and now I was completely lost and alone. Not only did I feel lost, I was told I had lost my eternal salvation, which caused me to go into a deep depression for several years. I finally realized that the mind games they were playing with my head was just another way they had of manipulating me to keep me from ever wanting to come back. I finally came to a realization that I was not this horrible person that they made me out to be. I knew inside that I was a good person. I had never done anything to hurt anyone; nor did I do anything that would ever merit the loss of my eternal salvation. At that point, I was able to pull myself out of my depression and start to live my life out in the real world, which I knew nothing about. I had been so sheltered from the world for most of my life that I was clueless about so many things. I didn’t even know how to use a check or credit; I didn’t even have a checking account.

    Deep down, I still had regrets and struggled with guilt; but I learned to suppress it and move forward. I was still searching for the truth and my purpose in the world and my heart told me that god would not forsake me, if I lived a good life.

    After a few years of soul searching and with the influence of my ex-wife, who I was just dating at the time, I decided to join the LDS church, thinking that maybe it would be able to fill the void that I was missing in my life. I never truly felt comfortable or right about it, but I continued to pursue it because I didn’t know what else to do. While being a member of the LDS church, I ended up getting married and then a year later I went through the LDS temple for the first time. When I experienced the temple endowment, I had no clue what it meant. All the symbolism that was used in portraying Joseph Smith’s version of the real truth just confused me. Frankly, I thought it was weird, but very magnificent, all at the same time. This would be my one and only time seeing and experiencing the temple endowment.

    After several years of participating in the LDS church, I was still seeking the truth and was becoming frustrated with their teachings, to the point that I could no longer accept their methods of truth. They didn’t like that I was no longer following blindly and that I had a voice. Eventually, after a miserable marriage and then a very nasty divorce, I had had enough, and I rebelled against the church. After 6 years of being a member, I was excommunicated. Even after all those years, I still had regrets and a lot of guilt for not living according to the way I was taught my whole life. After all this, I had no other choice but to resign myself to living my life the best I could, without being a part of any religious organization from then on. All the while I still had an overwhelming desire deep inside of me to know the truth of how things really are. What I did realize is that I would never find the truth within the LDS church or the Polygamist group; but I always had this really strong belief in Joseph Smith and the work he had done.

    This desire to know the truth first started when I was 16 years old, as I was reading the Book of Mormon for the very first time. At that very moment when I read what Moroni wrote about the Gold plates and that the Book of Mormon was not even a hundredth part of what was contained upon those plates, and that two thirds of the plates were sealed that contained the fullness of the gospel, I lit up with excitement. I knew that what was on those plates was what I wanted and needed to know. I hoped I would live to see or even be worthy to read what was contained upon those plates. From that time forward, this hope remained within my mind and my thoughts.

    There have been many things in my life that have changed over the years since I first found out about the MWAW in 2010. As I think about these things, part of me wonders what my life would have been like if I had not had the desire to seek out the truth. I realized that I would still be living a life of quiet desperation and lost with no direction of where I was going. For this, I am very grateful to have found this work. I would rather know the hard truth and how things really are even if we were not meant to know it, than to live a lie and a life of ignorance, as I once did. Does it change my perspective of the world and how I live my life now? Yes it does, in many ways. I am not at all the same person that I was. My views and thoughts have all completely changed over the years and I now have the eyes that can see and the ears that can hear to now see and hear the real truth.
    When I first discovered the MWAW, it was at a time in my life that I felt lost and rejected by everything I believed in. I did not know what direction I should go with my life. It was in 2010 when I was working on a job and I had one of my uncles assisting me. He had mentioned that a friend of his found out about an ancient record that was recently discovered. He proceeded to tell me about it and then added a comment that his friend had told him about the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon that had also been translated as well. The ancient record he mentioned sounded interesting to me (but had no connection or relevance to the Sealed portion or the MWAW) and meant nothing compared to the excitement that I felt inside when he said the sealed portion of the gold plates had been translated. I immediately lit up like a Christmas tree and I could not contain my excitement. I wanted to know, “How? When? Where? And who translated it?” He told me about the website, which is also known as, where I could read it for free online. I couldn’t wait to get home that night so I could investigate his claims.

    Once I had arrived at home, I went directly to the website and started reading The Sealed Portion. I read for hours and clear through the early morning. I first wanted to know who it was that had translated it and how and when it was done, so I started to read about Christopher’s story to start with. I researched as much about Christopher as I could and eventually sought him out so I could meet him in person. After a month or so, I had contacted Sheri Nemelka, through the MWAW website. She invited me to come and meet Christopher in person at Murray Park in Murray, Utah, where they were having the MWAW softball practice. I went and met him that day. From that time forward, I have followed and supported the MWAW and its purpose.

    I did still have some inner conflict about polygamy and why Joseph Smith Jr. allowed it to be a part of the LDS Church. Being raised in polygamy, I obviously needed to know why. So as Christopher was posting in his Journal each chapter as it was written of the Book “Without Disclosing My True Identity—The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr.,” I would read them as they were posted. I was able to completely understand why Joseph did the things that he did and how polygamy had been brought into the Church. This completely set me at ease and answered all of my concerns and questions. It was this book that spoke to me, and helped me to confirm my belief it Joseph Smith Jr. and why I had always believed in him my whole life, but yet struggled with believing in the LDS Church.

    Since this time, I have never wondered who I really am, or why I am here, nor have I ever felt like I was lost. I knew my purpose and from then on I was changed. I no longer had to bow to another or serve out of fear or by force because of religion or beliefs that were never even true from the start. I was no longer living in ignorance. I finally had the eyes to see things for the way they really are and ears to hear the words of truth and not be led astray by those that pretend to be servants of god. I feel free to be who I am without fear of punishment, without fear of suffering and eternal damnation.

    But even with this new understanding of how things are, I was not without faults. In the past, our true messenger had to use his sharp two-edged sword coming out of his mouth to reprimand me and let me know of my actions. I did not complain, nor did I get angry with him for saying the things he had to say. I know he was acting in accordance to the role in which he is required to do. Even though it was hard for me to hear, I also realized it was for my own good, and a warning to others as well. Because of this, it has helped me to realize the implications of my own actions and the impact it can have upon others. If my actions were a direct result of the humanity type in which my advanced self chose to be, I do not know; but I will always be conscious of it from now on. Although I have never wanted to intentionally cause anyone harm, nor do I wish to ever impede the free will of others, I do acknowledge that at times in my life I have made this mistake. Since this time, I have continually worked to recognize and be aware of any actions I may have done to take advantage of or impede the free will of others. I sincerely apologize to whomever I may have done this to.

    Although I may have not always acted as my advanced self wanted me to act in order to get the balance that my advanced brain needed, I am now more aware of this and try to be and live more in harmony to my true self. Because of the MWAW, I am more conscious of this and respect the free will of others in the process.

    This work has helped to set me free of all this suffering and pain and guilt that I felt for so many years of my life. This is the most liberating feeling that I have ever experienced. It has also helped me with the means to sort through all the lies and deception of years of brainwashing that religion had caused.

    Although the truth of how things are can be hard to know at times, I would rather see things for how they really are and never be deceived again.

    I acknowledge and accept that all people are my equal, that they are their own god, with as equal of a right to be here as anyone else, and that every human being deserves to have their basic essentials of life provided for them free of charge.

    For this experience and understanding I am forever grateful!

    I do get frustrated and sad at times that the majority of the people in this world have chosen to ignore the MWAW and the Humanity Party’s message to fix the world’s problems; but I do realize it’s because they cannot see or hear the real truth because of their religions, secret combinations, pride, and selfish beliefs. It’s hard to know that the majority would rather remain in ignorance and allow others to continue suffering. This is why this work is so important and that this message is provided to all those that will listen and want to make a difference.

    I will continue to do my best to support this work and the Humanity Party’s plan to end poverty and child prostitution, to create equality for all human beings, by making this work a primary focus of my life, while supporting our messenger and the anonymous board of directors who have created this work. This will be my resolve and focus for the rest of my life.

    It will always be my hope that the people of this world will finally accept this plan before it is too late.

  10. Ken Panza

    My name is Ken, and I’m 38 years old. I grew up in California and was raised as a Christian. In my youth my family attended a Baptist church. My parents divorced when I was 11. In my early teen years I started to notice and pay attention to the fact that there are many different Christian churches, all having slightly different beliefs, and also that throughout the world there were many different religions. I recall several conversations with my close friends about this, and that each was claiming to be the right religion that was lead by god. I wanted to know which was the correct one.

    I started reading the bible very intensely, assuming it was “God’s word”, since that’s what I was taught that it was. I started to develop a core belief system of things I read, and would then compare it to what I was hearing at church. Some things matched, but many more to me seemed not to align with what was written.

    When I was 17 my Mom’s job was transferred, and her, my sister, brother and I moved to another part of California. This was very difficult for me, as I lost contact with all of my childhood friends and now had to make new ones. Once we moved, my Mom wanted to find a new church to attend. I took the lead on this, as by then I had read the bible many times through, and had as I said developed a belief system of what I thought should be taught at the church that was “correct”. We attended many different churches during this time, and each time I found many things being taught that weren’t what I thought was right, based on what I read in the bible.

    My Mom had a friend who was LDS/Mormon, and she talked to my Mom about it and had agreed to have missionaries come over to tell her more about that church. I overheard part of their discussion and became very interested, so I joined the discussions also. At that time, what they were saying all seemed to make sense. And I found the Book of Mormon to be an incredible and fascinating read, as well as the Doctrine & Covenants. Needless to say, a few months later my family was baptized.

    From that moment when I was 17 until I turned 19 I intensely read every church book I could get my hands on, and all of the scriptures multiple times. I wanted to be a missionary with all my soul for “God’s true church”. I felt I was 17 years behind everyone else who had grown up in the church.

    I turned 19, and went on a mission to Toronto. It was while I was in the missionary training center that I noticed that almost every other missionary had never read the scriptures even once all the way through.

    This intense reading and studying the scriptures and any book about church history continued through my whole mission. I could not wait to return home so that I could do further research and study.

    Unbeknownst to me, my Mom had signed me up to attend BYU when I got home. I was home only 2 weeks before I had to move to Utah for when school started. I lived in a dorm on campus and attended only a single semester there. I hated every minute! I couldn’t relate to one person, as I was trying to be the best member I could be, and all I wanted to talk about or study was church history or doctrine. No one around me seemed to care even slightly about it.

    I dropped out after that semester and briefly lived with a former companion from my mission. About 6 months later I decided to continue school at Snow College, a very small school in a tiny town in central Utah. After my first year there I dated a girl and we later were married in the temple.

    After completing an Associates degree at Snow College, my wife and I moved to Salt Lake City. My avid reading, studying and research intensified greatly, as now I was closer to the church archives (this was prior to the Church History Library). My wife and I started to drift apart after she miscarried. She would spend more and more time at work, and I spent more and more time doing research for a book I was compiling on church history. It was while I was doing research for this book that I started to notice more and more things that didn’t seem right about the church. It was like what I was reading in scriptures and in early church history didn’t add up to what was currently being taught, and everything Brigham Young taught and believed didn’t jive to what Joseph Smith taught. In my perspective anyway.

    In 2006 and 2007 I had a crisis of faith. I finally stopped attending church when the City Creek Mall was announced by the church, and that multiple billions of dollars of church funds was funding it. In addition, the many things I read and discovered in the church archives didn’t seem right to me. I started doing drugs as a way to cope with both my marriage crumbling and my crisis of faith. I didn’t know what to do or what to think or what to believe.

    My wife decided to move out and divorce me at the end of 2008. At the time, that was the most difficult thing for me to go through. About a month later, in January or February of 2009, my former mission companion I mentioned earlier gave me a copy of The Sealed Portion. I was skeptical at first, as I had read other supposed sealed portions, and they were total nonsense to me. He also said that there were other books, and more books in the works, and that he had met the author and found him to make complete sense.

    It took many months before I decided to read the books of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. When I finally did read them, it was like my insides were screaming “FINALLY! Something that makes complete sense and answers my questions.”

    It has been quite a journey from 2009 to now. But I can honestly say that the information from the books and posts of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder have changed my entire life and perspective about myself and others. I find The Humanity Party’s proposals to be extremely profound, and if implemented could solve the worldwide problems of poverty and inequality. I wholeheartedly support all that these works are trying to accomplish.

    Ken Panza

  11. Glenn Lincoln


    About 55 years ago, someone gave me a Book of Mormon and asked me to read it. I finally agreed to do it, after much resistance. I was about one third of the way through it and suddenly I had this unbelievable feeling come over me. It witnessed to me that the book I was reading was true. It was so strong that I knew that, if I was hung upside down to die, there was no way that I could deny the witness.

    I believed it had to come from God, often referred to as Heavenly Father or the Holy Ghost by the LDS Church. Having never had such a feeling, I could only pursue what it meant. I was told that it was called a testimony and that the book was part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which had been organized by Joseph Smith who had brought forth the Book of Mormon.

    They said that we had prophets living on the earth today and that I should be baptized by men who held the priesthood from God. I had been baptized by a preacher in the Baptist Church when I was about 12 years old. However, I would have to be rebaptized again, since my baptism was not effective because it wasn’t done by someone holding the priesthood. I accepted at the time that God had living authorities and that they ran the Church the way that God wanted it run. It all sounded fine to me!

    I was not told that there was another church that was formed by Joseph Smith’s family after he was killed and that it stayed in a nearby state and also believed in the Book of Mormon. Had I known about it, I might have had to decide which one was really the true one. However, I was happy to be a member of the one that I knew about.

    I met members who said they knew the church was true, that Joseph Smith Jr. was a prophet, or that a certain living man was a prophet. I assumed that they must have had similar strong testimonies I had, but were about different aspects of the LDS Church. Even though I had not received the same exact testimony that they had, I just took their word for it. I never really questioned anything.

    Along the way, I was given a large number of “callings” as they explained them to me. Some of which was to serve as a bishop and councilor in four different stake presidencies. I often wondered how, in my personal weakness, such positions could be offered to me. But, they were the ones who were in charge, believing they were inspired by God and in whom I placed my faith.

    Receiving the temple ordinances where presented as extremely important. I had to have a temple recommend. I went through an interview and was asked a number of questions. Even though I did not have a specific testimony of some of them, I said I believed them based on what others had witnessed. So, I got a recommend.

    The endowment I viewed in the Salt Lake Temple was interesting, but I certainly did not understand most of it. Since I was told that I should not talk about it outside the temple, I could not ask anyone if they understood it. Once in a temple again, I asked someone to explain it all to me but they had no clue either.

    After 1990, I went to the temple. I found that, the endowment I had received had been changed. It was obviously different than what I had previously received and therefore different from what Joseph had written. A great deal of information had been removed. I wondered if what I had originally received was so important to know in order for me to walk back to Heavenly Father, any new members were receiving it with a bunch of changes. One day, while I was working as a temple worker, I even asked a Temple Sealer who was a direct decedent of a very important family associated with Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, if he knew why the changes were made and he had no clue.

    So, one night when I was surfing the web on YouTube looking for something unrelated to the church, my eye happened to catch a video on the right side of the computer screen. It was a video of an old woman named Ida Smith talking about the Sealed Portion of the Gold Plates. Since Mormons have been talking about them for as long as I have been in the church, it perked my interest.

    As I viewed the YouTube presentation, it turned out that she was a descendant of Hyrum Smith, Joseph Smith’s brother who was also killed in the jail. She was a descendant or relative of other general authorities of the church, was personal friends with most of the Quorum of the Twelve and had been a significant figure at Brigham Young University. I had to ask myself “how in the world could someone like that be talking about a man named Christopher bringing forth the Sealed Portion of the Gold Plates”. Well, she was and because of it she had been excommunicated from the LDS Church! How could someone like that who gained so much value and self-worth from her ancestry and association with the church go so much against it, I wondered?

    It didn’t take someone hitting me over the head to cause me to investigate her claims. This happened two years ago. I read all of the books that have been published by what is called the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW). All of it took me right back to the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith because that is where it all began. Most all the clues that were left in the Book of Mormon have been explained in clarity. It has totally pointed out the importance of the “gospel of Jesus Christ” as found in 3rd Nephi Chapters 12, 13 and 14 and Matthew 5, 6, & 7 which the religious Christian world and the members of the LDS Church have nothing to do with. The most important thing the MWAW has done was to direct me to Matthew 7:12. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

    However, some of the things are not so easy to do. Turn the other cheek, pray for your enemies, give your extra coat to those who don’t have one and stay out of the courts of man. Seek not for riches of the earth. I found myself totally guilty in every respect. Is it that it is more easily said than done? However, that is what we are to do. Knowing what the Book of Mormon said about lawyers, I used to joke that the only way a lawyer could be saved was if he was made a General Authority.

    A book is freely available that completely explains the symbolism behind the LDS/Mormon temple endowment and how this symbolism is a perfect allegory of human reality—who we are and why we exist: Sacred not Secret—The Official Guide In Understanding the LDS Temple Endowment. I think I loved this book the most because it finally answered all my questions about the endowment. No one could have produced that book unless they knew the Real Truth.

    A promise and blessing is mentioned in the scriptures left by Joseph that it is important to learn all the “mysteries of God in full”. Although I had read it, I had no idea what it meant other than it would be that a prophet of the church would eventually receive and reveal them to the church members and the world. But that hadn’t happened. The church had been teaching the same thing for the whole time I had been in it. Not much was ever really new. Same ol’ same ol’. I had heard it so much my “bottle” was totally full. I found that I had to completely empty that bottle to accept the MWAW.

    With a True Messenger came all new knowledge that made real sense to me. The important thing is that it ALL fits perfectly with what Joseph Smith left. I have learned who we really are, where we really came from and where we really go when we leave this mortal existence. Joseph Smith left the basics in his allegoric play. Of course, no leader of the LDS church ever explained it. I certainly have gained a new appreciation for all Joseph did.

    We were always left in the dark until we had a True Messenger that Adam told us to listen to in the play! Adam’s last words in the temple play said to listen to true messengers because they can save us (salvation) and this world. Since we, as mortals, have forgotten who we are (Michael), true messengers are sent to remind us. Adam doesn’t say prophet, he says True Messengers.

    Obviously, I had to eventually realize that our True Messenger was NOT the one who was revealing everything. Someone else had to be bringing it all forth. He freely admits that he isn’t the one. He is ONLY a messenger, like the postman. He says that there are four others who give him the information to type up for you and me. In religious scripture, two of them are mentioned in the Book of Mormon as the “three Nephites” who chose to remain on earth. Another is John who chose to tarry as mentioned in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. They were also the same ones that gave everything to Joseph Smith. We really know the Real Truth from whence they came.

    The “Brothers”, as the True Messenger refers to them, continually reveal new information which can also be referred to as “mysteries”. They leave it on their personal internet web site. Of course, the information is no longer a mystery to those who follow the MWAW. It is knowledge. The brother of Jared was redeemed from the fall in the book of Ether. Not from baptism, ordinances, church or temple work or any thing else BUT knowledge. The clues are there in the book for anyone to read and study.

    Even though I have mentioned some Real Truth in this personal story, it is not my mission to teach anyone else what the MWAW teaches. It is free for anyone who uses their own free agency to investigate it. It doesn’t cost any money at all. No tithing is required to learn the mysteries of God. However, it is very hard for anyone to give up all the value that they receive from the world in order to accept the Real Truth.

    If someone would ask me what was one the most important things I have learned, I would have to say that it is gaining a better understanding what unconditional free agency (will) is and why abiding by it is so important. Most people lose their freedom by force or give it away to others. I gave mine away to the LDS Church. I allowed myself to be totally controlled by it. I have learned no one should freely give away their agency to any outside entity. So, I took it back by withdrawing my name from the LDS Church July 23, 2017!

    In a way, I have always had bits of Real Truth in me but just didn’t realize it. I look back in my life and recognize them. When one learns the “mysteries of God” or Real Truth as the MWAW refers to it, it also changes the way you look at each human being and conduct your own life.

    The most important thing about Unconditional Free Agency is that everyone should be allowed to live and enjoy it. That means that no one would ever offer an opinion to anyone. It means that no one would try to invade someone else’s space unless invited. Most don’t realize that even touching a person without permission is invading or impeding someone’s free agency. If you think about it that’s where the Royal Law or Golden Rule comes from.

    Forcing anyone to do anything against their will is the greatest insult to their free agency. That is why slavery in any form is terrible. If a mortal is not able to exercise unconditional free will in the pursuit of individual happiness (or what the person does fails to result in personal happiness), the person’s life probably feels useless and is not worth living. I now respect anyone’s unconditional free agency in whatever they choose to do with their own life.

    If any one wants me in their space, they should say so. If they want me to know anything about their life and experiences, they have the right to tell me or not. Each individual is a god who is responsible for their own thoughts and actions. I have absolutely no right to tell them what to do or judge what they want to do in their own life. What they do in their life might not be what I would do but it must be right for them, if they are happy doing it. Our True Messenger said this. “Who am I to mess with a god?”

    In addition he also wrote this. “Now what I’m going to explain to you is why you can have patience and be at peace and really enjoy the Real Truth. It will set you free from all the guilt, all the turmoil, all the pain, all the misery, all the suffering, and all the fear, because fear has no part of the Real Truth.” A very true statement!

    Although I have never met him in person, I whole heartedly support the MWAW and Humanity Party® (THumP®). I even put the Humanity Party in my last voting ballet, which was denied in a letter I received. He once asked if anyone wanted to join him in his “cavity of a rock”. After learning so much of the MWAW, I am feeling like I am living in my own cavity in Texas. The address is

  12. jaycee57

    The Story of J-C Bertrand

    My full legal name is Joseph Marcel Jean-Claude Bertrand. ‘Joseph’ because I was baptized Catholic at birth and the custom in Quebec at the time was to add Joseph to boys’ names and Marie to girls’, for obvious reasons. ‘Marcel’ is my middle name & my godfather’s name then the given name my parent chose for me ‘Jean-Claude’. People know me as J-C – so much easier. I reside at #3-1949 Beach Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6G 1Z2. My email address is and my cell phone number is 604-700-4569, for anyone interested in contacting me to ask me questions about my story. For my part, I am very happy to be given the opportunity to write, in our own words and of my own Free Will, how and in what ways the Marvellous Work and A Wonder ® and The Humanity Party® have affected my current life. I look forward to reading all the various and varied stories. I am writing my personal MWAW story and testimony April/May2019.

    My entire life, I always felt I would discover or find something fundamental about this Earth, this life; it was just a feeling and I had no idea what that ‘fundamental thing’ was going to be. I was born in religion and immediately hated it. I was exposed to many of them (Catholic, Baptist, weird sect we called the ‘two by twos’ & then @ 16, the Mormons) throughout my growing up years but, deep down, I also knew I was gay and would never be accepted by religion or by the religious. I was Mormon for a year or two but left at eighteen to do my own thing. I didn’t come out to my family or anything. I didn’t even really come out to myself. I just stopped going to church and started smoking and drinking. That lasts a couple of years and I still wasn’t out. At twenty, I decided to go to Ricks College for awhile but could only last four months (one fall semester in ’78) before returning home to Quebec. It was too difficult living in the dorms, communal showers –arghhhh, I was horny all the time. I went back home and that’s when I officially came out to myself. Not long after I came out at 23 y.o., I moved to Vancouver to get away from my nosey, religious mother (that was just one of the reasons).

    Now, I say ‘I officially came out to myself’. I actually came out 99.99% to myself; leaving that .01% of unfulfilled Realization because of stupid leftover baggage from fucking Religion! Most of my adult life was a battle between my fuzzy logic and this leftover baggage of religious garbage that wouldn’t go away, bequeathed to me by a religious upbringing.

    Science & science fiction became my new religion and also became my best bet to try to figure out what this ‘fundamental thing’ – this feeling I had – was. I read all kinds of science fact & science fiction books voraciously (in my teens years, I could read an entire book in one day, often reading till the wee hours, not able to put the book down, drinking in the words like from a fireman’s hose). I watched every science program I could throughout my twenties, thirties & forties, on PBS and on other knowledge-based channels and then on the Internet. All this knowledge made me think and imagine all sorts of possibilities for what this ‘fundamental thing’ could be. My imagination sure could run wild. It was exciting and a lot of fun to explore all the different avenues and possibilities. I won’t share all the ridiculous theories I came up with – all of them ideas from other people anyways – because it would be a waste of time.

    In my mid forties until my fifties, I went into a midlife crisis. I wasn’t working much, had lost a fairly, good but very boring job (on purpose, through apathy), I was doing painting jobs, other odd jobs in the movie industry, here and there, when I could find them. The work was sparse and Vancouver is a very expensive city to exist in. In order to survive, I needed to also collect income assistance without the government knowing about it, to pay for my rent (my entire assistance cheque of $610 went to rent which was $600, save $10 dollars) so things were bleak.

    At this time, I also started feeling disillusioned with my religion – Science. It felt like I knew and understood everything there was to know, after decades of ‘studying’ Nature and the Universe through TV shows, that there was very little left as a challenge for me (what a dork, eh? – eye roll emoticon). My interest was fading in so many things that previously had so raptly captured my attention. Thank goodness I was able escape into my digital artwork, at that time, otherwise I would have probably lost it (in 2003 as part of my midlife crisis, I wanted to learn new skills in the digital media so I was able to enrol at British Columbia Institute of Technology as a full-time adult student of 44 y.o. and took a full year of New Media courses, which included the entire Adobe Suite of creative software).

    In 2014 around May, I received an email from my brother back east in Quebec. He was encouraging me to read a book he thought I might find interesting due to my interest in the Sciences. The book titled ‘Human Reality’ was online, free of charge to download and to read. Now, I trust and respect my brother very much. I know that he doesn’t take actions or make requests like these frivolously and lightly so I downloaded the book and started reading it. Well, I got into it for just a few pages. It started out interestingly enough but then ….

    At this point, it’s important to mention that my brother, Gilbert, did not say one thing to me about the mortal filters we acquire from around the age of seven or eight years old. He was truly just tentatively sending out a ‘feeler’ to me to see if I would bite. Of course, my filters, being mostly scientifical in nature, kicked in around the pages where the book’s author stated that there was no such thing as evolution. And, okay, THAT WAS IT – I was outta there. And that was it for one year.

    On December 2, 2014, my mother finally passed away after a long, horrible mental illness. I was so relieved for her and for me, for all of us. I went to Quebec, of course, for the service and while I was there an incident happened with my sister, with whom I was staying during my visit, that forced me to make a mental plea, a request to know what ‘it’ was all about. It was a silent plea made with intense emotions of anger, sadness and despair. It was also a very honest mental request (a mental shout, really). The shout was to Whoever or Whatever controlled this screwed up Universe of ours. I returned home and the weeks went on.

    Then at end of April, 2015, I received another email from my brother. He wrote, in jest & I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember the exact contents of the email, “Hey, J-C. Christopher sent a letter to the Mormon leadership saying that he was starting his own Church of JC of LDS and that he was going to perform eternal marriages for anyone who wanted them, including gay people.” I thought, who the hell is this Christopher guy, anyways? I thought, I don’t even want to get married in this life for even a few short years, why would I want to marry anyone for Eternity? I have always seen ‘marriage’ as an opportunity for divorce lawyers, anyways. But my curiosity for this strange fellow made me desirous to start reading the Human Reality book again. And this time, even though I still had strong filters that closed my mind, my mind was much more open to the marvellous and wonderful ideas contained in it. I do believe, though, that my more open mindedness had something to do with the request I had mentally shouted out the previous December when I was visiting for my mother’s funeral.

    For the entire month of May, 2015 and into the beginning of June, I was reading Human Reality. Many parts I had to read and reread over and over again to truly & fully understand. When I reached portions of the book that directly attacked and destroyed my most preciously-held ‘scientifical’ ideas and theories, like the Big Bang and Evolution, my Ego would bristle and rebel (cognitive dissonance). But I would soldier through and, amazingly enough, the next few paragraphs would methodically and almost with surgical precision explain why & how such theories weren’t Real Truth and, damn it, the various explanations would always make perfect sense. This kept happening over and over throughout my read of this most amazing tome (filters starting to fall). First my Ego would bristle at a section I had just read – second, I would read the next few paragraphs of explanation in that section – then boom, everything would fall into place and make perfect sense (still falling).

    Okay, so by early June, I was starting to get really excited – no, I mean euphoric , no, I mean I felt like a helium balloon on a tether. I was giddy, I was weepy, I felt lightheaded and I could barely think about anything else except the information I had just ingested, Human Reality. I felt like my brain’s old software was being overwritten in real time by new, better software. I’m not kidding and it’s not an exaggeration, it felt like I was being reprogrammed (with Truth). For weeks and weeks after finishing the book, I felt like I was high on the best drugs one could ever take or imagine. The best part was that this Real Truth drug I was experiencing had absolutely no downer nor side effects (and I know from where I speak from – as a gay man who has enjoyed partying most of his adult life, I’ve done my fair share of all kinds of drugs. Nothing, nada, not one synthetic drug comes even close to the high I experienced when Human Reality engulfed my being).

    That was also when the remaining ‘.01% of unfulfilled Realization because of stupid leftover baggage from religion’ evaporated into thin air, being the ridiculous notion that it always was from the start. When this realization washed over me, I felt gloriously liberated, I felt vindicated – having always known and having always felt deep down that being a homosexual is not evil nor is it wrong; never was & never will be. In the end, it brought me great pleasure to know I was right in trusting my own, inner gut feeling and all the judgmental religions out there were wrong. After so many years of guilt, I released it all. It was cathartic and a very, very satisfying feeling.

    One particular experience comes to mind, when one afternoon in mid-June, I went out for a rollerblade around the Stanley Park seawall. The book was just finished and my mind was reeling as I went flying around the park’s perimeter – it’s about a 10 klm ride – on my blades. I was feeling such intense joy, such contentment, such happiness that I wasn’t sure if my mortal vessel was going to be able to contain all the intense feelings/energies I was feeling at the moment; I felt like I was going to burst.

    It was such a beautiful sunny day, the kind of day that only Vancouver can deliver in all its’ grace. The warmth of the sun, so strong on my face and the music from my buds only intensified the emotions I was feeling and suddenly I found myself crying, sobbing big racking sobs, that tripped over themselves trying to get out. The release felt good but at the same time, I was embarrassed and tried to hide my face, thankful for my sunglasses. Finally, I got the sobs under control only to start laughing uncontrollably because I’d start thinking about how silly I was. Waves of Realizations (from the book, various pieces I would internalize, right there and then as I was blading and suddenly the pieces would become Real, I would suddenly ‘realize’ them) and with the waves would come another flood of energies so intense and I would think, how come I’ve never ‘realized’ these things before? And now that I do ‘realize’ them, why do these new concepts make such wonderful sense deep down in my being, in my self? It was so much fun. It was amazing (I don’t really have the correct adjectives to describe it all or all the energies I was feeling and experiencing during that time).

    Now, suddenly as I’m blading, I’m realizing what that feeling was about ‘the fundamental thing about the Earth’ that I was going to be privy to; it was this book and it was this guy, Anonymous. And oh, how different it was from all the imagined sci-fi, ‘scientifical’ scenarios that my puny little mortal brain could come up with or could imagine. Human Reality explained everything (or so I thought) and I knew that from now on my life was going to be about ‘Before I knew Real Truth and After I knew Real Truth’. I knew (know) that, barring any accident that were to damaged my mortal brain and make it rationalize differently, this Real Truth was (is) going to be the ONLY thing that would (will) be mattering to me for the rest of this mortal life, plain and simple.

    This all happened June 2015 around MWAW SLC conference time. I wanted to go so much but just couldn’t afford it due to my not having a F/T job, money and all. Bummer! During all this time, I was communicating with my two brothers back east (who also know who they are and why they exist and one of them is the one who sent me the two emails, the one who persisted – thank goodness) about how excited I was finding this Truth, discussing it with them, finding out there was more (first estate), etc. when I said to them – we have to make plans to go to SLC next June, 2016. Which was, of course, when the political arm of Real Truth – The Humanity Party – was officially released to the world to such high expectation and anticipation. That year, I received a huge tax refund from the Feds which allowed me to go to SLC for the 2016 MWAW conference.

    The Humanity Party resonated deeply within me. Having read so much sci-fi in my life, many of the book had storylines of successful one world governments. So a worldwide government has always made sense to me; a benevolent one, of course. It’s always been my belief that the time has come for such a world government to exist since our population and our tech are growing so exponentially, it seems an inevitability. I just had no idea how to do it.

    Fortunately, there are people in this world with much more intelligence, who have much more wisdom and experience than me and who are capable of coming up with the perfect plan. I do, however, have the wherewithal to recognize a perfect plan when I see one and The Humanity Party is the perfect plan guaranteed to eliminate poverty, child prostitution, want and need, with the end result, to equalize the playing field throughout the world for EveryOne. Why more people don’t recognize it as such, baffles me?

    Now it’s been four years since my Enlightenment to the Real Truth. Most everything ‘scientifical’ I knew, understood and loved from before, has been destroyed; Human Reality said that would happen but I did not believe it at the time of reading it. I believe it now. No, actually, I know it as Reality now; I’ve Realized it, internalized it. I mourned for the many broken, scattered and destroyed pieces of my previous life but then I moved on. Real Truth is so much more satisfying, uncomplicated and whole; it’s plain and simple. There is not one day that goes by that I don’t feel for, think about, use something from, access some portion of, the Real Truth to help myself go through my day or to try to help another’s day. My entire life revolves around this new information about myself and in turn about everyone else. Up until my age of 57, I knew nothing. Everything I know today, I’ve realized through the Message and owe to the Messenger.

    In Vancouver, I am the only person in the entire city who truly understands who he is and why he exists. Sometimes I get very lonely but just for a bit. In all honesty, the Real Truth truly ruined my life – as it was supposed to, since we are not supposed to know the Real Truth. But then, the Real Truth turned around and gave me Something back so special, so precious, so fundamental, so Marvellous and Wonderful – Real Truth gave me (back my) Eternal Life. Real Truth showed me Eternity and explained how it works. Wow!

    Now, I can’t have it any other way – I will continue to drink from the fountain for as long as I am allowed. And I never, ever forget that I DESIRED this, with all my heart and all my mind from the day I was born, and so it was given to me. No regrets.

    Amen (so be it)

    1. Gilbert Bertrand

      J-C, I really enjoyed your story. Love you bro. Amen (so be it). Gilbert ☺

    2. Marc Bertrand

      I concur!
      As I have said many times, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”(John 8:32)
      Love you too bro!

    3. Kevin Martin

      J-C, I love your post!

  13. Nickolas Dylan Barrett

    NAME: Nickolas Dylan Barrett
    My Story
    24 June 2010
    PROLOGUE: Updated for May 4, 2019 still going strong!
    As one who has embraced this work with all of my goddamn heart, I feel it is time to share my experience. I am now 31 prime ass years old.
    In this life I have embodied what you would call an anti-religious “Millennial.” I have experienced all the worldly desires, aspirations, delusions of grandeur, delusions of love/family and feelings of superiority/entitlement/laziness (due to my own perceived genius intellect as well as talent at an artistic endeavor) that one could possibly experience in their own individual mind.
    I have pursued fame and success in the world as emotionally intently as any wannabe star on youtube, spotify or hollywood etc. etc. ever has. Most of us who attempt to achieve these particular heights of fanfare are complete and utter failures for whatever reasons, me being no different.
    Anyone who has ever thought they were “cool” and superior to others in a secular “worldly” way would be represented by me in my teens and 20’s. Been there, done that guys. Admittedly, in the past before discovering this work I had genuinely looked down on other people for being: ugly, nerdy, stupid, fat, untalented, clumsy, religious (stupid), shitty clothes, speech impediments, being full of shit, and every other manner of judgment for others one could possibly sustain in their perceived superior mind and body. In other words, I was the supposedly cool dude making fun of your goofy ass in high school and beyond, and I was fucking good at it 😦 Sorry guys! Thats not cool at all!!! Makes me cringe thinking about it..
    But ever since finding this work and understanding WHY people are the way that they are, I now have absolutely 0 ZERO judgement for anyone – other than knowing that they are truly my equal in all things. This understanding has brought me the greatest peace I have ever known and will ever know. I don’t pursue or embody the success or negative attitude towards others I once had, Thank GOD! If you had known me in high school you would realize that this is nothing short of a miracle for me, to shift 180 degrees in my perspective on other people and my desires of happiness in this world.

    Look, Christopher has given us all the solutions to our mortal problems that we have created on this earth. The problems are all our individual faults! We each must rebuke our egos and humble ourselves deep inside to truly see our inherent equality.
    Listen hear all ye Millennial and Gen Z clowns: Looking back at our lives, if someone like Me (with a superiority complex and already aware that religion was a complete lie, and who felt nothing but disdain for people who didn’t fit into what I deemed valuable) can be humbled and eyes opened, to realize we are all equal gods who deserve our basic needs of life to pursue our individual happiness’s, then Ya’ll have no fucking excuse whatsoever to not get it through your thick ass heads to support Christopher and The Humanity Party.. Cause although I can guarantee that most of you had and still have better hair than me 😉 the fact is: I was just as talented, just as clever, wrote better chord progressions, most likely more hung and certainly sexually vivacious and just as cool or cooler than you in this world I promise.. Never listened to my parents or anyone else’s advice on life…never had a boss except when I was in a relationship with a gorgeous woman 😉 What other attributes do we value ourselves by in this selfish ass world? Having a family!? There’s no such thing as “your” family or “my” family fuckheads, EVERY HUMAN IS PART OF THE SAME FAMILY. How could there now be any excuse for you not finding and supporting the only plan to eliminate poverty, child prostitution and all inequality?? Not even I am too cool for Christopher’s school, ain’t no way in hell that you are 🙂 Truly the only thing that sets you and I apart is I damn well support the only real man (Christopher) and the only real solutions to this worlds SICKENING problems with all my heart, and I STILL would support it even if I couldn’t sing worth a fuck and my dick was Tiny Tim 😉 and that there is the only thing in reality that is truly COOL!!!!! BOOM MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!

    I was born into a middle class family, my dad was a brick mason and my mom a nurse. My dad was raised catholic but rejected it in his early teens. My mom was raised without religion or beliefs other than maybe atheism. My family never went to a church thank god, and I was raised with no beliefs other than perhaps that science would be humanity’s salvation. Even as a young boy growing up around staunch morons I mean mormons (at school and play) I hated the idea of god, and the devil and I can remember having arguments at school (maybe starting in kindergarten) about how absurd the idea is of a monster with horns called the devil.. who’s going to hurt you forever if you do something “bad.” Or an old man with a beard looking down on us and making sure we won’t go to heaven if we screw up..
    It became obvious that most kids I was interacting with were not DEEP THINKERS and seemed to just go along with their parents and peers, but had not critically analyzed these concepts themselves. Later on it would become clear that I was similar to them in that I accepted what my parents believed, or in this case didn’t believe, although they themselves (my dad especially) had rejected the religion of his parents, so there was inherently more thought given to any subject of “truth.” I put “truth” in quotes there because my dad didn’t know shit about real truth any more than any other person on this earth, that was a hard thing to realize because I had looked to him as my god and hero when I was a young child. Moving right along…

    I hated school and authority, (still do). I dropped out high as fuck.. (pun intended) i mean i dropped out of high school stoned on marijuana baby 😉 The rude discovery that I would have to find something to do in order to make money to support myself had reared its ugly head!!!! “Fuck that I thought. I’m the greatest gotdamn bag of potato chips of all! I ain’t working for no Fuckskabob just to live!!” A year or so before I dropped out I found that I was pretty fuckin good at music. So I started a band and that sort of led to my eventual dropping out of school, oh and copious weed use helped. I was very serious about music at the time and recorded some good songs, wanted to be the Beatles blah blah blah. That was also why I was able to drop out and mess around with music, because my dad supported me doing the music and hopefully becoming rich and famous of course. (my parents had gotten along not so well throughout my life and eventually divorced for good when I was 13 or so). Therefore I was left to myself in the house i grew up in to rock out with my cock out all the live long day and nite 😉 My mom lived elsewhere nearby and my dad often stayed with his girlfriend in park City.

    Music soon turned into full time smoking weed and sitting around listening to music, sometimes playing. I just did not have the drive to get myself out there, I still thought I was the greatest at everything which gives you some idea of my mental state at the time. Like I said I’m a damn millennial through and through .. I needed to make money!!! But i didnt want to really work…. So i decided to SELL WEEEEED!!!!!! long story short I ended up smoking myself into oblivion because I was NOT HAPPY. I was into the “SECRET” thinking that I could positively think my way into fortune.. DOESN’T WORK PEOPLE…. nor does buddhist or hindu shit make any sense to me cause I was into that for a very short time.

    I ended up in a mental hospital for a couple weeks with all sorts of strange delusions… some of which are very similar to the real truth even though I had yet to discover it, most other delusions I had WERE VAIN AND FOOLISH IMAGINATIONS… kinda like the ones we have all been raised with.. but my mind was somehow capable of making those things that aren’t real seem very real. Apparently the only time I could accept some kind of spiritual/religious thought (the secret, hindu, buddha etc.) was when I was clinically insane… ironic?

    So there I am. fresh out of a few weeks being absolutely nuts in the Lds Mental ward. NO FRIENDS, NO MONEY, NO NOTHING. I end up staying with my mom to recover from my brain overload. This being the most depressing time in my life (at least until love brutally attacked me and left me for dead a few years later 😉 to the point of suicide seeming like a relief that it was an option. I began to search the internet for real life answers… aliens, conspiracies, pornos 🙂 ghosts, demons, you name it. Blah blah blah… Nothing I found made me happy or made any damn sense at all, aside from the pornos of course ;). Anyways my mom’s boyfriend burke bluemel knew all about chris and had shown the 666 book to her thank god.

    For reference, I have never read the bible, book of moron or any other religious nonsense…the 666 Mark of America Seat of The Beast book was given to me and I must say that every word from the start spoke to the very “essence” of my being… I KNEW IT WAS TRUE!!!!! Oh how joyful I felt.. I haven’t the power to describe. I had incredible dreams that did nothing but confirm what I was reading. It explained why this world is how it is…. SHITTY, BORING, and HOPELESS quite frankly.. But at least I now know why THANK GOD!!!! I realized I had been part of the problem with this world and it showed me how to align myself with my true humanity, that we all share.. a humanity that would never in a million years think I was “better” than someone else. The fact I had lost my humanity just shows the power of this world to turn us into goddamn ignorant ass goblins!! Makes me sick to think of how I had been before 😦
    I felt the same when I read the Sealed Portion as well despite having never read the book of mormon. I would recommend the book Human Reality for all you atheists types but really those other two books did it for me.. Not sure why, considering my super anti religious background in this particular lifetime. Furthermore, The Dream of Mortal life will surely be the works’ Magnum Opus. To be honest the initial draft called the Game of Mortal Life for me was already perfect. Not sure why it’s so hard to understand for supposedly smart people 🙂 theres my pretentious millenial assholyness coming up again 😉

    It’s been more than eleven years ago now, since I first read the books and met THE DUDE… In that time I’ve experienced the mortal delusion of love and seen all the negativity imaginable that comes from that selfish pursuit. I’ve let go of being anyone of interest or value in the worlds’ or my family’s eyes, thereby reclaiming my free willed existence as an equal god to all others in this dream. For years now I no longer rely on other people to support me in any way which was a big step for me, having been supported by girls, friends, and my dear mom over the years.
    These days I burn around modern day Jerusalem in my BMW race cars blasting my own music as a self made person, laughing at the irony and knowing damn well it’s not about what kind of car you drive or what you’ve “accomplished” that makes you who you are and an equally valuable human being to everyone else. All I really care about is The Work, The Humanity Party, The BROS, Chris, and obviously the dream of a world where we are all taken care of to pursue our own individual free wills!!!!! If it were possible I’d drive my goddamn cars off a cliff into a crocodile, snake and bug infested fucking labyrinth to end poverty and inequality, right fucking now!!! hold my beer!!!!!
    Christopher The DUDE has revealed everything you could ever long to know about this life and what its all about. I’ve met Christopher and I’ve heard him speak.. “I know he is the man, given to the world to remind us who we are.. Confounding all the lies, ripping the veil right from our eyes. Nurturing the weak, with the real truth that he speaks.” That’s a line from a nice song I wrote about the truth, which is the only subject matter of my songs these days.. A truly endless source of inspiration. I’ll release some albums of songs in the future where the words only reflect the real truth and I won’t give a fuck if anyone ever fucking hears it. That will be the feather and the cap of my illustrious music career 😉
    I simply can’t stand the inequality of this world and I used to wish I had the balls to kill myself and end this foolish charade, but knowing the real truth makes life more than bearable again and I’m not about to bail on this dream, when our boy Chris is still holding it down here with the rest of us!!

    My peace inside is hard to believe, even for me… Just when it comes down to experiences that are supposedly “difficult” ya know, dealing with sex bullshit, money, living situation, etc… None of that B.S. really does much to shake me anymore… OH MY GOD HOW IT USED TO!!!! Thanks to the Real Truth, I have a real ‘rock’ to hold onto when everything else (the world) is falling apart all around me.. I couldn’t hope or ask for anything more.

    We have the solutions!!! No excuses to not find them and support them, believe me being the consummate millennial that I am, I would have found one (an excuse)!!! hahaha smoke one for me, Peace!!!
    nickolas dylan barrett
    p.s. if any of yall millennials or gen geeZers wanna challenge me on the guitar or on the race track, or on matters of eternal reality……. I’m right here!!! 😉

    [Christopher 6/25/2010 added the following]
    The word “eclectic” well describes the people brought into this work before its official establishment (2012) who define what it is all about.
    Defined by Websters as “selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles; composed of elements drawn from various sources,” the word properly describes the people who have embraced this work.
    What Nick has revealed about himself stands as a witness to the power of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW). Each book was carefully considered for publication so that, if read with a sincere desire and real intent, each would reach its own particular audience.
    Nick writes, “I would recommend the HUMAN REALITY book for all you atheist types.” Indeed, this book was intended for those who have no belief in anything outside of their current reality. Yet, their current reality is full of religion, myth, and the excuses humans use to justify the way they treat each other. An atheist’s reality is that God does exist, maybe not in their head, but in the heads of many people who have the power to affect their free will. Therefore, an atheist should be grateful that there now exists a book that explains things on their level sin religion and God.
    Although non-religious himself, it was the explanation of a religious book that “opened” Nick’s eyes to real truth. All of his life he was exposed to the fear-based rhetoric surrounding the book of Revelation. People fear “the mark of the beast, its number, its image, and its name.” They fear “Armageddon” and the great “Apocalypse. ” Nick probably scoffed at their fear, never understanding where it came from, and not really caring. Yet, what affected him the most was the way that those who did fear affected his free-willed choices. Nick now had to fear them! 🙂
    Once he got the true meaning behind the symbolism that caused these people to fear, Nick learned that he had nothing to fear EXCEPT them that fear!
    He learned that the “beast,” “Armageddon, ” and “Apocalypse” had all to do with the free-willed choices of the people themselves, without any outside influence or control. With his new understanding, Nick wondered why these people feared themselves!
    With the euphoria of finally understanding something of the fear of those who controlled him, Nick had a desire to know the person from whom the proper explanation was given that allowed him to understand. Was it another person to fear? How could he be afraid of a person who taught him how not to fear?
    In short,
    Our mutual creators do not want us to fear them or each other.
    To help counter our individual fears and confound all the vain and foolish imaginations invented by humans that create fear, this work is directed by them for the sake of each individual.
    Nick is one of the “eclectic” ones gathered to this work as a testimony that it does indeed work outside of religious belief systems. It speaks to the common sense we all share (or should share) in common.
    All those who teach fear should fear this work. It will take away the fear that gives their religions, philosophies, opinions, and ideas their value.
    They should all fear me and Nick. Why? Because we don’t fear them!
    Nick, your story is a welcome one and I encourage any others who wish to make theirs known, please do!
    C. 🙂

  14. Denton Thiede

    My name is Denton Thiede. This is my story of how I found the incredible Real Truths presented by Christopher Nemelka our messenger of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. I was raised in Granger, Utah now known as West Valley City. My parents went to the Church Latter of Day Saints but my father didn’t believe in paying tithing. Since my mother thought we should pay tithing, that caused a lot of problems in our family, especially around Christmas and tithing settlement time. When I was around four years old, my mother took me around to many LDS wards on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley to sing the song “I am a Mormon boy.” I could hardly see over the church banister, at that time.

    When I was in the first grade, I was on the playground and was hit in my right eye with a rock. This caused me to lose sight in that eye. My eye doctor suggested that I wear a patch over my left eye to help strengthen my right and force it to work again. This was very hard for me because the kids would tease me. They would call me names like Capt. Hook and ask me where my peg leg was. I tried to wear the patch for about a year, but it was almost impossible to go to school without being teased. I also had a very hard time sitting in class and studying. I would finish all my work and then stand up and bother the other kids. I would find myself down at the principal’s office with my mother being told that my behavior was causing problems. My mother told the principal that I was just very smart and could finish the work faster than any of the other children. I was bored and could not sit in my chair. The principal suggested that I might have attention deficit disorder or ADD. He suggested that we should visit a doctor and start on the drug Ritalin. Thankfully, my mother said she would not put me on any drugs, but this made going to school very hard.

    Around the age of seven, I was riding on the fender of our tractor that my father was driving, when I fell off. The tractor was pulling a large steel farm disc that cuts up the soil. When I fell off, I fell under the disc. At the same time, the drawbar attaching the disc to the tractor that was pulling it came apart, thus releasing the tractor from the disc. The disc’s drawbar fell on the back of my head, leaving a dent in my skull to this day, (making my name appropriate). If the drawbar had not released from the tractor the disc would’ve cut me in small pieces. I don’t know why my life was saved.

    When I was 10 years old, I got a very sick and came down with rheumatic fever. I was told by the school that I could not be there when I was sick. Since I was sick for many months, my mother would leave me home and go to work at her restaurant. It was impossible for me to lay around in bed, so I left as soon as my mother did and went down and helped work on an LDS chapel. In the early years of the LDS church, the members were asked to donate time to build their chapels. I would leave and walk down to where the chapel was being built at 4310 S. 3200 W. I would be there from the early morning until as late as 10 PM. My mother, on many occasions, would come down and get me. I worked with our bishop Bill Coates. He would always encourage me to read the Book of Mormon. I always had problems reading because I only had sight in the one eye. I learned a lot about building, including: framing, electrical, plumbing, concrete, heating and air conditioning. I spent 2 1/2 months with a chisel and a hammer breaking out two 3 x 3 openings in 10 inches of concrete to put heating and air conditioning vents in. This is all done while I had rheumatic fever. This started the many problems I’ve had throughout my life with being ill which brings back the rheumatic fever.

    When I was young, I had a problem that when I got excited, I would shake my hands which would shake my whole body. My father would tell me I was crazy and wouldn’t amount to anything but a ditch digger because of this. I found out years later that what I had was Tourette’s Syndrome. Tourette’s is a tick that causes a trigger in your brain that you have a hard time controlling. I learned to make Tourette’s my friend my whole life because if I hated it, it would control me. As I’m writing this, I’m feeling the triggers. This makes it extremely hard to write and concentrate.

    Right after I turned 16 and became a priest, I was assigned to be the assistant manager of our LDS stake farm. I had been working on my family’s farm and also on the bishop’s and stake president’s farms. I was assigned to the hauling and stacking of the hay and straw at the stake dairy farm.

    To move forward, when I was around 24, I was going to the University of Utah and teaching dance. I met a girl at another dance and she wanted to come to my dance classes. Because I did rodeo and trained horses, her grandfather asked me to help train his horses. Cindy and I got involved and she became pregnant. Her mother was very mad and demanded that I marry her. I did not want to marry her. Her mother stated to me that if I did not marry her, she would tell a general authority in her ward, named Boyd K Packer, what I had done and get me excommunicated. I was a member of the University stake and Bob Rice was a councilman in the stake. He gave me the notice that they were holding a church court for me. When I got to the LDS church court, I was greeted by Pres. Malcolm Jepsen. He explained to me that it was a court of love and that he represented Jesus Christ. He also said that there were six members of the High Council on Christ’s side and six members on my side. As we proceeded with the court, he demanded that I marry the girl that I got pregnant. I told him that I did not want to marry her and so I wouldn’t marry her. He jumped out of his chair and said, “if this happened to my daughter, I would get a gun and blow your head off.” I was very upset. I could not figure out how someone that had just told me he was acting as if he was Jesus Christ would get so angry and say something like that to me. I stood up and looked at Malcolm Jepsen and told him that I did not want to belong to his church, I would not be treated like he was treating me. I walked out and left the church court.

    About a week later I received a call from Bob Rice the high councilman that had contacted me for the first church court. He said they wanted to have me come back and reconvene the court so they could make a decision. I told him that I would not come back to a church court that had anything to do with Malcolm Jepsen.

    At the next stake conference in my home LDS stake, the Stake President got up and announced that I had been excommunicated from the church. This should only have been announced in my own ward at the U of U campus. My grandmother was sitting in the conference and immediately ran home to tell my mother what she had heard. She told my mother that it was announced in stake conference that I had been excommunicated. My mother called me on the phone and told me she was so embarrassed knowing that although I had done so many things to help in that LDS church, yet they had still excommunicated me. She stated that she would never go back into an LDS church again. She never did when she was alive. My mother said she never had to attend church to be a good person. She showed me how to be generous and kind and live the gospel without going to church. I was out of the LDS church for around 10 years. During that time, I ended up marrying Cindy and having two sons. We divorced when she was pregnant with the second boy.

    I have had some other amazing experiences where my life was preserved. I was in an accident where a pickup truck I was riding in rolled over because the driver fell asleep at the wheel. I was pinned in the vehicle with 250 gallons of gasoline leaking out of a tank in the back. The driver got out of the vehicle and started to smoke a cigarette. When the Highway Patrol officer drove up, he found this guy smoking with gasoline running all over the ground and me pinned in the vehicle. No one knows why the vehicle did not explode and burn with me in it. I didn’t know why either, until finding the Marvelous Work and A Wonder later in my life. In another experience, while working for Caterpillar, I fell asleep at the wheel after leaving Wyoming and going into Utah. Without knowing it, I must have driven a few miles down the road and turned around because I ended up on a different side of the freeway and back in a parking lot in Evanston, Wyoming.

    Around ten years later after attending many Book of Mormon study classes, taught by David Christiansen, David rebaptized me and I became a member of the church again.

    On May 28, 2018 I married Sydney Rae Greenburg in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Our goal was to go to the Temple every week. Once, while entering the Jordan River Temple, we were approached by Elder Rellis Petty. He was a Temple sealer and he invited us to join his sealing sessions that day. After the session he invited us to continue to come each week and do Temple sealings. We would go every week to the Jordan River Temple to do Temple sealings with him for a couple of years. After a few months, Rellis Petty also invited us to be Tabernacle ushers for the LDS Conference. We found out that Elder Petty had been doing ushering for around 40 years and he was the Tabernacle Usher Supervisor.

    After a few years, I also became an Usher Supervisor for the upper level of the Tabernacle. We went to every meeting, concert and program that was held there. We even did this when we moved from Willow Creek (Sandy, UT) up to Heber City, UT. I was devoted to my callings for 12 years.

    You can see that Sydney and I were very devoted members of the LDS church until September 2006. We were listening to a KTKK radio show about 9.11 and Dr. Stephen Jones when someone called in and said: “If you want to know the truth about the LDS church go to” I immediately went to the website and started to read the 116 pages of the Book of Mormon that were lost. I called Sydney and told her I heard about The Sealed Portion website and that I was reading the 116 pages of lost manuscript. She told me she had also heard about it that day on the talk radio show. After starting to read the lost manuscript and Sealed Portion, I could not put it down. I was reading it day and night. I took me quite a while because I have a hard time reading with one eye – I have to read every word. I read, almost continuously, for around 2 weeks and found that I wanted to meet the author. I found information about Julie Taggart. She knew Christopher Nemelka the translator of the 116 pages of lost manuscript and The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. Julie said Christopher was going to have a meeting in San Diego in December. She said Sydney and I could come. In November 2006 during LDS fast and testimony meeting Sydney told the ward she was asking for her name to be removed from the records of the church. We left the church that day and have never looked back. The Truth has set us free.

    We were unable to go to San Diego in December of 2006. It was not until February 2007 that we were able to meet Christopher, our messenger, at a symposium at the Salt Lake City public library. He talked about many things, one of which was the Worldwide United Foundation (later named The Humanity Party ). He was very kind. Since meeting Christopher, I have grown to love him and the message. I have done as Ida Smith counselled us to do and read the Damn books repeatedly. The more I learn about real truth and change my life, the happier I have become. I have learned not to judge people, that we as humans are all equal Gods. It still breaks my heart when I see what is happening around the world in the name of religion.

    In January of 2013, I was having issues with my business partner. Christopher invited my wife and I to dinner with his wife Sheri. He could tell that I was really stressed about something and I told him about what was going on with my company. He said he had ways to find out what was going on and kiddingly offered to help me solve the problems. I asked him, in seriousness, to do it, but the only way he was willing to help was if I gave him my Power of Attorney, which I did because I trusted him. My problem was that I had trusted a lot of other people that weren’t deserving of my trust. Christopher found out that the CEO of FutureKleen, was actually doing some dishonest things. Christopher fired him and I made Christopher the new CEO. At this time, I was involved in a lawsuit with my former business partner. Christopher told me that the brothers knew of a good attorney that would work on that lawsuit for me. Christopher was able to take control of the lawsuit and save the company for me. Through this work my wife and I have been tested. We got rid of our horses, all of my toys, and other things that have helped him and ourselves realize that we are trustworthy. .

    Because I travel around the world for business, I have witnessed the terrible conditions of poverty, inequality, exploitation and sex trafficking in the world. Realizing that the WUF had solutions to these conditions, I devoted my finances and time to further the cause of this amazing plan up until 2015. In 2015 the WUF plan name was changed to the Humanity Party. The Marvelous Work and a Wonder has changed my life and I will continue to support Christopher and the brothers in spreading Real Truth and the solutions to solving all the problems that we as humans have created on this planet. If you would like more information about my dealings with the MWAW, feel free to read the attached affidavit.

    I know that THE HUMANITY PARTY® has solutions, no one else does®

    If you would like more information, or to talk, please contact me at: or call my cell phone: 801-243-0519

  15. Kalaniku Martinez

    Aloha. My name is Kaeleen Kalaniku (Ka’akimaka) Martinez I was born on December 21, 1971 in Honolulu, Hawaii. My first encounter with this work was at a time in my life that I came to question God, aliens, what is true, and what isn’t… I was born and raised in the LDS church until I was 17, at which time I wanted nothing to do with all of the rules and guidelines that the LDS church impressed upon me, so I intentionally got pregnant and married to a non-member, and followed my own inner voice. I do remember attending seminary in the ninth grade of high school and doing the scripture mastery as one of the requirements for seminary. My scripture was: “Search these commandments for they are true and faithful and the prophecies and promises that are in them shall all be fulfilled”. At that age, believe me, I tried to search and search for answers to the questions I had. The part about the things that are sealed and that only a portion of the the word was contained in the Book of Mormon was something that had always stuck in my head but I stayed away from the church and the church members who felt obligated to tell me how I should be living my life. There was too much going on in my life to have time for LDS things. Fast forward 20-30 some years later, I was very inactive in the church but throughout that time always had that feeling of guilt whenever I did something contrary to what the prophets had commanded…drugs, sex, porn, caffeine, all and any of my favorite ‘sins’. And ugh, that patriarchal blessing I received in the 10th grade was soooo far off from who I knew I was and what I wanted for my life.
    Also my life growing up in a Hawaiian culture where Deities and Gods are believed to be all around us, in nature, trees and rocks, mountains and streams, in animals and in people, I was discouraged from recognizing and honoring those things due to my LDS upbringing, however, I found no valid reason why it was wrong and always felt so conflicted because my culture felt more “right” then the LDS religion.
    In May of 2014 I was at a point that I literally questioned everything I ever thought I knew about GOD, my brother even showed me a video that aliens inhabited our planet and that there was proof in carvings and stones and rocks. That was it, I broke!!! I was so confused and afraid and I didn’t know what to think other than drop to my knees and cry out to the heavens in tears demanding, verbatim, “Who the fuck are you, God!!!“ (my broken and contrite spirit, cursing at God!)
    It was shortly thereafter that I felt a calm and peace surround me and as I asked Google that question on my tablet, and then…. Lo and behold, there is a link to a video called “Human Reality, who we are and why we exist”. I watched it once and was immediately blown away!! (My mom used to tell me about being filled with the spirit and I never knew what that felt like all my life up until that moment). The answers to my ‘prayer’ came through a search engine on the Internet where I found “A Marvelous Work and a Wonder” website with all of the links to these amazing books – for FREE! I was again blown away to see that the sealed portion was already published, and without ever having to read the book, all of my questions that I’ve ever had regarding the LDS religion could be answered from this mwaw website. I dove right in, immersing myself with everything Christopher had available for me to listen to (radio talk show recordings, YouTube videos, daily journal entries, Facebook posts, blogtalk radio and anything I could find to get more answers about the MWAW). I knew He was the real deal. From that time up until now It has been so freeing and amazing to have the validation I’ve needed to just live my life being okay with who I am as a person, and that I’ve learned that my life is going the way it’s supposed to, always has been, and it will continue to. It’s truly marvelous to really know the truth and have the answers to the things I have been questioning my whole life, validating all along that I’m on the right path, needing no one else to tell me other than myself through our true messenger Christopher. Oia’i’o! Mahalo Ke ‘Akua! (Truth! Thankyou to the great- I AM!)

  16. sydneythiede

    Dear Truth Seeker (at least I hope you are),

    Hi, my name is Sydney Greenburg Thiede. You do not know me, but I really wanted to share some of my own experiences I have had with this work because I hope that they may be of help to you.

    I was born into the LDS church to a faithful LDS family, the eighth of nine children. I was raised in the “mission field” of the church and I did enjoy being a member as a youth, attending church and early morning seminary, playing sports and participating in activities, etc. I attended BYU and BYU Hawaii, then served a mission to Sweden, where I learned a lot about the church and myself. It took a while, but I got married in the temple and tried to attend as often as possible. Although I played the game on the outside, I was pretty much a mess on the inside. My parents were wonderful people but they were very busy trying to provide for a lot of children. One of my brothers was mentally retarded (is that the correct term now?) and my sister was a dwarf. Both needed special attention that took time away from the rest of us. I grew up feeling pretty much alone, thus It has been a challenge in life for me to let love in.
    I did my best to be a good and faithful member by attending church almost every week and serving in whatever calling I was asked (mostly music). What I am trying to say is that I did my best to play the game as others told me to. But I wasn’t happy! I had attended church for a few years before finding “The Marvelous Work and a Wonder” thinking that maybe I could help someone else, even though I didn’t feel like I got anything out of it. My problem was that I didn’t like Sydney. Fact is, I didn’t even know who Sydney was because she was pretty conflicted by what others said was right for her.

    Before I found this work, I had to go through some major shake-ups in my life in order to start thinking for myself. It was finally, at this point, that I really started listening to my “Holy Ghost ” (my inner guidance system). The thought came that I should do EVERYTHING I could to be close to God. So, I started being as spiritual as I could in all the ways that I thought would work. I prayed, attended church and temple, I read the scriptures as often as I could and started getting answers by opening them up and reading randomly, I fasted, (once for 3 days) listened to only spiritual music, served others the best I could, etc. At the end of doing this for a year, I again got the thought that I needed to get closer to God. What?? I thought that I had done all I could think of to do and I still didn’t feel any closer to him. The thought came to me “Exactly.” It took me a while, but I finally figured out that I was being shown that the church “ways” of being close to God didn’t work for me. When I opened up the scriptures, many times it landed on verses that talked about being a prophet, which I didn’t believe I could be. The Church became pretty leary of me, I started saying things in meetings that I hadn’t really thought about before but seemed prophetic in nature. I felt compelled to do things that got me called in to face my Bishop and Stake President and be reprimanded. Many of my paradigms were blown to bits and changed by new information after those and other experiences. I believe that in my case, it was my higher self, trying to get me to believe in myself. The good news is that I finally started thinking for myself (ok, I’m still not perfect at it but…), as I trust you have. If you have, I say GOOD FOR YOU! You must be searching for something or you wouldn’t be reading this story!)
    My questioning, along with my husband’s, led us to a book called “The Sealed Portion.” We were led into looking into the Conspiracy Theories. One day, probably when we were finally ready to hear, we were listening (me at home and him at work) to a talk radio show about 9.11. Someone called in and said that if we wanted to know real truth about the Mormon Church, then we should go to then he hung up. Denton printed off the introduction, read it and brought it home. He asked me to read it and tell him what I thought. I wrote an email to the address given on the website that I didn’t know for sure but because of my experiences with my ward, I felt I knew a little of what Christopher was saying when he didn’t want to go up against the powerful church and that I felt the book could very well be true. When I started reading that book, my insides started coming alive. The more I read, the more I understood why I had felt so out of step with others all my life and how the “Church” was leading everyone to call evil good and good evil. I felt like the chains that had held me bound started to drop off.
    I feel I need to explain one of my chains (believe me, it’s not because I want to) because it will help you understand where I am coming from. My parents were great people but like I said, busy. To further exacerbate my issues, somehow in my early years, I had started to masturbate. I don’t know what happened because I don’t remember much about my childhood, (although I did have an older cousin that I had been around in my youth that went to prison for molestation). it caused me to feel dirty, hate myself at times and withdraw from others. It was hell that my “niche” in the family was being the “religious” one so I felt I had to go to the Bishop and confess every time I didn’t control my “urges.” I became pretty frozen inside as a result of the guilt and self judgement. I think I have an idea of what it must be like to be gay and be told that your natural urges are very wrong. These were however some of the chains that were set free, over time, in learning the Real Truth. The chains dropped, even more, every time I heard Christopher speak to us, explaining new truths. I wished I could sit there forever and listen to him.

    Through this new information, the puzzle pieces of questions that I had all my life started falling into place. Don’t get me wrong, it was never an easy process, it hurt like hell (or heck if it makes you feel better 🙂 to realize that I had lived my whole life based on a lie. Many days, I didn’t want to go on. I was in a situation in my life that I felt was way out of my control. When I heard the truth about prayer, and that I was all alone with no “Heavenly Father” to help me, it was like, “Oh HELL, who’s driving this thing!” But the real truth was, I still had all the help I needed to get me through, I just had to learn to trust that my “Holy Ghost” was the one helping me all along. This was hard for me because I don’t trust easily.

    You know where the freedom came for me? It was in knowing that I WAS, in fact, IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE! All of it! It was very scary at first, but so freeing. I don’t have to listen to ANYONE other than myself to find my answers. I don’t have to be who someone else says I do any more and I don’t have to tell anyone else what to be or do either.

    Once I had read the “Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon,” I asked my higher self if I should stay in the church or not. I opened up the Bible (I hope I can find the scripture again sometime) but it said something like, if we believe in Jesus, we will confess him, meaning to me that I should leave. I then wrote a letter to the church telling them that I had found the Sealed Portion and I knew that it was true. I wanted my name removed from the church records. I don’t recommend taking away other’s free will to find the truth on their own, but it was right for me…I felt I needed to let people know why I was leaving the church. I read my children that chapter in TSP about the profile of a prophet so they would understand why I was going to do what I did. I waited for Fast and Testimony meeting. For some reason my daughters came with us but they waited in the foyer. At the very end of the meeting I got up to bear my testimony and tell people that I didn’t feel as if I, as a member of the church, was going in the right direction. I talked about how we weren’t living what Jesus taught and lived only what the church leaders said. Jesus wouldn’t be spending his time chasing worldly success. (It wasn’t in those words but maybe the gist of what I said)

    This has caused major changes in my family and friends. Most of my family and friends, that are LDS, don’t know what to do with me; but the ones that are true friends have stayed my friend. My immediate family has grown way closer because they know they can be themselves and not what the church says is right for them. My son served a mission in Africa and it made him happy. I am very glad he served those people because it was right, FOR HIM! Even though we are alienated because of our religious differences, I am glad that I know that it is his right to do what makes him happy.
    My marriage came back from divorce. I have discovered that my husband is really a wonderful man, even though I didn’t used to think he was “spiritual” enough. He has a good heart and he helps many people. I stopped judging people as to whether they belonged to one group or another, if they swear, drink, steal, lie, etc., and love them all just as they are (granted, I don’t want to be around some of them much).
    We have been tested many times by Christopher, our messenger, to make sure how faithful we are to the work, but we understand that It’s only a message/test he is bringing from our True Higher Selves. We have, also, been through a lot of tribulation in relation to Denton’s company. We would have lost the whole thing if it wasn’t for Christopher’s help with the lawsuits. We chose to make him the CEO of Filtagreen, Intl. because we weren’t doing very well in discerning whom we could trust to not try to steal the company blind. He has been someone we can trust with our lives.

    But do you know what the greatest thing that has happened to me is? I have found out that I am not the bad person I thought I was. I have started to accept Sydney for who she is and even love her. I have started to allow her to be loved and be successful. That to me is the “Pearl of Great Price” and the peace that surpasses all understanding. The MWAW has truly been right for me and I wouldn’t EVER go back!

    I admire my friend Christopher. He is doing what is right for him and at a great cost! I also admire that you are trying to find truth. If you feel that I can help you, feel free to call. But above all, go and do what makes you happy! Hugs!

    Sincerely, Sydney Thiede

  17. Jaron Bytheway

    The Story of Jaron Michael Bytheway

    I grew up in a very LDS household. All of the adult figures in my life that had any significant part in raising me got their value from being temple worthy members of the LDS church. In Utah, my last name is very well known among the LDS people because of my third cousin. John Bytheway. He’s a popular comedian among the LDS people. I got through much of my teenage years by consuming material by John. My mother saw my name in an obituary and after learning that “Jaron” meant to speak out or to sing and that “Michael” meant “like unto God” in hebrew, she was set on name being “To sing or speak out like unto God by the way”

    There was a lot about my life that led me to this work eventually. It is amazing to me though that I hadn’t heard a single thing about this work for a whole decade after the sealed portion had been published and made available online.

    As a kid, I was very quiet, but I was always thinking. I didn’t talk until I was three years old. My parents put me into speech school and thought that I was autistic. My parents were avid basketball fans. My Father worked as a software engineer at the Church Office building during my early childhood and my mom stayed at home to raise us kids. My childhood home was just a few blocks from Temple Square right next to West High School. I have a half brother that’s 7 years older than me, two older sisters that are 4 and 5 years older, and a brother that’s 1 year younger than me.

    It was apparent from the time I started talking that I was a very talented child both physically and mentally. My first word was “Buffalo” from a trip to antelope island. And when I grew up, I was going to be a professional basketball player. Karl Malone was my hero growing up. I was going to be just like Karl Malone “the mailman”. We had season tickets during the summer to the Utah Starzz women’s basketball team and I was friends with all the players. Naturally, I wanted to be just like them and get really really good at basketball.

    My parents raised me to have a ridiculous work ethic. From age 3, I started helping out with the family newspaper routes to help earn the money that we would eventually use for family vacation. As I aged up, I would be used more and more in the morning to deliver newspapers. I used the paper route to train my athletic abilities. My parents would drive while I would load up as many newspapers as I could for a memorized route and I would sprint down a block or two and deliver newspapers to meet back up with the vehicle somewhere else on our route to load myself up with newspapers again. This was more for mornings when I felt particularly energized though. But for a decade, I was raised to get up three hours before school to deliver around 300 newspapers with my family. I can remember having dark circles under my eyes from sleep deprivation through all of elementary school. But I’d also always get to school early to play basketball because my older siblings in middle school and high school had class start before I did. Some of my favorite memories are from playing on the playground before and during school.

    On the way to school every morning after moving to West Valley City and commuting 8 miles by car, my mother would make us read the Bible and the Book of Mormon together. She made us keep track of morning and evening prayers on prayer charts. We would have family home evening… our family did everything right according to church standards.

    It was around the age of 10 that I discovered sex hormones…I felt so guilty all the time from watching porn and masturbating in secret that it led me to unreasonable levels of personal scripture study and devotion to try to make things up to God for constantly breaking my promises to Him. As well as going out of my way to do all kinds of good deeds for people constantly to try to make myself worthy of personal revelation so that I could receive the mysteries of God until I knew them in full.

    It was also around this time that my Dad got laid off from his job with the church. My family started struggling with money. We started getting church food orders and would volunteer at Welfare Square to earn the food for our family. My dad became so frugal that it became counter productive at times, but my dad never failed to provide me with the best things for a competitive advantage in the sports I would play and invested in helping me to become a superb athlete. My dad became very depressed and liked to complain a lot. Coming into my teenage years I vowed to myself that I would never complain about anything ever. I figured I would be more likable that way.

    It was at age 15 that I had my first girlfriend. She was a long distance girlfriend because she moved away to Oakley, Utah right after I got to know her. I used to be so romantic… I found out then that I had incredible guilt when it came to lying and misrepresenting myself to another person. I came out in complete transparency to the world about myself and my uncontrollable yet somewhat manageable urges to watch porn and masturbate or talk about whatever other perceived weaknesses that I may have. My girlfriend got me into the habit of keeping a journal. In public, I was a model aaronic priesthood holder and I kept a blog discussing my point of view of the world we live in called “Insights of a Visionary Teenager”. I’d post publicly about my personal failings in order to try to hold myself accountable to certain goals such as doing nice things for the people around me among other things such as refraining from masturbating… unless I was having a particularly embarrassing time refraining from such things so that I would just study the scriptures even harder to come up with some impressive insights to share with the world in an effort to redeem myself from what I perceived as my own constant perceived failings.

    With the incredible work ethic I’d been raised with, I was determined to become as talented as possible so that I could use my talents to bless the world somehow. My mother raised me to help others for free… probably because she got to brag to everyone she knows about how helpful I was all the time… and apparently still am. I suppose that I do enjoy serving other people though… so it’s a handy personality quirk that makes it very easy for me to make friends.
    Throughout middle and high school I commuted to school from west valley to Bryant Middle School and East High School on Trax through Bus and Rail and it gave me TONS of time to read scriptures and self help books. I learned all of the knowledge that the 1 percent has used to mess up this world… unbeknownst to me at the time and I also had a very strong attachment to the Book of Mormon. When I was 16, I once got up in a fast and testimony meeting and started reading Book of Mormon passages to call my ward to repentance for about 45 minutes before my bishop pulled me off the stand… I was pretty embarrassed… but that was my way of making up for not being completely transparent with my bishop right before getting ordained as a priest about my most recent personal failings… i think… I just know that I was incredibly concerned about what God thought about me. It was my understanding that with great talent comes great responsibility and I was doing everything I could at the time to be like King Benjamin during that sacrament meeting and to be blameless before God for leading anyone astray… I think even my family was embarrassed of me chastising everyone out of the Book of Mormon. But anyways… I don’t recall ever getting up in sacrament meeting ever again after that because I kinda felt bad for reprimanding everyone in public. If I had something to say to the world, I would say it on my blog. In a way, I was like a mini-messenger, except WAY more ignorant about everything in comparison. Everything I was getting from LDS leadership was incredibly lacking in comparison to the “manner of happiness” that I was learning from the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price.
    Junior year I had an existential crisis and I had to figure out how anything existed at all because I was discovering how messed up the world was and finally concluded that in order to exist, I must have always existed. I really just dug into D and C 93 for this stuff.
    Between my mom telling everyone how awesome I was, the numerous people I’d visit and do favors for because it made me happy, and the friends I would make with my personality, I’d developed somewhat of a following throughout my teenage years. Lord knows how many books I read looking for further light and knowledge from church leaders to find information on how to fix this world. In my purpose, I was stuck on becoming an Enoch somehow. Nothing would make me happier than to end the sufferings of everyone on this planet through ending poverty. I figured that if Enoch made it happen, then God knew how to make it happen and if God knew how to make it happen then if only I was just good enough to become an Enoch then God would let me know how it could be done.
    I was intent on becoming somebody in this world that people would look to for inspiration. I wanted to break world records in athletics so that kids and other people would look to me like I once looked up to professional athletes when I was a kid. I really wanted to grab this world’s attention trusting that God would make me his mouthpiece and I would just start saying all the right things that the world would need to hear. Afterall, I was named Jaron Michael Bytheway “To Speak Out Like Unto God By the Freaking Way”! Something that I really appreciated about my patriarchal blessing when I got it was that it was short and left the door wide open for me being able to do just about anything for God. And all I really wanted to do was help God to turn this world into the frickin celestial kingdom… for real! Without forcing anyone’s free will. I figured that there had to be a way!
    Anyways, I thought I was doing some great things. I was becoming this incredible athlete. But I was constantly getting injuries and actually spent half of my senior year on crutches. I was loading my back pack with Books of Mormon to give out at school. I even baptized a friend of mine from my Emergency Medical Tech class that I’d eat lunch with every day from Highland High School. I had the chance to go to basically any college I wanted to go to on a track scholarship but I was intent on serving a mission instead…
    I was never able to go on a mission because I was too honest with my bishop about masturbating. Although, I did go 6 months straight without masturbating even once or even thinking about it while I was going to therapy using the ward’s money, but after I graduated from therapy I guess I didn’t have anyone to impress anymore… asking a young man not to have an orgasm for a year seems like a bit much to keep them from serving a mission… I was devastated after having an orgasm… but anyways… I guess being approved for missionary service depends on who your bishop is. I helped my friends prepare to go on missions and took institute classes instead.
    From institute: Events…everything good cometh of Christ…Obsession to bring about Zion
    While going to Institute, one of the cheerleaders from Salt Lake Community College saw me tumbling around campus one day and suggested that I could start taking community college classes on a full scholarship after trying out for the cheer squad. So I did. I was a great college student. One of my favorite classes was world religions. I got to learn about all the different religions in the world and their main tenets and creeds. Of course, I was extremely biased with the idea that Mormonism was correct. But as a cheerleader, I was beginning to experience what normal people were like that weren’t inculcated in religion.
    I got involved in Multi Level Marketing with a company called Worldventures. I went to all sorts of business conferences around the country where I learned all the manipulation tactics that are used to hover a dream in front of the masses like a carrot where only 1 in a hundred will succeed because they are willing to constantly peddle the image of success at the expense of many failures. I was learning more and more about this world through my own personal experience. The best part of this though was getting to make friends from around the world. I got to book vacations… I went to the Bahamas by myself because the girl I was going with had to get knee surgery. I made a ton of friends. I made friends with my cab driver around the island of Freeport and he gave me his own personal tour of the island. I went to Puerto Vallarta to one of their fanciest resorts and basically spent all of my money to stay there for two weeks. I made friends with all of the resort workers and ended my trip partying with the choreographer for the entertainment crew in the city. I can definitely say that they knew how to have a good time. They all came into work the next morning… some with no sleep. But anyways, I liked getting to know people and see what their world was like.
    My business partner at the time had recently gotten out of prison after spending 15 years there. I became one of his approved sponsors while he was on parole so that he could travel around to these conventions. I got to learn a lot about the criminal justice system from him and how corrupt it all is. Later on, my brother would get put in jail for a year by his ex-wife and keep him from his kids. He took a plea deal even though his case was probably very easy to win because he didn’t want to take a chance that the judge might side with his ex-wife and put him away for decades. But anyways… my brother is out of jail now, but jeez.
    Before my older brother divorced his ex-wife and she turned on him, I had found this work. At the time that I found it, I was trying to find any sort of interpretation for the facsimile in the book of abraham that made a lick of sense because I actually believed at the time that it contained some of the mysteries of God… if they could be figured out. That was when I came across a video of Ida Smith on YouTube about her being excommunicated for reading the sealed portion. I thought to myself “No way! I was gonna try to be worthy to translate that! You’re telling me it’s already been translated???”
    Sure enough, I went to the website to check it out. It had some super cheesy music at the time and a list of personal stories that I had started reading. I was like… “Wow! This could actually be legitimate!” I watched some videos of Christopher talking on Shawn McCraneys internet show and I was impressed with him. If everything that I was seeing was legit, then everyone I knew as a close friend was no longer going to be a close friend unless they believed it like I did. By the time I was just a couple pages into the Book of Lehi, I was mentally no longer devoted to the LDS church. I was convinced! I couldn’t believe that i was finally learning a whole bunch of stuff that actually made sense.
    I put all of the books on my kindle and I would read them while I was at church and kept my mouth shut. I spent all my time reading these books. I read them at business conferences and the difference between the message in these books and the popular speakers on stage was night and day. When I told my mom about it about three days after diving into the information, it didn’t go over very well. As much as my mom would brag about me to her friends, I thought that would go over much better than it did. I basically read all of the books in Secret on my kindle while living at my parents house.

    However, I was finally getting to learn the mysteries of God and how to fix the problems in the world all thanks to this work. This work had made me more intelligent, more tolerant, and it has given me a higher respect for all people upon planet earth. My expectations for life have been significantly lowered and that has allowed me to find some peace and happiness.

    At the time I found this work I had a calling as a family home evening group leader at my local singles ward. Tiffany Aller was assigned to my group and she had hired me as a math tutor for school. Anyways, she seemed like a nice gal and I had a hard time not sharing about this work because I was so excited to have found it. So one night after family home evening I had shared with her how I’d been convinced of the legitimacy of the sealed portion of the book of mormon that she could go home and start reading it to see for herself. Well… that’s how Tiffany was introduced to the work.

    HOW has my life changed?

    Well… I lost the respect and adoration of many of my friends and family because i no longer validated them by believing the same things as them. I lost the sense of guilt that i carried throughout my adolescent life from violating stupid church standards with my biology. Instead, I began carrying guilt for making people feel stupid or violating their world with unwanted opinions. I was made aware that there are many ways to make money in this world through taking advantage of other people that I knew how to exploit personally to become wealthy and yet am not able to involve myself with and remain at peace. So I avoid things like investing in the stock market or real estate outside of my personal residence.

    In the process of accepting this work into my life, I have gained friendships with some of the most incredible people I have ever met. It’s a delight to be around them whenever I get the chance.

    More importantly, this work has allowed me to get to know the real me… the essence of who I am within. The more that I get to know Christopher, the more that I have been able to understand myself, my thoughts, and my feelings. I feel most at peace when my everyday actions are in support of this work supporting equality for all. I have found that Christopher knows me better than I know myself so I am always eager to hear his message for me because it helps me to align more with my true nature and feel more at one with myself and my true purpose in this world… which seems to be supporting the message of this incredible work.

  18. Larry Tidwell

    Greetings from Korea! I am writing this from an unusual place as I am probably the only one who has found and accepted the MWAW in the only divided country on Earth. I am grateful for the opportunity given to tell everyone how my life has changed since I found the MWAW.

    First, I want to tell you about my journey. If you know where I have been, you will then see the contrast of where I am now. My journey to finding the REAL TRUTH covered many stepping stones
    When I was in the fourth grade, I read a children’s Bible and became familiar with the stories found in the Bible.

    I had a spiritual experience when I was eleven that had a profound impact on me to this day. I could not understand it and neither could any other Bishop, Stake President, Mission President, my Native American friend or my Hopi shaman. It was only after I discovered the REAL TRUTH that I could make sense of what I experienced. I learned that it followed the LDS temple ceremony very closely. I now know the true meaning of it and its relationship to the role of a True Messenger better now.

    My LDS mission to Arkansas taught me that my church leaders aren’t as inspired as I thought. In 1979, I baptized the first black family in Memphis, Tennessee. During the interview process, I was told NOT to inform the Matthews family about the church’s previous ban regarding blacks and the priesthood. No one else in the subsequent interview process told them about it either. A few months after her baptism, I got a scathing phone call from Sister Matthews regarding our deception. Not being entirely truthful and being part of this deception is one of my greatest regrets.

    After my mission, I became increasingly uncomfortable with the LDS church’s position regarding homosexuality and the treatment of those with HIV/AIDS, due to the rhetoric being pronounced over the pulpit during General Conference. This feeling only increased as I became more aware and accepting of my own homosexuality. After talking to my Bishop, I was eventually relieved of all callings, but could still take the sacrament.

    Upon graduating from Utah State University, I became employed by Sam Weller in his downtown bookstore. I was eventually fired for refusing to drive the delivery truck instead of working in the receiving department and helping his wife, Lila with the bookkeeping. In Sam’s words “doing book work is a women’s job.” Why did he hire me, then? Who knows? But I did get to hold the bounced check Mark Hoffman wrote to them as payment for a book. I thought then, if Sam and the LDS leaders were so inspired, why were they so deceived?

    I found myself working for the local cable company for the next 15 years doing customer service and later, telephony repair. I was paid a decent wage and was able to live in my own place. I eventually became more involved in the gay community and found an alternative to the LDS church, the Restoration Church of Jesus Christ.

    Over time, I accepted many different positions including serving as a counselor to two church presidents and finally as the Presiding Patriarch. This church gave me everything I needed. I was supported in my belief in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Since we had the temple endowment (our first president was a sealer in the Los Angeles Temple), we had additional scriptures which I believed were divinely inspired by the Lord to our people. I was happy with my new knowledge, but very uncomfortable with the pedestal the members put me on. That part was awful. When I first started accepting callings in the church, I became more fully aware that I needed to be truthful to my family regarding my church membership and my sexual preference. When I came out, the news was only accepted by my younger (gay) brother. Everyone else was angry. My father told me I was going to hell and demanded that I remove my temple garments and give them to him immediately. My mom cried. She still refers to that night as the night I broke her heart. My sister told me I could change and referenced some sort of conversion therapy and gave me the ultimatum to either leave the church or she would have me excommunicated. Needless to say, I felt abandoned and unloved. They mocked me and my church for two hours and left me feeling depressed and alone. I almost committed suicide that night. If not for the support of my church friends and a special song by a lesbian singer, Marsha Stevens, called Free to Be, I would have done the deed. I played this song on my cassette player over and over on the way home. Because of this song, I felt a great sense of freedom from the lie I was living and the expectations of my family.

    Here is the link to the words:
    I was not going to do conversion therapy but had previously toyed with the idea of leaving the LDS Church. I decided that either way, I was screwed and going to be out of the church. I personally delivered my membership resignation letter to the membership department in the Church Office Building in downtown Salt Lake. Two months later after multiple threats of a lawsuit from me, I was out the church. I then focused my energies on my life within the church.

    During my time in the RCJC church, I turned to Native American spirituality. I had become familiar with a Native American leader while recovering from my open heart surgery. I did sweat lodges, vision quests, and fire walking. I worked with crystals learned healing methods from shamans.

    Our people weren’t growing and later rebelled against the church leadership. In frustration, our president resigned. The expectation was that since I was his counselor, I would be the next president of the church. I knew the members would rebel against me, too. So, knowing that the members would rebel against me, I received a “revelation” rejecting any leadership position in the church. Soon afterward, the church folded. For the first time in my life, I didn’t belong to any church. I was relieved.

    After the collapse of the Restoration Church, I focused my time and energy developing my spirituality using Native American practices.

    During my time working for the cable company, I lead an attempt to form a union there, believing it would help raise wages and improve the working conditions of my coworkers. It failed.

    In 2003, I was approached by a close friend of mine to help a Vietnamese woman get US citizenship by marrying her for that purpose. I was repeatedly assured by him that I was not breaking the law. That everything was perfectly legal. I told my friend that if it ever turned out that what I was doing was illegal, I would not lie for him. I went to Vietnam twice in the attempt. It also failed. In 2006, Immigration officials came to my home and informed me that what I had tried to do was illegal. I was upset and disappointed that my friend had deceived me. I cooperated fully with the authorities, gave truthful testimony that sent my friend to prison for 8 months. Later, I went to Korea. While on vacation back to the US in 2007, I discovered that federal authorities were looking for me, I turned myself in and the court graciously granted me a court date the next day. I pled guilty in US Federal Court to conspiracy to commit marriage fraud with the intent to aid and abet the entry of a non-citizen into the United States for the purpose of gaining citizenship. I was fined $200.00 and put on probation for one year. I had been deceived and was just as much a victim as anyone, but that didn’t justify the fact that I had (although inadvertently) broke the law. I appreciated the opportunity to face the judge and face the consequences of my actions. The court was very lenient with me and to this day, I have a clean criminal record. If I didn’t, I would not ever be able to teach in Korea, as they require a clean FBI record. This experience gave me a further incentive to obey, honor and sustain the law.

    In both cases, all I was trying to do was to help my fellow humans have a better life. I am still friends with my former fiancé. She has the most awesome family. After all these years, I still love them. These experiences and their subsequent failures cemented in my mind that change is needed. It is one of the many reasons I support the Humanity Party. We need an economic system that encourages employers to treat their workers fairly and we need to allow any human to move and live anywhere on earth they desire.

    I still could not give up my belief in the Book of Mormon or my belief in Joseph Smith. I read my scriptures. I noticed to some things.

    I noticed that Joseph Smith kept telling the early Mormons to wake up. To me, this told me that they were asleep.

    I noticed that Isaiah 56 promised acceptance to the eunuchs (interpreted by me as anyone who could not naturally produce children, i.e. gay people) who kept their covenants. I resolved because of my understanding of this to keep my covenants, as I understood them, too. I loved the talk of the “outcasts of Israel” and the explanation that there were outcasts because the watchmen were blind and shepherds who can’t understand because of their own blindness and greed. Isaiah 56 gave me hope for a better day.

    One day, I decided to read only the chapters of Isaiah found in the Book of Mormon. I was astonished to discover that Isaiah 1 wasn’t in there. Where was it? Why wasn’t it there? I read Isaiah 1 in the Bible and realized that that verse was really important, but was unable to understand why it wasn’t there. Now I know.

    During my reading, I wondered about the sealed portion. Where was it? Why had it not come out yet? I figured that it was because of the unrighteousness and wickedness of the LDS people and the general unpreparedness of the world at large. I felt ready for it and felt that it was so unfair that I was denied that book because of the unrighteousness and wickedness of others. I grew frustrated, but had faith that the Lord knew what he was doing.

    I also came to the conclusion that the reason that Christ was so successful is because he knew the will of his Father, who sent him. I often wondered, what is the Father’s will for me? What does the Father want me to do? How can I find out?

    In 2006, my financial situation became untenable. My rent was rising higher than my wages. I found an opportunity to teach English in South Korea. I got rid of most of my stuff and found myself in a different culture, but one that I quickly adapted to and grew to love.

    After my church collapsed in 2010, I decided I would wait for the Lord to set his hand a second time to redeem the remnant of his people. From time to time I would look on the internet to see if the Lord had started any new churches yet. I explored the various churches in the Restoration Movement and found none that resonated with me.

    Years later I had found nothing. My RCJC friend became a Jew. I was grateful that he had found something that made him happy. One day, I told him that I felt the true church was not on the earth and that I would continue to search for truth no matter where it came from or long it would take. I decided that since I was technically still a Patriarch, I would try to find things about the various tribes of Israel. I found an interesting article one day about the tribe of Gad. A few days later, I tried to find it again. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on one’s point of view) I had not bookmarked it and could not find it. I looked and looked. Eventually, I found myself in an LDS forum website where Julie Taggart had been having an online discussion with some of Christopher’s critics. She gave them a link to some books and encouraged these people to read these books. Curious, I clicked on the link and found myself looking at links to download five books for free. One of them was the Sealed Portion to the Book of Mormon. I was to say the least, floored.

    I just so happened to be working at the time for Asan Public Schools and we had a three week vacation and I had little money to go anywhere, so I was going to just hang out at home. Now I had something to do. I am an avid reader and have learned to read things quickly. It took me two days to read the Sealed Portion from cover to cover. I read all of the books from July 27 to August 13, 2013. I was amazed and amused at what I learned. I spent the next five days examining the writings of his critics and his response to them. I felt that many of Christopher’s critic’s claims against him were rubbish, fostered by those who had in some way been offended or had an agenda. Their words sounded more like the false claims against Joseph Smith than anything else. I found his explanation regarding his conduct to be reasonable and I developed the perspective that much of the perceived arrogance and his use of profanity were simply stumbling blocks for those unwilling to open their minds and hearts.

    What the MWAW has done for me in terms of changing my life is amazing. I can’t even contemplate going back to being the jerk of a human being I once was. I gave up anger, hatred, judgment and fear. I began to see myself in others. I began to develop compassion for the plight of others. I began to care about the “least among us”. I realized that their struggles and plight could very well be my own. I have always believed that the homeless were the key to our survival. I reasoned that if I became homeless, I would go to them and ask them to teach me how to survive on the streets. I found answers. I found that my Father’s will for me is to just be a nice person. I lost family members along the way, but came to the conclusion that their view of me is a mirror of my view of them. They think I am deceived. I think they are. They think I am Anti-Mormon, I think they are. They think I am in a cult. I think they are. The list goes on and on. According to each person’s perception, both of us are justified in having that belief.

    I have learned new ways to look at religion and religious texts. I have learned REAL TRUTH. I have learned that if one will search sincerely for truth, one will find it if one will search diligently in the light of our true selves.

    I have learned that anything that divides humanity from one another is evil, whether it be religion, science, race, our economic system, our languages or our gender.

    Through this work, I believe I have found the love of God talked about so much in the Book of Mormon. The reason I believe I have found it is because in every instance in scripture where I find it mentioned, those with the love of god develop equality in their society, in every way, always. And these are they who live in happiness. So, I find myself rather unhappy because of the inequality that exists in this world.

    But the most important thing I have learned in my association with the MWAW is to be reminded of my own nothingness, not in the sense of having low self esteem, but in the realization from nothingness comes all possibility, like an artist looking at a blank canvas where anything that can be imagined can be created. I find myself more humble and feel that in many ways that I am the servant of my True Self, I live through its will and pleasure. One day, I was walking along the beach collecting sea glass. I got thinking about the scripture that says, “thou shalt love the Lord THY god with all THY heart and with all THY soul and with all THY mind, and with all THY strength.” I got to thinking, “if God is some external person outside of ourselves, why didn’t the Jesus character use OUR instead of THY?” I now know that I need to love MY god with all of MY heart, mind and strength and that everyone else needs to love THEIR god the same way according to their needs, desires, understanding and free will.

    I don’t send many emails to Christopher. This is out of his request and therefore out of respect and not out of my desire. I am always amazed when I am thinking of a scripture or a topic and a few days later, he or the brothers will write something along the lines of what I was thinking a few days earlier. Somehow there is a connection. The first time I met Christopher was at a meet and greet in the Garden Park Clubhouse. When I first shook his hand, it seemed to me like we were close to greeting each other upon the five points of fellowship. I enjoyed his words that day. I felt his desire to make sure everyone was welcome and having a great time. Although he was speaking to a group of people, I felt he was speaking to me directly.

    The next time I met him, I found out he has a great sense of humor. I mean he sat on his own knocked down headstone in the Salt Lake Cemetery. Who else can say they have done that? That day, I really watched him. He greeted people who came to the headstone rededication with kindness and respect. I loved and cherished his concern and care for an elderly lady named Norma. He acknowledged those who came from long distances. I have never met someone who was as genuine and down to earth as he was that day.
    Besides me, the only thing I love more than Christopher is his message. I am continually blown away by the clarity and completeness in which his message is given. He is in my mind, the perfect True Messenger. His message brings me peace and hope.

    My favorite moment and the moment that really solidified in my mind that he is the real deal, was when I saw him on a video debating some dude at one of his symposiums. The guy said something about his god and quoted some scripture. The look of astonishment on the dude’s face when Christopher countered saying he didn’t believe in his idea of god, was powerful. I thought to myself, “This is how a true messenger would deliver his message.”

    I love Christopher, the Brothers and this work so much. I am truly grateful for their sacrifices and efforts to bring peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

    When I was young, my mom sang in a choir that would perform in various churches in Utah. Consequently, I had to go with her at times. I will close my thoughts with a song I heard them sing. It was originally sung by group called the Lettermen.

    No man is an island.
    No man stands alone.
    Each man’s joy is joy to me.
    Each man’s grief is my own.
    We need one another,
    so I will defend.
    Each man as my brother,
    each man as my friend.

    With all of my love,

    Larry Tidwell
    18 Wandang daero 685 beon 4 gil
    Seo gu (Majeon dong)
    Maejeong Apt 403
    Incheon, South Korea
    (801) 738-2838 (USA)
    (+82) 010 7419-6301 (Korea)

  19. hildamamanilaura

    Hola mi nombre es Hilda Mamani Laura de Oruro, Bolivia.

    Bueno contando como cambio mi vida desde que conocí la Obra Maravillosa y Un Prodigio.

    Mi vida antes de la Obra Maravillosa era completamente un infierno, vivía preocupada por los problemas del entorno, mi familia y por lo que debía seguir con mi vida según la percepción del mundo, fui inculcada en la religión católica desde mis padres y la escuela, pero eso no llenaba mi vida encontré falencias en esta religión así que me aleje no lo veía como una gran religión, buscaba algo que llenara mi vida de paz le pedía a Dios en mis oraciones de encontrar esa paz conocer más de él, trate de refugiarme en la iglesia evangélica cristiana, asistía a ella con la esperanza de encontrar lo que necesitaba, bueno estando ahí encontraba paz y me olvidaba de mis problemas pero en cuanto salía veía mi entorno, mi familia, esa paz se esfumaba era algo temporal, pero en mi cabeza retumbaba que esta religión tampoco era lo correcto pero a pesar de esta duda continua yendo pensaba que si me involucrara más en sus actividades encontraría mi paz completa, estaba con esa idea, pero los problemas de mi familia eran más fuertes que agobiaban mi vida, mi deseo era morir para no estar ahí y presenciar todo ello, en ese momento ni la religión podía alivianar el dolor que sentía, solo me decía a mí misma ¿Por qué? ¿Por qué? Tenía que pasarme a mí, siempre estuvo esa interrogante en mi vida.

    Pero todo cambio cuando conocí el Evangelio de Jesucristo, la Porción Sellada, a través de un amigo aquí en Oruro, todo en lo que creí, la religión, la ciencia y las enseñanzas que recibí desde mi infancia eran erróneas, nunca paso por mi cabeza que tan maravillosa verdad existiera sobre quien soy, conocer esta verdad cambio mi vida me lleno de paz fue como liberarme de las cadenas del infierno del infierno que estaba viviendo, saber que todo lo que agobiaba mi vida, no son importantes absolutamente todo.

    Esta Obra Maravillosa me quito el velo de la incredulidad en la que vivía, mis ojos fueron abiertos para ver con claridad que esta vida es solo una ilusión que nada tiene importancia, son solo experiencias que nuestros seres avanzados necesitan para equilibrar el cerebro.

    Deje de lado en lo que debía seguir o en lo que mi familia o los demás creen que es correcto, por primera vez en mi vida estoy haciendo lo que yo quiero y apoyo esta obra con todo mi corazón, gracias a la Obra Maravillosa y al mensaje de estos seres extraordinarios los Bros y Christopher que cambiaron mi vida.

    Deseo de todo corazón que la luz de la verdad llegue a muchos de nuestros hermanos, puedan quitarse ese velo de la incredulidad y se liberen de las cadenas del infierno en la que están viviendo, es mi mayor deseo.
    (+591) 72470136

    1. Andrew Burridge

      Hello my name is Hilda Mamani Laura from Oruro, Bolivia.

      Well telling how I change my life since I met the Wonderful Work and A Prodigy.

      My life before the Wonderful Work was completely a hell, I lived worried about the problems of the environment, my family and so I had to continue with my life according to the perception of the world, I was inculcated in the catholic religion from my parents and school, but that did not fill my life I found flaws in this religion so I moved away I did not see it as a great religion, I was looking for something that would fill my life with peace I asked God in my prayers to find that peace to know more about him, try to take refuge in the Christian evangelical church, I attended it with the hope of finding what I needed, well being there I found peace and I forgot my problems but as soon as I left I saw my surroundings, my family, that peace vanished was temporary, but in my head rumbled that this religion was not the right thing to do either, but despite this continuing doubt, I thought that if I became more involved in its activities I would find my complete peace, I was with that ide a, but the problems of my family were stronger than overwhelmed my life, my desire was to die to not be there and witness all this, at that time nor religion could alleviate the pain I felt, I just said to myself what? Why? It had to happen to me, there was always that question in my life.

      But everything changed when I met the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Sealed Portion, through a friend here in Oruro, everything I believed in, the religion, the science and the teachings I received from my childhood were wrong, it never happened in my head how wonderful truth there was about who I am, knowing this truth changed my life filled me with peace was like freeing myself from the chains of the hell of hell I was living, knowing that everything that burdened my life, are not important absolutely everything.

      This Wonderful Work I remove the veil of disbelief in which I lived, my eyes were opened to see clearly that this life is only an illusion that nothing matters, are only experiences that our advanced beings need to balance the brain.

      Put aside what I should follow or what my family or others believe is right, for the first time in my life I am doing what I want and I support this work with all my heart, thanks to the Wonderful Work and the message of these extraordinary beings the Bros and Christopher that changed my life.

      I wish with all my heart that the light of truth reaches many of our brothers, can remove that veil of disbelief and free themselves from the chains of hell in which they are living, is my greatest desire.

      1. hildamamanilaura

        ¡Muchas gracias amigo Andrew Burridge por la traducción al ingles! 🙂

      2. Andrew Burridge

        Thank you

  20. Michael

    Like you, I have many questions as I go through this life experience. Good (valid) answers that can truly withstand scrutiny are hard to find. I find myself asking, searching, and analyzing. A lot.

    Most people, in my humble experience, are completely full of s#!t. (Much like Christopher I am trying to curb my use of sentence enhancers. Mostly with limited success.)

    The Lifetime Channel could produce a full on series about my life, but I’m not here to bore you with my pathetic bs. I am here to honor a request from someone who has become important in my life, despite the fact we’ve never met. So I leave you with the Reader’s Digest version (Cliff’s Notes for the youngsters), not in an attempt at self aggrandizement, but because it provides a foundational basis for my credibility (or lack thereof.)

    My mom (bi-polar, paranoid-schizophrenic) divorced my dad when I was 2 and my sister was a baby. She eventually left the state with us and almost completely deprived my dad of contact with us.

    My mom was adopted and raised by a faithful LDS family, to whom she fled with us in the L.A. area. We suffered physically and mentally at the hands of my mom. As I grew, I began to resemble my dad and at 10 years old my mom gave me away to her former bishop, who was living in Provo. I suffered terribly at the hands of that man, as did his own family. Physically, sexually, emotionally. (He died years ago…)

    I eventually made my way back to the L.A. area. Married an LDS girl and raised an LDS family. (I reunited with my real dad in my 20’s.) I successfully pursued a 25 year career in law enforcement and a graduate degree. I have had the opportunity to do so many things that most can only dream of. This is not meant to come off as bragging. On the contrary, I am usually extremely reserved when it comes to my personal history. I simply want to illustrate my determination to shed the bulls#!t in life and make it the best I can for those who are important, including me.

    Now let’s be honest here. People like to use their past as a crutch. As an excuse for their poor behavior and bad decisions. I mostly have little sympathy for that. The world we live in is an absurd orgy of self pity and justification, perpetuated by those who would take advantage of the weak-minded for their own gain.

    I have struggled with my LDS faith since I was very young. But I stuck with it because goddammit it was the right thing to do.

    Then, one day, I googled the sealed portion.

    I won’t bore you with my paradigm shift story. We’ve all had it or we wouldn’t be here. Right?

    I was once counseled by Christopher, in response to an email I sent, to stay close to my family and to stay close to the church. Well, that kind of pissed me off because like you I thought I was special and that I had finally found my true calling in life.

    So I ignored him.

    Not only can I not get enough of this Marvelous Work And A Wonder, but I have begun to share it with my wife, after she flatlined on the operating table and was brought back some months ago. To my great amazement she is very receptive, expressing her own concerns with the LDS church that she grew up in. She is especially interested in the temple endowment, as am I, and the light of knowledge and wisdom that this work gives.

    I know crazy, believe me. Christopher makes me laugh and shake my head sometimes, but I believe him. He just makes too much sense. In my experience things are RARELY a coincidence and when you are confused about something, the answer that makes the most sense to you is RARELY wrong

    I appreciate you, Christopher, and the bros. Hang in there. Put you head down and push forward. You are doing more good than you know and you have affected many lives for the better, by opening minds about religion.

    I know firsthand how rewarding it is to expose someone’s bulls#!t, and you my friend should feel a real sense of accomplishment. You have moved mountains of it

    Your friend,


  21. Brockman

    The written word is unable to articulate or express the thoughts that have crossed my mind when trying to describe the benefits that the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® has brought in my walk through this mortality as an advanced being playing the game. I am grateful for the chance opportunity that I found myself in San Diego California the spring, late summer of 2006; where a discussion over religion opened my eyes to the progression of lie taught by man enough to see beyond the veil of faith that I belonged to at that time. The first two years were a struggle when I returned home to Canada August of that summer, however Isaiah 6:4 was the keystone that helped me move forward in a direction with many hard knocks in this life. This was due to being brought up naïve to the way of the world. New wine has been brought into an old bottle multiple times with self-chosen heartache and emotional distress. Through the process decisions were made that opened my eyes to the real truth of things past present and future. I have yet to be as a child and shed pedagogy of others dogma.

    The MWAW and THUMP has assisted me in shedding the dogma through the truth unraveling from lie within the lie. It has changed my perception and focus to understanding how I may objectively/truly know myself to love myself and trust myself enough to know the answers and have the patience and desire to do all that I can, as a Lambert of lions, to strive to support this work with my free will in the present and future. It has assisted my focus to the understanding in deep thought that one must ask the question what is my true humanity type and answer that question through my incarnates in the game of mortality. I will continue to let go of John Lennon’s “Imagine” as a school of thought and have patience to wait for the real truth of hearing and accepting my eternal humanity type and understanding the truth taught, directive and mandates given from the board of directors through the messenger of this work.

    In closing as I previously stated, the MWAW has been a constant still small silent reminder that I must become as a child once again.

    Feel free to contact me at

    Be well, be you is my unsolicited advice 😉

  22. Dondi Luigi Alberto

    Buenos dias a todos,
    Me llamo Luis Alberto Dondi tengo 60 años, nací en Argentina y desde hace muchos años vivo en Italia. No soy creyente y logicamente no soy practicante. He asistido a la traduccion del libro “Dream of Mortal Life” que leí en con curiosidad y luego entusiasmo, y espero leer la versión final y conocer los fundamentos cientficos de la creación de este “pequeño” mundo. He conocido Christopher a través de mi esposa Bruna Poli y fuimos dos veces a Salt Lake donde pude conocer a el y a muchas personas especiales que no nombro para no faltar de respeto a nadie. Ya desde muy pequeño siempre pensé que la igualdad (entendido como que todos tengamos las mismas oportunidades…)entre las personas era una cosa fundamental para poder vivir en properidad y sin guerras. En estos últimos 30/40 años pude notar claramente que lo que yo pensaba sobra la igualdad estaba siempre más lejos de la realidad y noto que más pasa el tempo y las diferencias aumentan…
    Conociendo el MWAW y The Humanity Party pude darme cuenta que hay personas que pensamos de la misma manera…Mi esposa me pone al día de todas las cosas y iniciativas de Cristhoper y sus “mentors”… y me sorprendo siempre más a la persecución/críticas feroces que está sometido Christopher no obstante sea estadounidense y ciudadano de un país que se profesa promotor y paladin de la democracia mundial…
    Adelante Christopher !!! Haz como Don Quijote y Sancho Panza que peleaban contra los molinos de viento… nosotros seremos tus fieles escuderos..
    Un abrazo y hasta pronto.
    Luis Alberto Dondi.

    [Editor’s note: You can translate this into your language here if you do not speak Spanish.]

  23. Georgia Ladd

    My name is Georgia Ladd. I was born “under the covenant” in the LDS church. My parents taught me in their ways and beliefs. I was very well educated in the religion and religious culture of Mormons and Utah’s history. I have direct lineage from Brigham Young, one of the most respected presidents in LDS history. I thought I was something, being born into such a family. But after losing my mother to breast cancer in my adolescence, I began a search in and out of the church. I needed to know for myself who I was (AM). I looked for purpose, and got myself married in the temple, but after many trials of my faith, I was lost and wondering how Christ could be the head of ANY organization on this planet. I found no answers acceptable to my conscience, until 2005.
    At this time (June 2005), I had been going through a very painful experience involving disciplinary action taken upon me, by my own volition, I confessed to an LDS bishop a “sin” that put my membership on the line. I felt so worthless. I was “made” (if I had any hope of forgiveness)to expose a very private situation, and admit it in front of a group of men (as well as in front of my husband). I felt I was not in the hands of Christ. “He” would not head any organization that would cause me so much pain.
    I continued my search for truth. Having learned to use computers and the internet as a tool for research, I began searching for my salvation on the internet. I remember looking for people who claimed to have met Jesus Christ. In my search, one Sunday, I heard, on talk radio about someone claiming to have translated the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. That thought really caught my attention. Having been taught that further light and knowledge would be revealed through the translation of the rest of the Book of Mormon, I had to find out. Was this claim for real?
    There are a couple of false claims out there about translations of the Sealed Portion. I discounted those that did not speak to me. But there was one claim that stood out. I began to read the Sealed Portion transcribed by Christopher Nemelka. I had never heard of him and I didn’t care yet who he was. The words of the SP (sealed portion), spoke to me like no other book before (except for the Book of Mormon, and I believed it to be the Word of God). It is difficult to put in words how strongly, finding and reading the Sealed Portion affected me. It was all I could think about. I felt a familiar feeling. One I could not and would not deny. I felt the hand of God and my reality changed. I feel overcome with joy, remembering the incredible witness to my heart and mind. I was not alone. I felt like the universe was cheering me on! My youngest was a baby and with children, I read voraciously, at every chance, most of which was read after everyone had gone to sleep, and through the night. I was flooded with emotion. I felt I had come upon the most important thing I had ever encountered. I prayed about it every moment. To this day, I believe this to be this biggest discovery of my life. The magnitude of which, was a sign to me that I had not been forgotten by the Father. Since, I have reread the SP many times. This book ushered a marvelous work and a wonder into my life. And I continue to learn real truth from this work every day.
    I had a mind that was filled with prejudice and ignorance of all kinds. It takes an effort to straighten out all the misconceptions we have. In the beginning, finding the first book in this work, the Sealed Portion, I had been prepared up to a point. It has been necessary for us to be taught in ways we could understand, and I learned with all the world, as we were taught using correct and appropriate ways of opening a closed mind. We were taught using the things we already believed in. The more we learned from the True Messenger, the more our eyes opened to Real Truth.
    In 2012, Our Messenger was finally allowed to tell us the truth without parable or allegory. Some of the Real Truth has been difficult to swallow. I learned and finally came to a real understanding about our planets’ fall from an ideal and perfect world. I learned that we have destroyed ourselves 5 times previously, and that we are failing our 6th and final time here. These were some heavy Truths. With the understanding I have gained from the Marvelous Work and a Wonder, I know that I Am a God in my own right. I know that I have always existed and that whatever happens in this Earth story, I will continue to exist forever. I can see that our Earth experience is but a moment, and I am at peace that this dream will come to an end. No longer do I have the existential fear that plagued my thoughts before finding Real Truth. And I no longer want to kill myself, because I understand that my life is a necessary part of my higher self, an advanced being. My life here is but a shadow of who I AM.
    I have learned that it is possible for our planet to be restored to its original beauty and perfection. No one, god or otherwise is going to fix it for us though. We have made the world what it is and we have the power to restore it. It begins with solving world poverty and inequality. This work has provided a perfect solution that cannot be disproven. The only way this plan won’t work is if it is not implemented. I chose this plan to support. I believe there is no other way. I SUPPORT THE Humanity Party!! I support our Messenger (by staying out of his way).

  24. I pretty much was born in the Mormon church. My Dad never joined and parents got divorced when I was 12 yrs old. Mom became inactive but my sister and I stayed as valiant as could be to be good examples for them. The church was a driving wedge between me and my first nonmember husband and when we got divorced after 15 years and 5 kids, I did it right the second time by marrying a valiant Mormon in the temple. I knew the church was true and I was the typical “Molly Mormon” and magnified every calling they gave me. I did my genealogy, paid my tithing, studied my scriptures, attended all my meetings and was pretty sure I was going to be welcomed into celestial heaven when I died. It was my life and I was pretty happy being this person.
    I loved reading scriptures and counseled to read from the best books, I read many of the lost books of the Bible, Book of Enoch, and other books claiming to be scripture other than the basic four. I was always looking for more. I craved new information.

    In 2009 and 2010 some friends and I started going to something called The Radiant Rose Academy where a man named Usa channeled ascended masters. It was so spiritual and I had read many books associated with Saint Germain, I am discourses by Godfre Ray King, and many many others. These meetings were so good I thought that if kids were raised with this type of meetings they would never fall away from the church. They seemed not to conflict with my Mormon beliefs and I could always fit the new information together with the church. Except for one thing. Reincarnation. It seemed all of the groups and things I was involved in at the time believed this.

    At one of the conclaves I picked up a book that was pretty convincing about this guy who thought he was a famous composer in a past life. It was so believable I started to wonder why the church doesn’t believe in reincarnation so I looked up in Bruce R McConkie’s “Mormon Doctrine” and decided to find out where he got his information on why we didn’t believe in it. I was pretty surprised when his references didn’t say that there was no reincarnation. I searched the church websites for more information but found none. In desperation I decided to do the “Joseph Smith” thing and ask God myself and opened myself to whatever answer I got.

    That week as a scout leader we were preparing for the Blue and Gold dinner and the theme was Indians. So we made costumes etc. When I put on my Indian garb I looked in the mirror and said “Howgh, I am Pocahontas!” I felt a surge of energy go through me and left me pretty shocked, I was Pocahontas in a past life WHAT??.

    I immediately went to the internet to look up what she looked like because one of the last books I read said you carry a certain same trait through each lifetime such as hands. To my shock the statue I found of her looked almost just like me. (If you would like to see the photos email me)

    My next thought was maybe I was on the expeditions with Lewis and Clark because my sister and I would always pretend were Lewis and Clark exploring the woods when we were young. But I found that was Sacagawea not Pocahontas. So I thought maybe I was both, and looked up the dates they lived and images of Sacagawea. Another shock was the image I found looked so similar to my daughter Kalisha who just happened to be a river guide on the same Missouri River as Sacagawea.

    So I dug further and found Kalisha had the same personality as Sacagawea. She was driven to get the job and pestered the company until they hired her. A native name that they called Sacagawea was Sakakawea. Kalisha’s nick names have be Kiki and when she was young my son called her Wehe ‘ The similarities were mind blowing.
    I rented the cartoon about Pocahontas and was shocked to see that I said and did many of the things that the cartoon projected about her. These similarities were also uncanny with both Indian girls and my daughter and me. (I don’t believe either of us were truly them now, but it was what I needed to open my mind at the time).

    I wondered if reincarnation was true what else was the church wrong about?
    At then next conclave I signed up for personal $100 reading from Usa himself to ask the gods if I was truly Pocahontas in a past life. I was a bit disturbed that “the Gods” didn’t know who she was. Makes sense now, Usa is Canadian and didn’t know US history. He said he had permission to tell me some of my past lives and mentioned 4 or 5 other Indian tribes I had been in. None were Pocahontas’s tribe. Someone at this conclave mentioned that they had read “The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon”

    When I got home I search the internet for it but couldn’t find it. As a Primary President at the time I needed a picture of someone’s rendition of the Urim and Thummim. I found a picture of Christopher holding it in his hands but that wasn’t the picture I was looking for and ignored it for a while. Later something made me go back to it and it linked me to Sealed Portion. I immediately ordered it.
    I was deep into reading it during the next Rose Academy conclave and couldn’t put it down through the meetings. I was so conflicted because if the book was true then Usa and everything there was not and the church was not. If Usa was true then The Sealed Portion was not true. Then Usa said something that got me. He said Pocahontas was going to come to the next conclave for him to channel. He didn’t even know who she was a couple months ago! I was beginning to see the facade. That was the last conclave I went to. They cost hundreds of dollars and the things that the sealed portion rang true true true about the real truth should be free. Which also made me question tithing in the church. For church to be free made a lot of sense. And to have to pay it to go to the temple where the most important thing you do in life suddenly seemed wrong.

    So I was beginning to support the idea that reincarnation was true which put a real damper on families sealed together for eternity. How could we be born into the same parent and have the same amount of children each time if it was true?

    I read the printed out the Lost manuscript and my husband loved it. I read part of the Sealed portion to him but skipped over parts he would disagree with. Once he asked me to read something that he would question, so I did and that was it for him. Christopher was obviously the 99% truth and 1% lies that would lead you to Hell. So I never talked about any of his teachings again with him.

    I read all of the books Christopher wrote and my biggest hurdle in believing them was I had truly believe the church was true, so if it wasn’t how am I to believe anything else is. I could no longer follow my Holy Ghost feelings if it could lead me wrong. I thought Usa was the real deal and then I decided he was a fraud. I would listen to Christopher’s live shows and it sounded so good and believable, but now I couldn’t trust myself. But Christopher had all the answers that fit together so perfectly and logically. It was years of this conundrum I felt. But I couldn’t stop listening and reading his books and blogs. Everything made sense. Everything was logical. I don’t know at what point that I threw in the towel and drank the Kool-Aid, but I have been following the work for 8 years or so now.

    So up until today I have played the “Tea Party” with the church because my husband is a diehard Mormon and I didn’t want to conflict his ego or disappoint him by being the rebel. After all that is what I admired so much about him when we got married. He has an image to uphold with the congregation. Today I am coming out of the closet and declaring that I no longer want to be associated with the Mormon church. Last week we filed for divorce, so I don’t have to worry about his image any more. There was much more reasons than my new beliefs for our break up, so it would have happened anyway, but now I can be who I want to be. We have been married for going on 28 years with 13 kids and 32+ grandkids between us. This was not a light decision.

    If any of our kids or grandkids or my friends have a problem with me going AWOL they can unfriend me in Facebook. I do want to say that I will never disown you and I will love you no matter what path you choose that makes you happy. There are some of you that I have never told about this before and it is because I didn’t want to hurt you. I have been the diehard Mormon and know how they feel when their loved ones leave the church. I no longer want to pretend that I am something that I no longer believe. I want to support The Humanity Party with the solutions to ending poverty. Something that the Mormon church was not able to accomplish even thought they claim to be Prophets of God and communicate with Him.

    How my life has changed since finding the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. Well there isn’t any part of my life that has stayed the same. The best part is the guilt is gone and I am perfectly OK with not being Celestial material. I went from being the most conservative Mormon to being more liberal than most liberalists. I became much less judgmental about how others live their lives. I no longer believe that there are evil spirits trying to influence me or ghosts in the dark. I quit writing in my daily journal I had religiously done since I was 12. I don’t have to bother saying prayers, doing genealogy, being a missionary, paying tithing, going to countless meetings, and the feeling of guilt-free is wonderful!! So I am on to a new life being my true self.
    Laura Ferguson

    1. Kathleen Kaakimaka

      You finally did it!!! Good on you, Laura!

  25. Debbie L Andrew

    “The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things…” (Lewis Carroll)

    I feel I have been searching for Christopher my whole life. Before I found him, I had to experience a long, hard road of adversity and difficult experiences. This is my journey to finding Real Truth.

    My name is Debbie Andrew … (208)422-4607

    I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 15, 1954. From there we moved to Indiana (1955), Massachusetts (1956-1960), Orlando, Florida (1960-1968), Buffalo, New York (1968-1975), and lastly Idaho Falls, Idaho (1975-1976).

    I grew up in a strict home with one brother (two years older) where we were raised to be seen and not heard. My dad was in control while my mom was very submissive and subservient. I was very shy, was bullied, and had low self-esteem. Moving so many times, I never formed any close relationships.

    Boys were my nemesis … my downfall. I allowed them to take advantage of me. My first experience was a date rape and from then on, I felt used and abused. Sex was even the foundation of my relationship with my future husband, which led to an unwanted pregnancy before marriage. I had an abortion one month before our wedding, driving to Salt Lake City right after to attend a bridal shower given by my fiance’s Mormon family.

    I was married on October 9, 1976.

    When my family had moved to Idaho Falls in 1975, I did not know what a Mormon was. That changed very quickly. Every time we visited Salt Lake City, my husband’s family would bring us to the Visitor’s Center but being the stubborn person that I was, I rebelled, rejected, and resented the Mormon religion. It wasn’t until three years of marriage and the birth of two daughters that I began to realize that something was missing. I reflected on my “past sins” and now having two spirits from heaven, I wanted to be an “eternal family”.

    I just happened to turn on Conference and there was President Kimball talking about repentance, prayer, the Word of Wisdom, and eternal families. And, what a coincidence, the missionaries were at my door a week later.

    I had to get special permission from the General Authorities to get baptized because of the abortion. On Halloween night, 1979, I was baptized. One year later, we were sealed to each other and our children for all time and eternity in the Idaho Falls temple.

    And, so it was, that I gave away my power to men … to my husband who I put on a pedestal, and now to the men in the church. I loved everyone more than I loved myself so I allowed them to assign me my roles in all aspects of my life.

    From 1977, when my first child was born, until 1990, when my last child was born, my family grew to five girls and one boy.

    I dedicated my life to my children and the church and I sacrificed everything for the building up of the kingdom. I lost myself. I was so distracted by the “social” aspects of the church that I never had the time to research the doctrine of the church.

    I gave 110%, trying to hold the family together while we were in financial ruin.

    In April of 1997, my world came crashing down. My marriage was NOT working. I fell into a deep, dark pit. It took me five months of soul searching to finally ask my husband for a separation. It was time to put myself first but since my husband could no longer control me, he began to destroy me. It was very hard to shake the guilt I was feeling … I had an intense need for approval!

    It took over two years for our divorce to be final. I took out a bankruptcy and walked away, trying not to look back.

    My now ex-husband was still hell-bent on destroying me. He used the children against me and convinced them that it was all my fault!

    I decided to go back to school to get my degree in Psychology and Child and Family Studies. I also got a job at UPS in July, 2000. I was still giving my power to men by working with a “boy’s club mentality” which brought on all new issues.

    This is where my journey of introspection started. I was being forced to face my own reality … who I was, and why I was here. I was forced to “look inside”. I began studying and researching everything. I became a Gnostic, seeking knowledge about myself. I believed in reincarnation and free will. I believed that the Kingdom of God is within and you had to love yourself before loving others.

    I graduated in 2002 but still felt worthless.

    At work, I was dealing with sexual harassment. Through fear and intimidation, I lost my ability to think critically, but I started researching. I stood up to UPS but they would never take responsibility. They just paid me off to silence me.

    The search for truth has taken a toll on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I would spend the next ten years fighting to keep my job at UPS while trying to hold them accountable, trying to buy my children’s love, and being destroyed on National TV. I know that it was important for me to go through these experiences to prepare me for the Real Truth. I was groomed by emotional predators who took advantage of me for their own gain but the Real Truth helped me escape.

    In February, 2014, I came across the Marvelous Work and a Wonder and knew I had found the Real Truth. I was able to recognize it through common sense and logic. I had finally learned the answer to the questions I had from a young age … who I really am and why I exist.

    I no longer trusted power and authority of any kind that put one person over another. I was on a path of intrinsic exploration that led me to MYSELF. I recognized that I knew the Real Truth as a child. Then it was taken away from me, but Christopher has helped me to REMEMBER. It brings me comfort and peace from emotional struggles.

    I love the MWAW! For me it is heaven on Earth! I have finally found my community.
    We are different. We do not fit into the main stream. My search for truth and my experiences have brought me to Garden Park (my Garden of Eden) where I reside as my True Self to eternally participate in the important experiences of mortal life. I am finally home! I feel stronger today than ever before, thanks to the MWAW!

  26. cstanleyambro

    My life has been one of great difficulty. As a child I was not allowed to speak, laugh, play or experience anything that had to do with the outside world. I was confined to my home and suffered great emotional, mental, physical, sexual abuse and rapes when I was older. Never being hugged or loved I was only told that I was not wanted. My two brothers of my step mothers suffered as well. I took care of my siblings in hopes to protect them and lessen the abuse they were receiving. I became the little mother and maid of the household. When I went to grade school, I was the child you might see in the corner of the of the school yard standing alone from the rest of the children not knowing how to socialize recognizing that I was different from them. Looking and feeling like a rag doll I was alone and ashamed. From grade school, junior high and high school, I did do a lot of art work and drawing for many of my assignments to pass my grades. You might say that I was a little slow of comprehension and my teachers had compassion for me. I had no friends and only a few acquaintances while at school and throughout the rest of my life. It would take pages upon pages to write of the events that followed into my adulthood. Trying to survive and live in this world has been mentally and physically challenging all the while suffering unbearable pain from the persecutions and judgements of others. I’m writing this because millions of children are suffering needlessly at the hands of others. When they grow into adult hood it is extremely hard for many to make the necessary emotional and mental adjustments needed to have a somewhat successful life. A lot of us will need the support of others either mentally, emotionally or physically, to help us to live in this world. We so desperately need to implement The Humanity Party to stop the crimes against humanity.
    When I was five years old, I was afforded the opportunity visit my grandfather and on two other occasions spread throughout a span of several years. He was the most loving, gentle, compassionate and kind man I have ever met. I loved him so much. He would have long conversations with me teaching me about our Heavenly Father and the Universe. I yearned after the knowledge and feelings that welled up inside of me. He set the foundation for my quest and my life long search for the truth. He had a vast metaphysical library that I began studying when I turned 18 yrs. I wanted to know where I came from and why I was here. I started out studying the Rosicrucian’s, Alice Baily, The Nature of the Soul, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch and the list kept growing. Spending years and years of daily study and meditation, I finally gave up on those books and I proceeded to study only the Bible. In 2002 I joined the Mormon Church searching for the real answers. I loved and studied the Book of Mormon multiple times and was convinced I was on the right path. While attending church I felt uncomfortable around the people who tried to befriend me. They seemed fake to me. My eyes were truly opened after attending and serving in the Church. My experiences of the Temple were not a pleasant one and the secrecy around the ceremony caused some confusion for me. I finally realized that something was wrong and told one of my Bishops that I didn’t believe that what the Church was teaching was correct and that I didn’t believe that the Prophets were real. I left the Church in 2014.
    With deep prayer and much soul searching I asked Heavenly Father for the truth. I found this You Tube Video of this young man showing and talking about the Sealed Portion. When I found the Marvelous Work and a Wonder website, I began reading all the books. I started with Human Reality, The Sealed Portion, 666 The Mark America Seat of the Beast, The Temple Endowment and Joseph’s Autobiography. I love all the books. My favorite book is the Sealed Portion. It took me awhile to learn of Christopher’s posts and how excited I was to discover the Real Truth never doubting a single word.
    I’m finally set free of all the studies I undertook. Being truly set free, I no longer suffer the emotional and mental anguish of my past. What a relief that has been for me. I’ve always loved people and try to love them and treat them fair. My understanding is growing line upon line and precept upon precept. I’m beginning to understand the depth of message as the posts get more intense. I follow the website daily and can’t get enough of the messages revealed therein. I greatly appreciate the two-edged sword of wisdom and knowledge Christopher speaks and writes about. Sometimes it certainly cuts me asunder which I am grateful for. I have many internal adjustments to make and will never stop following or supporting this work. I love and deeply respect Christopher as our True Messenger and the Bros. My heart goes out to Christopher for all the great sacrifices and trials he has endured for us.
    My deep and earnest prayer would be for everyone to delve deeply into this work using all your heart, soul, mind and strength and going forward with hope and joyousness as well as sharing with others to do the same. Please VOTE for The Humanity Party to stop all the abuse, suffering and inequality, even if you don’t follow the message of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. With God speed may this happen.
    I have been blessed with three beautiful children and two grandchildren. I love them so much. They are educated, well balanced and so loving and kind as human individuals. They have gentle spirits and pass that gift along to others. None of them are religious in any way. May they except the MWAW.
    Above all, in all sincerity, Thank You Christopher and the Bros for this Wonderful gift and a treasure of the Real Truth. I am eternally grateful.
    I recently contacted Pearl Publishing and wanted to Thank Monica for her great support and loving kindness. A truly wonderful Soul.

    This will be my third attempt to post my personal Story. My previous posts never posted properly.
    You may contact me at my email: or text me (661) 232-8844
    Carla Ambro

  27. Andrew Burridge

    My personal story in regard to what lead me to this Marvelous Work and a Wonder began some fifteen or so years ago when I become somewhat disillusioned with my place in a God Forsaken World, as I “living in the lap of luxury,” as it were, in comparison to the greater majority. I knew deep down that my secure lifestyle was not a “blessing” as I was so educated to believe. I soon come to realize it was not me who was wrong in this world but rather the world itself, the world that we allowed to be created.
    As I am one of few words “my story” will be brief yet to the point.
    At a “low” in my life, dismayed at the cruelty of this world, a world I felt foreign to; I found myself awakened on several occasions throughout the night over a period of several weeks/months by a reoccurring and unusual dream where this “Angel Moroni” fellow, you know that “graven image” that sits atop the LDS/Mormon temples throughout the world. Anyhow this graven image as it were lifted off from its mounting and ascended through the clouds and beyond as a song played that seemed to trumpet a message that at the time I did not quite understand. The song was Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues. Crazy right.
    All the same, it was only a dream. Or was it?
    Growing up as a young lad I found great comfort [from time to time] in the peaceful easy feeling, or rather the “still small voice” I received when “hearing” the “voice” of Moroni as I read the stories from the Book of Mormon. All the same I was never comfortable with the Mormon religion itself, but those “words of a book” were powerful. So powerful that they bought to my attention that “the Gospel [itself] is true, but the church is trying.” Somehow the church did not reflect “the fullness of the ever lasting gospel.” All the rituals, priesthood authority and the like all seemed to be in direct opposition from what I read and felt “the everlasting gospel” to be.
    Anyhow, at the time of these convoluted dreams I passed the first one off as silly nonsense, even though they grabbed my attention as they stood out and were somewhat unique as opposed to other dreams of which I seldom recall having. As I was woken from this dream with some kind of urgency I contemplated the meaning, if any. As I envisaged the image of Angel Moroni ascent from off the top of this temple. With this the sealed part of The Book of Mormon come to mind as I recalled the promise as stated in the BOM. With this I ascertained the probabilities for but a moment and shrugged it off as just a convoluted dream. After all, this was a cruel, cruel world. My thoughts were how on earth could there be a God who would lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way. A God who seemed in all reality to not care so much for the well being of all his children.
    So with much grievance and heartache I become somewhat pissed with God as things between us became rather personal.
    Upon having the same dream occur a week or so later, as my then wife Michelle was pregnant with our second child, after a miscarriage several months prior, I woke from this dream with a sound and reassuring understanding that [somehow] the “child” who in due course who would be born into this world would be the same child had Michelle not miscarried. At this point in time I did not really understand how this could be. I later, many years later found that Human Mortal Life actually begins upon our first breath, just as it ends [for our mortal flesh] upon exhaling our last.
    Anyhow, back to this crazy dream. This time I noted that the “Gold plates” that contained the sealed portion were without the bands that once had sealed them and that they were at the feet of Moroni, or rather Moroni seemed to be standing on the plates as he ascended from atop the LDS/Mormon temple.
    It was not until this very same dream occurred for the third time some weeks later, it may have even been a couple of months by now, that I jumped up from the couch from where I was banished, due to my snoring, that I showed it, the dream the attention it seemed to demand. At some ungodly hour of this early morning I walked to the office and kicked the computer into gear and typed in the words the sealed portion. This was mid to late 2005. Much to my surprise there it was. Overwhelmed I cried a little. O.K., a lot.
    The power of Moroni’s voice in reading TSP gave me the reassurance of the truthfulness of “the work” Joseph Smith begun 175 years prior. Fast forward a year or so and the unfolding of John’s book of Revelation – 666 The Mark of America Seat of the Beast come out. Now that is a book the whole world should read. We will all benefit greatly from it. Then some years later came the Human Reality book. Wow what an eye opener. O’ and somewhere along the way came Sacred, not Secret which I have come to understand and enjoy. And Without Disclosing My True Identity- The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr. If you love Joseph Smith as much as I do, well, you are just going to have to read it for yourself.
    Now my intent here in revealing a short piece of my story, as this is not all, but will suffice for now, is to give strength and courage to any who may have doubts or perhaps are just too afraid to LOOK due to some authority outside of their individual self who passively yet aggressively capture the hearts and minds of many and for a price lead all astray.
    Through “the work” as Christopher puts it I have come to have an appreciation for world politics. Politics I have always hated but now love what has become known as The Humanity Party. This plan will eliminate poverty virtually overnight. And who in their right mind would not want to uphold that. Anyone? To not would only be selling out on one’s own family, or to walk away from a starving child, would it not? Now that I have snared you in my little trap, the decision is solely yours to make. Bugger.
    In rounding up this, my little tidbit of what I would call “hope” hope for any and all who may be at their whits end when it comes to reasoning in what is now a senseless world. A world in decline. A world we have built to leave in the hands of our children. And any who will say there is nothing we can do about it or tell you it was meant to be this way is nothing but an ignorant ass.
    As the late Ida Smith often said, “read the damn books.” They are only information folks. Only inform[ation.]
    For THumP’s sake.

    If anyone is sincere and wants to find me, they will find me in the Book of Life.

    1. Todd Henry

      fellow Aussie : )

      108 And this part of the record, which shall be sealed, shall be the standard of truth for the unsealed record of my father and all the scriptures that the Lord hath suffered to be given to the children of men.
      55 For it is the nature of men that they seek for glory and honor among themselves. Therefore, when there is one who hath been set up as a leader of the people, or as the standard of truth to whom the people look for guidance, this man or woman, beginneth to exercise unrighteous dominion and teacheth the people that they should look to him or her for the word of God, and not to the Father who would freely give His word unto any of His children who would ask of Him.
      47 But behold, the life of my servant shall be in my hand; therefore they shall not hurt him, although he shall be marred because of them. Yet I will heal him, for I will show unto them that my wisdom is greater than the cunning of the devil.

  28. lupeordonez

    The Work cleared my mind of religion. I love you Chris.

  29. Monty Smith

    I first came across this work in 2006, if memory serves me; the sealed portion to be exact. It was pretty hard to deny. And a little embarrassed that, while easily, I saw my own shortcomings much clearer than previously with this new information, I still wasn’t seeing the real picture, of course, until now.
    And of course, I’m not excited about the pending doom I’m hearing hangs over us. And personally, my faith in the prevailing numbers on tara firma leaves me “zero” hope for a positive outcome. I think I’m supposed to love life, and remain positive, but this really hasn’t been my cup of tee for as long as I can recall, if I’m being honest. The question for me is, “was this my trueSelve’s cup of tee?”, cause I believe my trueSelf may have been shortchanged on this one.
    Mortal me is going to get my time in for this round of boxing before anything too nuts starts (according to the information), so thanks for the increasing stupidity of my fellow man. It was a real peach. (By the way, can a person get a tithing refund if you’ve changed your mind? No… ok.)
    So honestly, what has this work done for me, the mortal?, I love deep thought, where it’s clear, and I love understanding everything when possible. I don’t want to feel special, because I’m not, but how special is it to know that you’re in small numbers that see value and importance in this. What did I do to have this honor?, something I truly wish we all had the privilege of, but still, why me? Who am I? Why was I open to all of this, where it seems almost no one else is?
    Who knows, maybe the intelligence of these men will somehow, magically, wake planet earth up. But I’m not betting the farm. I guess I want to keep it ’till it blows up so no one else gets it. Greedy bastards.
    I support the work completely, and I’m not afraid of the spacious building and the mocking postures of its guests. For some reason, the world’s values have failed to capture my heart entirely, and my only demon has been the sex annoyance. Pretty sure I’m not Solarian, so, if we get the miracle that saves us from ourselves, sign me up for a non-gendered special, please, and get me the hell away from all these crazy fucks (advanced humans being total asses), forever.

    1. jaycee57

      “I don’t want to feel special, because I’m not, but how special is it to know that you’re in small numbers that see value and importance in this. What did I do to have this honour?“ I feel exactly the same way😀 you do, man ‼️ Great story.

  30. Nate Cook

    I met Christopher for the first time just a few days after my 41st birthday on December 22nd, 2013 at a symposium of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder (MWAW), where the events surrounding the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith were discussed in tremendous detail. During the symposium, Christopher responded to one of my questions, and at the end of the symposium he came over to where my wife and I were seated (in the second row from the front) and kindly greeted us and shook our hands. Since this time, I have interacted with Christopher on multiple other occasions and have followed the MWAW very closely–reading each of the books and journal entries, watching and listening to the TV and radio broadcasts, and attending the symposiums and other events hosted by Christopher, the Marvelous Work and a Wonder, The Voice of Anonymous, and The Humanity Party.

    There’s no doubt that this work has affected me more profoundly than anything else I have encountered in my life, and my life has been completely changed because of it. The knowledge and understanding I have gained from studying the truths revealed in this work have been exactly what I have been searching for my whole life. Prior to encountering the MWAW, I had studied many diverse fields of knowledge including religion, psychology, new-age spiritualism, philosophy, physics, computer science, economics, sociology, politics, world history, and other areas of study trying to understand the human condition and the causes and solutions to our human problems. I was also seeking answers that could help me in my own life. Throughout my searching I found many partial truths and clues, but I never came to a complete understanding, nor did I arrive at the answers that could change the suffering and misery that was and is experienced daily by billions of human beings on this planet. Neither did I come to a complete understanding about myself and how I should live my life in order to experience more peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

    For a time, I found many answers in religion and psychology. Religion seemed to have an answer for the deep seated feelings I had that there was a higher, wiser, more noble or spiritual part of me and others (religion called this God or the Holy Spirit) than that which I/we normally had access to. I knew that at times I could draw on a wisdom that was much deeper and personal than what I had learned or had been exposed to by the outside world. On the other hand, the field of psychology (in which I obtained a Master’s degree) filled in many of the gaps for me that religion seemed to leave vague and general. It helped me understand and accept myself and others at a much deeper level, and also understand why people often do things that seem irrational or cause harm to themselves and/or others. Instead of blaming the devil (like religion does) for the bad things that people do, psychology had an answer that made much more sense to me: We all have imperfect brains and biology, as well as imperfect programming (such as learned falsehoods and painful memories) that exerts a negative influence on our psyche that is often hard to overcome, especially when the environment (the world) is non-supportive or overly harsh and unforgiving. My study of psychology convinced me that in order to be more successful at solving our human problems, we should lean more towards a compassionate and positive viewpoint that regarded all humans as equals who were fundamentally good (think of how each of us were as little children) and who could be rehabilitated with the right kind of help and environment, regardless of how they had gone wrong in life. I had certainly had my own challenges in life, and my problems never got any better until I took a compassionate approach to myself, loving myself and believing in myself (and seeing myself as equal to others rather than less than them), even when nobody else seemed to view me this way at the time.

    Still, religion and psychology couldn’t give me an answer as to why society as a whole was the way it was, and why so many people lived in a constant state of poverty, violence, war, and economic disadvantage. I turned to philosophy, sociology, world history, and economics in an attempt to understand the reason, and perhaps the solution to this perplexing and disheartening human condition. I learned that world history was replete with examples of one group, race, or nation of people dominating and subjugating another group of people. It seemed that whatever group had the better resources, weapons, strength, or technology dominated those who were less fortunate or less ambitious by nature. I also learned that money, economics, and economic policy was perhaps the most subtle, yet stealth technology or weapon ever developed by humankind. A small group of people could enact and control the economic policies and laws that controlled access to all resources, technologies, weapons, goods, and services. Shrewd economic policy and law would allow a very small group of people to dominate millions or billions of other people, all the while ensuring that the masses were never aware of what was going on or that they were in fact being covertly dominated by another unseen and unknown group of people. The laws and policies put in place by the rich were designed to benefit the rich and ensure that those who already had great resources and wealth would always be able to maintain their advantage and control of the masses who weren’t so advantaged.

    This last problem, which I struggled to understand for several years before encountering the MWAW and Humanity Party–the problem of money, economic policy, and corrupt law, along with entrenched poverty, class distinctions, inequality, suffering, violence, and war–seemed to me to be possibly insurmountable to overcome. It seemed that everyone was going about trying to solve this problem in all the wrong ways–if they were even aware of the problem or concerned about it at all. Religion’s answer was to simply ask faithful believers to donate as much as possible in tithes and offerings to their church or a charity, which would then donate a fraction of this money to helping the poor (after spending most of it on expensive church buildings or the salaries of the executives who “administered” the charity). This seemed to me to be a very inefficient and impractical way to solve poverty, since the masses who donated to their religions didn’t have near enough money to make a dent in the 3 1/2 billion people who lived in poverty across the world. The number of people with little or no money outnumbered the amount of people who had an abundance of money, and the rich who did have money were never going to donate enough of their billions to lift the billions of poor people out of poverty. Furthermore, what was needed most in the poor areas of the world was an economic infrastructure and environment that gave employment opportunities to the people, rather than the random temporary handouts that charities and philanthropists provided. The solution proposed by psychologists, sociologists, self-help gurus, new-age spiritualists, personal development and success coaches, etc, was to simply make each individual or organization more capable, effective, or “higher functioning.” In this way, these individuals and organizations would theoretically become more “successful” and wealthy, and thereby better able to provide for themselves and perhaps donate more to charitable causes. These solutions always ignored the problem of corrupt economic policy and law, which ensured that the large corporations and individuals who already had the money and resources were always going to be able to out-maneuver and out-compete the small businesses and individuals that didn’t have the same resources. Such ubiquitous, corrupt policies ensured that the disadvantaged remained disadvantaged. A very few “small guys” might make it up the ladder to success (if they at least happened to be born into an environment where there was at least some economic infrastructure and opportunity), but the vast majority were doomed to work hard all the days of their lives to achieve a moderate if not meager standard of living. Government’s answer was to raise or lower taxes, depending on the philosophy of the political party. Perhaps more jobs would be created by the rich if taxes were lowered. Or perhaps the government could create more social programs to help the poor if taxes were raised. Both of these approaches have been tried in various forms throughout history, but the math never works. Something has always been missing from the equation. The economic policies and laws always wind up siphoning the money to the few at the top who own the land, the properties, and the businesses, and who decide the wages of their workers, the rent charged to their tenants, and the cost of food, services, and other basic necessities of life.

    So this was the place where I stood before I encountered and investigated the Marvelous Work and a Wonder and The Humanity Party. I was frustrated that despite the best efforts and intentions of religious leaders, psychologists, sociologists, scientists, government leaders, and economists, and others, this world was still a place of suffering, oppression, inequality, and misery for billions of human beings. I had come to the conclusion that the solutions that were out there were inadequate, incomplete, and over-simplified. Furthermore, as I still believed in God, I was wondering what was in God’s mind. Was it his intention to ever give us “further light and knowledge,” or was he content to let us wallow around in the dark for several more centuries? I dimly remembered all the promises in the scriptures, and especially in The Book of Mormon that said “ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you,” but I was beginning to feel that these were empty promises, especially when they were so often countered by words from God’s chosen mouthpieces, such as “sometimes God says no,” and “God will answer your prayers in his own timing.” I was becoming more and more convinced that God, if he was really the kind of God that religion had taught him to be, was not going to answer my prayers, or the prayers of the world’s suffering, anytime soon. In fact, I was starting to believe I might not get anymore answers from him, other than the ones I already had, in my entire lifetime. Because of my despondency, and the fact that I was worn out by my searching with such little results, I was starting to give up. Looking back, I seemed to have all but forgotten one of the more cryptic passages of scripture in The Book of Mormon. This mysterious passage of scripture had fascinated my mind, captured my imagination, and filled me with hope and joy when I first learned about it in my high school senior year seminary class. Here are the verses of scripture from The Book of Mormon that had such a powerful effect on my mind over two decades ago:

    “Come unto me, O ye house of Israel, and it shall be made manifest unto you how great things the Father hath laid up for you, from the foundation of the world; and it hath not come unto you, because of unbelief. Behold, when ye shall rend that veil of unbelief which doth cause you to remain in your awful state of wickedness, and hardness of heart, and blindness of mind, then shall the great and marvelous things which have been hid up from the foundation of the world from you—yea, when ye shall call upon the Father in my name, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, then shall ye know that the Father hath remembered the covenant which he made unto your fathers, O house of Israel. And then shall my revelations which I have caused to be written by my servant John be unfolded in the eyes of all the people. Remember, when ye see these things, ye shall know that the time is at hand that they shall be made manifest in very deed.”
    –Ether 4:14-16, The Book of Mormon

    Although I had more or less forgotten this scripture, or had stopped believing that it had any real meaning or pertinence to my life or in my lifetime, I was still motivated to continue searching, due to my frustration with the many aspects of my own life that seemed meaningless and absurd based on the understanding and perspective I had arrived at up to that point. Whenever I sat still and gave up on my search, I would rapidly descend into depression and despair. In order to ward off these unhappy emotions, I constantly felt compelled to continue my search for understanding. In the meantime, I had been introduced to a couple of books that had been produced by Christopher and the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. One of the books claimed to be “The Sealed Portion of The Book of Mormon,” and the other was a book called “Human Reality: Who We Are, and Why We Exist.” Since I was researching economics at the time, and was searching for a viable plan that could solve poverty and inequality, it was recommended to me that perhaps I should start by reading chapter 18 of Human Reality, which I was told contained a well thought out and viable plan for abolishing poverty.

    To make a long story short, I was not disappointed by what I read in chapter 18 of that book (neither was I disappointed by the book Human Reality as a whole). It contained the most brilliant plan I had ever come across that could easily and unarguably eliminate poverty in a very short period of time. In addition, this was a plan that would work within the current economic structure of the world, and in harmony with all aspects of human nature (including the so called negative aspects of human nature, such as greed and selfishness) and nature itself. This plan would completely preserve free will, would support the right of all individuals to pursue their individual desires of happiness, and would never require the redistribution of wealth, wherein the rich would be required to give up their wealth to the poor. It was the most intelligent plan I had ever seen, and would literally create an abundance of new wealth along with a booming economy, all the while equalizing the playing field and unleashing the creative potential of billions of human beings across the world who had previously been locked in the chains of poverty, ignorance, and lack of opportunity.

    After reading Human Reality, I decided to take on The Sealed Portion of The Book of Mormon with a sincere heart and real intent. I knew that I couldn’t stop reading the book until I knew for certainty, one way or another, whether the book was true or not. Once again, this book did not disappoint. It took me through each of the belief systems I had developed over the years as I was brought up in my religion, and expertly countered all the beliefs and practices that were contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It gave a recounting of the history of the world, and of human nature, and revealed in plainness the circumstances under which the world had allowed itself to be deceived time and time again. Through the words of Moroni and the brother of Jared (according to the stories in The Sealed Portion), I was receiving many of “the great and marvelous things which [had] been hid up from the foundation of the world from [me/us/the world].” But in order to receive the remaining things that “the Father had laid up for [me/us/the world],” I had to continue my search. And so I did just that, reading the remaining books of the MWAW, including the book of which it was said, “And then shall my revelations which I have caused to be written by my servant John be unfolded in the eyes of all the people.” But the search didn’t end there. It turned out we had a “true messenger” that had been called by the “Father” who would be able to give to us the “further light and knowledge” we were seeking, if we were truly seeking it. The so called “mysteries of God,” as it turned out actually could be understood in full.

    So, where does this leave me–and us–now? Are all the problems of the world now going to disappear because the world has now been presented with the perfect plan of how to solve all its problems, and we have a perfect knowledge of who we are as humans, and why we exist? I wish that were the case. Unfortunately, the fact is that while the plan and understanding is out there in plainness, and available free of charge to everyone in the world, there is such a thing as free will, which happens to be the most important aspect of our lives. Knowledge can’t be forced on the world. This would disrupt the purpose for our current existence as mortals, which in many ways is like a school we decided to enroll in so that we could pick up experience that was in opposition to our true nature and existence as beings that actually live on a higher plane than this mortal existence. The humans who are alive at this time may not be ready for the truths of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder and The Humanity Party. And in fact, they might not ever be ready. If they are not ready, then they will not search for or accept the truths given by the MWAW. And if this is the case, then the world will be left to itself to experience what happens when the people of the earth do not support human equality, nor seek to relieve the suffering of so many of their fellow human beings who have nearly lost all hope and are on the verge of sheer desperation.

    There is a scripture in the Book of Mormon that hints at what is in store for this world if it cannot accept the Real Truth that all humans are equal and should be treated as such. Here is the passage:

    1 Nephi 14:7. “For the time cometh, saith the Lamb of God, that I will work a great and a marvelous work among the children of men; a work which shall be everlasting, either on the one hand or on the other—either to the convincing of them unto peace and life eternal, or unto the deliverance of them to the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds unto their being brought down into captivity, and also into destruction, both temporally and spiritually, according to the captivity of the devil, of which I have spoken.”

    It’s possible that this world will fail, and instead of becoming convinced “unto peace and life eternal,” the world as a whole will be delivered “to the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds….” I hope this will not be the case, but if it is, then for those of us who have come to know the Real Truth about our existence as human beings (as presented through the MWAW), all will be well for us during mortality nonetheless. For those who have come to understand and experience these Real Truths, we know who we Truly are and why we exist. We know that there is nothing at all to fear or worry about, including death. We have peace. Our understanding of the “mysteries of God” (and the mysteries of human existence) gives us great patience, acceptance, and tolerance towards ourselves and others, and the seeming horrors that are occurring on the earth. We understand that ultimately everyone of our “True Selves” will learn the lessons we came to learn. We understand that it all ends well, despite the temporary suffering and difficulties that we as “Advanced Humans” have chosen to put ourselves through as we go through mortality. So, in summary, I have come to learn, as has everyone who has embraced this work and the teachings of Christopher the messenger, that life and human existence in its entirety is ALL a MARVELOUS WORK AND A WONDER!

    Nate Cook

    1. Leslie

      In your own words you have expressed my findings in a search for understanding in this world of discord. I’m still seeking the words to express my own story. I suppose that I’m doing it one comment at a time.

  31. Kristine Marble

    I was born and raised as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I searched for answers and found them within myself. I know nothing but what I understand is that The Marvelous Work and a Wonder brings me peace and supporting The Humanity Party is all that has ever made sense to me.

  32. NOTE: As I write this (May 2, 2019), some twelve-ish years later, I find my memory of events and the timeline they belong to, have diminished, greatly, since I first learned of this “work”.

    Sometime in the summer of 2007 (May, I think), I received an email blast from the local leadership of the church I currently belong to. At the top of the message was an ad with a link, which piqued my curiosity, although I was quite incredulous at what was being advertised—a chance to read the lost Book of Lehi!

    With feelings of a mix of mockery, apprehension and an opportunity to be entertained, I clicked on the link. I was led to a website that advertised that the sealed two-thirds portion of The Book of Mormon had recently been translated and was available to read, for free. Besides The Sealed Portion, there were many other things to peruse and so, with GREAT SKEPTICISM, I began to consume the contents of the website.

    I could find no way, other than to simply say, “This is all so stupid and ridiculous and the people behind this are off on another planet,” to discount the things I was reading! I could find no logical way to discount them!

    Over the next few weeks (almost a month, I think), I consumed various texts, including The Sealed Portion and began to notice that despite my intellectual “resistance”, a process which I initially wasn’t aware of, began to work “behind the scenes” and things I had never thought of, began to pop into my mind that seemed to make sense!

    I don’t remember when I finished The Sealed Portion a few weeks after I had been led to the website, but it brought me to a crossroads where I was faced with an existential dilemma, of which I have no desire to expound upon at this point. Suffice it to say that at that time, I “abandoned” any further reading of the materials on this website and began working on “undoing” what had been done to me, on a very deep level and “regaining” my “testimony” of the church and its gospel and teachings. It took me a few years, but I was fairly successful at returning to “business as usual” and continuing on, in my life’s pursuits.

    NOTE: At this point, I must interject; writing is very difficult for me. I do not verbally speak, the same way that I write and it takes me forever to compose anything on paper or a digital display, so despite my desire to share as many details as possible, I likely won’t, because of the great amount of time and effort it takes, just to compose a mere sentence, sometimes. (I never got good grades in English classes, before I graduated high school and its curriculum was not a part of the nine credits I acquired in the brief time I attended community college.)

    From 2007 to 2010 (I think?), a “background process” had been churning away in my mind about existential things—almost as if pieces of a super-huge puzzle were slowly being put into place, even though I had abandoned this logically-undeniable work.

    Between 2010-ish and 2012-ish, I felt “compelled” to seek out or “return” to this work, read some more of its website’s materials and began listening to and watching the various internet broadcasts it produced over the next few years.

    In a nutshell, the MWAW has provided me with a makes-perfect-sense-understanding of human existence and its purpose here upon this earth. Unlike most followers of this work, I have chosen to continue down the same path I was traveling before I came across it.

    Sadly, my almost-lifelong career and the numberless associations it has given me with a vast variety of other humans and their behaviors, has led me to believe there is no hope for this “group” of humans residing in this “part of the Universe” and that we will eventually destroy ourselves along with this planet. Therefore, I have not found it necessary, prudent or expedient to do or say those things that would otherwise disrupt the lives of those with whom I associate on a daily, intimate and close basis, were they to learn of my belief system and determine me to be a heretic or insane. My outlook is quite simply: in another trillion years, NONE of it will have mattered, anyway.

    While I believe the REAL TRUTHs taught by this work this past year and probably wouldn’t have it any other way, now that I know what I know,…

    Overall, I still regret on a daily—sometimes hourly basis, having been born and being in the position I am in, now. Knowing the truth of our human existence only brings me heartache, despair and frustration and I long for the day when I depart this body I have occupied since 1961.

  33. Curt Edward Phillipps-6-26-76,
    I was looking for something after model devout bigger lds upbringing just before my 36 62676 in May,
    I came across a video of an alarmist talking about how a deranged Mormon was claiming he was the re-incarnated hyrum,
    I found some videos read the books,went to the park in June.
    I met Monica,Kristen,Kurt and the wife,and I better mention robbie pace.I made the mistake of sharing in the beginning.
    Let the father do there work.
    My mother wondered after the meaning of Isaiah.I said it’s easy,
    If you can break it up into to parts.
    The first part is listen to god and him alone can we agree in that”bow your head and say yes””yes”,the 2nd is who g

  34. David James Willson

    For anyone who is interested my name is David James Willson, I was born 10th January 1987, and live in England, UK.

    I first found the work through a comments section on an article about alien encounters. My whole life I have never really believed in a god or religion, I always thought it would be nice to be true, but never fell into being someone who wholeheartedly believed in it. I figured we just died and that was that, the end. I became very interested in space and science after school, as I thought it had the answers to life and the meaning of it. I became interested in the idea of aliens and started researching them, came across a story about aliens intervening in a nuclear attack (because I was worried about WW3 and hoped someone from another planet was watching and had the earths back) and in the comments section someone had posted a link to the pdf of the human reality book. So I saved it on my phone and ended up reading the whole thing. I have since read the 666 book and the dream of mortal life, but I struggle with reading religious text so I haven’t read the sealed potion or sacred. I have found what I have read to be……….. let’s say interesting. I read what Chris writes and have many questions initially but by the time I’ve finished reading I can’t remember them so just forget in the end 🙈. I wouldn’t say my life has changed after finding the Marvelous Work and a wonder,(apart from I now spend more time on my phone reading) but it has changed the way I act in certain situations, I try to see people as advanced humans dreaming and acting in a way that balances their true self.

    I must think about this work at least once every day, and eagerly await new information. I wouldn’t say I am a critic of the work but it takes a lot to get me to believe in something that is this Marvelous. I truly hope that this is all true but I suppose it’s my mortal brain blocking me from truly realising it. In the meantime I am fully in support of the humanity party and it’s plan. I have always voted for socialist types of government in my adult life and only wished I was American so I could support it better. I have always liked the idea of a one world government because as history shows, when we divide each other up then we always fight and destroy one another.

    Thanks for reading, any questions don’t hesitate to contact me,

  35. jasongturner

    My Story:
    Jason G Turner.

    I was born on 18th June 1968 in Sydney, Australia.
    My father had moved to Australia from England in 1964 with his best friend at the time, and my mother had moved there, also from England in 1965 when she turned 21 years of age. My mother and father had been going out with each other before my father left for Australia, and they were married in April 1965. My parents were married in Brisbane, but later moved to Sydney where I was born. In 1969, my parents decided to move back to England, but shortly before they did so, they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/ Mormon Church).

    I grew up in the North West of England in a town called Wigan, most famous for its rugby team and for being in the title of a book by George Orwell.
    On moving back to England, we lived for a short time with my grandparents on my mother’s side before moving into a house of our own. One of my earliest memories from this time is that I used to walk to school on my own (age 4) although I can’t remember whether this was every day or how often I did so. At age 5 we moved again to Winstanley on the outskirts of Wigan where I would spend my childhood.

    The LDS Church was to play a major role in my life as I grew up. In fact, it became the focal point of my family’s life, and at the age of 8 I was baptised and confirmed a member of the LDS Church by my father. My brothers and sisters would all be raised in the LDS Church and by 1980 I had 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

    One of my earliest childhood memories was of having nightmares. It occurred over a period of several weeks and started after having been anesthetized by gas at the dentist. Almost every night, I would get up in the middle of the night and usually sleep walk into the living room where I would end up rummaging through the rubbish bin. Each night, when my parents got up and found me, I would be hysterical, crying, and telling them that I loved them.

    As I moved into my teenage years, there was a side to my life with which I was generally content. I could see that my parents cared for me and my basic needs were met and I could enjoy listening to music, reading and playing sports, particularly cricket which was a good outlet for me in the summer months.

    However, there was another side to my life which was causing some emotional pain.
    The main problem was that I was being raised LDS and attending church every week, but I could not bring myself to tell any of my school friends that I was a Mormon. I think this boiled down to two things. Firstly, going to church in England was not the norm at least amongst my peers, and secondly, I personally did not feel comfortable or in agreement with many things that went on in the Church. As I studied the scriptures during my teenage years what I came to realise was that there was a dichotomy between what we should be doing to lead a Christ like life and how the Church as an organisation operated. This mainly revolved around two things. Firstly, the Book of Mormon taught that the most peaceful and happiest time for the people of the Book of Mormon occurred from around 34AD to 200AD when the people had all things in common and there were no poor amongst them and there were no divisions amongst the people. In the LDS Church, equality was nowhere to be seen nor did it seem to be the goal of the members of the Church. Secondly, the Book of Mormon specifically condemned people for dressing up and putting on expensive clothes that put them above others, so when people were looked down upon for not wearing a suit and tie at church, it was pretty obvious that “all was not well in Zion”.

    By the time I reached the end of my teenage years, I had to make a decision about whether to go on a mission or not, as all young men in the LDS Church at 19 are expected to go on a mission.
    I was under no pressure from my parents, but I was encouraged by one or two people in the ward (local LDS church) that I attended to go on a mission. By this time I definitely believed in The Book of Mormon, and although I didn’t agree with everything that went on in the Church, I felt that it was important that I share my knowledge of the Book of Mormon, the Joseph Smith story (Joseph Smith being the founder of the LDS Church), as well as my belief in God.
    Up until the time that I went on my mission, I had never really spoken to anyone about the LDS Church or the Book of Mormon. There had been one incident at school where someone had found out that I was a Mormon and had mentioned it to a few people and I had felt very embarrassed. Even my best friend at VI th Form College (college for 16-19 year olds in UK) did not know I was a Mormon. I went to a nightclub on one or two occasions with him and just drank coke while everyone was drinking alcohol (drinking alcohol being against the LDS Church). Thankfully my friend did not ask why.

    After much thought, I decided that I would go on a mission, hoping that I would not be staying in the UK. I received my mission call and found out that I was going to Haiti. I was very pleased. I left England in September 1987 and flew to Utah via Chicago. It was the first time I had flown and it felt great to be away from home. In the MTC (Missionary Training Centre) in Provo, Utah, we studied the 6 missionary discussions as well as studying French and Haitian Creole.

    We left for Haiti after 2 months in the MTC, and I spent the first 4 and a half months in a town called Les Cayes in the South West of Haiti. I really enjoyed my time there, and have mostly good memories of the place. I became reasonably proficient in Creole whilst I was there and gained some good experiences. After that I moved to Port-au Prince, the capital and would spend the next year or so in or close to the Port au Prince area. There were various words used in the mission to describe different types of missionaries. One such word was “straight” which was used to describe a person who stuck rigidly to the rules. Another was “brown noser” which was used to describe those who sucked up to those in authority so they could gain leadership positions themselves such as zone leader or Assistant to the President. Then there were those who “fe dezod” a Creole term literally meaning “do disorder” i.e. break the rules. One of the rules was that missionaries were not allowed to go swimming. Personally I did not fit into the first two categories but on occasion fell into the breaking the rules category, and on several occasions went swimming. Later, someone found out about this and reported this to the Mission President. For this, I was transferred from the Haiti mission to the Georgia, Atlanta mission in the USA along with another missionary. Two others were also transferred to missions in the States. There were many missionaries who broke the no swimming rule but just the four of us were transferred.

    I only had just over 2 and a half months of my mission left so it was not too bad and I got to experience life in the Southern USA for a while. Whilst I had been in Haiti, I had written to my best friend from college and explained what I was doing, and he had written back wishing me well. I felt that it was important that I did that in order to move forward.
    I arrived back in England about a month before I was due to go to the University of Nottingham in Central England where I had decided to study Social Policy and Administration.

    After my first term at university, I returned home to Wigan for the Christmas vacation. During the Christmas period, I met an old school friend in a nightclub.
    He knew that I had been on a mission to Haiti as the local newspaper had done a front page story about my time in Haiti.
    Whilst I had been in Haiti, there had been a few coup d’états and one night I had recorded some shooting near our home in Port au Prince. I had sent this tape home and someone from church had taken it to the local newspaper to explain what I was doing in Haiti.
    Anyway, whilst chatting to my friend, he had offered to buy me a drink and I said that I would have a coke. After tasting the drink, it was obvious that it was not just coke, but I drank it anyway. I asked him what it was and he replied that it was Bacardi and coke. I was actually glad that I had finally drunk some alcohol as I now realised it wasn’t such a big deal. Over the next few months or so, I began to drink quite regularly. One night, I met a woman in a nightclub in Nottingham whilst I had been drinking and we went back to her place and had sex. She was a very attractive woman and I hoped that I would see her again, but she was not interested in taking things any further. However, we did see each other at a party at the end of my first year and she came up to me and asked if everything was okay which made me feel better.

    I had been going to church up until this point, but after having sex, I stopped going for a few weeks. However, I realised that I needed to go to church and talk to the bishop of my local ward in Nottingham (a bishop in the LDS church being the equivalent of a priest in the Catholic church or a vicar in the Anglican church) so that I could move forward with my life. In the LDS church, a person is not supposed to have sex outside of marriage, and if they do so, they are supposed to go and confess what they have done to their bishop or another church leader. So that is what I did, and after doing so was disfellowshipped from the LDS Church. This basically meant that I was still officially a member of the LDS Church and could attend meetings but I could not actively participate in any church meetings. For example, I could not pray vocally or give a talk in a church meeting. I also could not use the priesthood authority which I had been given, which meant that I could not bless or pass sacrament or perform any tasks that were undertaken by a priesthood holder.

    After this, I stopped drinking and started attending church regularly again, and about a year later I was finally admitted back into full fellowship in the Church. At university, things were going quite well, and I made a few good friends and had no problem in telling them that I was a Mormon. However, I rarely explained much to them about the Mormon faith except to explain that it was the reason I did not drink alcohol. Besides studying, my time at university mainly revolved around going watching different bands at venues in the Nottingham area as well as other venues in the country, and after I finished university, I was able to attend the famous Glastonbury festival on three occasions with my best friend from university.
    During the Christmas vacation of my second year at uni, my father had paid for me to go to Canada to visit an old friend from my mission in Haiti. In fact, it was the person I had done most of my swimming with, and the same one that had been transferred to the Georgia, Atlanta mission with me. While I was there, he had to leave for Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah, so I stayed with a couple of other friends from the Haiti mission for the second half of my stay.
    At the end of my second year at uni, I spent the summer working in Chicago. I had started off selling books door to door with about six other Brits, but after a month I had had enough and myself and another of the guys I was working with found new jobs and a new place to stay for the summer. I found a job working in a bowling alley and complemented this with a part-time job at Toys R US three mornings a week. At the end of the summer, I had some spare time to watch a couple of baseball games, get drunk downtown, and then take the train to New York City where I spent a few days. I even managed to track down a Haitian restaurant in Brooklyn while I was there and speak some Creole.

    After three years at Nottingham Uni, I graduated and unable to find some work at first I moved back to my parent’s house in Wigan. I found my first job shortly afterwards as an assistant manager in a newsagents shop in a small town just outside of Wigan. After several months, the manager went on long-term sick and I became deputy manager. I enjoyed the job, but it entailed getting up at 5am for a 6am start, and the money wasn’t great, so when my dad asked if I’d be interested in working at his place as an insurance agent, I decided that I would give it a go. I had helped my dad many times over the years going to people’s houses to collect insurance premiums, so I knew about that side of the job and felt comfortable doing that. I started well in the job, and after about six months decided to buy my own house, and moved in there along with my brother who would pay me rent.

    Around this time, I began having an affair with a woman I had met in a nightclub in Manchester. Going to Manchester on a Friday night was a regular event with my best friend who also happened to be an ex companion of mine from my mission in Haiti. He was also from the North West of England. Anyway, I spent the next couple of months or so seeing this woman, who had recently split up from her husband. When my mother found out about this, she was none too pleased. I was the Elder’s Quorum President in my ward at the time, but once my relationship became sexual, I told the bishop that someone else would have to take over from me. After a while, our relationship ended, and after some prompting from my father, I went and met with the Stake President (a Stake President being the equivalent of a bishop in the Catholic Church). After discussing with him what had happened, I was told that I would be put on probation, which was a lesser punishment than disfellowshipment, and basically meant that I had to meet with the Stake President on a regular basis for a period of time. One conversation that we had concerned masturbation in which I said that I had problems with masturbation. In fact I had masturbated regularly since I was about 13. The LDS Church did not look favourably upon masturbation and it was certainly considered a sin. The Stake President’s reply was honest but at the same time quite disconcerting as he said that “we all do that”. He also told me about someone in the stake that was having problems with their gender identity as they had both male and female genitalia.

    Around this time, I was beginning to find Sunday meetings quite tedious at times, but I found Institute classes during the week very interesting, mainly due to the teacher who was using materials in the classes that I had never encountered before. One person he referred to quite regularly was an LDS scholar/ writer named Hugh Nibley. During the mid-90s, I read several of Hugh Nibley’s books, and felt particularly motivated by his book “Approaching Zion”. Here was someone in the LDS church that was saying things that I had always believed but that I rarely heard anyone in the LDS church speak about.

    Around this time, I began to find it very difficult to cope with going to work, and I quit my job at the insurance company. I got a summer job at a children’s amusement park, but had to take a couple of weeks off there as I found it difficult to face work again. I began to feel that if I was ever going to find the truth in my life then I had to be prepared to lose everything even my life if necessary. Relationships within my family became strained and at one point, I had to order my mother out of my house. I had another job working at a gas station for a while, but quit that when the stress became too much. For about 5-6 months, I communicated as little as possible with people, grew a beard, and for the first time since I was about 13 years of age, I did not masturbate, and during this period had a couple of wet dreams, something I had never experienced up until that point. In the summer of 1996, my mother gave me some money to go to Ireland and spend some time hitchhiking with my brother around the west coast.

    My financial situation was not looking too good around this time, but I had simply stopped caring about that. I had even thought about just walking away from everything although I soon realised that was not really an option. I had even spent one cold night sleeping rough in London. That simply resulted in teaching me that being homeless is not a good place to be. It also taught me that there are people out there who do care about social problems as I was given some sandwiches during the night.
    Anyway, by the end of 1996, I found myself spending most of my time at my parents’ house, but also feeling a complete disconnect from everything that was going on around me. Eventually, I took to my bed and basically stopped communicating with everyone. In the end, there was only solution for my father and that was to call the relevant authorities. So on New Year’s Eve, I was carried out of my parent’s house and taken to the psychiatric hospital just outside Wigan.

    I was soon sectioned, which meant that I could not leave the hospital for 28 days. During that time, I tried my best to communicate as little as possible with everyone, but did so occasionally if I felt comfortable in the person’s presence. There were plenty of people who visited me, including several people from church. I refused to cooperate with the psychiatrist at first, and would not take my medication. This led to the psychiatric nurses having to hold me down on a couple of occasions so they could shove a needle in my backside. On both occasions they did this, I spat at them just to show them that I still had a certain amount of control over the situation.

    In the end, the thing that broke my resolve to keep fighting the system was when my nana (grandmother on my mother’s side) visited me, and I decided that I wanted to go home. There were some difficulties with this and after spending a couple of days at my nana’s house and a couple of days in my own house, I resorted to taking to my bed again as I felt disconnected from everything. This time, the police came and after a little bit of a struggle on my part took me back to hospital. Soon afterwards, I left hospital and moved back in with my parents as it was obvious I could not cope on my own.

    I felt like a broken man physically and emotionally and now felt like I had nothing to lose.
    Around this time, I received a windfall payment of 2000 pounds from my building society as it chose to float on the stock exchange, and soon afterwards I began to use this money to go and sleep with prostitutes, mainly in massage parlours but occasionally with street prostitutes. I also had a sexual relationship with a woman from church during this period. All this helped to strengthen me from the position I had been in and I eventually I moved back into my own home and found a job through an employment agency working in a bakery.

    After working at the bakery for a few months, I came home one day, and knew that I couldn’t face it again. After I hadn’t been in contact for a couple of days, my mother came round to see me, and as she could tell things weren’t right, she stayed the night. The next day, I wouldn’t let her leave the house and effectively held her hostage for a few hours. Fortunately, that day I had arranged for the cable TV company to come round, and when they knocked on the door, I left the house, and just held on to their van, and refused to let go. Obviously, something was not right, but it felt like the only way to feel connected to the world was to do what I was doing. Eventually, the police came, handcuffed me, and took me to the psychiatric hospital. The hospital I was taken to this time was on the other side of Wigan as the hospital I had been in a couple of years previously had either closed or was in the process of closing down.

    Things ran more smoothly this time and after a couple of weeks or so, I left the hospital and began to feel better. During the year 2000, I worked for a finance company for a few months, but soon realised this was not for me. In the summer of 2000, I did a two day TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course which I enjoyed, and from then on, began to look at the prospect of teaching English overseas.

    During the late 1990s, I had begun using the internet, and had contacted a few old friends from my mission in Haiti. I found that one of my friends (the one who had been transferred to the Georgia Atlanta mission with me) was teaching English in Korea. After looking at the best places to teach English, Korea looked like a good choice. In March 2001, I left England and flew to Korea to begin teaching in a town called Yongin, just south of Seoul. I began teaching at a private language school called Jungchul English Junior. When I first arrived at the school, I soon realised that a certain Korean teacher was attracted to me. As I was new to the country, and needed help with various things, she was able to take advantage of the situation and we ended up sleeping together on several occasions. However, she was married with two children and when I demanded that the affair had to stop, she wasn’t happy, and I was left with only one option, and that was to talk to the school owner’s husband, and tell him what had happened, and to let him know that either she left or I would. I also told him that I was a Mormon and that I would like to attend church. I hadn’t been to church for about 5 or 6 years at this point but felt that I needed to talk to someone in the Church about what had happened since I had been in Korea. He found the address of an LDS church for me, and took me there on the Sunday. The service was all in Korean, so I didn’t understand much, and didn’t feel right about speaking to any leaders there.

    I decided that I would contact my Stake President back in England by email, and tell him what had happened, and that I wanted my name taken off the Church records as I no longer felt that being LDS/Mormon was right for me. He replied and told me that there would have to be a church court because of the things that I had told him. Eventually, the Stake President wrote back to tell me that I had been excommunicated from the LDS Church. It felt right as I no longer desired to be a member of the LDS Church, and it felt like a burden had been lifted.

    Towards the end of my first year in Korea, I was able to return to my birthplace, Sydney, Australia, and spend a week with some old friends during the Christmas period. During my second year in Korea, I was able to attend a couple of World Cup football games, one of which (Ireland v Spain) was with a Korean woman with whom I had become good friends. The second Christmas in Korea, I travelled to the Philippines and spent a week with a Filipino woman and her family that I had met while living in Korea. After 2 years in Korea, I decided to return to England, unsure of what I would do next. After a couple of months at home, I decided to go to Santiago de Compostela, Spain and do the Cambridge CELTA course (a one month course in teaching English as a foreign language). This was only the third time I had been to continental Europe. The other two times being trips to France, once when I was 15 and the other when I was 21, when I did a 3 legged (chained to a friend) hitch-hike to Paris from Nottingham University. After the course in Spain, I returned to England with the intention of going to Japan, and attended an interview in London, but whilst I was waiting for the references to come through, I was offered a job in Oman in the Middle East, and decided that I would take it.

    I flew out to Oman in the fall of 2003, and began teaching at Sur University College in the town of Sur. Whilst I was at the college, we were short of a teacher and so the college offered a job to a New Zealander who had been travelling around Oman after taking a break from DJing in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This guy happened to be an ex Mormon, and we soon struck up a good friendship. Around this time I had also been spending time on an LDS dating website, and had contacted a woman who had been born in Korea, moved to Oman as a young child, before moving to Australia in her teenage years and becoming an Australian citizen, before becoming a Mormon and moving back to Korea to teach English. Connecting with these two people got me thinking a lot about the Mormon faith/Church and I reread ‘Approaching Zion’ during this period as well a book about Joseph Smith and polygamy. During my time in Oman, I also read the Koran and did some travelling around Oman, as well as taking a trip through Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. I think Jordan was the highlight of the trip, bathing in the Dead Sea, as well as taking a plunge in the River Jordan, whilst the Israeli army watched on from the other side of the river. After about 15 months in Oman, I returned to England before leaving for Korea a couple of months later.

    In March 2005, I returned to Korea and a few weeks later after contacting the Korean-Australian woman that I had met online, I began attending church. This was an English speaking branch, and I enjoyed going to church and meeting some new people and became good friends with a few people. I also began to contemplate whether getting rebaptised in to the LDS church would be the right thing to do.

    During this time, I began reading lots of books about religion, particularly Buddhism and other faiths such as Baha’i and Caodai. I also began searching on the internet, and came across various websites on Mormonism. It was around this time that I came across the website and as I read through the Sealed Portion, I knew that if the Book of Mormon was true, then so was this. As I was a believer in the Book of Mormon, I was able to accept the Sealed Portion. It answered a lot of questions that I had pondered in my life, and it soon became obvious that I no longer needed to carry on attending the LDS church. Having this knowledge was great, but I also felt that having this knowledge and then having to face work and the world in general was not proving to be easy. In the spring of 2006, I moved to a new school. During the year that I was there, I managed to visit Beijing, in China and Taipei, in Taiwan. By the time I went to Taiwan, around the fall of 2006, I could feel my life was beginning to unravel and after being unable to sleep on my last night in Taipei, I went out and had sex with a street prostitute in a brothel. A few months later, in Korea, I would find myself drinking in a bar/brothel in Seoul, vomiting, falling over, and being taken to a hospital in an ambulance.

    By this time, I knew that I had to return home to England. A couple of months later, I returned home, but found it difficult to deal with being in the same house as my father, and we ended up having a confrontation, and I lost control of myself and started hitting him. When I regained control of myself, I threw myself to the floor. The next day, I went to Dublin, Ireland for a few days to give myself some space. Whilst there, I decided that I would return to Oman. However, I was not in a good frame of mind, and things slowly began to fall apart, and after I had been there about 4 and a half months I attempted to kill myself by driving my car off the road. However, I simply succeeded in making a mess of the car, and doing little physical damage to myself. I was carried from the car by some passing Omanis and taken to hospital, where I asked to see a psychiatrist. People automatically thought that the crash had been an accident, and so I played along with that. My father flew out to spend a few days with me, before I resigned from my job and flew back to England in February 2008.

    It was only in the summer of 2009 that I was able to tell my sister and then my parents that the crash was not an accident and that I had briefly wanted to take my own life. After returning from Oman, I felt extremely depressed at times, and the thought of suicide often entered my mind. At some point I began looking at the sealed portion website again, and found that more books had been added to it. I read all the books, and doing so helped me to move forward with my life. In 2011, I got a job, working in a supermarket, and as of April 2019 am still working there. In 2018, I finally got to meet Christopher, and some of the people closely associated with this work.

    Jason Turner.

  36. Francis Baginski

    Spent many years buried in science. I thought it held the answers to difficult questions. After many years of study I concluded that science did not hold the answers. So I turned to religion. Then after many more years of study I found that the scriptures did hold a message but what was it? Now a day came in which I read a passage from Christ that talked about the spirit of truth. It also happened that on a religious blog site I was told to study Exe 14, which I did. So when I took the advice of Christ and opened up to the spirit of truth I knew I had to let go of all of my earthly desires.
    I did this and wanted to be led to truth. It took about 30 seconds. It appeared that nothing happened but from that moment on I knew truth when I saw it. Now several times I took a wrong turn and made assumptions. Each time the spirit of truth left. But I came back and threw out my desires again and was led to many truths.
    So by the time I heard about Christopher I had made a lot of progress. This was early so he was still talking in religious terms. So I waited and in time all of truths I had found lined up with what he said.
    Now many tell a story of hard times and mental anguish which led them to truth. I guess I was lucky. Coming from science and having the heads up chat about Eze 14 helped me avoid most of that.
    So I live in this world but know this is not my home. I try and see everyone as equals and I do at the greater level. But this mortal world is hard to keep in check in my mind.

  37. I’ve started writing my personal experience many times.  It always gets too long but without telling a bit of background on me and my husband, Jon, it’s hard to understand how we got to our rock bottom that gave us the humility and contrite spirit to open our minds to the MWAW and Humanity Party.

    My parents were the kindest, most generous and ethical people.  My family has very deep and strong roots in the LDS church.  I was raised that family is everything and to be proud of my heritage, and that your friends were family too.  However I was not raised with the typical LDS mindset.  I was never forced to go to church.  I was shown by example that God didn’t care if you were active in church it was what you held in your heart that mattered.  In fact the times I did go to church I was usually taught something that didn’t feel right to me.  When I was born in Salt Lake, the bishop wouldn’t let my dad bless me in church because he wasn’t active.  Dad’s brother was serving as a bishop in Jackson Hole, Wy. and told dad to bring me up there and he would let him bless me there.  I love the story of my dad’s mother when she was Relief Society Pres. and she was using the Bishop’s storehouse to give food to non members until the Bishop found out and told her to stop.  So she made food from her own cupboards and took it to the non members then went to the Bishop and told him that she needed help to feed her own family!  I could go on and on telling of the good deeds my parents and my dads family did for others.  In fact my husband and his 3 brothers have all told me that they always felt that my parents were better parents to them than their own parents were.  

    My husband’s childhood was one of abuse and misery.  He is the oldest of 7 and grew up poor and though we didn’t really understand years ago, we came to find out that his mother has major mental disorders that led to her abusing her boys.  On Dec. 6th 2009 my mother in law called to tell us that Jon’s middle sister was dead.  She was 28 years old.  To sum up a long story over the course of the next few days, weeks and years, my mother in law had told us that Laura “had to die” because God had a mission for her on the other side that only she could do and he needed her.  She also claimed that Laura was the one who personally escorted Lucifer out of Heaven and he attacked and killed her for it.  My mother in law started communicating with Laura from beyond the grave, and later told us that her soul mate had been killed in a car accident in Canada and that she had to die to be with him and start their eternal family.  There is so, so much more to this but will leave it at that. So, it is no wonder why my husband started questioning the truthfulness of the stanch LDS background that his mother raised him in?

    I never fit in at school.  I didn’t have friends and would usually go hide in the dark of the auditorium during lunch until I met Jon when I was 16 and he was 17.  We gravitated to each other and became best friends.  We have been through the most wonderful highs and the darkest lows with each other. We were married in 1994 and from the beginning my mother in law tried to get in between Jon and I. She was trying to control us through manipulation and then when that didn’t work she would start trying to break up our marriage. It wasn’t until I read the work that I finally got the strength and determination to limit her involvement in my life, and my kids saw through her too and my 2 oldest have chosen to have nothing to do with her either. However Jon and his brothers were still being manipulated by her. Even though he was deeply troubled by her actions, she was still his mother and he was trying to be a good son. Boy do I have stories about our experiences with this woman that would make ones jaw drop! I have often joked with people that I am going to write a book one day and call it, ”…And You Thought YOUR In Laws Were Bad!”

    Jon and I were starting to let the things going on around us affect us directly.  We were fighting over the littlest things, and some pretty big things too.  Our views on religion were always similar but had begun to become far different due to the emotional torments that we were being put through, Jon more so than me.  We were getting close to divorce when my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer and died 4 months later.  I was pretty checked out during that time.  Then I became the caregiver of my dad.  Then my sister’s husband died from a heart attack that she believes was a direct answer to her prayers because she was unhappy in the relationship.  Jon’s dad got cancer and recovered and his mother is a hoarder on top of her other mental delusions and we found out that they were living with 2 inches of raw sewage in their basement.  Jon spent months cleaning their house only to be hated for it.  We had to put our relationship on hold so that we could care for both his family and my family.  After the deaths of Jon’s sister, my mother, my brother in law and my father and many others over a 4 year span we were left to figure our lives out again.  

    In Feb. of 2014 we had inherited a little money and I knew that Jon was miserable at work so we decided that he could quit and take a few weeks and fix up our house then go find another job.  What I didn’t know at the time was that he would turn on youtube and find something to listen to while he worked.  We were both raised LDS but in far different ends of the spectrum of it.  Jon had begun hating the church which led to even more contention between us. However one day he had decided that he would listen to an old LDS General Conference while he worked.  On the side in the suggestions of what to listen to next he found Ida Smith and the Sealed Portion, which led him to read the sealed portion, which meant that the work around the house stopped so that he could read, which led us to fight even more because he was breaking his promise to me and the money was running out and he wasn’t looking for work.  However there was now a big difference in how Jon acted when we fought.  Before he would call me “crazy” and that I was the one with the problem, now he let me win and told me I was right!  That threw me for a loop and I didn’t know how to handle it. It was a lot like that scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had just tried to kill each other and then they had their guns in each others faces and he drops his gun and says he couldn’t do it and she didn’t know how to fight him if he wasn’t going to fight her. Jon wasn’t’ going to fight me anymore and I didn’t know how to fight him if he wasn’t going to fight me.

    After a few weeks of this Jon decided that he couldn’t keep this secret from me any longer. He decided to tell me what he had been doing instead of keeping his promise about the house.  He knew that if I didn’t embrace the work, it would be the thing that would end the marriage and he told me that he would continue to support me and the kids and that he would just move out.  The first thing I did was look up Christopher and of course the first thing I saw was that he had swindled an old lady our of her money.  I pounced on Jon telling him that Christopher couldn’t be what he claimed because he didn’t “act like someone would if called by God”  All Jon could say was just read one book and then we will talk about it.  I couldn’t deny that Jon’s demeanor went from being a complete asshole to suddenly being so patient and understanding.  I wanted to know why he was a different man.  I had decided to read the Joesph Smith Book because I had to admit that I had questions about his life that the church had not answered, and I remembered one of the fights I had with Jon about religion and how I said that there had to be something about Joseph Smith that we didn’t know or that the church wasn’t telling.  I remember being completely disgusted as I read the first several pages because I was so skeptical but by the time I reached chapter 14, I suddenly realized that I was hanging on every word and couldn’t stop reading.  At that point I too started watching the videos and found the one with Ida Smith and remembered what I had read on Dschaak’s site.  There was absolutely no way this woman had been taken advantage of.  She was clearly of sound mind and knew what she was doing.  My disgust turned to the way she had and was being treated.  It was then that I realized that everything I had read on Dschaak’s site was so full of hate and contempt that there was no way it could be objective and I felt so horrible that I had even considered it to begin with.  I have been following the MWAW and Humanity Party ever since.  It is all I can think about most of the time.  Jon tried sharing the work with his mother and father but both rejected it. in fact Jon had to lie to them about some things just to get his mother to drop the subject. He could tell that she would become an enemy of the work much like Robbie Pace. Jon and I feel very protective of the work. We don’t want to lead enemies to it and his mother would have caused a lot of problems. She has made the claim that she knows more than the prophet does because she is more in tune with the spirit. She even talked about getting our bishop excommunicated because he couldn’t tell that we were bad people. Jon and I have never been closer than we are now and it is because of Jon finding the work.

    My brother and sister have shown no interest in why my attitudes on issues have changed and my sister and I are no longer as close as we use to be.  She and I got into it a little when she made the comment that people should have to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and that her taxes shouldn’t go to support them.  I proposed a way (the Humanity Party) that people could be helped without anyone’s taxes being affected. “Would you support a plan like that?”  I asked her, and she said “well if I have to work for a living then they should to.” Even pointing out that she wouldn’t have to work anymore unless she wanted to didn’t get through.  Her discriminations prevented her from seeing it so I didn’t ever bring it up to her again.  I knew that she placed too much value in thinking that she was loved by God so much that he would allow her abusive husband to die so that she could get out of the relationship without a custody battle. She makes the comment all the time that she doesn’t understand what God’s plan for her is but that he is the one in control and she just needs to trust in him. I was driving her to a doctors appointment an hour away when she said that to me. Trying to use her terminology, I told her that God helps those that help themselves and she needs to take the control of her own life and make it what she wants it to be. She wouldn’t speak to me for the rest of the trip and has acted very passive aggressively towards me ever since.

    My brother and I have never gotten along for many reasons. He is very self absorbed and thinks he is right and everyone else is stupid. He wanted to use my wedding as his platform to come out of the closet to our extended family and was deeply offended when my mom and dad threatened him not to because that day was about me, not him. A year after I started following the work I decided to make amends with him and we have gotten along wonderfully for the most part ever since.  But that’s only because I was the one who changed. I didn’t worry about getting him to open his mind to anything outside of his perspective. However I got frustrated with my brother once and asked him while driving in the car, “Haven’t you been at all curious why your ultra conservative LDS sister is suddenly so liberal?”  his response was “Umm… yeah… Ohh a Starbucks!  Can we stop for coffee?”  Yep, I will let my family live their lives content in their own unhappiness.  They are miserable but they gain a lot of value from that misery. Who am I to take that value away? If they need that to be happy then I can provide them a little of that value but not if it starts to affect how I feel about myself.

    As for Jon’s family, that’s a whole other can of worms.  in March of 2016 my mother in law called us to tell us that Jon’s sister was in the mental hospital in Idaho. We drove form Wyoming and Jon’s brothers came from Colorado to support their sister. She told us that she had been hearing voices telling her to kill her 2 boys and wanted Jon and I to take custody of them and keep them safe from her, her husband and her mother. We agreed and they willingly signed the kids over to us. What we didn’t know at the time was that the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare had gotten involved and my in laws were trying to circumvent the system by asking family to take the boys. They thought that as soon as they were ready to get the kids back that we would just hand them back over without question. It has turned into a 3 year legal nightmare that is still not resolved. We are constantly asking ourselves what would the boys’s higher selves want us to do for them. The older boy is 7 and autistic and his higher self knew what he was being born into before we found the work. The 4 year old also knew but he was born after we found the work. Did their higher selves want the opportunity to be introduced to the work through us, or did they want the experience of being raise by mentally troubled people? Ultimately we couldn’t stand by and watch these 2 sweet boys be physically abused by their father, and possibly put in harms way by their mother or grandmother. They came into our home when they were 4 and 1 and we have made mistakes and it has been hard but we love them as if they are our own.

    At first Jon’s mother was supporting us to raise the boys. She wanted us to adopt them and have them sealed to us in the temple. I was willing to play along with that thought for a while, but I couldn’t support some of her other delusions that put the boys at risk of being in a dangerous situation. Then she turned on us. She became to us what Dschaak is to Christopher. She has spent a year and a half trying to prove that we are abusing the boys. Accusing us of beatings, causing rashes, starving them, giving them a tapeworm, and medicating them for no reason. Her and her daughter, the mom of these 2 boys, have called the Department of Family Services on us 3 times all durning a time when they refused to see us or speak to us. DFS got to the point where when they had to call us and follow up they would apologize in advance for what we were going through with them. Jon’s mother has told her children that if they have anything to do with Jon or I, that they were no longer part of the family. Jon’s sisters have disowned us. Jon’s brothers are not blind to what their mother is and they have allowed her to disown them. They have grown closer to each other as brothers and are healing from their mental and physical abuses as children by being more honest and open with each other by sharing their trauma’s that were hidden and suppressed until their sisters diagnose of Paranoid Schizophrenia opened their minds to what is likely the problem with their mother.

    Jon and I have attended 2 symposiums, one in 2016 and one in 2017.  The first one in 2016 Jon and I didn’t really know what to expect.  We just wanted to be wallflowers.  We didn’t know anyone and we are not that social, but we wanted to see for ourselves.  We snuck in and snuck out and met and sat by one of the coolest people ever, Dominic Larkin. He was so friendly and made us feel at ease.  He even got us laughing when he spilled what ever drink he was hiding in his water bottle!  I cried as hard for his death as I have for my own family and am wiping my eyes now even thinking about him. And I only met him that once!!! The last symposium we again felt out of our element.  On day 2 we met Christopher briefly while in line for lunch.  He came right up to us and said, “Hey! You made it!”  I can barely remember anything else he said because I was so struck by how he was acting like he already knew us and had known us for a long time.  There is no doubt in my mind that this man is exactly what and who he says he is. 

    I recently read the personal history of my father’s, mother’s mother’s father (my great great grandfather).  His name was John Pulsipher.  He wrote his personal history and experience in the early church, but 3 paragraphs stood out that blew my mind.  I know that he was one of the many that looked beyond the mark and followed Brigham Young out west, but he did call out Sidney Rigdon, James J Strang, Lyman Wight, and James Emmet by name for leading people away from the church.  The name Strang jumped out at me because it was just a few days before that I had read Christopher’s post about him and the past and present connection to a certain person.  So I thought it would be interesting to a few people to know what he said from his perspective…

    “1844.  At 5 o’clock on the 27th of June our beloved Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum the Patriarch were shot and killed at Carthage Jail by a band of about 200 painted ruffians from Missouri and Illinois.  Joseph, because of the accusation of his enemies was there waiting for his trial under the pledge of the Governor, Tom Ford, who pledged the fate of the state to his safety.  Hyrum was merely there for company.

    They were both innocent of any crime and were killed without the least form of trial.  John Taylor who was a visitor there, was also shot with four balls but recovered.  The enemies of the Prophet knew that he was innocent.  They had tried him nearly 40 times and he had proved himself clear of all their charges and all their accusations were false.  They were heard to say, “The law will not touch Joe Smith but powder and ball will.”  Thus two of the best men that ever lived were killed and the whole nation is accessory to their death, because the murders have boasted thru the states of the heroic deeds and the first one of them has never been punished for committing that murder and what is still more strange is that no man has ever been punished in the United States for killing a Mormon.  But I believe it has been so in all ages of the world.  We have no account of a man being punished for killing a prophet of the Lord.  

    Some of the great men of our nation thought that if they could kill the Prophet it would stop Mormonism.  They knew that unless they could stop the spread of the Gospel it would turn the world upside down and Joseph Smith would be at the top, at the head of the nation, because he had proposed a policy of government which would be for the general good of the whole nation and his views united the people and they were about to elect Joseph Smith the President of the United States.  Now these great men who were in office knew if he was elected they would have to work for a living and not get $25,000.  a year for being president and not doing anything for the good of the people.  But they have missed their figure this time.  By killing him, they have sealed their own damnation not hindered the work of the Lord in the least but it goes faster now than ever.” 

    After I read John Pulsipher’s experiences I couldn’t wait to run home and tell my husband that my great great grandfather supported the Humanity Party!  I already felt peace in my heart knowing that the things that Christopher said was the real truth, but here I had a personal story from someone who witnessed what Joseph Smith was trying to do and it reached across the span of time to validate everything, every bit of it!  So even though I wasn’t planning on sharing my personal story because it is to long and complicated, John Pulsipher gave me a reason to write it.  I have also found it therapeutic! Its cheaper than a therapist! What could a therapist possibly tell me at this point anyway! Real Truth makes so much more sense than what I could hear from any therapist!

    As a family we have not been to church since about 2001. Even though I wasn’t active I accepted a calling in 2008 as chorister. For a year I sure learned a lot about the people in the congregation by watching them during those meetings. they sure didn’t act very “Christ like” If they did it was only to try to impress each other like it was a contest to see who could be the most righteous.

    Then I went inactive again until 2013 when they called me to take care of the bulletin boards each month and the programs each Sunday. I didn’t mind that calling because I didn’t have to go to church to do it. I would sit in on the Relief Society meetings and find out what they wanted me to put on the programs. I was the first and only person to use the programs as something more than just information. I tried to make it fun too. I found a different cartoon and puzzle to put on every week. I used the bulletin boards as an art collage every month. Pictures and quotes which I took the time to photoshop and print out. After finding the work I started using the bulletin boards as subliminal message boards. I would find quotes based on the scripture references that Christopher would talk about and even posted the scriptures that he would talk about. At the time I felt a little like a secret agent like I might be able to help enlighten my friends and neighbors. Nope. I got a lot of compliments on the boards and programs but no one ever got it! They wanted me to keep my calling when the new Relief Society Presidency came in but I declined because I was not making any difference and it was too hard to watch the people I cared for wallow in their ignorance.

    We have never asked to have our names removed from the LDS church. Why pick a fight when there wouldn’t be one otherwise. I am happy to continue to serve the church by providing meals to the sick or helping with funerals and keeping my ear out for a need and I can pass that on to someone that might can help. We know that someday in her rage my mother in law will try to “expose us” for the devils that she thinks we are and try to get us excommunicated. When that day comes I just want to be able to simply say, “Have I ever spoken out agains’t the church or done anything to try to harm it? Go ahead and do what you will, it will not affect me in the least. I have a stronger testimony of Joseph Smith and the purpose for the Book of Mormon than I have ever had and your actions will never change that. Judge me by my works and if you find that I am unworthy then by all means remove my name from your records. I will walk out of this room and still be the same person as when I walked in.” Then whatever happens will be just fine with me to either end.

    We have never pushed our kids to this work  but we have never hid it from them either.  During the last broadcast, Jon and I were listening to it in our bedroom and our 21 year old son came up to see what we were doing.  He said, “Wait! thats on?  I’m gonna go listen in my room!”  Jon and I just looked at each other in a bit of disbelief but complete excitement as well.  Thats why I still cling to hope.

    I know this is already far too long but I feel it is important to share one more thing. Back in January of this year I had a short but profound dream. I found myself in a room full of dead people, piles upon pile of bloody bodies, thousands of them. As I looked around I saw that Chisrtopher was on his knees with a sword driven deep in one of the bodies and he was sobbing and distraught. I could tell he was tired and overwrought with sadness for having to sickle everyone in the room and I knew that he wasn’t done yet because I was still standing. I could feel his pain. I put my hand on his shoulder and said “it’s ok” trying to reassure him with those 2 words that I knew I was next and that I knew it had to be done. I know it was just a dream but I have thought of that dream every single day since.

    My heart breaks for Christopher. My heart breaks for my husband and his brothers and the many like them that struggle because of their past abuses. My heart breaks for everyone on this planet like my own sister and brother who are miserable but find some kind of value in that misery. My heart breaks for everyone on this planet that is held down by their circumstances and unable to break free of their bonds. My heart aches for those like my mother in law and her daughter and husband that are so blinded by their own mental illnesses that they have to torment others in order to indulge their narcissistic dominance. My heart breaks when I see the news and I know that there is a solution that will likely not come to be. My heart aches for those in all situations that can’t be at peace due to one excuse or reason or another, or what ever the case may be.

    I know that there can not be peace on this Earth until there is peace in our own hearts first. And just as much as my heart breaks for most, It bursts with happiness for those who have found the peace that they have been looking for. I am so grateful to everyone involved in making this work possible! Not only to those I know who are responsible for it and Christopher, but to all those who have supported it in their ways with their talents and abilities. Through publishing, producing, or providing by other means, Thank you for what you do! To everyone else that follows and supports, thank you too! It brings me even more peace to see the experiences of others and can see that they also are finding peace within themselves.

    It is highly unlikely that my brother or sister will ever read this, but if you do. Don’t be angry with me. Know that I love you and don’t want to hurt feelings. There has been too much of that already with Mom and Dad’s deaths. I would be more than happy to talk with you personally about anything you want to know.

    Rebecka Franklin of Etna, Wyoming, USA

    1. Diane heath

      Love this..I have so many feels come to the surface with every story I read..there’s some of ‘my story’ in everyones and by reading them i find i am, by no means, alone in my soul ♥️♥️♥️

    2. jaycee57

      Long story, true. But not long to read. I loved it 🥰.

  38. Brett L. Nelson

    Man where do I start?
    Everything I’ve ever learned about religion, I’ve learned through the Marvelous Work and Wonder.
    Everything I’ve ever learned about politics and government, I’ve learned through the Humanity Party.
    Well, I grew up in central Utah, Richfield to be exact. I grew-up across from the LDS seminary, one block from the high school and one block from “our” ward building. I would play catch and pool with the seminary “brethren” before I was in high school. The seminary had a pool table!! I was in “Mormon” (I know they don’t like to be called Mormon, anymore) heaven!! All my friends were LDS, in fact one of my friends; his father was a former seminary teacher. To be truthful, I didn’t know what it was like not to be a member of the church (my True Self really wanted a challenge, I guess). I was an active member, by the example of my father. He had all sorts of callings, except Bishop but I would see him read the Book of Mormon, a lot and that would fuel my desire to learn about the book. But I always fought going to church, in my heart. I didn’t like it much but everyone was there and I thought it okay and I certainly didn’t want to ‘rock the boat’. I played church basketball, church softball and went to most mutual gatherings, was active in scouting (all sponsored by the church). All my interactions were with church people and functions. There was absolutely no reason to question anything about the church, in those days.
    It’s ironic, when I was 14 I had my own lawn mowing business and making pretty good money when my best friend landed a job at the local bakery, Parson’s Bakery (here’s a wink, Pat). He asked me one day if I would come in and help him clean the back with him. I agreed and that night the owner came in and wondered why there were two of us? Scared, we lied and said that her daughter, Pam said it was okay. Pam practically ran the bakery. Anyway, to make a long story short I was given that job, too. I thought I could handle both lawn and bakery jobs but I was too young to balance that kind of work load and school and I eventually lost my lawn jobs to help my friend.
    I graduated from high school and was asked to give the closing prayer at seminary graduation. My parents gave my sister and me a gift by going on ‘the church history tour’. A three week tour, by bus to all church sites and a lot of US history. The tour was managed by the seminary brethren and my friend’s dad was one of the chaperones.
    This is getting long but I went on an LDS mission to Argentina, came home got married in the temple and landed a job for the state of Utah as a Corrections Officer and started a family. About 14 years into this career, 2008 and while in the mountains camping, I got a phone call from my dad regarding my younger brother. My brother had been arrested. My parents were distraught by the news, as were all of us. I basically told them it wouldn’t go good. It didn’t, he was incarcerated for six years and was released in August of 2014.
    This is where is it gets interesting, apparently my brother had found ‘the work’ while incarcerated and was staying with my parents until he could get his own place. Anyway, I think it was a day or two later that I went to visit him and my father and we were talking about things and I noticed that a book had been opened on the table, I started to read and realized it wasn’t the big print Book of Mormon that my parents have but another. I read “And now, I, Moroni…” and read a few passages and immediately realized that it was not the Book of Mormon but the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. My heart jumped in my chest. I flipped the book to the cover and read the cover. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I then flipped to the titly page that states where the book comes from and saw that it wasn’t published by the church but by a Christopher M. Nemelka. WTF? This was supposed to come through the “brethren” I then realized “oh, shit” but I couldn’t help it, my heart was pounding!! I finally know what Parley P. Pratt meant and felt in “How Rare a Possession.” I always wanted that type of reassurance/answer.
    To make this short, I read everything I could, at work!! As I was reading, I kept shaking my head not to what I was reading but about my family. My eldest daughter was preparing for her mission, we are an active family in the church, and this isn’t going to go well. I was pondering how I would break this news to them. I thought about a family home evening and reading a few passages from the BOM then break out the Sealed Portion. I eventually settled by telling my eldest daughter and my wife that I had read the lost 116 pages and what Joseph Smith was told in the first vision. She didn’t believe me, I tried to tell my wife but she told me it’s all lies and that it isn’t true. From then on, I said nothing. I realized exactly what was going to happen. By finding the real truth sets a man at variance with his family, for the enemy of a man will be they of his own household!! I’ve been to many meet ‘n’ greets, symposiums and even met Christopher, once. I’m the big guy!
    I have never been so at peace, with myself. But with my family, that’s a whole ‘nuther can o’worms! I don’t think it’s going to last. The ‘gulf’ between us is getting bigger and I can’t go back to who or what I know. I try to make peace but it is war that’s raging!

    Brett Nelson

    1. Thanks for sharing Brett, I really enjoyed reading your story. Keep your head up, stay strong my friend.

    2. Pat Ferguson

      Brett although I hadn’t met you before the work we have many things in common. Backgrounds, Parsons Bakery and we share your brother! (Well sort of) It’s been a joy seeing you grasp the work and also come to terms with how you have to balance your work with all the things you’ve learned through the mwaw. This is truly one neat brotherhood. My love for people coming into the work continues to expand. Wonderful!!

  39. shawnselvage

    All of the questions I’ve had about religion and politics have been answered by the MWAW and the Humanity party.


  40. Jessica Bradford

    I have written out my story so many times. I don’t know what details to share, and what not to share, but I hope that it can help someone else out. It’s hard for me to hash out many of my life details. Partly due to the fact that I don’t like to share a lot about myself, I don’t like to share other peoples details but also due to the fact that many of them are hard for me to face emotionally. So I guess I’ll just start from the beginning. The first thing I need to address is my background. My name is Jessica Bradford, and my maiden name is Kimball. My 4th great grandfather was Heber C. Kimball. I did not keep this name when I married as I was always ashamed of my maiden name. I will give more details on this in a moment. Anyway, I am the middle child of 5, and I am the eldest daughter. I have two older brothers who I always fought to be equal to, and I have a younger brother and sister and because of the age gap between us, I spent a large part in their upbringing. I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up due to the fact that I babysat often and had to work, and the majority of my friends moved away anyway. My family was very active in the LDS church, but it wasn’t something that I ever felt strongly about.
    I need to address why I never fully believed in the LDS church. I have multiple reasons. The first being I had an aunt who was gay. I was always taught that she was a good person by my parents, but then at church, I was told that she was bad. This was terribly confusing as a child. My family lived with her when I was really young, and I remember her partner had bought me clothes when my parents couldn’t. How could these individuals be so bad when they were giving us shelter and clothing? The second reason I had trouble with was tithing. My family was not well off, and therefore I started working at 8 years old so that I could help out. I babysat and cleaned houses, and I remember going door to door selling phone books some summers for my parents. We even had multiple newspaper routes that we had to get up at 2 am for. I still can’t stand the smell of newspapers without feeling physically ill. My parents made me pay tithing. When we couldn’t afford groceries some months we still paid tithing. I hid my money often so that my parents wouldn’t know. I lied often saying I had paid a full tithing. I even lied to the Bishop!
    The last reason is the hardest for me to talk about and the main reason I couldn’t believe in the church. When I was 5 years old, a family member I was extremely close to called me into the house away from my friends who were outside. This person wanted to show me something. On the TV were two individuals having extremely rough sex. This person asked me what I thought and how I felt. I was mortified. I didn’t know what I was watching. I didn’t say anything and I kept a poker face and left. I didn’t tell anyone. This instance was only the first of many. It happened often after this up until I was around 17 years old when I moved. This person would send me porn as soon as I got an email address when I was 9 years old, and they would leave out videos and toys all the time for me to walk in on. I walked in on this person masturbating often. They rarely stopped when they saw me. I won’t share any further details as I emotionally can’t write out anymore as it is too painful, and I also do not wish to reveal this individual. As much as I hated what this individual did, I still loved them. I used to be very close to this person. I admired them when I was young. They were a strong individual in the church. They would share their experiences in the church with me, and they held callings high up. As I got older and started to understand what was going on, I couldn’t believe in the church. How could this individual teach others what he was doing was bad? The church fully supported this individual. I couldn’t believe how hypocritical this was. And I always worried, if this person who the church trusts is doing this, then who else is doing it too? I eventually had other situations with other church members that led me to believe that this was a common scenario. My heart hurts for the little children in the world who have had similar and worse experiences than myself.
    I was 13 years old when I decided that I wanted to move away and be alone. I didn’t want to be around anyone. I questioned my sexuality. I didn’t know if I liked men or women. I thought all men were like the individual that exposed me to so much. I didn’t want to be with a man if this is all they wanted. When I read about my genealogy I read about Heber C. Kimball. I felt so disgusted. He had 43 wives! I thought that the church only viewed women as sex slaves and baby makers. I tried for a short time to get the church to try to see women as equals. I was turned down at every corner. I tried to get my father to see me as equal to my brothers. No matter how hard I tried I would never be on the same ground. I didn’t want to be a part of the church any longer. I didn’t know what else there was. I had a hard time believing any other church is true. Nothing really made sense to me. I didn’t think I could trust anyone else. So I chose to play along with my family until I was old enough to leave.
    I turned to books to escape from the world. I came home from school and often I would read from 4pm-2am (sometimes til 6 am), sleep, go to school, repeat. I read so many fiction books that they were all starting to sound the same, and eventually, I started reading historical fiction, and then I started reading real diaries. Of course, since I was in a smaller town in Utah county these diaries were mainly from early in the church. I don’t really remember whose diaries I read, but I remember thinking why would people leave everything they had to follow some kid? I tried reading the Book of Mormon multiple times. But it made no sense to me and with how I felt about the church I just couldn’t understand where people were coming from. I tried so hard to pray and get “revelations”. The only person that would ever answer me, was me. Sometimes I would lie and say I felt the spirit because everyone else seemed to feel it. Just not me.
    Around this time my eldest brother started hanging out with me. I don’t know why. He was in High school and I was a nerdy kid. He and I would talk about everything. Every day for several months he would come home and talk about the church, the word of wisdom, boys, girls, who we liked, what we wanted when we were older. He didn’t know if he believed in the church. Many of the things he read didn’t make sense to him. Our conversations led to me having a much more open mindset.
    I remember asking my dad why someone would completely change their lives for the church, and he told me if he had lived in Joseph Smith’s time he would have to be hit on the head with a 2×4 before he would realize it was real truth. He has no recollection of this talk, but at the time I just remember thinking if real truth came my way I didn’t want to turn it down.
    Not long after is when I started spending time around Kyle Bradford. Kyle was the kindest person I had ever met. When I was around Kyle he felt familiar. He treated me as an equal. He treated everyone as an equal.
    I remember seeing Kyle, and the change he went through; before he found the Sealed Portion and after is quite incredible. He was very depressed before he found this work and one day one of my brothers came home with a brand new speaker system. Apparently, Kyle was giving away everything of his, including his leather dirt biking jacket that I never saw him without. A lot of people were concerned Kyle was going to commit suicide because he seemed so happy and was getting rid of everything. After that, I always saw Kyle helping people with a sincerity that I had never seen. He was kind before, but now he seemed genuinely happy. People started talking about Kyle at church. Everyone said he was the most spiritual person they had ever met, but he was the flakiest. People were confused because Kyle was kind, spiritual, and seemed so happy, and yet, he rarely went to church, or support the church in any way really.
    Eventually, one thing led to another, and Kyle and I had started dating. One night, he was so terribly hurt. He wanted to tell me something but he wouldn’t. He told me he was scared. He didn’t know what it would do to us, to his relationships. He was scared that he would always be alone. The only person he had talked to was his grandma, but she didn’t understand. I tried to guess what it was, but I honestly had no idea. I never did find out what it was, and because Kyle has a freaking terrible memory, he does not recall this conversation. But I have a feeling it has to do with this work.
    Not long after, Kyle started giving me portions of what I thought was the book of Mormon. He would print it out, and keep it in a binder for me. But this was different than the book of Mormon, it answered questions that I was told were too sacred to speak about. I would read in his parents’ office most evenings.
    I remember Kyle’s last day at church. One of my older brothers came home saying Kyle had taught a weird lesson and gave me the handout. Kyle had taught the sermon on the mount. I was told later that Kyle wasn’t allowed to give lessons anymore. Not that it mattered because Kyle was done going to church.
    When I was 16 (2007), Kyle’s mom told my parents what Kyle had been giving me. I was banned from Kyle. I was so hurt, and alone. My only friend in the world was gone. I started grasping onto anything I could. I felt like I was drowning. I did a lot of stupid and embarrassing things. I fought a lot with my parents and put myself in stupid situations. Without Kyle, my life didn’t really matter to me. I felt crazy.
    The following November of 2008 Kyle went to Equador. It’s his story to tell, but when he came home he started messaging me again. I don’t know what it was that made Kyle start talking to me again. We started meeting in secret. Then after I graduated High School in 2009 I told my parents I didn’t believe in the church. My dad wouldn’t listen to me and kicked me out of the house. My relationship with my dad was gone.
    When I was supposed to go away to college. I had gotten a scholarship, and I had everything ready for me to leave: apartment, jobs, etc. My parents had given me their newish car so that I would have reliable transportation. My dad borrowed my car the week before I was to leave and got in a small fender bender, but my freaking car blew up! I thought this only happened in the movies. They never could figure out what happened, or why the car started on fire. The car was totaled. I had been planning on breaking up with Kyle because I knew it would be too hard on both of us being long distance, but the car situation made me feel like I couldn’t leave, and I stayed where I was. If I would have left, I wouldn’t have continued to study this work. I wouldn’t have gotten to know any of the beautiful people who have also found this work.
    As I have studied this work, I have found peace. I have learned to love myself, and to believe in myself. By finding this, I have learned to love other people in a way I didn’t think possible. Even people who have done me “wrong”. I hope for a world where there aren’t people suffering at the expense of someone else’s temporary happiness. I believe this work supports that hope, and I will never stop supporting something that gives everyone a voice.

    Jessica Bradford
    (385) 335-2951

  41. William Trueman

    I have so much to say. Yes, learning of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder has changed me. My name is William Trueman. Please judge me by my own actions; There are those in my family who are well-known robbers and racists. I was a Mormon convert at the age of 12 or so, and Really believed the religion. I was a missionary to Ecuador. I believe in treating others equally; I never understood racism and homelessness, from an early age. I am now homeless. Yet, Through Christopher’s words and books, Especially through the Human Reality book, I have found much peace. I can honestly say that I am happier now, Even though learning of the MWAW hastened the end of my marriage, Even though I have lost wordly status, It wasn’t making me happy anyways. I would happily answer any questions. I have overcome video game addiction and other addictions through the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. Anyone who offers me fruit is well on the path to being my friend. I wish for peace and respect and more understanding; Thank you Christopher and all supporters for truly changing my life. My family made me very suicidal due to mis-treating me. Only through the MWAW have I finally found the strength and courage within to cast off their chains for good.

    William Trueman

  42. Dorothy E. Washington

    I was born in a small town in Louisiana and was raised by a very strict father who grew up southern Baptist. My father and mother were born in Arkansas and raised 9 children in Louisiana. My father was a share cropper and we all worked along with him picking cotton and so forth. Even though my father wasn’t much of a church goer he made sure that all of his children attended on Sundays. My mother passed away at age 34 and left our dad with 9 children to raise by himself. At the time of her death I was only 6 years old and I can’t tell you how much pain I felt not having her around anymore. I had not thought about death very much until my mother passed away and I became very angry with God. It was my mothers death even at the age of 6 that put me on a course of religion. I became obsessed. So I became a religious junky. I started staying away from my family. I was praying in secret not wanting them to know. As I grew older I wanted to move away from my family so I could do more searching beyond the Baptist religion. I didn’t worry about what my family thought anymore. I just had to keep looking for that yearning I was having deep inside of me. I needed to know.
    At age 15 I had a son and at age 18 I left Louisiana and moved to California and lived with my older sister. My sister helped out a lot with my son as I searched out my new life in California. One of the things that my sister didn’t know I was looking for in my new life was religions. All of my family was southern Baptist and had no desire to change, but I didn’t let that stop me from searching. You see religion was all that I was thinking about as soon as I set foot in California. I wasn’t going to let nothing get in my way. I knew there were lots of religions in California and I wasn’t interested in much of anything else. I found many Baptist churches, but I didn’t want anything to do with them anymore because they didn’t give me the answers I was looking for. I could go on and on about all the religions that I investigated, but there was only one that caught my attention.
    One day in the beginning of the 80’s a knock came on my door. It was two young men from the Mormon church. Any one who mentioned Jesus or God to me I was willing to listen. These two young men seemed to have all of the answers that I had been searching for. When I talked to them about my mothers death they told me how I could see her again. I thought this is it, please teach me more. I waisted no time diving into the Mormon religion I asked them to baptize me on the 2nd discussion I was so exited. Because of my mothers death being so young I wanted to get to the Mormon temple as soon as possible. After joining the Mormon church I did go to the temple one year later it seemed to have the answers that I was searching for. The church taught me that I could be with my mother after I died and this is what I needed to hear.
    I was attending college at the time. One month later I went on an 18 month mission to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After returning back to California I felt that it was time to move on. So I decided to move to Utah where there were lots of Mormons. My son who was 23 at the time decided that he wanted to move to Utah so he moved here a year later. My son also had joined the church a year after me but stayed home in California and helped to support my mission. My son continues to live here in SLC and Has 6 children.
    I went to church every Sunday keeping the rules and doing everything I was told to do for many years. All was well, then things started to change inside of me. I was a person who wanted to feel free and happy. This is what I have been looking for all of my life. I always felt that everyone should be treated equal so they could be happy. I no longer felt this way in the Mormon church. In the late 90’s I had a big change of heart and started to pull away from the Church. Eventually a short time later I completely stopped attending the Mormon Church. I remember thinking that this isn’t right either. So at the time I was not believing in any religions. I decided not to attend any churches. I decided only to listen to my own heart and see what it was saying to me.
    Some years later in 2007, while living in Bountiful Utah, I met a wonderful person named Julie Taggart who gave me an invite poster to attend a meeting in the SLC library. I did attend this meeting where I met Christopher Nemelka and many others the date was February 25th 2007. The invitation didn’t say anything about religion, but I did worry at first. Religion was not brought up at this meeting. I have to say my eyes were opened at this meeting because when I saw Christopher walk in to the room I said Jesus is back. Then I looked around the room and I thought that he has his disciples here with him. The message that Christopher gave that day went right to my heart. I knew that I had found the answers that I was looking for all my life. As time went on I continued to attend these meetings. Each time I listened to Christopher and read the sealed portion I began to feel free. I have to say I have never felt happier than I do now. The real truth really does set you free. There is nothing like feeling this happiness and peace. I love the humanity party. The real truth is just amazing.
    Dorothy E. Washington 4/27/2019
    1812 South West Temple Unit B323
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

  43. Todd Henry

    The Marvelous Work and a Wonder stole the The Final Testament of Jesus Christ, as the Mormon Church stole the Book of Mormon, and as the Roman Church stole the original scriptures.

    129 And now, I, Moroni, would that ye should know, that this marvelous work which shall be done among this people, yea, even this marvelous work and a wonder, is the coming forth into the world the things which are sealed, even this record that hath been revealed unto you.

    I had my meeting of the soul experience in 1992 five years after Christopher had his in 1987. It was exceedingly powerful, I dropped out of university overcome with the knowledge of the great beast that we had turned the garden of Eden into. A friend of mine was spiritually overwhelmed by a Timothy type person who had given him a book; Johnathon Livingston Seagull. Reading that book gave me great comfort and hope, knowing there were others who also understood. By 20 years of age I’d had my fill of the lusts of the world and knew they only left me empty. I now had direct communication with my own soul, my father, though I was just a new born babe to all of this. I was being baptised with fire and with the holy spirit and knew it not.

    8 And this thing was the will of the Son that he might show unto the children of men that while they are in darkness, they shall hear his voice, but when they are in the light, or rather, when they have the Spirit, who is with them, because in them dwelleth light, then the Father speaketh unto them Himself.

    So I had the father speaking unto me himself, yet spent the next 27 years searching the voice of the son, for I loved how it always returned me to the voice of the father. Another friend gave me a Book of Mormon, I was baptised and served a mission. I loved hearing the voice of the spirit and trusted it above all else. This made me a leading missionary yet also led me to know I would leave the church, which I faithfully did soon after my mission was completed.
    I married my soul mate and we share three beautiful children now. I returned to university, obtained a Master of Teaching and taught school for 14 years. I also returned to the Mormon church, taught the full gospel class for four years, sat on the branch presidency, then left the church again and also stopped teaching in schools. It was about this time I read The Final Testament of Jesus Christ.

    I was convinced of multiple lives and a soul stream. That our mortal self is like bark on the tree of our souls. When we die, most of our physical self returns to the dirt as does the bark from the tree. Yet the most purified elements remain with and become one with the tree of the soul, creating another ring of life in the wood. So each life enlarges the soul.
    The soul being the endlessly growing holy and eternal center of ourselves; the father or mother of our son or daughter mortal self, yet ultimately one. The Final Testament of Jesus Christ confirmed what my own soul had taught me, and again the voice of the son returned me to the voice of the father. Or the teachings of Jesus Christ lead me again to trust in the fatherhood of my soul over my own flesh above all else.

    Christopher is having his Peter moment, denying the Christ so choking the voice of the father so being somewhat left to himself lonely, depressed, marred. I write in compassion for I have been there too. Living the teachings of Jesus Christ as so beautifully expressed in the Sealed Portion unblocks the ears and opens the eyes to the voice of our own eternal soul. Hope returns, peace returns and a clarity of purpose returns. A willingness to live returns.

    62 For this record shall be the final testimony of Jesus Christ, and shall include all things which God shall reveal unto the children of men in the latter days to prepare their hearts and minds for the coming of His Son in his glory.
    63 Therefore, this record shall be the greatest source of scripture that hath ever been given to the world. And if it so be that the children of men only had this one scripture, then that would be all that they would need in order to prepare themselves to be saved in the kingdoms of the Father.
    64 And there shall be no other scripture given, except it be by the mouth of this last prophet by which these things shall come forth. But this last prophet shall say nothing contrary to that which is given in this record.
    65 And he shall restrain himself from giving any more of the mysteries of God, except for those mysteries that are given with this record; for this record shall include all things that the Father would want His children to know, even all things which have been among the children of men, and which ever shall be even unto the end of the earth, even until His Son cometh again in the flesh and teacheth them from his own mouth.

    The greatest stumbling block or deepest cut I found in the Sealed Portion was the spirit having no gender. I understand the growth of the soul, from the fundamental non gendered elements, to the creations that are learning gender, then to the creations that are gendered. The simple way to say this is like this:

    Mysteries of god boys and girls
    two rocks lived in the telestial palace
    with little freedom and no sex
    So they grew into two beautiful trees
    living in the terrestrial forest
    having sex with everyone
    but felt nothing
    So grew into soul mates
    in the celestial kingdom
    as they were in the beginning

    I think Christopher is fulfilling his role perfectly.
    Thankyou Christopher

    Todd Henry

  44. paolohahvargas

    Hola, me llamo Pablo Medardo Vargas Flores (Paolohah Vargas) y soy de Oruro, Bolivia.

    NOTA: Escribo en mi idioma natal, el español (latinoamericano), con la esperanza de que alguien más de mi idioma pueda leer con facilidad mis palabras. Lo siento por aquellos de vosotros que habláis el inglés u otro idioma, pero tenéis el traductor de Google para facilitaros la traducción a vuestro propio idioma. 😉

    Bueno, quizás sólo sea suficiente decir que:

    Todo lo que siempre quise saber acerca de Dios, de la religión, de quiénes somos y porqué existimos, es decir la Verdad Real, lo encontré en la Marvelous Work and A Wonder® (Obra Maravillosa y Un Prodigio).

    Todo lo que siempre quise saber sobre política, gobierno y asuntos sociales, el plan para acabar con la pobreza y desigualdad y las soluciones reales a todos los problemas que enfrentamos actualmente al establecer la forma de gobierno correcto, lo encontré en The Humanity Party® (El Partido de la Humanidad).

    ¡Y es suficiente! Pero compartiré algunas palabras más con todos vosotros de acuerdo con el motivo de esta sección.

    No conozco personalmente a Christopher y a sus mentores (los Bros), pero puedo testificar con firmeza que ellos son lo que proclaman ser: Verdaderos Mensajeros enviados del verdadero Padre (Dios, nuestro Verdadero Ser) para guiarnos por el camino de la vida y la salvación y ayudarnos a establecer el reino de los cielos aquí sobre la tierra y llevar a cabo nuestra inmortalidad y vida eterna.

    Todo lo que aprendí y aun aprendo de esta obra maravillosa desde que la encontré tiene sentido para mí y resuena en mi alma. ¡Es realmente maravilloso! ¿Cómo es que alguien puede dudar de tan magnífica obra? ¿Acaso leísteis los libros y las enseñanzas aquí presentadas y las estimasteis como a nada? ¿Acaso amáis más las cosas del mundo que las cosas de Dios? ¿Qué de malo hay en su mensaje? ¿La Verdad Real no se ajusta a vuestras vanas percepciones e imaginaciones? Pues la Verdad Real ¡es lo que es!—las cosas como realmente fueron en el pasado, no lo que creéis que pudo haber sido, las cosas como realmente son en el presente, no lo que creéis o sabéis que es de acuerdo a vuestra limitada percepción y perspectiva de las cosas, las cosas como realmente serán en el futuro, no lo que suponéis o imagináis que lo será. La Verdad Real es inmutable y eterna, sin sombra de cambio o variación, ¡por eso es la Verdad Real!
    Y os burláis de Christopher por enseñaros la verdad real, ¿pero acaso hay alguien que pueda resistirlo y confundirlo en sus palabras? ¡No hay nadie verdad! ¡Nadie! Y si creéis que podéis confundirlo, pues adelante entonces, intentad hacedlo ¿qué os detiene?, y vosotros os daréis cuenta de que realmente de su boca sale una espada aguda de doble filo de la verdad real y seréis cortados con esta. Y estando heridos y enojados ¿acaso pensáis que con difamarlo o incluso asesinarlo habréis ganado?

    Y ahora os pregunto a todos vosotros que no entendéis bien esta obra y las soluciones reales a los problemas presentadas en esta obra ¿Qué de malo hay con acabar completamente con la pobreza y la desigualdad en todo el mundo? ¿Acaso os hace felices ver a tantas personas sufriendo en el mundo debido a su pobreza y miseria? ¿Acaso estáis felices con tanta desigualdad? ¿Estáis conformes con este mundo? ¿Dónde quedó vuestra humanidad? ¿Acaso no es humano hacer todo lo que sea humanamente posible para acabar con la miseria y sufrimiento en todo el mundo? ¿Sois apáticos? ¿O esperáis que alguien más, según vuestras propias creencias, lo haga y os salve? ¿Y si es así porque entonces contendéis contra esta obra que es todo acerca de salvar este mundo triste y solitario? ¿Y qué decís con acabar con la prostitución infantil? ¿Acaso es algo realmente malo querer acabar con algo que trae tanto sufrimiento y dolor a tantas niñas y jovencitas que se ven obligadas a vender su cuerpo por dinero, dinero que deben obtener para que puedan subsistir ellas y sus familias? ¿Y acabar con los problemas entre naciones, acabar con las guerras y la sangre y el horror que éstas conllevan? ¿Os pregunto, acaso es realmente tan malo? ¿Cómo es que podéis justificar todas estas cosas? Somos humanos y como verdaderos humanos debemos de comportarnos.

    Juntos hagamos brillar nuestra verdadera humanidad y ¡establezcamos un mundo de paz, igualdad y justicia!

    Sí, para mí, realmente ¡esta es una obra maravillosa y un prodigio!, es la perla de gran precio en mi vida. No hay nada de mayor valor. Absolutamente nada.

    No podría estar más agradecido con todos los que dirigen esta maravillosa obra. La verdadera obra del Padre.

    A ellos ¡realmente muchas gracias!

    Ahora mis ojos pueden ver y mis oídos pueden escuchar con más claridad:

    Para experimentar el gozo eterno debemos hacer a los demás lo que quisiéramos que ellos nos hicieran a nosotros en todas las cosas, o mejor dicho, debemos permitir que los demás existan y persigan quiénes son como ellos lo deseen, como quisiéramos que nos permitiesen existir y perseguir quiénes somos. Sobre este fundamento descansa el propósito de la creación y el estado eterno de felicidad.

    No hay otra manera—mundos sin fin.

    Y por último, a todos vosotros que buscáis la verdad con sinceridad de corazón, yo como su compañero humano y amigo os digo:

    Seguid esta obra, prestad estricta atención al consejo y enseñanzas de Christopher y sus mentores, pues ellos son Verdaderos Mensajeros enviados del Padre y ellos os guiarán por el camino de la vida y la salvación.

    ¡Y así es!
    (+591) 67233309

    [Editor’s note: Those speaking English can translate here. Just copy and paste the text above. You’ll have to do it in 2 sections, because of Google’s word limit.]

    1. Bien dicho en todo. Gracias por sus palabras. Si, alguien entendio su mensaje en su propio idioma, natal?

      1. paolohahvargas

        Al menos una persona. 🙂

  45. Ronald D Ferguson

    In the early part of 2006 Pat and I submitted our letters requesting our names be removed from the rolls of the LDS Church. This came as a result of having come in contact with the publication of The Sealed Portion. At the time, I was completing the reading of The Sealed Portion, we attended a symposium in Salt Lake City where we had our first contact with Christopher Nemelka (December 2005) and what was then called the WUF (Worldwide United Foundation). This ultimately became the Humanity Party.

    I know that Pat and I were both affected by the things we read–although in different ways and perhaps for different reasons.

    I am not a person who is deeply filled with “spiritual” leanings or influence. I often wondered why I was not moved to get up in a fast and testimony meeting and share some epiphany or deep spiritual experience that would make me kind of special–because I never had any of those.

    That being said, something in my experience with the books that were published, The Sealed Portion, 666 Mark of America, Seat of the Beast, Human Reality, and Sacred not Secret–all opened my mind and eyes to thoughts and feeling that had given me pause about the LDS Church and churches in general; our purpose here; our relationships with others; our responsibility to ourselves as well as others.

    This is, from my point of view, a statement of my current status in this whole experience. I support the concepts and tenets of the Humanity Party. I still continue to learn and to explore the ideas and the truths that have been shared in this whole experience.

    As time goes by, and for as long as I still exist in this mortal state, I hope to see the concepts of the Humanity Party gain traction, whether through the party itself or through its influence on others.

    In the meantime, I remain who I am in this lifetime.

    Ron Ferguson

  46. Stephen L. White

    Hey Christopher, wanted to say thanks for all you do and share my story. A brief background on me is, I was born and raised in Florida (USA) in a family of 5 boys, me being the middle child. We were raised in a Mormon household and were very active in church. Outside of a few things, I was a pretty good kid and stayed close to the church throughout most my childhood. I served a mission, am an eagle scout, married in the temple, etc etc etc. A few years ago, I joined a real estate mentorship group (based out of Atlanta, GA) and it was here that I was first exposed to what some would consider “conspiracy theories”, i.e., laws that govern us in the form of statutes and codes, birth certificate stuff, the strawman theories, how intertwined IRS codes and religion are, masonic and Illuminati stuff, etc etc. I had simultaneously been changing the way I thought about things by reading books on the mind, listening to inspirational audio books on the mind, primarily how the mind can be used to accomplish goals, help in the “law” of attraction, and so forth. For the next few years I would fully immerse myself with this type of learning until I had come to the conclusion that Religion was all BS, that the Jesus story was purely an astrological story that the bible authors incorporated into the New Testament, how the Jesus story had been used to manipulate and control the masses, etc. The only problem though, was that I had a profound conviction in Joseph Smith and believed that he saw what he said he saw (First Vision, moroni, etc) and had a testimony of the Book of Mormon. I was at a crossroads in my life as to what I believed in. Then one day, while scrolling through youtube videos and trying to find something new and interesting, a video about Ida Smith being Excommunicated form the LDS church kept showing up. I fought the urge to listen to it because quite frankly I didn’t want to listen to a crotchety old lady complain about the church. But, I finally gave in and listened. After about 11 or 12 minutes of the audio/interview with her and her talking about the sealed portion, I had to find it and investigate it. I will admit, that when I found it (the sealed portion) and also found pictures and commentary on you, I was a little apprehensive about moving forward and reading it as you did not have a “General Authority” appearance and the long hair and negative stuff about you put me off a little bit. But, I got over myself and downloaded the book. And, for the next couple of months I couldn’t put the book (downloaded it to my phone actually) down. About halfway through the book, I knew the Church (Mormon church) wasn’t true and felt completely at peace about it. The book just made so much sense and seemed to answer everything I had ever questioned about the church. I proceeded to read most of the books of the MWAW, and really really loved the Joseph Smith book. As I have slowly told those close to me (wife, mom, couple brothers, friends, etc) word has traveled fast and most in the church think I am lost, that lucifer has gotten ahold of me, that if I would just repent and read only church authorized books that my life would be so much better etc. It’s been a tough lonely road as I don’t have anyone to really talk to about this stuff, and the “friends” I do have that I have talked to about this think I have lost my mind.

    So anyways, I haven’t really “met” you before, but I was at the last MWAW symposium which was at the Jospeh Smith building in Salt Lake City, in which I shook your hand and sort of met you in passing. On a side note, I told my wife I had to go to Salt Lake for a real estate conference otherwise it would have been hell trying to explain i was going to the symposium lol! She later found out anyways which led to an uncomfortable evening of discussion etc. Anyways, I find myself looking forward to your daily journal and MWAW posts ever day. It’s like a drug that I need just to get me through the day. My life is anything but enjoyable right now but your posts and articles keep me going. I don’t understand everything, can’t seem to connect all the dots on why this work is even necessary as there appears to be little to no hope that humanity will ever consider what you and your mentors have brought forth, and feel completely alone more often than not in my own life with just how blind and closed minded people seem to be. I’m not a social media person but have contemplated joining facebook to share more of this info but feel it will only bring more heartache and pain to me and mainly my family, which that probably makes me evil, but I just don’t have any hope it will make a difference. Ive learned more in the last 2-3 years by reading the books and articles of the MWAW than by reading or studying anything else. I have no doubt that you are a true messenger and that your mentors are who and what you say they are. I look forward to the upcoming book which I hope answers the remaining questions i do have about life, death, why this work matters, etc. It probably doesn’t mean much, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do and what you have sacrificed in bringing these books and articles forth!

    Stephen L. White

    1. Kevin Martin

      Stephen, thank you for sharing. Your story is inspiring. Alone we are in the dreary world. There are many miles, it seems, between me and you and the nearest other MWAW followers. However, you are not alone. There are many of us who can relate to you and believe what you believe. I am addicted to the same drug!

      1. Stephen L. White

        Thanks for the kind words Kevin.

  47. kennipotpie

    I began my personal search for truth in 2013 after I saw the LDS temple endowment for the first time. It was shocking to me and I wanted to know the real truth about what it meant and where it came from.
    I was researching Joseph Smith’s history on the internet when I found the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® in 2014.
    The books from the MWAW answered questions I had about religion, and more specifically, the LDS religion that I was raised in, including a complete disclosure of what the temple endowment is all about.
    When I learned about The Humanity Party® in 2015, it instantly became my passion. I have never found more logical solutions to the world’s problems.
    Since finding the work, I have been more empowered than ever to be my own God.

    Kendra Marie Nordes

  48. Bruna Poli

    Today when I read Cristopher’s Post, I decided to write my own story too. I thought I’d done it a long time ago, but the translation of my feelings into English is always very complex. My name i BRUNA POLI ,I am Italian, born and raised in BOLOGNA, north Italy. I’m 54, I met the Mormons at the age of 14, when 2 missionaries converted my mother. I immediately bonded with them, and at the age of 15 I lived 1 year with the family of my first missionary while he was already married in the meantime.
    Living there, I entered completely into history, into the habits of the Mormons, and I returned home even more convinced. I have a strong, determined and very curious character. My career in the Church was very controversial, I asked too many questions.
    The Church in Italy, at that time was very small, very orthodox, and adapted to the Italian male chauvinist mentality. Women who talk too much are unwelcome … In short, I was excommunicated TWICE. One at 16, and the other at 25 when I left my husband.
    It was a great pain, an absurd, humiliating and sexist process. But despite this I still believed that the Church was true, but I decided not to attend anymore because my daughter who was then 3 years old didn’t have to go through what I went through.
    I then put the question of the TRUE RELIGION on stand-by, starting to live my life as I wanted. Although in my heart I never stopped looking for the truth. For several years I joined a community of meditators whose guru was called OSHO. It was very liberating. Many new ideas that are difficult to accept as my training as a CHRISTIAN believing in only one life, and for several years those ideas put me in doubt.
    But their free thought and non-conformism have tarnished the crust of hypocrisy, respectability and presumption that I had acquired in the years of belonging to the Church. One of the two excommunications from the Church was for APOSTASIA, the leaders DIDN’T WANT that I attended other Groups or read other books, instead my curious nature prevented me. I attended the Lutherans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Baptists, the Seventh-day Adventists, always comparing them with Mormon doctrines. When I left the Church I attended free thinkers, Indians, Buddhists, Hindus, widening my thoughts and always wondering where the truth itself could totally be.
    In 2015, while I was on vacation, a friend of mine told me that there was a website against Jehovah’s Witnesses and another against MORMONS, so after a long time I started again the CRISTIANE searches !! I never thought that the church had so many enemies in Italy. And going to the web suddenly Ida Smith’s photo with the sealed portion appeared. The name of that book reminded me of something and so I listened to that of her excommunication.
    I listened to it 3 times because of the language. I was deeply moved. The sincerity and depth of Ida’s feelings is irrefutable. I ordered the books online. And I downloaded them on the web. In the meantime I have written to all those who on the internet on fb had in their profiles the symbol of the humanity party or the MWAW books.
    I had not yet understood how things were connected. The first person I contacted on fb was Mark Buttler who answered me: Welcome Bruna I wish you TRULY seek the truth!!!
    The second contact was Monica Smith with whom I solved all my doubts!!!!!
    My second husband is Argentine by birth and is an engineer, he does not know the Bible, he was never interested in religion, so I started to share with him the principles of the” true reality, who we are and why we exist” and he immediately remained impressed and said that it was the version of life that made more sense than all the things he had heard in the world.
    We decided to come to the Symposium to see the people of Mwaw and when I told my best girlfriend Giorgia that I was studying of an American group that shared a political idea called Humanity Party whose spokeman was a man named Cristopher, she told me without thinking for a moment, I COME WITH YOU, and SHE DID!!
    Some of you know the rest. Since then, we are 4 great, great supporters in Italy. (my doughter Laura too)
    My practical life has changed little because I do the same things as I did before, I didn’t have any trouble with family or friend because I left the Church so many years ago ,but my heart has finally found peace, even if initially accepting that we are only the dream of a dream has been tough.
    Now everything it is easier, nothing is so important, my only VERY BIG FRUSTRATION and SADNESS is THAT WE ARE ONLY 4 in Italy, and we can’t do anything. If I share something or talk to someone ABOUT the humanity everyone smiles, it seems like a utopia.
    In a moment of great frustration in seeing the world go up side down and not being able to do anything, my husband and I had thought to go and talk to the Pope in Rome. For us Italians it is possible to ask for a private audience with him, and since my husband is Argentine like the Pope we thought he could talk to him about the humanity party in his own language, having they shared the same common history.
    But then we thought it would be useless time. If it had been a good idea, Cristopher and his mentors would have done it already. The Pope does not have many interests to abandon his role and his success probably.
    I asked some friends to translate some videos into several languages, one about poverty, the other on child prostitution, but no one asked questions, they translated into French, Turkish, Russian, Hungarian, indian, Moldavian, so many different race of the world, but no one was interested or impressed by what was being proposed. No one asked me anything about the author.
    I couldn’t believe it and I still can’t understand why nobody is interested, when it would solve every problem, that we in Italy also have.
    It is so, I have been searching for my whole life and at 50 I found the most precious treasure. I am happy that my husband, my best friend and my daughter totally believe in it, we often find ourselves talking and commenting on Cristopher’s posts, I am the only one who understands them better because I not only speak English but having being a member of the Church is as if I understand them in two languages, for them who do not know the Bible and the book of Mormon many times they do not understand ANYTHING !!!!
    I am happy to have met all of you and make you part of my memories that I will keep in my mind even after the end of this BRUNA avatar !!!
    A big hug to all of you, a hug also to Cristopher who says he is in Italy even if he does not come to greet us!!

  49. Laura Saiki

    Personal Story

    My personal story began February 27, 1974 in Fort Stockton TX. I was born into a Lutheran family. (Mom’s family)
    I am the oldest of 5 kids.

    At some point we moved to Hobbs, NM. My brother was born there. A few years passed, my parents divorced, I was about 6-7 years old. My mom re-married shortly after. We moved with mom’s new husband to Utah.

    This is when I first learned about “The Mormon’s”. My mom’s new husband was a Mormon, as well as the rest of his family. It didn’t take us long to warm up to him and his family as they all seemed to welcome us with open arms.

    My grandma (my mom’s mother) was not quiet about her dislike of the Mormon’s. She often told us that she would not be happy if she found out that we had joined the Mormon’s.

    My mom decided early on that she would not tell her parents that we had joined the Mormon church. We were instructed as kids to lie to them about this or else grandma would disown us and no longer have anything to do with us.

    So, we lied for about 15 years. Mom would take down all her Mormon pictures off the walls and any reference to us being Mormon every time my grandma came to visit in Utah. It wasn’t until my brother decided to go on a Mormon mission that my mom made the decision to tell her mom that we had joined the Mormon’s. She was terrified! As were we! Grandma didn’t disown us like we thought, she was just very disappointed.

    My brother and I continued to be allowed to visit our father who lived in Texas for a few more years after mom married her new husband. This time in our life was very, very difficult as a child. I missed my mom, I missed my dad, I missed our new dad too. But all our relationships were strained.

    My mom and new dad then decided we would be better off not seeing our father any longer. New dad was going to adopt us.

    I didn’t exactly understand or know what this all meant at the time. But I soon had the extremely hard realization very quickly. I became very angry at everyone, especially my mom.

    We went to court one day where to my surprise I saw my dad. My mom explained that this would be the last time I saw my dad. We no longer had to feel the anxiety and stress of going back and forth because our new dad was adopting us away from our father and this was best, (according to them) I did not agree, thought it was cruel and wrong! I loved my new dad just the same but my feelings about that didn’t matter. We were too young to understand all of what I now know to be manipulation! I lost my father and nothing I said could change that. We weren’t even allowed to talk about him anymore. It was as if he died, that’s how it felt. I was told that “My father had no chance with a Mormon judge in Utah!” In their opinion this is what was best for us.

    I didn’t see my father for many, many years. We weren’t allowed. By the time we did finally get the chance to re-connect, it was quite obvious to me that the bonds we once had were broken. It was very difficult to understand my feelings and how to manage this new secret relationship. I felt hurt, abandoned, confused and scared.

    It wasn’t until I was a teenager having been baptized into the LDS religion a few years prior, and attending Sunday school that I was convinced that our salvation as a family was very important and if we didn’t take action we would be lost. This actually really worried me. This was the first time religion became of personal importance to me. I begged my mom and dad to get “sealed” in the temple. I was afraid if they didn’t we’d all be lost. Maybe even go to hell. I’m sure my begging wasn’t the only reason they eventually decided to get sealed in the temple but I know I sure was relentless!

    That phase passed pretty quickly. I finished high school, got married to a very nice, talented, non religious person. I was young, all I did was work to make ends meet. That lasted about 3 years but we didn’t make it. Luckily we had no kids. But parted as friends.

    I was then in another relationship for another 4 years or so. We did not marry. I was pretty convinced that marriage was BS. Didn’t want any part of it. I was in full on rebellion. No real direction. Did some crazy things, had some crazy experiences. Distanced myself from my entire family for the most part. Then I met Tony.

    In 2002 I met and married Tony Saiki. While I wouldn’t say Tony was a typical religious type, he did make it known that the LDS principals and way of life was important to him. My partying days were over but I could accept that because I knew I had to start somewhere and Tony seemed like the perfect place to start. In fact, he made me feel way more secure with some kind of direction in my life. Since I had been pretty much flailing for several years now, Tony was very grounded, strong and stable. I knew this would help me, and I needed that stability in my life really bad.

    We had our son Blade soon thereafter. Blade has been one of the best additions to my life in more ways than I can say.

    Tony and I were in no way strict in religion. We really didn’t even go to church that often. We just knew that at some point we’d like to baptize our son and maybe get sealed in the temple.

    Shortly after Blade was born we made the decision to sell our home and buy an RV to live in. We wanted to be mobile and free to go whenever and wherever we wanted. For the most part, we had fun. We worked hard and had some hard experiences but have always been grateful regardless.

    When Blade was about to turn 8 years old we decided it was important for us to start attending church so that he could be baptized. A few months later he was.

    Now that we had established our Sunday routine with church, Tony and I decided to start working towards being sealed in the temple.

    Started our temple classes which made no sense to me at all. Every question I had, they would not answer. Always saying I would or could only learn about this in the temple. Ironically, we were sealed on April fools day. April 1st 2010. We loved that it was that day, very memorable.

    I was excited to go through the temple. Nervous but excited. My experience was good I guess because all our family was so happy for us, but it left me more nervous and confused than ever before. I asked more questions in the temple since that’s what I was told I could do but surprisingly they said, “Just keep coming to the temple and it will start making more sense.” We tried, it never did. It felt more like a cult than anything I’d ever experienced! Pretty much scared me silly.

    Tony’s father passed away very shortly after our temple sealing. This was unexpected and very shocking to us all. It was hard to loose his dad, we were very close to him.

    Within about a year we moved in to Tony’s dads condo. As we’d been doing for several years prior we had our own video production company. Self employed. We were always very busy. Always. We’d spent many years filming weddings, music videos, events and tv shows.

    I specifically remember the time when Tony wanted to go into KTALK radio. Blade and I waited in the car. Tony returned and said he was going to volunteer his time there to help Tim Aalders. I remember saying, “With what free time? You have none, we can barely keep up with what we have now!”

    He continued to get involved, we eventually ended up working on a campaign for a man named “Uncle Joe”, he was running for Congress. Turned out to be a great experience, we loved working with him, he had a great message.

    Then we stared our own radio show every Sunday. One thing led to another and we ended up taking an additional hour every week. We were told the previous host spoke on spiritual things so we tried to cater to that somewhat.

    During this time Tony had been doing some research into what he told me was, “The Sealed Portion”. I had heard about that in church discussions but knew very little about it because I had never read the Book of Mormon. Tony explained that it wasn’t published by the church but was going to look into and read it anyway. That didn’t surprise me at all because Tony always had an open mind about other religions or philosophies.

    He had found the Sealed Portion online several years earlier after hearing someone in church mention that it had been translated. He told me about it, even printed off some chapters, but then let it go for a time.

    I remember him being unsure about it at first. He would read it aloud to me sometimes. Trying to digest it all. He would stay up for hours and hours. Sometimes even through the night. Several times I would be woken by him yelling in amazement, NO WAY, NO WAY…Wow! This happened frequently with hours and hours of discussion.

    He found some videos online of Christopher speaking about Human Reality. He wanted me to watch them. I did, I loved what Christopher was saying. It made so much sense to me. Much more than anything else I had been trying to learn.

    We were still trying to fill our radio show time when we decided we were going to play one of Christopher’s videos on the air for an entire hour. We were nervous about it since we had not received permission from Christopher prior, but we didn’t have much time to prepare so we just did it. We were so excited, we could hardly believe it! Our phone lines were finally ringing with questions!! Yay👏🏻😅

    From that, we decided to try and see if we could get Christopher to interview on our show, and answer these ringing questions. As Tony continued to research, he found out that Christopher was actually in Utah, we were very surprised. He reached out thru the email contact found online. It was at that exact moment Tony offered our services of video production, no charge. Anything we could do to support or promote Christopher’s message we would do, no matter how busy we were! He received a response rather quickly from the admin John Roh. Christopher had agreed to do it! We were over the moon excited!

    Tony and I had agreed that he would do the interview with Christopher. Tony was much more knowledgeable about religion..etc. than me.

    The day arrived for our radio show. Christopher was to arrive at the KTALK studio a few minutes prior to going on air. Just before he arrived Tony strongly advised that I should be the one to do the interview. I strongly disagreed! I knew nothing! He insisted. I was sick with nervousness, I knew I would make a fool of myself and Christopher wouldn’t want anything more to do with us.

    Christopher arrived at KTALK with his wife Sheri and John and Lily Roh. I watched them all walk towards us down the hall, Christopher in the lead. My stomach was in knots doing flip flops, my heart was pounding out of my chest. I remember thinking he looked different from the video’s I’d watched of him, his hair was now short. He looked professional and pleasant. With a cautious smile, he shook our hands and introduced himself and the others. From that moment on all my fear and nervousness vanished completely. I couldn’t believe it. I was amazed. The interview proceeded, Christopher was kind and gentle but was noticeably strong and spoke with authority. I was in awe, we were in awe! We asked him to come back next week. Take every minute we were allowed and teach more. We were so unbelievably excited by his message we were willing to offer everything we could to produce, promote and share what he was teaching.

    Christopher did come back the following week and spoke the entire 2 hour block that we had. We spoke for a time and decided we wanted to approach KTALK and ask to have Christopher on the air every week. We would produce it ourselves. Christopher was willing to sign a contract and pay KTALK for 2 years in advance.

    Long story short, it didn’t work out the way we expected. We were road blocked from the beginning. Everything we tried, failed. And we tried hard and relentlessly. We eventually gave up on the idea of anyone in Utah being associated or helping with Christopher’s message. Even when offered thousands and thousands of dollars. They were all afraid. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why, but as I’ve learned, the real truth scares people because it threatens everything they’ve ever known. Sad but true. Had I not witnessed everything with my own two eyes, I would not believe the unwarranted prejudice and judgement that prevails against Christopher in Utah! it was disgusting to say the least.

    So my journey in learning about The Marvelous Work and a Wonder and the real truth had begun. It was exciting then and continues to be exciting now.

    Everything I have learned from Christopher and the work has given me the stability and understanding I’ve always longed for, even when I may not have understood that I was. Had the Mormon Church been able to give me the clarity and answers to the many questions I’ve had in my life, then I’d be a Mormon, but it did not.

    I thank Tony for bringing me and our family to this work. Had he not been the strong and curious type that he was, and had the life experiences that caused him to question, not sure were either of us would be. I thank “God” (my True Self) for Tony and our son Blade, I always have and always will.

    I thank “God” (again, my True Self) for Christopher and the message of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. For the all the sacrifices, strength, bravery and kindnesses of Christopher and his mentors in bringing forth this incredible work.

    I can easily say I have received so much more than I have ever given or could ever give. I am eternally grateful to have this bright and beautiful light in my life now. It is my soul intention to support and protect this work and Christopher with ALL that I am and ALL that I have. I Love the work, I Love my True Messenger Christopher, I Love his mentors the brothers, and I Love all of the new friends I have made through this incredible work.

    Thank you for reading my story and to all who continue to support our Messenger and this Marvelous Work and a Wonder 🙂

    Sincerely, Laura

  50. Dean Fowler

    While in prison in 2012 , a friend introduced me to the sealed portion. Although I read 666 first, I was absolutely convinced after the reading of the sealed portion.
    (Thank you Monica !) I began to have a freedom ,because of the greatet awareness of who I am, even while still in prison.
    My friends and more so, my family , have rejected the mwaw and mocked and ridiculed… I remind myself often to be grateful for ME.. and my messenger(s). Truely!
    Dean Fowler.

    1. Kristine Marble

      Thanks Dean.

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